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H.O.H , disturb her peace

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LMAO you hoes only bring pussy to the relationship and wonder why niggas cheatthis how white people do with BLM 💀 they see one example of gang violence and go ham tiktok is okay sometimes
Retweeted by Draeconsistent raw nasty sex with the same fine ass mf>>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by DraeI’m not tatted enough for me .
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@petermcclain_ “a man mfs need 2 stop da cap” @petermcclain_ @petermcclain_ @BleacherReport @WWE A FUCK NO! HE RUINED SHAWN MICHAELS CAREER AND WANNA RETIRE?!Being a boyfriend is hard,u have to pretend u are not scared of anybody😭😭
Retweeted by Drae @tiarettee @animehead3 she beautiful save the hate for yt women 🥴thinking about selling my game and game systems for New Years
the girls that do this are dangerous especially w how goofy i am @CarbonatedXanax 💀💀Jesus fucking Christ, I’M RIGHT HERE @danawhite
Retweeted by DraeNo.
Retweeted by Drae @AbigailSwift2 KING SHIT 👑we never interested @ da same time
Where my people who got connections with Facebook and Instagram because it’s been too many accounts faking like min…
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Retweeted by DraeY’all really be mad as hell when any woman darker than a paper bag has their beauty put on a pedestal seek help
Retweeted by Drae @Tramaracts hater alert @TheLSJJ @petermcclain_Jewish people missed the two holiest holidays of the year, Muslims were overlooked on Eid, Diwali was a write-off a…
Retweeted by Draeyou bitches so keen to play FBI goddamnLightskin people bring up getting bullied when you talk about colorism the same way men bring up "it doesn't only h…
Retweeted by Draeoverdue for a tattoo.. or two.. or four
Retweeted by DraeRatio @PeroxideHeroin nigga talking to hisself @CarbonatedXanax it better be HIGHMy professor is absolutely too pure for this world😢❤️
Retweeted by Drae @yrxcz oh so ain’t no more fuck da military now? @omointhislife Ain’t it fun, rose colored boy , fake happy , all I wantedBlack people - please QT your favourite Paramore song just tryna see something sha
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take notes ladies spoiled women is not for the weak
Retweeted by Draewrong person was fighting for their life
Retweeted by Draebuying condoms used to be so awkward 💀 now im juss in and out @Silversurfer_ye nigga said dingaling and we decided to lock up R Kellya you know what that’s facts to hell will forever be the funniest way to say fuck youHarry Styles is now a progressive icon for doing shit that Young Thug did 4 years ago. For doing shit that Andre 30…
Retweeted by Drae @zachhatesher @MarkZuckerman what? u wanted more black followers? @TheUltGmr if your answer lower than 11 get off Twitter and get back to zoom prom 💀💀 @tr1n9ty don’t flip this on me trin @tr1n9ty meat don’t go with oatmeal . only with eggs and wafflesHappy International Men's Day to all the Faithful Black Men out there striving to be a better version of themselves…
Retweeted by Drae @tr1n9ty this is definitely weirdlook at jadedsage on his main account @ajdarjean ths man getting cucked an can’t get no PS5?! @ajdarjean shut up 💀 we was a having a group discussion on this and im RIGHT!!Cheating = End of relationship, No Discussion.
Retweeted by DraeIf you were praised as “gifted” as a kid—especially academically—you’ve likely developed a habit of abandoning task…
Retweeted by DraeBREAKING: Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25, 2020.…
Retweeted by Drae @teaofmmata it’s already paying off. literally no one hears y’all’s music and doesn’t like it.
@incognitolam i would sneak beat to this, call it incogmeatoMMA fighters that use PEDs should be tried for attempted murder.u bitches disgust me @lightsnthebuzz @mexic_angela y’all live together 😂 this conversation can he had face to face @JonnyBones this man jon doesnt get it. we will never know if you would’ve been that good WITHOUT IT. sigh. My goat is a cheater. @JonnyBones Mf tryna convince us a performance enhancing drug didn't enhance his performance.... 💀
Retweeted by Drae @DATMONKEY2222 been by myself so im not losin help
Retweeted by Draeif you got an only fans and a boyfriend and you can’t buy him a ps5 goodness fuck bitch what are you good for??? @PeroxideHeroin MAGA!! @Mscaribabyy you evil bitchcap @PeroxideHeroin shut up, MAGA! @PeroxideHeroin grease is not magic galmost got in a car accident day dreaming
@JonnyBones the only poking going on is in the cage with you 💀💀💀 what if it actually wasn’t enough? 💀
Retweeted by DraeOMG!!!! I'm still in shock we made history today!!!!! The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION recognizes RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT !!!!
Retweeted by Drae @VocalHonest @TwitterOpen you are a stupid bitch ma’am. have a good day.You permabanned my account for correcting someone who called me a man and then denied my appeal three times.
Retweeted by Draei'm not dating to marry, i'm dating to experience life and have fun with the people i'm interested in at the time
Retweeted by Draeif u know me 💀
Retweeted by Draea lot of media outlets turning on trump because it’s cool now not because it’s right and that don’t sit w me
@ayeitsmusa “I wish i never met you niggas” i felt that
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Retweeted by DraeMusic has always played an important role in my life—and that was especially true during my presidency. In honor of…
Retweeted by Drae @sadiaxhh lmao that’s a king right thereOpen for a surprise🤗🤗
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Retweeted by Draebro went on a massacre😭
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We praise you IN ADVANCE
Retweeted by Drae @mevsrevenge if this the same nigga every time let’s just.. @shrutiraoart 💀 you fit every smile on camera in one picture and they both been in at least 2 hours of content
There are 2000 people at the #MAGAMillionMarch 😂😂
Retweeted by DraeYall in mens business again but when they tell you about tucking your stomach into your leggings then its body sham…
Retweeted by Drae @tr1n9ty why are you awake @lightsnthebuzz switch nothing personal with any mayday parade album
Ken ain’t cheat he was just in an entanglement why all these wHor3s pressed? 😃👍🏽
Retweeted by DraeIf she don’t ps5 you....Leave her✌🏾
Retweeted by Drae @manisego spent da whole video tryna figure out if she can singIf u getting money u her type.
Retweeted by Drae @Mike_Feichtner Nobody is buying them for above retail lmaooooooooooooooooo it’s not a one time release. Absolute buffoonery 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Drae @Mike_Feichtner If you’re reading this please don’t buy one of these
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