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with the addition of my enormous glasses, my transformation into a quiet nerdy anime girl is almost complete i jus… (going to target to get glasses adjusted and pick up snacks for J) me: while i'm grabbing J's snacks, i'll pic…'ve been informed that target and walmart have opticians who similarly are okay with randos coming in to get glass…
i got them online and my optometrist doesn't do glasses adjustments. where do you even go? the only place i can thi… out these glasses yesterday for the first time since i got them back in january/february. i like the way the… know I talk about this constantly, but when I see stuff like going around: the medical te…
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @NoraDotCodes i feel like most of the time these VC apps’ changelogs would be “we added some shit we wanted to A/B… how i edited my livejournal from when i was 11-12 so that the "make a comment" link said "catch a falli…
@hollyborla what a mood though. bottomless pile of sugar, singing loudly to a constant stream of music, and banging… SINCERE is cool as heck. being OPEN is cool as heck. being KIND is cool as heck. it is okay to have heroes wh…
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavusThe entire point of the closet is to keep queers from knowing we're not alone. The reason everyone is so angry at t…
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @sgrif i mean, amused that i get to be a Professional Open-Source Compiler Contributor while my github profile still says "ghost on the internet"I think about this tweet every single day of my life.
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @FourYearWinter holy cow, this looks like it has some meat to it. i just ran through the tutorial myself, and dang this looks intense.
accommodation request: if i reach my apple watch stand goal before my usual end-of-work time, i get to leave early…, he managed to convince me that Control was actually worth checking out >_>i liked this segment towards the middle-end where he talks about game difficulty and win/loss states"...and then if that doesn't work, it occurs to me that there's like a half-dozen books and three-dozen movies that…"For me, a loss state tells me that i was careless about something, so i try to pay closer attention...finally catching up on a really long time of missing noah gervais' videos, and feeling sad that the lines i want to… @iximeow confused, but only because this is a hypothetical situation and i can't see the function name/impl @ManishEarth i feel like there a Borges parallel to be made here but it's been a while since i've read his stuff @ManishEarth galaxy brain: every "main street" is the same
and to tie this thread up with the actual store link, now that it's live @Ecmoy alright here we go, i've flipped the switch on "No Thoughts, Just Vibes" being something other people can purchase, so enjoy i…'s 0.0007% breakthrough. In perspective if you filled up all 41,000 seats in Wrigley Field with vaxxed 28 would…
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavusi have redownloaded co-star onto my phone. place your bets for how long it stays there before i get bored of it again @Ecmoy lol delightful, i'll go ahead and open them up today i guess i'm finally getting more stuff on my redbubble… think we're all far more burnt out than we realize.
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavusanyway, this is why me shopping for fonts is dangerous. i have image-editing programs and a redbubble account, and… @Ecmoy but do i open this item on my redbubble shop y/n tinkering around with it and tried redoing it in GIMP and Inkscape, since nothing i've tried can use the font… @gennyble get yourself a good font that comes with lots of letter variants so you can get those extra curly loops @Ecmoy hello thank you and also sorry krita had the same problem, so i got impatient and disabled the other font variants so i could get *something* d… it looks like inkscape doesn't see the font correctly either, though it's in the great position where the fonts… @unlambda ...and looking at krita more closely, it doesn't seem to be the thing i really want, for the kind of art… @unlambda not yet. i'm using GIMP because it's what i'm used to 🤷‍♀️ i could give krita a shot, i guessoh. i bought a font but gimp doesn't properly see the variants ...which is a problem because the one variant it *d…
oh no, i'm browsing a font store @Ecmoy congratulations, you planted an idea in my head and now i want to buy a font so i can make it happeni finally checked out Mini Motorways after seeing a few videos about it yesterday. it feels surprisingly less stres… one out, i'm going to have to see if i can recreate that playlist on apple music or somethingtonight i learned that the 9.5-hour "relaxing music from final fantasy series" video got taken down from youtube 😭
welcome to compsci! we regret to inform you that the AI is racist, the security is colonialist and overmilitarized,…
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@steveklabnik doc(include) is dead, long live doc = include_str 🥳kicking myself because i went to california for the first time in my life a few months ago and i completely forgot… @iximeow it is now 🤔
i was able to watch five seconds of twitch while eating lunch before xfinity decided it had enough of my bullshit a… love the ridiculous energy of this video, especially the spectacular editing at the end where he stares off into…'s amusing how anti-piracy and anti-theft can cause the same problems in the real world and in the digital world.
