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@1jim3bob oh jeeez @1jim3bob wait what the fuck @1jim3bob oh wow @1jim3bob i should check what happened @lvkpi also @lvkpi if it makes u happy it makes me happy @Iheartnoise @theabjectionist ps. hi bill bad timing is amazing thx i love u @Iheartnoise @theabjectionist i listen to alot of music @Iheartnoise i just wanted to make a joke about the guy who went on to make my aoty of 2003
@wintercouplet super fan came from iirc that one eminem song stan @Iheartnoise on their album 'speed is dreaming' st✮johnny asks the question if he is a boy or a car, seeing as he is clearly a car. @zephyr_corsair @coraspect it's not a joke, it's an amazing film i do not recommend watching twice @zephyr_corsair @coraspect requiem of a dream is worth seeing once, you should prolly not watch it twice @zephyr_corsair johnny cash - photograph (nickleback cover) @lighghtmusic whenever i get to dublin i'm split between visiting my family or taking it over to use as a trading post @lighghtmusic i thought you were from norwaygood night, someone tell the guy from st✮johnny that he's a car @equippedwithyou i dunno, the food chain or the food cart either one is good @equippedwithyou i'm gonna put a cap on mine so people think i'm you and i'm gonna scam my way to the top @equippedwithyou prolly too busy playing dark souls
@Rk3DBLAST i feel it came from a good cause but i won't get into it becuse i don't wanna start a clusterfuck @Rk3DBLAST if you are refering to them not accepting samples of poc artists, it was due to a rant seth graham did on facebook @Rk3DBLAST if u are refering to the rant @Rk3DBLAST no it's real @World0fEcho @DoomTripRecords oh um is it gonna be my doom trip album @DoomTripRecords @World0fEcho @steviasphere look at this bullshit @steviasphere ICD n RFTW is his pure dance period, 18M n Motion is his edm period and FWBV.1 is his i do whatever i… @steviasphere funk.wav bounces vol. 1 is my 2017 aoty, yes even above *put album here* @steviasphere 18 months and motion are good albums @steviasphere calvin harris defense squad activated @thicklypainted but is he a really wiese person
@DiamondsteinAV @World0fEcho @DoomTripRecords barechested viking photos only srypress: this album is a dense sonicscape with textured layered drones me: oh cool song: one synth for 5 minutes me:'Chromute' by @altostrati is now up on Spotify
Retweeted by R0x4ry @Iheartnoise yeah it's like, what label a gets in might be different from label b and like, crossing the streams do… @Iheartnoise i'm honestly oddly against this since alot of what comps for me are like the community that surrounds the compi'm in a cottage middle of nowhere wooo @THUGWIDOW too bad i'm the best we are on spotify now, and other streaming services
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soundcloud kills the bass but oh well r0x ep whenever i finish it single here i guess @tsunxmimusic oh i'm rly sry if i have ever done that, while that wasn't what i was meant to do but clearly i shoul… @tsunxmimusic sry it was just a bad set up for me donating him money, i'll shut up forever
@HVRTSangam @kudatahsound did she did she sneak her face on ur album coverit's for a black metal inspired eptentative album cover, if i can find someone to redraw it better @Rk3DBLAST back too lazy to slow it down @Rk3DBLAST ok @UrsulasCartri if u think so @AskQrates Alright, thank you for your time. @AskQrates And in this case, the copyright owners are reasonable to claim as in all other services that deal with m… @AskQrates @coraspect @0PN @equippedwithyou what is your stance of sampled work becuse those are clearly not copyrighted @DanMasonVapor nobody tell 2009 dan in ten years hes gonna do them @DanMasonVapor 2009 u look like a guy who had big dreams he couldnt do @DanMasonVapor why is ur nose longer @_dagro locked show urself @_dagro no ur sergeant stupidwhy does the cassette for the new sangam look like its out of akiraHow to shut down ANY leftist argument
Retweeted by R0x4ryi'm gonna retire from being okayish ambient artist to become an okayish youtube video essayisttime to say i'm gonna start speedrun something but actually i don't becuse i'm too lazyonly bad thing about the 2008 version of infinity is that the singer sings infinity like it is said: "infenity"this is now thugwidow daythugwidow am i rightme: buys cd to get deluxe edition tracks artist: HERE IS DELUXE EDITION FOR FREE OUT NOW me:becuse everyone is all caps, i am gonna remove any use of uppercase on this twitter, we are now only lowercasecan't wait for daniel bryan n sami zayn, eco-terrorist tag team @RackSquareSoft u just at ur best on it in my very stupid and dumb opinion
@PLUS100Records @equippedwithyou can u at least listen to my music if ur gonna be a eldritch monster @PLUS100Records @equippedwithyou where did u come from @equippedwithyou this is actually fucking surreal and amazing oh my gosh @equippedwithyou THE ALBUMS FUCKING SYNC WHATeveryone else broke: lum is so cute me a woke god: ataru is the best @equippedwithyou it's weird like greyfolded listening to this @equippedwithyou no i mean literally playing at the same time @equippedwithyou can u press this on floppy @equippedwithyou i just want Azure Gtfo of The Sleeping Steel Giant @equippedwithyou can u make me one but have a misspelling in it @1jim3bob !have you been following the law the new dan mason have a noise sectionit's gonna be called mikulateguess what im doing today @Rk3DBLAST one of the jokes on his cutscnes made me lose my shit, i can't find it back @Rk3DBLAST please get off my notifications until u have seen all of it...riders in the skies @Rk3DBLAST have u even seen the cutscenes @Rk3DBLAST and it is the greatest thingThis new @NoProblemaTapes release with @wintercouplet and @R0x4ry is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I love lulling ambi…
Retweeted by R0x4ry @vnknowncaller *unstabs u n kisses ur sounds* soz @vnknowncaller *stabs u for ur lackluster chuck person song* @vnknowncaller *stabs u for ur lackluster 2814 song*
i think shinn asuka is my favorite gundam protaginisti'm gonna get a anime avi @JudeFrankum becuse ur a total bebe @coraspect i'm gonna shove once upon a time in shaolin on qratesif ur drone album doesn't sound the opening minutes of ned doheny's give it up for love, i got no clue what u r doing @MirrorKissesVA please write an essay about the ironic nature of the title of the album and how it plays with the theme of the album