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Ribeka @r_ibeka Glasgow, Scotland

Freelance documentary producer | DJ (NTS / So Low / LT) Bookings:

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@Al_Sundvall Fondant regards ❤️Ugh 💔 @BBCArchive You've got this one from SNUB in the archives too -'s Own on the BBC in 1991 >>> for every one of the Music Is Not For Everyone broadcasts from Glasgow, sitting in quiet Vic/Poetry Club/C… to imagine the world so many of us have chosen as home without Andrew's influence. To all of his family,… @ssofay What a horrible horrible day. @JDTwitch Thinking of you.xFucking hell. @DJC59335 Wilson is cancelled. @matthewarthurw @ZoeZopf It actually angers me.Imagine, of all the dairy and non dairy options available to you, choosing red top milk.
😌 @Ellis_Samizdat Perfect size and composition.Kinder Happy Hippos 20p in the local shop so joyful.😭KRATU THE TECHNO DOG 😭 am delighted to see this!
Retweeted by Ribeka @Kraturescuedog Oh my goodness! I hope you like the music! @Kraturescuedog KRATU! I love you! Thank you for bringing joy into our lives ❤️
@Padraigh_ Yep! There’s some mad footage out there of their family gatherings in his later life. @csandkreme @residentadvisor (Will too I suppose) @csandkreme @residentadvisor Have the best time and give Claire and Elle a big hug from me tonight ❤️ @csandkreme @residentadvisor CP has always been wonderful when I’ve seen him ❤️ @csandkreme @residentadvisor 😭 this line up @ZoeZopf SO devastated to miss this.Also, the arms.Very thankful for the endlessly patient, supportive and calming presence of this guy. Happy Val Ewe. tier
@JackTOBrien I have no concept of how to arrange via song title. Fully perplexed.SENSE PREVAILS ! Sorry @JackTOBrien the only acceptable answers are: Artist - Song Artist - Album Artist - Song… Records Forever @LornMacdonald_ So sorry for your loss Lorn - he sounds like a wonderful man. Sending all my love to you and yours.x @ZoeZopf Pure Terror100% would buy this record. @battez I am 100% going to dig this out for you
@hotmessdisco I fear this like reveals my position on the matter example lot of people don’t know this but there’s a website for @bbcgenome which provides the Radio Times listings for ev… @JackTOBrien VERY TRUE. Secondary poll required. @JackTOBrien I cannot reveal my truth til the end of this pollIf your metadata doesn’t match your vote you’re cancelledONLY ONE ANSWER IS CORRECT @Lena_Willikens @residentadvisor This resonated so much! Thank you for sharing. @DJC59335 Damn! Is this as Savalas?
There were 95 boys from Eton in my year at Oxford favourite @r_ibeka joined us this weekend and brought with her a wonderful selection of tracks. Best enjoye…
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@JDTwitch @sellbydave ANOTHER LABEL YOU SAY @resilimusic Yes v pitched down! Look forward to playing it out over the next while :) @resilimusic Love love love the record @gabrielszatan No idea why it came to mind when I saw this post. V weird synaptic twitch.There’s a magical place We’re on our way there With songs in their millions All under one roof. @siwellowe @Redstone_Press @TMIGLA @clydebuiltradio Heard it in the studio - super good!Listen back to @clydebuiltradio from the weekend ft new music from @voyeurxxx / forthcoming Resili on @OptimoMusic🔥
BBC News theme tune is a trance anthem.
OH LOOK! Our constituency’s 2019 Labour candidate has joined the Tories. 🙃 @mrrym_ I am very happy to hear we’re coming up in the world ! @mrrym_ Obv this was meant to say *in* glasgow @mrrym_ I’m Glasgow? Are you sure? @hilsmarshall SAVAGE BUT TRUE MUM
Going to play some records (and maybe talk about them!) on the radio tomorrow 💫 @ssofay I wanna do a b2b2b @glasgowmixtape The best!I will be managing his career / riding on his coattails from here on in*👇 Baby Chalamet is Glasgow’s best after party DJ and all round superstar. Only 17 and turning out dreamy mixes like…
Feel like pure shit just want @BenUFO back in Glasgow @Daftones1 We met in our local pub <3 @BenUFO I used to listen to this every day on my way to and from my first job out of uni. I was so out of my depth… @buckypapi What is your top Eastenders moment plz @buckypapi We have got it in the thread - a classic @DJAnnaGram NO WAYAND A DEATH TRAP @katexw a classic of the genre! @memotone Terrifying but not as terrifying as @msclairebiddles How have i never SEEN @ruth_gilbert OMG @joeeuropemusic @msclairebiddles So many good moments @katmcgoldrick The BESTCan't believe i forgot @DJAnnaGram SO many highlights in this video. @ProfKAArmstrong LOL. Poor, poor Ewan. @_rosehips_ Agreed on this 100%Job security partner of 5 years is moving into my flat this weekend and I’m fairly certain that, despite his acute knowledge…’ve no idea how much money it costs to maintain a living archive of 100 years of visual and aural history, but I’l…👏The 👏BBC 👏isn’t 👏just 👏a 👏streaming 👏platform 👏
@ssofay All of my love to you all ❤️RISING RESIDENCY 2020! Proud to announce our brand new artist residency in collaboration with @jupiterartland 🖤 For…
Retweeted by Ribeka @Broshuda Yes! So squidgy.Happy rediscovering classics from Kassem Mosse's back catalogue day!
@JacobDiggle !!! Thank you @anapostille @glasgowmixtape Yes fairly certain it is from those archive just can’t find this exact photo 😭 @glasgowmixtape I thought that but i've looked through a bunch of posts and can't find it!I saved this photo from twitter the other night and now can’t work out where from! Can anyone help? @boosterhooch I've watched at least 10 TV programmes/films this year where the big reveal is OMG MUNCHAUSEN BY PROX… I am a scriptwriter I have written a very original script yes the twist is that a central character is a vict…
@___neroli___ take me there!