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i play warrior // @irregularfn's lawyer // YT Editor/Channel Manager for @dekyfps

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Why hurt someone whose only intention was to love you?
Retweeted by quiiiii @danyellydonut fuck u u smell like ham @danyellydonut shut the fuck up dansmellyMy expectations. Vs My reality
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Retweeted by quiiiii EQUALED. [ #UFC257 | #InAbuDhabi | @VisitAbuDhabi ]
Retweeted by quiiiiiLMAOOO @ShotsByTyler You should drop vids like this more often, cool to see the time lapse of the edit$125 without shipping for a VLD pump off most websites, $61 WITH shipping for the same pump off rockauto. either gon hate me for this one or love itily @RockAuto_PartsECSTuning's website is pissing me tf off. LET ME PLACE MY FUCKING ORDER MAN @swordfrog LOL? @Froggen @swordfrog
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@mimsy LOL🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Retweeted by quiiiiiIt will be alright
Retweeted by quiiiiiboutta get a tesla so my homies and i can have alone time at the car meet @brianxurias Ill lyk when im back, probably soon 🥰Before you DM me please realize I am currently built like this
Retweeted by quiiiii @brianxurias Will you and joseph help me fix my car so i can smog it ill pay with coronas and tacos 🥺buying car parts i was in hulu watching this cheap ass movie abt an earthquake and i cant stop thinkin about how this guy died miss us @brianxurias shouldve lvled a 2nd warrior not a ret pally i shouldve lvled a 2nd warrior not a ret pally i shouldve lvled a 2n… chillinboutta FUCK this bowl of pork monggo UP @kwistenkim im not sending u pokemom cards now, infact@ima record myself opening them and burning themW again never moaned so hard in my life @rilakkimas twins @rilakkimas 🥰yay !! these lovelies came in today !! thank u @quitoxo for these cute ass stickers/vinyls 💕💗💖💘💝💓💞 u can get ur ow…
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@htidextsuj @dickmedownnn o ya that too, bet @ikeikegeorgia @white_alpaka he deleted his twitter 😭 @dickmedownnn @htidextsuj we'll all go together when im back 🥺 @dickmedownnn @htidextsuj yall need to go to sharetea on temecula park way @mark_na8c man threw his rent money at his wheels @xaishiTV fr 🤯ur not a “soft boy” Ur 20 n gaslight girls
Retweeted by quiiiii @SandersChan Enjoy brother @quitoxo Thank you good sir 🤝
Retweeted by quiiiii @jpdhillxn bro you glew the FUCK UP LMFAO WTF @jpdhillxn theres no way thats you
Scrims have never been better with our new coach.
Retweeted by quiiiii @swordfrog fuck uBeen doing arenas and playing league with around 90-110ms, second i get back home and im back on my normal 20 ms its overi dont even play val now but i see all the pain and frustration my homies go through 🥺生きてます
Retweeted by quiiiiiJust copped off stockX 😣🥴💯😏🥵🥶 wont you tutorial on what to do vs boomkin/ret short story @PogCrap like spamming execute while crying in World of Warcraft : Shadowlands doing 2v2 with my undergeared friend heh @RUSSELLislovely i be air fryin my spam bruhi got the best sister bro @Goldenglue Wthese will be my cause of deaththese red velvet cookies from walmart are GAScomic store selling a $50 booster box for 90 bucks are you smoking PENIS?
@moe_lol @madisonbeer hey moe, i just got out of the emergency room right now and as im typing this with tears runn… is what it is @leixlvniiii @Saweetie ayo u see this? @rilakkimas no❤️ @rilakkimas u caught me like @rilakkimas @rilakkimas 🙂 @rilakkimas GMMM
Retweeted by quiiiii @equalixlol u were watching porn dudeim so bored im boutta go on moonguard and rp @moe_lol “i ended challenger last season i went 10-0 in placements why am i not challenger 😠😑” cmon browe all know how the mayonnaise trump supporters are gonna act since inauguration is today, so i hope yall stay safe… @kwistenkim 🥴 @kwistenkim im literally just watching someone open packs and i thought about u cause u like pokemon cmon
Retweeted by quiiiiibro LMFAO @feelsradman finesse moms off facebook marketplace listing their kids yugioh cards for 10$ @i_onii no ima die tonight for sure she def killing megave my mom a taste of her own medicine and yelled at her for wearing shoes on carpet, ngayon ramdam mo ang sakit ko, i changed my covenant and now i cant change my transmog for my arena wep. if u dont fix this im gonna start… @jul1111a thats a fucking npc julia @9thwonderkr ilyAny homies with an OF need some? 😏 👉
Retweeted by quiiiiiI PUT THAT ON LAO GAN MA CUH @frslow ill spam link u all the songs i listen to in general on disc @shoenobu @DekyFPS my turn @DekyFPS @shoenobu W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W… @kwistenkim cya in 3 hrs @kwistenkim it takes like 3 hrs to get there, which means if i leave rn i cant take a shower, is that ok @kwistenkim u care about my safety or what wtf