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this is my hope as well stay tf home so i can f in a few years feel like im whining/waiting in line for tetherbal… @AntifaMoose thanks moose! i'll work tirelessly for that kind of praise ☺️.lovely day friendly moose this is why quincy is out of the hoose 🚶🏻 not the point but...Elliot is such a badass 🤩 Always loved it. Magicians radicalized this love.
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage)#AdventuresWithQuincy you've been warned for 12/23 #OneShotWednesday🎯 🦑🧟🧛🏼 @RageKnows t/w c/w "biden-'bama-clinton" left-to-right i believe in porn terms thats a 'BBC', is that correct? w… @whoatess i was honored to have met you at ECCC'19 unfortunately i was #NotDrunkEnough to remember (… like this... i didnt write it as a poem at first, but i want it to be one now. "r1.haiku-for-bulba" skateboard… water take your meds take a walk/roll/stroll take a breath 🏝🏝/🌋🌋🌋🌋 😮💊🤭 🚶🏻🧑🏾‍🦼🤔 😤🤐😵🌬 @Usagiboy7 challenge ac… @TerranSocialist @CircusFreaks20 @ElizaJohns414 @NB53S @LysergicLeftist @SmolH8 @SoupDeCoup @ZoAnne_Art @LenaWylenn it. big al @Mosaicmind2 @bigalsbigart @_CommieChris i wanted to drop an axe in the chat... but it eas too early. happy to see you close the gap. @bigalsbigart @_CommieChris someone order a spicy take??'easier convention' is not worth an individual's suffering. Elliot Page is the book, same cover, new chapter. l… @buzzthefash you got this. @ProudBulba @molotics @TheFaerth @whoatess @shantilly_t @SimplyStapha @Olerbia @lysapenrose @writejessr skateboard…
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage)
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage)
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @SimplyStapha @molotics @TheFaerth @whoatess @shantilly_t @Olerbia @ProudBulba @lysapenrose @writejessr idk, i like…, i think i missed a thing* Elliot was Ell.....iot the whole time?!? fuuuuuck, that makes him equally as vali… @molotics uhm, i hope they don't mind the @/ i've either supported your work recently or LONG ago and by another… are your favorite Leftist POC content creators?
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @buzzthefash this presumes ive ever 'had a tailor'. i've never had a tailor, nor a tayler; tailer; tail-er; tale-… @buzzthefash @MildlyAutistic i know a few folks who would love a holiday spooktacular more ghouls this nightmare before Chris-mas? @MildlyAutistic not a ghoul id avoid, lets scare folks together?as a non period haver, I wish I could take this one for you! I'm sitting here, I could be holding your pain for you…'re we running into in tomorrow's 🎯 OneShot Wednesday? Surf the Stars in KSP tonight! @that_token_girl i feel like id enjoy hearing from you more. kindly agree to disagree should you care to argue:… @AnUnmadeBed @BaronVonStewson @AntifaMoose i third the moosion @AntifaMoose if i get it from you, no ragrets rugrats stay safe out there, moose, i'll watch your tail inside or o… @Usagiboy7 where? thats tight @TwinEngineDoggo my parents are by no means perfect; but they're also my parents by choice whether or not we're bi… 🐷... does that make us legion... ....for *squeeeeak* are many?! david?.... | ....¿p!^ep… @sharkattax no, that is not incorrect. enjoy your tautology, nerd 🧑🏻‍🏫. by the way, i think you're cute and now im nervous. k thanks bi.
