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IT’S DALLAS WEEK!!!! (Let’s triple these giveaways)😜🦅💚 RT for a chance to win a Signed Slay Jersey, A mini Helmet,…
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonThe fact they even call it the “Platinum Plan”is hilariousUS Senate behind closed doors.
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonMy cousin Avery went missing yesterday October 27th. Last seen in Orangecrest Area, if you know anything or have se…
Retweeted by The Big Homie Deon @Imjustsayingth2 😂😂😂😂I’ve always hated Brett Favre and I’ve never felt more justified. I’m glad Mary didn’t pick this bum Ben Stiffler i… celebrity ≠ Black Community
Trump campaign should do the casting for love and hip hop with all these washed rappers on they sideY’all gonna finally be honest about Lil Wayne music now huh lmaooooooooLil Wayne, who has already admitted he doesn’t believe in systemic racism due to he himself being monetarily succes… @HollywoodTastic Lmao it’s just the primaries so I’m like go ahead and learn defeat early. Let them see what it’s l… school seniors are likely more informed on an election than the general public. My senior year was an election… not it with me: I value human life over property.
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonIn Texas, the Governor has removed all but one ballot dropbox in every county, forcing people to drive as far as 10…
Retweeted by The Big Homie Deon @thisisgibson @sitonajar Nigga throwing dirt on my name! 😂😂😂
@BruceAlmighteee Noelle from the Nellie’s I know @ohzazu Ima keep my opinion of his music to myself. I’ll let that out another time lolThinking about it.... Nike doesn’t want to solve the bot issue. Their shoes sell out immediately so they get their… hate to do this but Lakers 17 Championships Dodgers 7 Championships Clippers - 0 championsips = 24 #MambaForever
Retweeted by The Big Homie Deon😂😂😂 @ChubbsDadddy @OhhSooDopeee Brooooo 😂😂😂This is probably the time that the most people in my life are happy that I’m hating. Can’t name a time I’ve hated o… @Cheezerwitz The “almost” make it comedy. Like he factually knows it’s not over that amount somehow 😂 @ff_menace I’ve realized as I got older there’s a lot more bad fried chicken in the world than good fried chicken.… can get all the way lost. (I have a reason for this bad take lol)
It’s crazy how racist people can understand how testing a lot will show an increase in COVID, but can’t understand…
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonI would like to formally request a word to replace “they” as a singular gender pronoun. It’s very confusing in writing.I feel the need to explain something to the generation that does not remember, or never saw, a world where one pers…
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonThe ones whose tag line is “democracy” believe in it the least. Never forget that.
Having to eat food everyday is lowkey one of the worst parts about being alive. It’s mad annoying tbh. Not like you… @Cheezerwitz Lmao that was a genuine reaction 😂 last thing I know he handed em to Terrance and we never seen them s… @Cheezerwitz Please tell me Briss got it on tape 😂
“Democracy” lol of my most hateds NFL stay doing the Raiders dirty playing Brady lmaoit is surreal to me that anyone in LA wants to talk about the presidential race and why voting blue matters when we…
Retweeted by The Big Homie DeonThe IE is very wild sometimes 😂😂😂Bro the falcons really the worst team ever lmao @dejaelyse My lil sis does hair. I think she good but being a man idk forreal so you can judge lol. Her ig is elisi…! don’t wanna do this but stop playin it would OBVIOUSLY be Taraji lol is good. All praise to the most high! 🙌🏾You know Facebook is terrible when you go on there and see Android losing to iPhone in a poll lolOfficiating getting worse and worse over time clutch af sheesh
Got blessed wit Golf clubs today. I speak it and God be listening to the desires of my heart! 😩😂 @_MIMIVV You admitted to liking coffee and this happens. I tried to tell you! LolSheeeeeeesh @_benjvmins_ @bigbd0e Friend of a friend so I’ll pass it along @ImKingByrd Fight her right now lol
