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@lydiaforson The Almighty prez created his own problems and now wanna punish citizens for the results of his failed interventions.
Dear God, Today I woke up. I am healthy. I am alive. Thank you I apologize for all my complaining. I'm truly grateful for all you've done.
Retweeted by Gong @KTLA My ewe people from Ghana are on a mission to rescue our fellow blacks..... Mission successful @DBLACKGH If u drop den mek momo land den we confirm sey u truly drop @King__Candice Yes.....for real @hughes_onair @MBawumia *in* @hughes_onair @MBawumia Johnnie, You are doing a great work to keep our politicians n check with their promises. Th… @MBawumia, here is a promise that could have warded off the thieves at Nima Police station, or immediately sol…
Retweeted by GongNPP PROCURES VEHICLES FOR CAMPAIGNING...??? This is how the poor tax payers money is been spent... 😭😭😭…
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@SaddickAdams *Apart from "No dumping of refuse here" and "Don't urinate here" which other notice do Ghanaians love to disobey??*🤔💔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by GongThieves have broken into a Covid-19 Isolation Centre in the Upper West and stolen their TV set
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@Bridget_Otoo Set example by deceiving the whole country that he never had covid and was taking a rest at UGMC?So the health minister that UTV spoke to that said he hasn’t contracted the virus, was it not him? Why would you be…
Retweeted by GongI've been clapping for God saaa! Heeeeeeeeeeeerhhhh!
Retweeted by GongIf the word of God says, Be Ye Holy as I am Holy then that tells us there is a way to be Holy. That it is possible…
Retweeted by GongGet rid of people in your life who aren’t divenly connected to God enough to celebrate what he’s doing in your life. 🗣
Retweeted by GongIf God ain’t in it, I don’t want no parts. 👐🏾
Retweeted by GongTotal Expenditure On This Wedding Is Gh¢17.50 Aswear.😂😂😂
Retweeted by GongHave you ever been broke and nobody believe you because you don't look like a broke person 🤔
Retweeted by GongYou're in church and someone beside you fall under the anointing and break your iPhone 11 pro screen, what would you do?
Retweeted by GongParents who view failure as a negative event have kids who are more likely to believe that intelligence is fixed and can't be increased.
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“Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” is actually the fear of long words.
Retweeted by Gong @nanakayel @DBLACKGH @Shadow__Walker5 U dey rec Hushpuppi ooFloyd was murdered in the USA. SA posted statuses and vented their anger. Days ago in SA, a pregnant woman was brut…
Retweeted by GongPlease stop going to Doctor Anu Med Contour for any Body Enhancement Surgery or any Surgery at all!! This lady is i…
Retweeted by Gong @kobbyprince_ @_sudbina_ Gh well representedCheck out the RWC Racing Vol 1, a Ghanaian car racing game with high quality graphics and seamless gameplay 🚘 🇬🇭 C…
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Bee chased New Juaben North MP, MCE and Chiefs . The gods must be angry ! 🤣🤣🤣 #Idey4u #abnghana #hushpuppy
Retweeted by GongThief enters a house. Steals plasma TV, money, other valuable items and he had little or no respect for the victim.…
Retweeted by GongWATCH THIS — Shatta Wale bought Joint 77 a car. He is taking the car back because of this. WARNING: Video contain…
Retweeted by GongWatch Till The End 😂😂😂. The way the name dey Rhyme 😂 😂😂 wey dey kill me. Warning to Chatter house 😂😂.. make we laug…
Retweeted by GongKemi Explains in details about the #Hushpuppi and #woodberry arrest Kemi said $35m email scam , #COVID19 Scam
Retweeted by GongForget #Hushpuppi Charles okocha just look at Only in Nigeria. Them dey push aeroplane.
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BREAKING NEWS Archbishop Duncan Williams has a message for all those criticizing him. Woow thats a powerful one. 🔥🔥…
Retweeted by GongDuncan Williams son explaining why he left his father’s house
Retweeted by GongDoctors of the world: Stop lying about the Coronavirus. The people needs absolute TRUTH.
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Watch this..
Retweeted by Gong“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” - African Proverb.
Retweeted by GongThis is definitely the kind of home i would have in future😍🔥🔥
Retweeted by GongIt won't cost you any Dime to retweet my hustle 😥🙏🙏
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-- Nigerian Police Officers Seen Removing Battery From A Road User's Car As The Driver Allegedly Refused To Give B…
Retweeted by GongIn 2015, Albert Morake, a South African man that raped over 20 women was sentenced to 1,500 years imprisonment
Retweeted by GongA man threw a mouse into a pile of burning leaves. The mouse then ran into his house while still on fire and burned…
Retweeted by GongA Kenyan politician, Kithure Kindiki flew in a helicopter to help build a classroom using mud. #MythAndFact
Retweeted by GongThere is a 4000 years old rock in Saudi Arabia called A1-Naslaa which appears to be cut in half with laser like pre…
Retweeted by GongIn 1998, all 11 members of Bena Tshadi a Congolese soccer team were killed by lightning while leaving the other tea…
Retweeted by GongSo Is Libya better off without Gaddafi?