@Usagiboy7 idk how long its been... hopefully not too rushed? 🏝🏝🏝/🌋🌋🌋 @penelope_nis @RavenM00n666 yesi cant love this more 💜🍪🌹✊🏼 @sharkattax
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @sharkattax words are difficult @sharkattax talk nerdy to my bb 🤓🥵 punch my psyche with your hot, wrinkly, organ! 🤯🧠 bench me, and me and we can… for a friend @Usagiboy7 indeed--pacing is important! a few gulps per "hour". @Usagiboy7 you've inspired me! @Usagiboy7 🏝/🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋 @FaranFurther awww yay! such a sweety @Usagiboy7 if i get to the bottom before bed we 'WIN' @alisawould guilty 🙋🏻 @AntifaMoose ohh?! idk how i missed ya, i swooped by no one was in so i checked in on ether, and we fadedcheck us out at: 🎯 OneShot Wednesday 19:30 PST (-8 GMT) and learn more about the #OctoLich 🧟🧙🏼🦑 @AntifaMoose sending chill vibes. always here for the moose-boost if needed. ive missed you from my tlstill dead inside call the necromancers tech-gnome dancers chrome-necked lancers and lich-faced-philanderers we… ur meds u little shits
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @gilly71918 yaaay! im glad you got my silly pun and yes, i was just thinking just that. as soon as you tell me i '… @gilly71918 OMG YES being a counter-phobic introvert with a thrill-seeking inclination and fascination of puzzles… @jessxjessNW may you have a happy birthday! 💜🍪🌹✊🏼 @MJCMarsh @buzzthefash this is genius! @ThisFallen happy to share in some of the adventures. thank you, your kindness means a lot to me 💜🍪🌹✊🏼my therapist said "thats a really good poem" advocating for self is difficult, challenging, scary, and stressful f… @Contrarycunt probsI made a phone call and left a voicemail. I’m exhausted. If you know, you know.
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage)We should just replace all politics with catgirls and catboys
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @buzzthefash looks good from here. i see no issues @queerington 'whats a "drizzit"'?birblandia will be here when you're ready @ZuzuQueenOfMars peacefully in my sleep (natural causes; after a really good naptime kink-dream)Jesus would have been an "Essential Worker" crucified by the capitalist cross-hairs, targeting the most vulnerable…🥺 always here for a pat on the 'shoulder' 💜🍪🌹✊🏼 @beetagolsh which 'way' did it go?! foreword or backyard fairway or far-away phuture or passed pre-sent or pres… @antifairygodmom i have never paid to see another persons bum-hole that being said: good for you to be compensated… @aGirlCalledChar best of sleeps to y'all. Rest they’re not “symptoms of depression.” they’re blues clues
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @its_all_toast @Contrarycunt IDK what the topic is, but this is solid reasoning. @MightyM55070329 fuck, doesn't feel like it. @aGirlCalledChar was it better or worse than not almost having died choking on a traz?
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage)Return all plundered relics
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @TheMcKenziest the "oh, fuck" that happens after you 'cleared it' and the next victim finds a soggy-soldier left-be… thing we do every night, pinky: try to liberate our friends from colonizers and capitalists 💜🍪🌹✊🏼 @stealyoredbull sneaky shadows @BoneRangerr i tried to match some of the many fursonas we had on playa. you may be a bear @BoneRangerr Ham-Jam @djeeed my friends 'faced off' with a succubus in the 'city of brass' a few weeks ago. it was a 'steamy encounter'.… there are any survivors of #hamjam2019... we found quesadillas delivered by the gods on the playa at 2:00AM as… @djeeed simple person of blood, flesh, and bones 🙋🏻 what keeps your tuna and cream cheese from spoiling?🥴 @BlackSalander "can my shortbow /look/ like a gun?" yes, your shortbow-pact-weapon can look like a gun; can we pla… update on my dear friend: if you can, please 'Send Snacks' (personal anecdote, this is the human who first utt… @ginfueledart "the partridge family music.........." anything that follows, is likely controversial, including thi… support this idea! roleplay, rollplay, role-play, roles play, and rolls playing are welcome as long as everyone…
Retweeted by Quincy Quietfoot (🦹🏻bard-cage) @ThisFallen @fckallthewayoff 💜🍪🌹✊🏼 consent "Dont make me say 'No'!" i dont want to need to say "NO" i dont want to say "NO" i wont say "NO" i… @killumora a few friends in a cuddle puddle.... whatever that takes. for me? i might not need a substance from ou…
@OnesRoll get the sweet-sweet apple juice out of my veins! rescue me from Barovia, and send me into the phuture with an alternate device @TerranSocialist thank you. come again. @Rosa_VSS yes! 2nd person! you/thy which includes the author and the reader