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Two methods of recruiting fantastic product managers that startups commonly overlook: (1) hire founders of recently…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarApparently, this good boi is now one of two habitual visitors to the @TheKenWeb's Bengaluru office. 😭Cannot able to…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar @jananevenk @TheKenWeb #Kenneth aka #Kenny @jaideepjourno @TheAthletic You don't need to prefix "." before @-handles anymore Jaideep :) @TheKenWeb Nearly 40% of our subscribers read us on iPhones. In contrast, this number is 2-3% for popular e-commerc…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar @TheKenWeb is hiring iOS developers. If you have built, published, and optimised #ios apps written in #SwiftLang in…
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"People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life" don't use Whatsapp (or any Facebook product for that matter), but I'm sure a lot of fintechs in India are looking… @TheKenWeb story today is about how WhatsApp is putting in place pieces that can trigger a commerce boom within the…
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@deepakabbot @prajektor 😃Today’s story at @TheKenWeb about what's going on inside OYO speaks for itself, but I do have one interesting tidbi…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar @deepakabbot @prajektor Over my dead body 🧟‍♂️Our lead designer, @prajektor, compares two charts she drew 6 months apart to describe OYO's expansion/ambitions. @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb @sumanthr @asanwal Our "Narratives" page on OYO is a good place to read up about the company'… @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb @sumanthr @asanwal We reported on the ambitious plans for OYO Townhouse back in 2017.… @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb @sumanthr @TheKenWeb subscribers knew back in May 2017 that OYO's game was, as @asanwal descr… @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb In many ways, @TheKenWeb's coverage of OYO preceded even our existence. The first story "we"… @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb As India's most valuable startup, OYO has gotten a free pass from the media for most of its e… @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb In a meticulously reported and documented story, Abinaya lays out the real reason behind the… you're tired of reading surface-level "symptom" stories on OYO's decline/layoffs, here's @AbinayaV5 and Savio D'…
@ampanmdagaba @VenkRamaswamy Interesting. I’ll dig deeper too. Because such a stark stat should’ve been all over the place."When asked for his most urgent advice for students, Lloyd Blankfein, until recently the CEO of Goldman Sachs, coun…"Replacing handwriting with typing is academic malpractice, given the overwhelming evidence on the value of handwri… "Rotten STEM: How Technology Corrupts Education"
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar"BJP under Modi-Shah is returning to its trader mindset with a vengeance, underlining that strong, full majority go… just China. "Beijing is turning its back on the private sector, a main driver of growth." medium term outlook for Adani/Australia/coal doesn't look good. "BlackRock is the canary in the coalmine."
Another Saturday. Another Nutgraf that’s on the money from @peegeekay. Sign up here to receive it free.… are best.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarFun fact: NSA allows for detention for upto one year without trial. It was used by the UP government to keep Chandr…
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“Progress” 7 months at @TheKenWeb has given me an appreciation for copy editors — particularly our hard-working and unsun…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarNice insight into a vital part of journalism—copy desk. Also why it's a strategic function for @TheKenWeb. We have…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarAs if directors of Indian businesses weren’t submitting enough information already, the govt. is now going postal a…
Opportune, well argued and frankly, bold POV from Rohini Nilekani on the need for sarkaar (govt), samaaj (civil soc…🦅 in 🌳 are fascinating @Singh10Seema @OBanerji @blueringtail @TheKenWeb @peegeekay @mananbharara We have space for one more then ;-)Wonderful thread on the cult of the product manager. @OBanerji @blueringtail @TheKenWeb "Part visionary, part executive", the PM is "more a foil to the founder or CEO t… @OBanerji @blueringtail @TheKenWeb From the fuzzy requirements for what make a great PM to the mad rush to become o… fascinating story from @OBanerji & @blueringtail on the gold rush to become/hire product managers in Ind… @AmodAga @TheKenWeb @Singh10Seema Not sure all our subjects would appreciate or want that :)
@pjk_cochin Apple’s AQI indicator built into the ⌚️
Boeing thwarted Lion Air "idiots'" call for 737 Max training before deadly crash via @technology
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarWtf Bangalore?!
