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23 - she/her - valorant and osu

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@ttvkiwi GO TO BED @Dexelstar not drunk @RebelBTW same here , hope your night is good @SeptFPS ilu @RebelBTW it’s so nicetipsy leaf
@iAlchy1 it’s so pretty 🥲 @Faccini W @TorseFPS @xSUND0WN @xSUND0WN @ItsPorce her name is melody 🥺 @TheSanity_ no just got home from crappy day at work, resting ):anyone wanna come massage my feet, will pay big moneys jk but i’ll carry u in valorantgonna force myself to stream valorant today, see u there twitch . tv / quinnleaf (in bio) @NRG_Philly nah ur definitely scamming someone’s marbles for sureHappy friday 🌼 @bapejamin mommy @netflix @Kaares_ do you watch thisi went outside to get groceries, and i had to walk around the door so the groceries didnt fall over and my shorts g… @Accelerante
@RebelBTW thank you ❤️ @RebelBTW ❤️ @WasteManOP :(goodnight @TheSanity_ @Kaares_ BET @TheSanity_ me and @Kaares_ miss yHow do i get out of this constant state of always feeling like i’m doing something wrong? or am i going to live like this forever @fvckvnsy @muurrr_ OH MY GODyour duo not getting on? problem solved! @hyperhexx_ take a rest day
@Thiefs ❤️❤️❤️bro @Kaares_ just bribed me to watch AoT by meowing over voice message @newbornmind me: nah you got this you: YOU'RE DOUBTING ME?lost a good genuine person. Praying for your friends and family @KiXSTArTV 💜 @Team600 W decision @WasteManOP i’m almost there @WasteManOP i’m a grandma @SeptFPS hope you feel better soon @WasteManOP 23 😐 @Kaares_ ARF ARF @hazelixir 🥺if you come across a girl named kitten in ranked, just dodge. she’s the only girl i’ve ever come across in comp w… @MadySmacks i hope you have a good day!auntie quinn will one day tell baby theo the story of how she found out LOL SO HARD GETTING OUT OF BED, LEMME SLEEP @hazelixir @WebsFN congratulations!!!! ❤️ @WebsFNso, i just had a whole baby! the most intense experience i’ve ever gone through. thankfully only had to push for 15…
Retweeted by spooky quinnleaf“i’m a one trick jett” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩heart monitor for stream comes in tomorrow !!outfragging boys who call you annoying and boosted 🥰
@MalHerself @Accelerante 🥺❤️ @SeptFPS unrated or comp? @FragsPOG @SeptFPS W @SeptFPS @FragsPOG yeah looks like u guys need a plat player who will do her part (me) again my offer is .01 an ho… @juliaaiis @Ban_Val hey julia thanks for letting me borrow your tesla, also thanks for letting me use the yacht for… @flexinja my main is cursed 😁👍🏻 been deranking since D2 @Sundehx @hyr4xFPS LMFAOso sick of a 9-5. @FragsPOG @SeptFPS 😁 @SeptFPS @FragsPOG ty @FragsPOG @SeptFPS 19 cents more? yea sorry can’t do it @SeptFPS @FragsPOG lf gamers to boost me, i will be giving you .01¢ per hour @bapejamin NO @bapejamin BAPE NO @JackIgoe i might block u @SeptFPS have a good day today sept ❤️ @SeptFPS hot @SeptFPS yes @Slopp literally everything except country @nekoemmie ur playin w fire rn emma i’ll kiss y @WasteManOP they are crystals u asshole and maybe? u need 1? igy @WasteManOP literally the reason ur iron @TylaDecker i just got into the calming side of asmr, and you’ve been doing really really well! happy for you :) @joshseki congrats! your tiktoks are so funny omg @_Whiske u said no? @_Whiske 🙁 @Faccini ty for the iphone wallpapersstreams start again tomorrow… click the link in my bio to follow me on twitch🥺👉🏻👈🏻’m so tired of filling and trusting my instalock dualists who go 1-14 and sages who only heal themselves 🥰 LF buf…
@Krillens @WavyZodi LMFAOOO @Krillens ur mad @WasteManOP oh my god @SeptFPS SEPT IM ABOUT TO DERANK TO PLAT 1. @SeptFPS alright weird flex @SeptFPS LOL @wau1ed ??????who trynna bark for me @WasteManOP can u carry me @SeptFPS oh my god sept IM SO PROUD OF YOUOUCH DIS GOT ME RIGHT IN ME FEELS LMFAOOOO @SeptFPS 😳 @Kaares_ iluthe game the player @WasteManOP i kiddi heard from a friend of a friend that that dick is a [TODAY'S DATE]
Retweeted by spooky quinnleaf @WasteManOP 212 @dapr i’ll wear a wig @lmaopayton ❤️ @WebsFN @hazelixir goodluck! sending my love @nekoemmie SHOW ME MOMMYhappy canadian thanksgiving 🍂✨