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Host & Producer of @Asian_Americana. Also: actor, improv comedian, Thai Chip & Dale, #GoodMuslimBadMuslim @podcastpotluck. @kpcc @tnproject #nextgenradio alum

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@nishamody Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏I just listened to this, and I ended up in tears. Such a fascinating history of Filipino American labor as well as…
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @anuonganuong And Blu Dot. But yes, I have an addiction to tufted mid century modern sofas on chrome frames now. @mallory_yu Meanwhile, a couple months ago I searched 2-3 grocery stores for this on a hot tip from @briannaclee ju… boi and andré 3000 should launch a PodKast
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @ErickGEEE @LAist Getting that molcajete ambi, huh?my journalism wish for 2020 is that national publications (in addition to stopping parachute journalism, etc.) star…
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @ElSangito 🎶 Never meant to make your daughter cry I narrate with lots of vocal fry @ElSangito I'm sorry Miss Jackson (ooh) I cut tape on reeeels 🎶BD Wong is damn near 60???
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithRaise a cup to us! (...And a glass to freedom) @ElSangito Subscribe on Speakerboxxx or wherever you wherever you get your podkasts @aquariuschicken Intermission! I like it so far, it's fun! I love the aesthetic. It's a very expositional narrative style, though.When you aren't familiar with the songs in a show but are still excited for it
@Addison_Peacock You've only met me in person once and yet this tweet strikes past me so specifically. @sawdustbear As someone who is big into communications history, this is the kind of invite I wish I got more. Sema… @seanmiura I'm so curious about this subtweet.
#ASIANAMERICANTWITTER help please what are the best *new* children’s books about asian americans, especially hapas! Thanks!!!!
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @nancywyuen @ANDREWTI This team def did a good job of including people criticizing him in their roll, though“The HFPA's rules stipulate that contenders in the best drama or comedy/musical categories must feature at least 50…
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithSo far, I don't even know why they're bothering with ask-fors.Watching my first improv show at The PIT and the front row is taken up by some sort of photography club/class so this is an experience.
Knives Out! Superb.When in New York... @sailorhg YES
You’re in her DMs. I’m a Jack Russell terrier recontextualizing all her life problems as the plots of classic books…
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithStrained my throat last night, nursing myself back to health with chive cake and boat noodles. @NotLikeFreddy 👏👏👏👏👏Best use of thermochromics in mugs I’ve ever seen Source: Physicsfun
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @rameswaram @nickfountain Respect.Just experienced my first "missed a train bc the couple in front of me were taking their sweet time walking down the stairs" @rameswaram @nickfountain Is it saving the bones to make stock later?
@UltraRadUberFad [Fake dentist ambi fades into my tweet narrations]The current star of this train car is this cute dog in a dog backpack looking around over her human's shoulder. @UltraRadUberFad If you overcook your white rice until the grains are no longer distinct, you might be okay. Or wai… @UltraRadUberFad @LaurenRascoe Overcooked wet carbs are your friend right now!I left the place I'm staying in NYC without my scarf, rip my neck 10 hours from now @PraxisofPhanita Thank you/I'm sorry @PraxisofPhanita If you wanna meet while I'm here in NY and speak Thai, I am open to doing so!Two Thai people are chatting at this subway station and I'm fighting the urge to blurt out "I'M THAI CHIP OF DISNEY… now I'm expecting @AAPlay At Play crossed with Funk Shuffle. (An intersection I don't know who else would have reference for)
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithI'm expecting something with @AAPlay at play vibes, but I guess I'll find out shortly!Ready to watch some neo-futurist theatre. more sighting before I go: @robochai, Pandora wrapped would probably just tell me the amount of times it tricked me into listening to "Where… @rokwon When I don't have a lot of money to spend in a bookstore, I just spend my time hunting for names instead. @MalakaGharib spotted browsing at The Strand, I see a familiar name, @rokwon. You love to see it
It me, a visitor to New York that other people keep asking for directions. I mean, I help them out, but you're gue… @meganleetan This includes you now, too!
RIP to all the podcasts started by well-meaning people who thought it would be easy.
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithIt's like walking through a @TechConnectify episode. @JeanSTrinh The evolution of the Cheesecake Factory menu sure sounds like a story to meFor everyone who listened to our episode on Cambodian Rock Band, it's coming to New York this upcoming February! It…
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @JeanSTrinh I'm just joking bc their menu is so expansive 😅 @UltraRadUberFad @LaurenRascoe Don't use straws! Mashed potatoes and super soft kfc mac and cheese were my friends.… @aquariuschicken Wow that's what subtweets look like from the mothership @allenmarkca I'll invite Stephen in your stead. @ohribbie what are you doing next Wednesday @allenmarkca I'm seeing it next Wednesday!Me, when I had hair: Key and Peele comedy sketches are so well written! Me, bald: who is Key and Peele's wig pers… @JeanSTrinh Which volume of their menu do you most enjoy?🎶 In New York you can be a new man 🎶Goodnight LA. Be back in a little over a week. When I get up tomorrow I'll be in New York! @NPRCodeSwitch Seriously considering this!
@lsirikul Same.I’ve finally found the bass for my a catpella group
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Lex Luthor realises he can’t physically out-match Superman, so instead uses a disinformation campaign to destroy no…
Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithWhat I think of Senator Keene's plans in Watchmen @TooManyJames_s WHAT AN ENDING REVEAL. @hellokylieeee @Asian_Americana Thank you for listening and sharing! @Juliet_Shen Another win for @noahreservationImagine getting murdered and u go to heaven and god is like “they turned ur gruesome death story into a podcast lol”
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Retweeted by Quincy SurasmithI just wanna say, how fucking cool is it that two of the best films to come out this year are Parasite and The Farewell ‼️
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@MitchNarito Aw, dip. @mishellbaker @sqiouyilu Came here to say this, glad it was you who beat me to it @angryasianman Ooh, and these are new shows?I CAN FINALLY POST THIS ☃️🌲🌨
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24+ hours of work for 3 hours of market-equivalent pay working through the holiday FREELANCE LIFE"Just dark meat" and the entire row of potatoes thanks. (They're really out here valuing just dark meat as somehow… @swa_roc WAIT what. I'm gonna have to stock up. Dragonfly is my brand, too! @swa_roc Soy sauce brand familiarity is important! I feel your struggle. @swa_roc wahh I must get you some bottles!I will be available to greet any adoring fans of Thai Chip & Dale (aka I'm going to try to find a shirt with Thai…, if I'm not going to have job obligations, I might as well plan a trip to visit Thailand. I'll be there mid-February to early March.have this dream in which asian americans would stop throwing black americans under the bus to prove our own discrim…
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @noahreservation In that they have hot water and cheese slices available for you to assemble some shin ramyun?
If we had a million dollars and nothing but time, I would want to make the CXG version of "El Camino" all about George and his ponytail
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @hels @sailorhg !!!.@drdawnbm is who I want to be when I grow up, and this episode of @Quincetessence’s @Asian_Americana podcast is su…
Retweeted by Quincy Surasmith @anirvan @drdawnbm @Asian_Americana Thank you so so much!
@sqiouyilu Really though, it's a masterclass in plotting, tight writing, every joke setup/payoff, and visual direct… @sqiouyilu YARP.I CO-SIGN THIS. 🙌🏽
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@VicPerfecto @sqiouyilu Team oatmeal raisin cookie appreciation
@robochai I'm sorry, I have that effect on people.