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@ayoedebiri Fine. We both have worked hard for this!For the record I wanted to go to New Zealand first @jerry_soda They bother me more than non-voters ever could. @Lisi_Bernie @diamonde 😂 at both of these tweets📣Get involved with your communities. Build unity and mutual aid 📣Whether Biden or 45 wins, yt supremacists will be preparing to enact more violence
Retweeted by quinta brunson @raesanni Handled it! Said you’re not going to be throwing shoes at me!You know who was a really good mediator? LaLa on flavor of love. They should get her for the next debate.Maybe this will all lead to me finally deleting my Twitter account do people come at me for talking about the current political state! I would love to start over but that’s not l… @kurgeye I barely believe in the presidency. This isn’t an endorsement.gotta say i’m not a huge fan of this!
Retweeted by quinta brunson @ElizabethHahita Ok liz!Trumps also just planning on not leaving so there’s that!Biden, at the very least, cares about other people. Trump cares about only himself. I worry about who will win a co… @rianalynn Never seen anything like it @rianalynn WorstDon’t worry, I’m voting. A lot of us are. We just see what’s really going on. am I watching this. I need to practice better self care“Proud Boys - stand back and stand by.” -Donald J. Trump
Retweeted by quinta brunsonThis is making me ageist @WannasWorld Let me come stay with you wanna. I cook I clean @jeandeauxmusic No boo we are leaving!@ any other country! so mean. And joe is too nice.
Sam Jay is getting a weekly late-night show on HBO
Retweeted by quinta brunson @Thundercat @zackfox @Lignumvitae_0 Nothing! I just don’t celebrate it. Not everyone does you know @zackfox @hinadirah @Me He heeee @aprilscribbles I sometimes wish American holidays (and just holidays in general) had no religion or “accomplishmen… That’s enough tweeting @me! love the thanksgiving day parade. That won’t be happening this year. Which is fine because thanksgiving is trash,…’s the warmth, family, time off, closure and lifetime movie marathons I miss. And perhaps the end of a year we al… me longing for Christmas time when I don’t even celebrate that holiday @sweetestsara
Alarming data shows a third wave of COVID-19 is about to hit the U.S.
Retweeted by quinta brunsonoooh. #MagicalGirlFriendshipSquad pilot is available to watch right now on youtube! it's a delight :) @Judnikki Made my damn day
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@BeeBabs I just stocked up for fall/winter minding my business attire @BeeBabs Wow me @TristanTaylor88 Imma be mad at both on this oneDid I just read 750 The Times has obtained tax-return data for President Trump extending over more than two decades. It sho…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonmagical girl friendship squad premiered yesterday on SyFy, and i love the animation and the voice acting from…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonWhat’s happening in Armenia? 🇦🇲 (Thread)
Retweeted by quinta brunson @IAmCreeSummer @SYFY Thank you Cree 💗This should be national news. 50 houseless families won their six month campaign to force the city to deed vacant h…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonPoster by @joemattc !Magical Girl Friendship Squad premieres tonight at midnight on @SYFY! It’s such a treat to watch. Maybe I’m biased…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonMagical Girl Friendship Squad premieres TONIGHT at midnight on the @syfy channel!! Featuring the amazing…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonMagical Girl Friendship Squad premieres tonight at midnight on @SYFY! It’s such a treat to watch. Maybe I’m biased…
The proud boys are in Philly. Look out for each other y’all and stay safe!
Retweeted by quinta brunson @fuzethemc He could do all of this now and hasn’t.
@JusAire Your opener! Lol @quintabrunson is so dynamic, in one 15-minute chat we discussed: Magical menstrual blood Nancy Pelosi and those…
Retweeted by quinta brunson @IamMonKneeKah Omg. Sending you strength, well wishes and love.The UK responses confirming this are bumming me out even though I know it’s bad already @TiaChanges Damn. @sapphicalexis be safe!I’m not letting y’all forget about coronavirus. She’s planning a comeback in the fall and is already wrecking the U… of tweeting at me that voting doesn’t matter and that I’m being hyperbolic about the threat of Trump, pleas…
Retweeted by quinta brunson @BeeBabs it would be all he can do 😂 @oranicuhh @Linafornia 😍The voices behind Magical Girl Friendship Squad are like 🤩 Join @annaakana, @quintabrunson, and @anagasteyer when…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonSaturday. I’m performing for #careerfest2020 the festival is free to all! Just escorted @ I…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonMy #KingChad tribute is now on display at Downtown Disney. I'm so thankful to be able to honor Chadwick’s life and…
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@WrittenByHanna @mirrorssmoke_ HURTSthis hurts my feelings its so accurate're called 'naked ballots'. Tonight, there's concern they could disenfranchise 100,000 Pennsylvania voters. In…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonthis is an article I really hope people read. an resurgence of coronavirus cases is expected starting in October. w…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonOver & over again, Pres Trump has claimed many of the people protesting are part of a domestic terrorist movement.…
Retweeted by quinta brunsonIt’s hard to know these things. It’s hard to be aware and feel honestly and personally conflicted. But this is not a simple time.This right here is exactly it. (And I am voting so please leave me alone and read this) @KevinAllred Don’t be! Please don’t be @KevinAllred No worries! I thought so! I just wanted to check! Because now that I know I agree with you wholeheartedly lol @KevinAllred Are you yelling at me?Can we please stop framing voting and everything else as an either/or choice like folks can’t do both
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ask that man other questions. wtfwhy is he kind of being given a choice? idk thats just confusing to me @n0tasoldier @GingrSunshine oh its ok. he started it. bless you and you weren't using threatening language. hes an asshole. @n0tasoldier @GingrSunshine !!!!!!! @GingrSunshine @n0tasoldier no you weren't and thats ok enjoy the block you're getting. and LOL at threatening language. @GingrSunshine @n0tasoldier also are you white? you have some fucking nerve. wow. lol. @GingrSunshine @n0tasoldier why respond to this tweet from days ago then? just curious. and why ask at all? just cu… @GingrSunshine @n0tasoldier I have threads about it if you're truly interested in what else im doing. please go down my tl. have a good day. @n0tasoldier @GingrSunshine this tweet is from days ago, a specific moment on top of that, and its wild that this p… ignore my grammar/typos pleaseim still so concerned about coronavirus. I've seen what the virus can do one too many times. its a wild couple of m… is an article I really hope people read. an resurgence of coronavirus cases is expected starting in October. w… nurse who treated COVID patients, now fighting for her own life after getting COVID. Family says she desperat…
Retweeted by quinta brunson @idntwearclothes oh yes you're right! @idntwearclothes knew what? @pineapplebabey ok its deleted! @conquer_within deleting it because I wasn't clear and I can tell this its gonna turn into a thing, but its for peo… @pineapplebabey this isn't for you then. its for the people I see on my side of twitter who I happen to know arent… @chic__Nique agree