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NHS radiographer, Time to Change champion, geek. Opinions my own, but you're welcome to borrow them. He/him.

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tfw the grandeur of the cosmos renders you speechless but Twitter wants you to say... something'Arrival' but the aliens can't communicate with us until a primary school teacher decides to read them a story ever… keep telling yourself that. @thebrainofchris (that's the nearest I can come to an optimistic take on this) @thebrainofchris And yet we've somehow stumbled on..."Free school meals is just a short-term fix!" "Ah okay, fair point. So what *long-term* plans do you have to perman…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisHonestly, can barely believe what I’m reading here. 👇 Why on earth was this not put on the table on Tuesday to rea…
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id very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChriswhen I have a big cut that needs stitches I too leave it without a sticking plaster and bleed all over the house wh…
Doctor: Your body has ran out of magnesium. Me: 0mg
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@smartyy (accidentally)
Polish artist NeSpoon from Warsaw, known for her street art featuring traditional lace pattern imagery #womensart
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisnyan cat vtol mode is excavating the overgrown path that runs through the field I pass through on my regular walk. Being a poe…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisIn a brighter timeline I'd be crossing the finish line any moment. Last year was my first marathon & my first serio…, operating theatre nightmares? Haven't had those for a while.It’s World Dictionary Day! So who wants an A to Z of some of our favourite etymologies? THREAD! ⬇️
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisTime-travelling Romans are very confused by the enormous cultural power of nuts in the future.
To be fair she does looks like a chicken
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @UAmericanus Congratulations!"Coronavirus is just bad normal seasonal flu" A thread
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @MonicaHelenJ @OpenMindNights @CUH_Equality @CUH_Purplenet I'll really know things are back to normal when my bigge… the early days of the daily briefings my wife confessed to having trouble telling Hancock from Raab, and I said…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisOn the third planet of AT2019qiz, an astronomer focuses on a pale blue dot 215 million light years away and says to…
All right, let's autumn. reminder I need from time to time.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisI've been in heavy PPE all day & only just seen this. The internet has already made all the "nice try, Boris" jokes… concretesaurus eating rebars
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisAh, the majesty of space, the nobility of the human urge to discover, to explore... @thebrainofchris Pics when it happens!
Things Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him navigate the Labyrinth: a thread
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisI am so fucking angry. Spoke to a woman worried she'll lose her pre-settled status when she goes home to give birth…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisSurely this was all at least a year ago?
How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @chrisriddell50 "I can't believe they put us in charge of Track & Trace..."Fascinating thread, so read up & down, but also wow, this. There are elements that cease to be in less time than it…
Nothing to see here, just a disembodied heart floating in a lava lamp. first trio of knights that I designed
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @Hannah_Chutzpah performed at the first @TimeToChange Open Mind Night at @CUH_NHS back in 2016. Here's her tak…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisWe are all space travellers. final shot in Billy Elliot is so beautiful.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisShe got it! your way to that tech interview like
Really intense discussion with the new stroke doctor on the way out of work today. Difficulties of 24hr thrombectom… @thebrainofchris Surely it's their fault for deserving it?I might have organised the first Open Mind Night in 2016 because I hadn't been able to make it to a @Alicemwalker g… a brighter timeline I'd have been running Open Mind Night #5, probably today. "This much fun should be illegal,"… has been a year, hasn’t it? And somehow it’s barely more than been six months since you-know-what upended all ou…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisNot a bad bit of futurology, really. Modernize the style and it a block like this would fit right in to many 21st c… @newsmary Consider me dispirited.Now we’ve left the EU, the government is trying to do a trade deal with the US. @Dispatches can exclusively reveal…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @newsmary Really? Damn.I have been trying to get a measure of the government's PPE procurement splurge for the past couple of months. The…
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Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisHomelessness
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisIt’s #NationalComingOutDay, and two years since we launched pilot of @RainbowNHSBadge @EvelinaLondon The 🏳️‍🌈 badg…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisHow it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisI feel this little creature every day
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interlude's #WorldMentalHealthDay and I am really gorram tired.Growth Serum. One of five new, limited edition science cartoon prints available now on my website:…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisDid the dog eat the boyfriend? ”snitches get stitches” is a fun rhyme, I do feel that public healthcare should be guaranteed for everyone, not just informants.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris#FortunatelyImCanadianOh look, the new shoe rack has arrived! I wonder if I have everything I need to assemble it? invade: "EARTHLINGS, WE HAVE KILLED YOUR LEADERS, DESTROYED YOUR ECONOMY, AND ARE HERE TO TAKE OVER YOUR GOV…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisseeing as it's #WorldMentalHealthDay it'd be ace if we could treat the epidemic of mental health issues that are st…
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisA scholar discovers that Microsoft Word does not exist, and is driven insane.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisThat is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.
It's 1% of a wood.
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Remember Cassini @gshowitt @thebrainofchris @WillardFoxton I can't wait to go back to barely reading the hospital daily update inste… @gshowitt @thebrainofchris @WillardFoxton I can't wait to Go Somewhere and just cough, loudly and casually and with… @lichplz That first game is TERRIFYING, T. Not cute, not relaxing, TERRIFYING. @gshowitt @WillardFoxton * Join an underground choir * Naked Face Day at work * Really enjoy queuing for a drink at… @heavenbrat And you said the internet was all doom and gloom, @MsSarah92.Good news! Astronomers identified 24 planets that may be *more* habitable than Earth, and they're all far enough aw…
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Context is for kings. I used my morning off to give myself nightmares CANNOT stop laughing at this.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @thebrainofchris If you get a good student who finishes the exercises early you can take the robot for a stroll in… @thebrainofchris In 2023 loaning your brain to a dental training robot is one of the few legal ways to get out of t… weird that no Tories responded to the banking crisis by telling finance people to get another job
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Which is to say: was hoping to have an evening off but I just got home and apparently I have to give EVERYTHING so sorry…
I will eat your soul
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Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisWe're beyond the map, off the charts, and way passed the end of the spreadsheet. @_crowkeeper @PinkBatgirl You can joke about it, but the risk of drowning on a cross Channel journey aboard a non-e… @_crowkeeper @PinkBatgirl Yeah. Actually. This. @PinkBatgirl But I can absolutely see how you'd scale up a project and forget to upgrade your "database". Someone i… @PinkBatgirl I mean, it's a perfectly fine workaround for small teams tracking at most a couple of hundred data points... @PinkBatgirl If it's anything like working in the NHS they'll be doing everything in Excel because they have the li…
Bold of the Conservative Party to ban any materials by the Roman Catholic Church in schools.
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @ctrlcreep Ouch.
This is some impressive national gaslighting
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChris @emmaskyeward Urgh. There is better, so much better.Could not make this up if I tried
Retweeted by QuiteLicheChrisa wealthy ruler who throws a big party in his huge mansion during an epidemic for his asymptomatic friends while th…
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