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NotSoSlickRick @r_ckslick Los Angeles, CA

ACAB!!! FUCK RACISTS AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!!! stand up against your everyday oppressors 🗣✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 together united we shall prosper

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@Activision cheating is going to ruin and already has ruined Modern Warfare you guys are a fucking joke your anti c…
Dr. Anthony Fauci said younger people can make others sick and must realize their importance in stopping the Covid-…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @Fern_Macias @hollyjenkins123 Exactly what I’m saying, hence all this conspiracy over wayfair I’m not completely so… @Fern_Macias @hollyjenkins123 It’s okay i just advise you state things that are backed with evidence and look into… @Fern_Macias @hollyjenkins123 He actually hasn’t stepped down idk where you guys are getting your facts from @hollyjenkins123 Alright two previous employees out of thousands it still doesn’t prove muchNever one to back down from controversy, Eminem appears to take aim at the Trump administration and calls out peopl…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickHow do people play core in COD that shit is AIDS takes a whole clip to get a kill 🤦🏻‍♂️ @deluxebows @VinceBednarik @MannyThaGreat @EriickReyes @stayfrea_ Where are their statements? Any one can say anyth…
@cmoorebootay @TheHomieTrueba It’s bromosexual or homiesexual dude @VinceBednarik @MannyThaGreat @EriickReyes @stayfrea_ And so that just proves they’re selling children on a public… @ayeronnnB Until i see some sort of actual bit of proof or notion of something sinister going on imma take it with… @ayeronnnB I can’t help in something that is skeptical and holds no real theories to prove that there is some sort… @ayeronnnB Help in what??? @ayeronnnB When have you seen a conspiracy theory hold hard factual evidence that can’t be disproven? @ayeronnnB I don’t know everything but i don’t follow the crowd and believe everything i see on the internet 🤷🏻‍♂️People tend to over low conspiracies when there’s a shed of truth that is blown waaay out of proportion. No way fai… first day back on set at ESPN #FreeWoj
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickfree my man Woj he did nothing wrong #freewoj
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickmy mama worse than me 😂
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @byronlopez50 I can attest to that!!! @torimariska_ He has a Clit for a dick 💀💀
@BasicallyIDoWrk This is why Tim is bald now not cause he shaved his shrimp tail off but cause he’s always MALDING😂😂 @johnnyknodoff @elididthat @wckdthghts It’ll come truuuust it may have to do with what you ordered or how mic you ordered and where you livesomething like this
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @ChrisHoliday_25 @CNN Naw i ain’t mad or anything with you i was just concerned 😂 lmaoo and you right with CNN @ChrisHoliday_25 @CNN We everyone agrees it’s a crime and fucked but your reply was just weird cause you asked if it was an accident @ChrisHoliday_25 @CNN Please be joking and trolling 😂🥴 @Xzamilloh @AhovRift @JessicaMayfair You right you right can’t refute that @Xzamilloh @AhovRift @JessicaMayfair Well then that just means we do not know if it does or doesn’t exist 🤷🏻‍♂️ not just it doesn’t exist @kikienciso 😂😂😂 lmaoooo @kikienciso Just hope she is careful and takes the right precautions @kikienciso As if god will save her🤦🏻‍♂️ @AhovRift @JessicaMayfair And you have zero evidence that karma doesn’t exist either 🤷🏻‍♂️ it goes both waysNo he really doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He bases his views on COVID on science. As new science emerges, he m…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickWEEKEND REMINDER: #COVID19 is not over just because you may be over it.
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @GFuelEnergy When y’all having some in stores out here in LA @elididthat @wckdthghts It’ll come fam truuust once tour label is printed it takes no more than 3 days after you’ll get it!These racists ain’t ready to be pissed off by seeing me rock this on the streets this fall 😈🤷🏻‍♂️ @wckdthghts y’all…
We did say F̶R̶E̶E̶ THREE PCs! 🤯 We have teamed up with the @Sidemen to give you the chance to WIN 1 OF 3 Gaming P…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickJobs: NOW HIRING Me: *applies* Jobs: Not you tho
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickleaving this here for the parents who are currently out going to places that truly ARE NOT important during this pa…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickDo it - don’t be shy
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickCan @Activision stop unbalancing weapons they buffed the FAL and now it’s a one or two tap weapon now 😤 aim assist… any fetuses on here confirm if this true?