Retweeted by Gong @WOFES3WAGYIMI BhimNation representing. Love for wale
Bukom Banku on COVID-19 preventive measures #NewonGHOne
Retweeted by GongDon't be drunk with wine😂😂😂 #FridayVibe #NewonGHOne
Retweeted by GongKevin Taylor is playing some serious leads on @NAkufoAddo. Full videos on our website soon #NewonGHOne - Sandra -…
Retweeted by GongEi @OBAmponsah_ in show go really worry o ei 😂😂 #NewonGHOne
Retweeted by GongOnce again, if you never used one of these, don’t even say hi to me 🌚
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Here’s my story: this is cesar... my mom’s now ex boyfriend.
Retweeted by GongIf you include the loan fee that Atlético paid for Morata, Chelsea received £51.3m from the deal. They’re now trig…
Retweeted by Gong @SiPhillipsSport Sadly Tammy can't head a ball into goal. He needs to practice more on that.Deliverance turns into physical battle as pastor prays for mad man (Video) #PureDrive God is Great #jumiafreemask B…
Retweeted by GongVeteran Actor Kojo Dadson refuses to let stroke ground him , He started battling stroke in 2011, By God's grace he…
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Justices for Ahmed Suale
Retweeted by GongSomething must kill a man Meanwhile here is the lastest Gh trends ✓Sammy Gyamfi ✓Ahmed Suale ✓Lawyer Nti ✓Mahama…
Retweeted by GongMy mom did her own march since none of her friends wanted to join her ❤️
Retweeted by GongFinally told my boyfriend what happened to me and his first words were "I love you"...🥺❤
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Removing a lady’s wig in public to expose her scalp is like pulling her skirt down to expose her nakedness in public
Retweeted by Gong @kwadwosheldon Spy this first😀
Retweeted by Gong @kwadwosheldon Do your own editing 😂😂
Retweeted by Gong @kwadwosheldon Is this one nice
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Retweeted by Gong @__asare @abu_platini @NAkufoAddo @deryks95 AshiamanKuulpeeps Confession Box 👻🔥❤️ This is Just A Trailer 😂😅 "My Uncle's Babe" #OsofoGyaigyimii
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 7 Tittle📺 : "Sex For Rent" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 4 Tittle📺 : "My Woman's friend is my woman" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 3 Tittle📺 : "I didn't want to eat" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 1 Tittle📺 : "The Barracks Boy Adventure" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 6 Tittle📺 : "Dick Enlargement Got My Boy's Girl" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
Retweeted by GongSeason 2 🎬 Episode📀 - 1 Story 2 Tittle📺 : "Lowkey Musician Full Time Johnny Sins" #OsofoGyaigyimii 😎 #Kuulpeeps
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Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
Retweeted by Gongfellow Ghanaians Haha bi like this girl wont get admission ta KNUST...
Retweeted by Gong @IdrisAbkar5 Say it again my brother. U see ur fellow black skinned man to be inferior to u, but when a white skin…
Retweeted by GongYou are fighting racism in another man’s country, but yet your fellow Ghanaians from different tribe can’t marry fr…
Retweeted by GongFellow Ghanaians #TheMattter I have been solving since last month 😭😂😂😂😂😂
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in milan, Italian citizens showed their support and solidarity for the BLM movement in front of the American Embass…
Retweeted by GongAfrican Americans ... come home. Simple as that.
Retweeted by Gong @akaworldwide I don’t know who she, but my god, 120 seconds of clarity and wisdom from a young woman like I’ve neve…
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@drlouisa_s Photo frame going down for cool price Gh25 Contact 0546678725 for more details #Alarm #LeGbaGbeVideo
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@GabbyDarko Ur fada.....who and who dey get huge raise in pay? Mo gyimi saaaa den get bald head @seungminkim @DPAQreport Ghana has not yet paid any 50% bonuses to any nurses. Health workers were waived off taxes by the governmentThis is the positivity from the protest, the media won’t shine light on, BLM. This is what unity is✨…
Retweeted by GongThis man is now dead. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by GongSaw this on Tik Tok and honestly broke my heart. We need to spread awareness. #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by GongIn case you were having trouble seeing the difference! #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by GongHave yet been able to watch yet another brother's life literally choked out of him.. The still image of the video w…
Retweeted by GongThis is fucking America.. 😒 #MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by GongMalcolm x about #PoliceBrutality #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by Gong @realDonaldTrump I believe this is more important than Obama golfing. #BlackLivesMatters
Retweeted by GongWith Minneapolis police are waging war against civilians simply for demanding justice for George Floyd (while allow…
Retweeted by GongIt’s STIll going down in Minneapolis right now ‼️ police are starting to shoot at people #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
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Retweeted by Gong🎯📹 Watch @Kdbakes8 us he performe "Good Morning" a song off The Rise EP #music #update
Retweeted by Gong @ChelseaFC Like this cat dey Eweland for gh anka we diet it longest time kraaaaHOW MY RAMADAN ENDED IN TEARS😭💔 [A THREAD]
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