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His early work was a little too sad rap for my taste. But when Stoney came out in '16, I think he really came into… bateman beats up his co-workers to post malone
@World0fEcho ligma block @World0fEcho i can't go to work becuse i'm down with a bad case of ligmaASURA:21 @albinotron - From Within is out now!
Retweeted by m0th4ry @Hipsterjsus1337 @digitalage20XX sorry was just hacking the matrix dont mind @biancafantyart gl! @DiamondsteinAV @DoomTripRecords @HVRTSangam the matrix told me @DiamondsteinAV @DoomTripRecords @HVRTSangam this def has 10 tracks on it @DoomTripRecords @DiamondsteinAV @HVRTSangam i can safely say that this is an album by diamondstein and sangampatrick bateman's favorite boris album is new album and he doesnt understand the hype around flood. @World0fEcho you would prolly either love or hate this @AUT2M
next album is gonna be something rly special with my best friend uwui swallowed my pride and started to make ambient againASURA:21 Releasing tomorrow, @albinotron's 'From Within' is coming out on cassette and digital. Listen to the si…
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@hyphyskazerbox oh im stupid i just noticed it is @hyphyskazerbox is that dog poo @R0x4ry Not only that, I'd actually encourage people to take a break. It's often a much needed palette cleanser.
Retweeted by m0th4ryfucking wild that david bowies best song doesnt even fit on either albums its on name now @duntlol @steviasphere herei feel like people are too worried in taking breaks on music, like i get the urge to make and make but if you reall…
hell yeah brother cheers from iraq @coraspect @SUI_UZI use that energy for producti-pfffft, i know i would do the same if i wasn't habitally lazy. @coraspect @SUI_UZI cora i love you but you could have just "black text on red tape this time around" and i think people would be happy. @KizunautFI yeah almost everything goes with coffee imo, it's has a bland taste most of the time, or that might jus… @KizunautFI like dipping them?NOAH’s big thing right now: No one is powerful enough to beat a middle aged man recovering from heart surgery. Also this fucking rules
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@mookieghana which wrestler is gonna dress up as aliceGeiranger (mnr 4 lyf) Hjørund Sogne Aurlands Lyse Rhenium Nihonium Oxygen Gold @thicklypainted it's the b-sides to made in usa where like alot of the problems with that album (how short the trac… don't like cheeseburgers sorry Murray Street Spinhead Sessions 1986 Daydream Nation SYR8: Andre Sider Af Sonic… aren't even 5 r0x4ry albums out anyone actually interested in their name Long Cheng Literally every kebab joint her Egon KABB Literally every r… isn't alot of actually well known resturants here, so i'll just say what they serve. Chinese (the fancy stuff… dont know why but sure
#NationalComingOutDay hi im agender, instead of a gender there is a dark orb
update: i got a solid date, that's the last thing i will say about this. thank you. @Rk3DBLAST thats like having a boner outside, just becuse you got it in your pants doesnt mean it is a secret penis @Rk3DBLAST randy this is the public @mp3Neptune had a hunch for a while but it would be wrong to assume, seriously tho, gratz. @mp3Neptune gratz for coming out!
ASURA:18 @unordigital - A Wonderful Place is out now
Retweeted by m0th4ry @mp3Neptune i mean his whole success was based on screwing and tricking over people
@nmeshofficial honestly i'm just wondering how @_en_te_rp_ri_se dealt with all of this. @vice98records @PanzerParadise it was one year since i peed on panzer @nmeshofficial Yes, the j-card was dropped in acid See it eating away at the paper? Look, there's the other side sh… yeux sans visage eyes without a face Got no human grace your eyes without a face Such a human waste your eyes without a face
Sullen Marsh, the single from A Wonderful Place by @unordigital is out now!
Retweeted by m0th4ryDo you want to come to my bedroom and forget about life with me?
Retweeted by m0th4ry @THUGWIDOW @cr_label @lastjapan @XLRECORDINGS sweet ur playing alongside adele @mp3Neptune @maggiedottxt i just imagine neptune going "pop" and there's just empty space. @mp3Neptune @maggiedottxt how the fuck can a entire planet go off grid @mp3Neptune my favorite treminem album EVERYTHING* IS NAME YOUR PRICE FOR A WEEK, DOWNLOAD STUFF, FIND YOUR NEW FAVORITE, MAKE M…
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i'm leaving for the ward on the end of the month, they haven't given me a solid date yet but they said they will gi… @unordigital's A Wonderful Place is coming out on the 9th, Cassette + Digital.
Retweeted by m0th4ry @nmeshofficial yeah just google it n every place will tell u its fake, sorry nmesh. but somewhere, i hope, frank o… @nmeshofficial itsfrankocean is fake. actually known to scam fans sheesh. @nmeshofficial is the @ blonded @PinkAndYellowOK @sourgout visual novel, as in the textbox one, not graphic novel, as in the comic one. @crybabytif wrong answer, it's sunfloweri fucking love the drums on ta3k, like holy shit. vaportrap is usually clean affairs but here comes this masterpiec… @ebgteddy why are cycling lovers so vocal bout loving cycling, just dont @steviasphere i mean, look at dothack, uplink (which is fair enough a weird game) were all playing with it at the time. @DiamondsteinAV @HVRTSangam @DoomTripRecords If you do that on Trip Version, you get a Lullaspi, a dark/ghost type. @DiamondsteinAV @HVRTSangam @DoomTripRecords Oceatwen, a dark/water pokémon that you get if you breed a Diamon and Sangyem on Doom Version.
@steviasphere weird for a megaman? yeah weird for a video game? not really tbh. @TheOrchidShow how is that a bad thing, i love missing bullshit. @TheOrchidShow this whole list is uncanon, uncouth, uncool, uncaustic @text_chunk @tendencies_____ was refering to the bop at 1:05:35 @text_chunk @tendencies_____ what time are you on, theres actually a track i think you would quite enjoy on it @text_chunk @tendencies_____ how was it surviving post malone
@zaturnvalley also, it says it here unless they have made two artist pages for you @steviasphere the pryda snare?Something new from me and @HVRTSangam from a forthcoming release in last nights @dream_catalogue @NTSlive show with…
Retweeted by m0th4ry @MatthewTHeywood @HVRTSangam @dream_catalogue @NTSlive Mixcloud is easier to use, it specifically is in 49:50 @intldebris in that case, should i mention this is my fav track by you @intldebris I was gonna do Sonmi 451, maybe next time david wants to invite me back two am i the first person to play @zaturnvalley on ntshow am i the first person to play @intldebris on nts if u missed me also I am somehow HKE & Remember @_dezmo_ me: why did I decide to work at this place @LILBTHEBASEDGOD Amazing as Black Ken (out now on streaming services)? @mp3Neptune nepi @crybabytif online radio thing, i played on it. @crybabytif the radio show you been liking u fukroh there is the shock of playing on nts kicking init done, thank you for everyone listening, i got no clue when nts is uploading a replay but shit cant believe i d… this is me if you are wondering, a collab with a very special friendsecond last track, if you are still listening thank you @FujifilmMt chromei am no longer playing merzbow
im playing merzbow rn