@mikecambiano Lmao I have to respect this response. I have no rebuttal 😂*My views are my own and do not represent my family or employer lol you wouldn’t say this near a black person might be the most unforgivable thing Kanye has done @UTBLIFESTYLE @NickyDsss I hate y’all for both tweeting that 3 seconds apart. I have to accept that due to the timing lol @UTBLIFESTYLE @NickyDsss Niggas tryna tell me I got Bayside tweets!? I’m offended lmaoI’m spreading truth the people need to hear fam lmao will you let it go man. How many times you gonna backtrack!? You just said you love Dwight and only pushed him… @PlanBForSale @ChubbsDadddy That’s where 90% of fake news is born lol @WithoutA__Trace I grew to like onions, tomatoes, and beer. Clearly it’s the bean juice that’s the problem here 🤷🏾‍♂️ @ohzazu “I’m tired of being nice, I’m tired of being humble!” - Ray J voice lmao @NickyDsss Pinto beans is comedy 😂😂😂 @byhthlnd Lmao I used to think that then I turned 30 and realized this is just who I am 😂 @WithoutA__Trace So you add ice to cool down your hot bean water and that makes it good? Make it make sense lord 😩😂 @_MIMIVV Lmao man there gotta be a better way to get energy! 😂There’s really people in the world just drinking coffee everyday. That’s so wild to me. Sippin hot bean juice and c… love when Orlando Scandrick speaks up on the Eagles because we always do good after lmaoEagles really pulled that off. We really didn’t even deserve that one but I’ll take it fasho lmaoDoug running the ball!!!!! It’s a miracle! @ff_menace I can’t name a weaker linebacker core in league history not even just Eagles history lolY’all can’t be slow enough to think Lincoln loved black people. Please tell me y’all don’t think that. need to give up the play calling at this pointWe chose to throw a lob to a player with zero career catches on 4th and goal lmao @ohzazu Nigga said “who built the cages Joe?” LmaoooooooTrump be eating Biden up wit the one liners though lolWe really watching two open racists argue about which one if them is less racist.The debate and this game are the same thing in my eyes. Two dumpster fires going at it.Bro the NFC East is so terribleWouldn’t be the eagles if we didn’t have a perfectly placed touchdown throw dropped leading to missed points on the board lolWentz did 9 risky plays in one drive. Settle down bruh you wildin right nowEagles about to go on a win streak starting tonight! DJax back baby!
@kaygarrettt You can still retweet it and say something you just can’t reply to it though. I didn’t think of that angle 🤔I don’t believe Twitter should have a setting that only allows people you follow to respond. Don’t make other peopl… a FaceTime with my brother @ohzazu I would like to formally apologize for saying Pusha T and Birdman are the… @ohzazu I said “more lyricism” so that covers the complex way in which he says the same thing lol Pusha has said “s… @ohzazu Tell me where I’m wrong bro. They both have 5 phrases they constantly say, no flow switch up, get carried o… @ohzazu @NickyDsss Pusha won’t give you a “bad” verse but he will give you the same subject matter, same flow, same… @ohzazu @NickyDsss Lowkey this gonna sound offensive but... Pusha T = Birdman with lyricism lmao @ohzazu @NickyDsss Lmao Name 3 songs that he doesn’t say the word “nose” right now! I’ll wait 😂 @PlanBForSale @NickyDsss Jawns in the whip like... 😂😂😂🙌🏾 Shannon Brown went crazy @NickyDsss Nah Clipse was fire. Pharrell magic rarely fails. I’m talking solo PushFolks love to say it about Eminem but I’ve NEVER heard someone throw some Pusha T on in the whip lmao @rarefatpleya Bro nobody likes the 2s you gotta let that one go man lol Clipse fire. Pusha can rap. That’s why it’… @ericcjets I can accept that. They just hit or miss to me and they miss more often. Choose Up is a legendary song I…’ve always hated Dom. “She know my name Dom Got it from my mom You know Leimert Park is where a nigga from” Tell… @ericcjets Every single song of his is: “snort that coke inside your nose, powder so white you thought it was sn… music is AWFUL