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amor de tu vida | sc: dulsii

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DODGERS WIN! Los Angeles now 1 win away from first World Series title since 1988
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸is this too much to ask for?
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Yessir baby one more one fucking more win !!!!! Let’s go dodgers !!! 🏆💙
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Dodgers on 4. Dodgers on 4. 1 2 3 4?
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸quiero novio
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Gotta be up at 2am and accidentally took a napDROP YOUR BAT ON 'EM, MAX.
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸When things are “handled” for me
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I just be hoping people keep they word
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A message
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸How can y’all not like this weather!
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I love hoodie season
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Good morning to only dodger fans we will win today speaking into existence 💙
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Was tryin to be sneaky and eat a donut and dropped half.. if this how today’s gon be ima clock out and go back to bedit’s finally cold out love to see it
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Apple Music don’t know how to shuffle music for shit 😭
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I ignore ur dm’s cause I want y’all to find y’all soulmate. It ain’t me
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Retweeted by dee🦇🕸i didn’t even want a spooky basket anyway
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Two places im not finna go with you is back and forth
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸my secret life way more fun than the public one😭
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Nobody talk to me after that ending
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Goodnight
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Retweeted by dee🦇🕸You want me come get me.
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Latinos in America literally forget that two generations ago (or even less) their own family was marginalized and…
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸The typa mom I’m gonna be, nothing less for my babyyyy
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I miss the “Lotus Flower Bomb” & “Diced Pineapples” era of music
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Sending blessing’s your way 😌
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸CERTIFIED LOVER BOY JANUARY 2021 @Drake
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Karma misses no one...
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸i do not text anyone so if i text you ITS JUST U 😭
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸My pet peeve is being promised something unprovoked and the person still doesn’t deliver like I DIDNT EVEN ASK YOU
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸me posting songs on my insta story even tho ik nobody cares
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Ion want nobody to feel like we beefing, you not important
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸tell em
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸 @droppofgold LMAOOOO it’s different!!Happy birthday Miguel 💫
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Pot heads make the world go round
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I’m a whole child when it comes to liquid medicine, I cannot do itThis weather>>> 😍I wanna carve pumpkins soon
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸i wanna gargle some nut
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸just being wholesome on a Friday night again , what’s new ?
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Bro i be wanting to watch scary movies but i really be having nightmares at night lmaooo
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸New video🤍
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸“Madrid”- Myke Towers x Maluma⬇️
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Good shit Dodgers we jus need two more wins Job ain’t finished!!! 🏆
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I thought Slow jam by usher played in this episode, I was so excited!!Maybe I’m remember wrong but I just know they changed some of the songs playin in Sister Sisterthis election is not a game. if you support trump you are openly tolerant of racism, sexism, xenophobia & just lac…
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸When do men start telling friends about a girl their interested in?
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸if you don't know why they put red paint there it’s bc ICE have been removing females uterus’ without consent. they…
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸when will my time come 😞
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸MOOOOOKIEEEEEEE!
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Men look so yummy when they wear glassesLove my dodgers so much they make me so happy 4-0💙💙
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸 @YungShriiimp The paranormal activities do it for me, the thought of gettin dragged down the hall to the attic terrifies me 💀if u think i need u, u thinking too hard
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Lmaooo mbn I don’t gotta man, I’m just talkin bout the men in my family 🤣 wanna watch a scary movie but I’m alone so lemme put these cartoons on
@SlMPMASTERFLEX It’s what y’all don’t doMy adhd always kicks in towards the end of my eyelash appt, I get so antsy I be ready to cryIt’s a great day for a @dodgers win
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸 @_Web_Head 🙄🙄 it ws the last straw for meSorry guys I was just mad he ain’t dump the dirty mop water 😂 @YungShriiimp 🤣🤣if you have a good man by your side make sure you spoil him w/ love too
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸70% of Americans don’t even have $1000 in savings. Y’all keep listening to people living off of album advances and…
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸 @the_alienboi This is trueI really hate men lmaooo sheeshNeed that hug where my ass gets squeezed, but the fingers catch my coochie a lil too.
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸“We literally left this White House with a pandemic playbook” 😧
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Everytime a woman disagrees with the whole “pay my bills, buy me expensive material things narrative” she’s a “pick me”
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸no like he really hates women
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸a vote for trump is a vote against people of color, immigrants, the lgbtq community, women, and so many more groups…
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸i really do
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸"Like You" 2005
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸"I'm Sprung" 2005
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Just a reminder to unfollow me if you support Trump 🥰
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Retweeted by dee🦇🕸You in his DMs, I’m at his moms crib discussing his behavior. We not the same sis
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Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Lmfao I officially talk to nobody.
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Y yo de pendejo
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I wanna goto the beach tonight
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸disrespectfully, mind your business when it comes to me and my life
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸i just want to carve pumpkins or whateva
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Weekly dinners with my best friend and nephew is honestly my favorite thingYou know what it was, I told you I was heartless
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Beefin’ with your favorite nigga will have you cancelling all outings with the others. Lmaooooo like I’m sad now, fuck all y’all as a unit.
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸I’m not posting no throwbacks lmao 😂 its real ugly for me
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸Looking at all these throwbacks of y’all even had me sign into my photobucket & omg no no no no 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😭🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸 @MontyRob3 Good because I wasn’t planning on showing anything Gene 😒Not me loggin into Facebook because of y’all 😂 @TheNamesJeffrey 💀💀💀💀Heres a throwback for you to have a great day today
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸“what u mean i be wilding on twitter?”
Retweeted by dee🦇🕸And ima let my friends teenagers babysit. It’s perfect.
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