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickWAH WAH WAH BITCH IM BIG BABY🤡
@tdaviii Yes ma’am! Some people have to appreciate the privileges and support they have at their disposal and to be… @wckdthghts DEF WORTH THE WAIT 🙌🏾 I’m fucking excited to anger some right wing conservatives racists 😈 @tdaviii For real i use to feel weird or saddened that I was getting some financial help from my parents and that i… months into a pandemic that has killed more than 130,000 Americans, the long-simmering tensions between Presid…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickAppreciate the people who reach out & worry about you. It’s easy to say “no one cares” when you push away anyone th…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickLOWE’S IS BLACK OWNED‼️🗣
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickLowkey over all this hair @justokay34 @iam_fernando @nytimes You can’t fight stupidity with common logicBreaking News: For the fifth time in nine days, the U.S. set a daily record for new coronavirus cases. At least fiv…
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@DerickQuach That’s hardcore weebs for you 😂🤷🏻‍♂️when you find the perfect squad
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @DerickQuach Apparently hardcore weebs will call it by its Japanese’s name hanta hanta but that’s doing the max 😂😂OKAAAAAY..... suuuuyre thing dumbass’s only got two donations. Two. If you can’t donate, you can at least retween and like damn. Damn y’all. Not eve…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickHow NBA fans skate💪🏽
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This you? @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @bbybinkk If only i were cute 😔 @sabresmasochist @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @espn Yea man people will willfully deny facts @earthhearterath @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @espn Yea i showed them that exact image and got no response 🤷🏻‍♂️ go… My own photos be roasting my ugly ass interested in a dog???
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickWE’LL NEVER FULLY BE A LE TO RECOVER OR FIGHT THE PANDEMIC @earthhearterath @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @espn My guy we’ve been trying to tell this fool but like i said earl… @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @sabresmasochist @espn 😂😂😂 you should be mad at all the right wingers who do the same… @asmsoccer1 @sabresmasochist @hugefootballguy @espn Yes if it just displays the color than yea it’s not the flag bu… @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @sabresmasochist @espn No just using your logic aggainst you to show how flawed it is @asmsoccer1 @sabresmasochist @hugefootballguy @espn Did you not read the facts the person gave you? Or like i said… @sabresmasochist @asmsoccer1 @hugefootballguy @espn It’s near impossible to show ignorance factual truths with out its stupidity interferingAnd stop killing kids!! I can’t even believe I have to type that in 2020. What’s wrong wit y’all
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickEnrique Roman-Martinez was 21 years old from Chino, California. He was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. On…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickThis is fucking disgusting. "I DEMAND A FEMALE OFFICER" Austin, Texas PD @Austin_Police
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @jadeyanh @Abo_sameer2 Those ain’t flaws those are the perfect imperfections that make you unique 😇I want people to understand that i know where they’re coming from when wanting to participate in these economic bla…’t be shy Fox News put the whole picture
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickcapitalism: be productive or die corona: be unproductive or die me: what do i do government: idk seems like you should die
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickif I die after I pay my rent, sit me on the couch till da 30th
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickif y’all have been to the Santa Anita Mall recently go get tested apparently people who work there tested positive
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Detroit, where the Columbus statue once stood.
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickI just want y’all to remember who the West/Kardashians are friends with 🤗
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @miIan0097 @GraceCulby1 Lmao if i were that man i wouldn’t be mad shit someone is showing me affection and love can…, nothing sums up American politics better than liberals and MAGA people trying to own each other by postin…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickIf for whatever dumb fuckin reason Kanye really runs for president I think it's bc he's still Trump's bitch trying…
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickPassionate, in-love sex is so superior
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRickHardcore shipment is LITERAL CANCERFor you fuckheads who think this virus is a hoax and only effects the older population, this man was killed due to…
dogs everywhere calling for the abolition of fireworks
Retweeted by NotSoSlickRick @ohyurr1 @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew Okay, but it doesn’t mean putting their health at risk how can you be so selfish and dense my man @ohyurr1 @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew But why?? Why do they need to be in person so badly? Literally what is the bene… @ohyurr1 @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew You’re not seeing the bigger picture here bud. You don’t care about putting the… @ohyurr1 @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew Not thinking of the players safety or health at all. Sports fans don’t care abo… @ohyurr1 @Classify @JoeyTheSuperJew Because unlike athletic sports these events can be held online and not in perso…