Hey Swiggy, this is one of those rare times when I’ve seen you using a dark pattern on users. Offering users a choi… @shashank_pr @TheKenWeb Checking and fixing, Shashank @TheKenWeb The illustrations are by our newest visual designer, @ShirtShanks. @TheKenWeb From the hyperlocal threat to unit economics to niche categories like meats/beauty/milk, the conversatio…'s been a while since I wrote a story for @TheKenWeb. Today, I interview Hari Menon, the CEO and co-founder of In… @vsvivek93 @TheKenWeb Thanks Vivek. Noted 🙏🏾
@KapilChopra72 @TheKenWeb Thanks Kapil! :)I consider page 2 of google results the dark web.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarStages of form filling: 1. Avoid 2. Avoid more 3. This isn't so bad 4. Oh no! I don't know the answers to these 5.…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis is better than both Jurassic World movies. 😁😁
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarGDPR is working exactly as everyone who knew the first thing about ads thought it would.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarRIP the last remaining refuge from mass tracking tools on the web.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarMath problems I wish I had gotten as a kid: Sally has 30 🍎. She gives one 🍎 to Joe for free. Joe buys 5 more 🍎 as…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis appears to be Casper's business: Buy mattress at $400. Sell at $1,000. Refund/return 20% of them. --> Keep $4…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarYou: This one untested supplement will restore balance to my body Your body:
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarProgramming in a nutshell #devhumor #programming #documentation
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The mere suggestion Modi’s India is going full circle—back to the tepid-growth days of the 1970s—is a bitter pill t…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarI’m assuming he wanted it to be seen and shared harassment from @KolkataPolice on doc verification in passport renewal. Given ~10 docs. Now, forcing me to p…
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Folks in the US: Remember Facebook Messenger allowed one to book an Uber/lyft from a chat window? Whatever happened…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarDidn't expect to have the slam-dunk winner for the "worst hot take of 2020" already
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarVCs in India keep dishing out throwaway lines about seeing "entrepreneurs of higher quality than before". Waiting…
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Shiv Sena being liberal makes me happy and nervous at the same time. You never know what they'll hit you next with.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThrilled to welcome @Benjcher, @RanjuSarkar & @ShirtShanks to @TheKenWeb. 3 people, 3 cities, 3 specializations. of you tweeple in Bangalore? Let's hang out while @jonrussell @Kakay @jumbalea @Benjcher and I are in town. Ti…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar @girishmallya Age of course ;-)
Time goes by, and one fine day you wake up and realise you’re 31. And it’s a lovely feeling. 🥰 is one of my favourite photos of at @TheKenWeb’s Bangalore office with the entire global team.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarAny Indian police agency that claims it can make the administrators of a WhatsApp group legally responsible for mes…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarBEST BIRTHDAY EVER WITH @TheKenWeb TEAM 💖🎉 AT BANGALORE H/t to @mananbharara for the wonderful pic and @sanka9k f…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumar @sleepyhead148 HNY Sam!
JNU violence reflects an apocalyptic politics driven by a constant need to find new enemies, by @pbmehta
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Our team of doctors, nurses & medical volunteers who reached JNU to give first aid to injured students & teachers,…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarHorrifying images from JNU — the place I know & remember was one for fierce debates & opinions but never violence.…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarHere is the mob wielding iron rods and lathis and sticks freely roaming the JNU campus. The main gate is blocked, m…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarRoute to #JNU has been closed by @DelhiPolice . Having to go from an alternative route. Traffic policeman asks wh…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis is the route to the main gate (L). They've also closed the way to access this road, just making it impossible…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis is what’s going on inside JNU hostels right now.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis is the head of center for the study of regional development Sucharita Send, being admitted to AIIMS with a hea…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarSpoke to a JNU faculty member. He confirms a violent assault on teachers and students by an armed, masked mob.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarStatement by #JNU administration
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarWhat is going on in JNU? Masked crowd of people entering hostels and beating up people with HAMMERS. They have HAMM…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThis is the broadcast from the official Twitter account of the elected student body of JNU.
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarChina tech that didn't exist at the start of last decade: WeChat 微信 Xiaomi 小米 OnePlus 一加 Realme 真我 Bytedance 字节跳动…
Retweeted by Rohin Dharmakumarthousands of years of art, language, and cultural development led up to this exact moment
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarI generally despise roadside hoardings, but this BBC one on their Dracula series is so darn creative!… how a decade ago we all stole music from the Internet and the only problem with it was that artists weren'…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarNobody ever asks the family if *they* want to spend more time with the former CEO
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarThe 2020s will be known as the Remote Work decade A few predictions of what is likely to emerge [ a thread ] 💻🏠🌍
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarA new paper has been making the rounds with the intriguing claim that YouTube has a *de-radicalizing* influence.…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarRemember when Facebook collected millions of phone numbers — ostensibly to secure user accounts — then used them fo…
Retweeted by Rohin DharmakumarGreat thread on product management and product managers year, same old bugs
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