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QUITOBU @quitoxo vonnie 💞

// YT Editor/Channel Manager for @dekyfps // @irregularfn's lawyer // guy with a bmw // @hvruka_

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@JustAgito @oliviaacore On my way! @rzn_mike @RwencTTV @triqqdb vouch for this noob, hes always sober too @swordfrog @onionguy2 we live in hawaii
@onionguy2 @swordfrog happy birthday! @_Miruux @amndamai vouch @Juuki_ @ValorantUpdated @thepansie LMFAOOOOOO @bwisten mood @DekyFPS @ang_kdd @TTangyy LMAO @hvruka_ @rzn_mike ROFL @rzn_mike enjoy deez nutzbro sit tf down 😭😂😂 @DekyFPS @leixlvniiii @hvruka_ man @ScentedBagel @onionguy2 LOLbest part of this expansion is when someone 8 lvls higher than you built like this tries to kill you while questing your bag and do w.e but can twitch atleast lift the dmca restrictions and just keep it to muting a portion of… @aidankellington , report for duty @rzn_mike windfury baby @rzn_mike and then u died :3 @leixlvniiii @hvruka_ bro id box all 3 of you rn wsup @hvruka_ @leixlvniiii smd 💯🗣💥 @ang_kdd you can do it!
lol @ my creative process
Retweeted by QUITOBU @DekyFPS @hvruka_ @_Miruux @rzn_mike hed do anything to hold his db status but is okay with me suffering @leixlvniiii @hvruka_ excuse you*if i ever come back and i dont buy smokes and flashes, dont complain, just refer to this tweet @kwistenkim u tryna pay my insurance rq? @_Miruux @rzn_mike @hvruka_ “couple” 🤣🤣 @hvruka_ eat my ass @hvruka_ dude shut the fuck up manpain.our wow group consists of 2 up good simps and 2 downbad fps gamers @froojaaa salamat bunsogm @rzn_mike mikedog @ilybxnni @rafaellatimer23 @joshcaro214 @quangielovesyou im always posted like this wdym @rzn_mike yeah but you doin drakedog damage 🥵🥵🥵prot warrior lfg
@DekyFPS @ang_kdd TOO SOON DAWG 😭😭 SHE CANT EVEN SEE THIS @GreshyPoo @kwistenkim cant keep livin like this cuh @kwistenkim 🤠 @Zaymonn47 damn dawg that mean you tall as hell 😯😳 @Zaymonn47 bruh, legend. @Zaymonn47 THE BUTCHER COMIN 😈"wheres ploo"
Retweeted by QUITOBU @hvruka_ @shaaawtiiee @hvruka_ Hey my names boba @shaaawtiiee too tired want boiling point @Maineyxc @jessicahkim :/
@DekyFPS @SammayTV Shit look like a destro lock combo @brandhyun THANKS BRANDII 💯💯🗣🗣☺️ @onionguy2 @exerdose im crying @onionguy2 @exerdose how come josh told me yesterday then 🤨 @onionguy2 @exerdose yesterday man but ty 🥰 @exerdose gm @aidankellington 🤣🤣🤣 @jessicahkim tyty ❤️🥺wtf the h in hbd stand for again @frslow @bwisten ill be sad @DekyFPS @plooful @vampiiregf come horde or else @riengelic “dAs CaP sHuT-“ man shutUP @riengelic you like 4’11 😭vonnie : “gm im finally awake 🥰” vonnie after she sends that : @SNIFFYOASS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @vampiiregf Sure you want a piece of this, noob? @vampiiregf alliance scum @ShotsByTyler @exerdose :/Im so fucking up good @htidextsuj THANK YOU EDITH!!! @quenniexjoy THANK YOU ATE!
@kwistenkim who you callin stinky HUH, ily2 smelly ty 🥺 @jul1111a ILY JULIA TY 🥺🥺🥺 @capybaragf THANK U JENNY UR POGGERS @HUYNH_CS @GenG @DekyFPS @aidankellington what we thinkin, he icey enough?tired of this shit aint ready for the CEDDYBU Cleave 😈 @willxolol DUMBSHIT @roobslol u just ruined my bday @swordfrog THANK U!! @tsukimaxo @sojiphi fr who tf is rami a̷̭̙̥͉̭̲͔̓̇̒͗͋̑͗̏ͅj̴̰̙̥̜̮̟̬͚̺̟̯̬̀͗̋̒̾͋͑͌̈́͒̔̋͆̚͜͠f̵̛͈̹̼̙̱̾̀̽̉̔͜ǒ̴͚̯̯͈̣̰͉̠̀͗̽͒… @froojaaa @hvruka_ Salamat ❤️❤️ @Nathankazuki im so up good i cannot even cap @Blackniss_ Thank you king @xSojin ty brother ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️ty for the bday messages im waking up to but i just want you guys to know im fucking pissed cause im still old. ily all tho ❤️❤️ @_Miruux @hvruka_ be sure to shop at @hentaimom69 ty ate 🥺🥺 @shaaawtiiee TY MICHELLE 🥺❤️ @PrinceEmirTTV thanks king @_Miruux @hvruka_ ily ryan ❤️ @plooful @hvruka_ THANK YOU GLORIAAA @featHarman love you bro, appreciate you more than you think ❤️ @Maineyxc ty brotha ❤️❤️ @rzn_mike salamat kuya @aidankellington YESSIR