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@atriauma ok i guessgm twittergn twiiter[during sex] me: hurt me her: this meme format is stale me: ... her: and it was underdeveloped to begin with…
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I love giraffe pussy
Retweeted by robl0x4ryall im saying is that trainspotting 2 is a better comp over trainspotting twitterthe verses and chorus for africa are sang by two different persons @ebgteddy some amazing cuts but nothing to write home to mommy teddy aboutgn twitter im gonna listen to toto tomorrow @btttlngel oooooh maybe, i usually skip eggs in alot of stuff, sorry to report it but i don't like eggs in alot of… @btttlngel i usually do noodles or mac or like usually rice on every meal i do. mainly becuse that stuff is easy t… @btttlngel did you just invent nood & cheese? @consumer_ri ur cute, there better be one. @cybrcriminal he looks either like the most accepting or least accepting. @consumer_ri im serious, met my ex bf in one. @consumer_ri in the bathroom @btttlngel it was dirty but easy, i usually use the packets alongside my usual seasoning instead of putting it with… @btttlngel damn that sounds delicious, i should look up a recipe. @btttlngel stirfry noodles with veggies and pork @btttlngel nice nice, what did you cook today? @kingdingah no @kingdingah no @btttlngel hows life tho @btttlngel 😳 fun fact: this is my favorite idm albumshit i cant sleep
gn twitterI love how in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 career mode that tiger woods is your time travelling mentor so you can be… @ebgteddy im a newcastle fan lol @wrestlingbubble Or could be the original Andrew twitter @nmeshofficial damn, i didn't know that is what they meant by further reaches of experience. @btttlngel not much, cant sleep. made pasta today
gn twitter @albinotron nah im just quiet @btttlngel gm how are youmight as well waste my day by playing snake eater#FF @AsuraRevolverAll Hail The New Unpuritans.
Retweeted by robl0x4ryall i'm saying is that west end girls' lyrics could be a death grips song twittergn twitterSo I'm sailin, well I'm sailin on Well I'm movin, hey I'm movin on
@mapl3bloom but you gotta get down with the sicknessi cant wait when i get fire pro wrestling career mode and i choose my character to be norwegian and they have no cl… guess im deleting curiouscat again @TheOrchidShow what about fictional band leaders @THUGWIDOW not at all dont ask me questions, just donthello new wrestling followers, sorry to report that i only talk about wrestling in a blood moon @AmyRespecter if u compare pictures, there is a 200% increase in fuckboiery, that is a clear sign that dis fuck boi… @AmyRespecter ok @AmyRespecter now u have to listen to my theory of why larry butz is ftm @AmyRespecter oki hate this nickname wrestling is fine, I don't think it'll ever be the norm, but it isnt unrealistic When niggas sell for…
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Retweeted by robl0x4ry @ChillBitz u missed UR chancequick pick a valid one @ChillBitz can't swear on usernames @ChillBitz doneme @mcdonalds: burger
Retweeted by robl0x4rynickname clause starts nowfun fact: knowledge isn't fun @Snapchat The new update sucks!! #snapchatupdate
Retweeted by robl0x4ry @ebgteddy it was a mag from misawa himself from his emerald heaven @ebgteddy also my misawa tweet blew up we need to talk about The Bouncer. @ebgteddy sum bullshit I guessgm twittergn twitterWould you like to be able to see into your own future? 👀 — are we implying that the future is set and isn't a big o…
@JudeFrankum this is pretty accessible. @Incarta95 We changed our names becuse it was really bad to name ourself after a real life murder that was pretty gruesome.