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BREAKING: Sunderland have been relegated to League One following a 2-1 defeat at home to Burton #ssn
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wanted to post this before i lock access to this account again, this isnt a comeback, just didnt have place to drop… "Rebirth Compilation" Available to stream and download now at
Retweeted by r0x4ryHappy Weed Day, Give us your money.
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To Live and Die in Sunshine City
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I'm just gonna shut up and try to come back if I can, as a better person. and not the facade of one. Goodbye.All I can do is to fight the urges and face the fact that I'ml letting myself slip into selfdestruction again and a… I'm taking a break from social media for once and for all to change myself and become a better person. I… have taken joy in someone else's pain. Simply said, I am a horrible person and I have constantly postponed changi…, I'm gonna be honest here. I'm a bad person, hell. Even a horrible one. I have repeatably hurt people witho… still alive @Viper_vevo @GetToWorkBB @sushitrash @DalaiLama @SunsetRecording Floral Shop-*gets beat up by Sunsetrec Goons in an alley* @digitalage20XX Tinder for people who need a hugIsn't #PeakTrans that song by Clark?i accidentally became an serious artist @kingdingah i enjoy $uccessor more then Tahoe, that DJ Shadow ambient track is killer. @kingdingah what did u think? @kingdingah have you heard dedekind cut? @kingdingah understandable have a nice day @kingdingah you think spyro might be a secret tim hecker fan @nmeshofficial inb4 its not you n im rly fucking stupid @nmeshofficial wait does this include the obviously you hardvapour artist @nmeshofficial are you ready to ruin few artists and label-heads' christmas @hannah19681538 @dsaylorcomposer @modernsqueeze so hes the ormolycka of sincere record labels in NYC?
@ZDoom8 @DoomTripRecords @AsuraRevolver @fwiprose basicly an company who owns alot of like silly stuff that takes info from your social media to make some… might make a mix of asura tracks on to a tape becuse some people want it becuse they are lost on where to start with asura.did i mention waiting for tape shipments is kinda boring since you cant rly do anything. oh well. every order that…'t know that WWE interactive universes was very serious business.dakota plzdidnt expect i would turn asura's twitter into an hyperaware meta joke but here we um @BeachLifeInDeth fuck u eat it now i need to become an evil overlord @BeachLifeInDeth hey tyyyy i got this red flower, mind eating it @crybabytif i guess?this was funnier in my head
Retweeted by r0x4ry @CharsDeFrance im wondering certain labels are just reposting that meme lol @glyphdice good idea should i do a shitpost on asura that everyone is gonna take out of context and start a shit storm @kingdingah sorry i broke it @DoomTripRecords all im saying that we just want the postal system but instead of ben gibbard, zach hill. thank y… @DoomTripRecords yr not gostly @DoomTripRecords kidnap him and force him to do postage service 2: givetric upaloolmao just remember Dick Cheney made money out of the Iraq War.
endless is goodi might just buy a random label promo cd on ebay to review @Richie_Sombrero wwegosh having asura on a break feels oddly nice, need to ship out those tapes tomorrow tho @kingdingah so they let us down? *gets shown the door* @bbpoltergiest hi im lonely, cuddle me @1jim3bob Arin Hanson? @1jim3bob jesus? @nako_komari thats just my sad account @nako_komari my priv isnt my sex account either @nako_komari but im on main @nako_komari sry @nako_komari too far or @nako_komari ill rip ur arms off afterwords @nako_komari oh sry, im a bad agender. plz punish me @nako_komari okay! /me kicks ur head offHelp us get 100 million retweets and he'll finally play the game
Retweeted by r0x4ry @dravenstedman Ghhh, I just gave a friend 30 bucks to get HRT. @1jim3bob im gonna beat her up @1jim3bob whoTHE BIG DOG #wrestlemania @Sunbleach_Media two hours from: "There might be delays in updates due to the real sickness known as CKitis."
Okay, poll time i guess. Should we become just Asura or keep the Revolver.
Retweeted by r0x4ry @crybabytif p sure from what peopel have said, they want me to keep the gun @argiflex just fuck my shit up babe and do a big thread @argiflex real question but also joking @argiflex "Celeste-Sempai, can you please show me how you do your synths!" @Schori2 oh sorry *cuddles the little panda* @Schori2 /me cuddles ur roomshould i just keep it as asura revolver or change it to be just asura @R0x4ry ok i printed ur tweet
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