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @sendqueery don't skeletons still have their teeth, though? shouldn't be "while you still have lips" 🤔You can pet the dog in Pet the Pup at the Party
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @iximeow this was actually an interesting watch, nice findColorado’s 22nd ozone alert day in a row is a good time to demand @ColoradoDOT not expand Santa Fe Drive but invest…
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@steveklabnik tbh it wasn't as bad as the roulette for migraine meds, which featured several iterations that had ac… @steveklabnik the lovely part is that i went through enough iterations that now i'm on the new and expensive antidepressants 🙃 @steveklabnik oof. it took me a few tries before i found something that turned into more of a "this isn't detriment… got a chance to chat with @typesanitizer today, and he brought my attention to the code-sample layout used in "Cr… @hollyborla what a mood though @lorentey lol i love itI've received more VO requests for this than any other, so I decided to make my own meme. #hughnation #hughneutron
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@sadiekatze what's amusing is that i moved from the center of the sprawling dallas metroplex area, right next to it… @juxtaposz @selectric401 blame mastodon. i also can't stop thinking about this paper >_>;; @myrrlyn meh, i got taken for a ride in dallas when its oak (?) pollen season exploded every year, but then i took… i bother to take care of myself i want it to be in a situation where "going outside in the summer" is not c… in denver, in the location we've been at, has been actually really nice, but i'm going to have to think hard… quote donoteat, "build a goddamn train" but also, congestion taxes, bike lane/bus lane reclamation, street narr… @lambdagrrl i can’t not read that in Dory’s whale voice from Finding Nemo…oh, maybe this is why i felt like my lungs got worse after i moved to denver 🤔
@cigsender faux-gramokay yeah, i just finished reading the paper, and holy shit it was extremely illuminating. i need to keep this arou… @Esper_Lily this entire paper is full of Way Too Relatable Content, reader beware @NoraDotCodes double-posting from masto, but all the same: ❤️physical isolation from cars, long commutes and work driven transience paying mental health dividends
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @TedMielczarek galaxy brain: autism is a kind of Grand Unifying Theory between a bunch of behavioral disorders but… ever see something and just go "holy shit, that would explain so much"
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavusoh my god all the quotes in this Results section are extremely relatable, i don't want to keep flooding the feeds w… jesus i feel like i've said this exact thing ever see something and just go "holy shit, that would explain so much"> This study, called for by autistic people and led by an autistic researcher, is the first to explore ‘autistic in… historian here: Papers not reporting but the US is in the midst of biggest general strike since 1863/4. serv…
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavustonight's mood is blasting Billy Talent while cooking dinner
i'm not crying, you're crying
@DebugSteven lol yeah, they mentioned the other day that they were trying this out
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavus @Ecmoy note to self: embellish your twang when you go overseas, apparentlyapparently pop punk is having a resurgence, and now i have a bunch of new bands to check out >_> @iximeow @mycoliza everything changed when the segfault nation attackedwriting scrawled on the edge of a map that says "here be lesbians" instead of "here be dragons"took estrogen to help me float better. now i’m boyn’t.
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I hope after I'm dead somebody goes through my project files and appreciates how many parameters were set to 69%
Retweeted by a quiet misdreavusit's a tie: washing my hands has somewhat matted the top coat, and scratching my legs through my jeans has started… @hollyborla i thought i was Weird for keeping envelopes and stamps around, and then i had to mail off a bunch of fo… @hollyborla i've had zippers mess them up once or twice, doing laundry once or twice, fidgeting with my fingernails… the moment they look nice tho