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anarchist, hacker, troublemaker (he/him) working on the decentralized web.

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@saintknives @wakest Have you seen what happens when America invades? Not pretty @jfedor @mat Breakfast three times a day and bakingEveryone seems tracking their days isolated at home. I’m at day 27 from when I picked @lilithazul up from school te… @benwerd Make that 4. 😢 @benwerd I get it. I gave up on writing my investor update for the moment and took the dog for a walk and sat in th… @Oregonian Do the right thing @OregonGovBrown
@jack This is great, both the transparency and the mission. Hats off.SpaceX's Starlink has applied for a bunch of new FCC ground station permits. This is exciting, hopefully it'll real…’re going to start seeing this more as the virus hits health systems with less resources. #StayAtHome @inagfatt @triketora Given the warnings months ago, I bet @balajis is best prepared. @gaberliner Or stop seizing medical equipment and refusing to let states have what they ordered and paid for. @gaberliner You think he’s capable of an effective response even if he wanted?So there is a theory that estrogen has a major positive effect on covid-19 survival. I’m betting that Trump doesn’t…
@Oregonian Oh well, then, it's all fixed. Did Trump make a bunch of crazy promises and Biden threatened to take him… Trump is spending his time watching old reruns of baseball games!?I mean Pence is a crazy ass homophobe who believes in electroshock conversion therapy, yet he sounds so much more s… does anybody bother even asking Trump questions. He doesn't listen to what the damned question is. He answers s… @peteskomoroch You couldn’t parody this.Trump just said he believes in the constitution more than most people. He's shameless. @timoni hell i'd take "yes you're in the queue, current wait time 12 days" @BiellaColeman But really 6 feet isn't nearly good enough. The droplets stay in the air for quite a while. Running… @SimonZieglerUK Really? I mean he's personally responsible for making the pandemic much worse in the UK. He refused…'s that herd immunity working out for you now Boris Johnson?, it's a full time job. @BaghdadBrian Because she uses protonmail for personal email, which we have setup as a third party auth for google… @jchris Yeah, it's interesting how the crisis is forcing the classroom to fast forward to working like the professi… morning parents of the world. How is it to try and explain to your kids how google docs & google classroom wor… Biden is an actual, real, certified doctor. It's what we call somebody who's completed a PhD. She's not a phys… seems to have added a feature where the conference organizer has to add everybody. Probably good security but… @peteskomoroch @antgoldbloom @megroberts And Portland's not really locked down still. It's only kind of sort of...… @peteskomoroch @antgoldbloom @megroberts I had a conference in mid February in New Zealand canceled due to covid-19… @antgoldbloom @peteskomoroch @megroberts sorry for being snarky... it's been a long day... er month... NZ, Singapo… @antgoldbloom @peteskomoroch Why are kiwi's doing so much shopping? This isn't consistent with what i'm hearing fro…
I’m so excited to that @KhanhPhamForOR is running to represent SE Portland at the state house. She’s a tremendous o… @ninavizz Yes the startup is operating fine but we’re having trouble raising money we need. @RedCross Are you going to change your policies about men who have sex with men to align with the new FDA guideline… @chrislarsensf @myglobal_id Doesn't look like the red cross has changed their requirements to match the new FDA rul… else is spending the weekend filling out the IRS F941 form? "Employee Retention Credit for Employers Subject to… @tomcoates Not that I want them to keep meeting and spreading the virus but does seem like a behavior which will be… this is painful. @SenBlumenthal has made it his mission to ban the very encryption which he's now demanding…
@tippy_top It’s a year or two without tourism and crippled agricultural exports will cause a drop in home prices. A… Obituaries @seanbonner Same emails from theUS embassies in Uruguay and New Zealand. How do you politely point out that you’re safer outside then in.
@alicefromthbloc Yeah, insane, exclude the queer men who get tested every three months and are on top of it, but su… of course you're on PReP.... in which case they're still not wanting to take your blood donation. I mean, if…, now we can donate after 3 months of celibacy. Guess this will be useful if the quarantine goes in to it's third… @BikePortland @OregonDOT I mean this is insane, we're looking at spending a billion dollars to expand a freeway whi… took 2 whole years during the great depression to go from 3.4% unemployment to over 9%. We lost a larger percent…'m not an economist, but i was curious. Through February we had 3.5% unemployment rate or roughly 5.8 million peop… years ago Bernie was demanding we prepare for a pandemic. Raising the warning that we weren't ready. Trump says…
First thing former prime minister and now dictator of Hungary, Orban, did after dissolving parliament is strip tran…'s parliament dissolved itself indefinitely giving total power to the Prime Minister. Authoritarians are usi… things startup again, if you visit portland, consider staying at the @jupiterpdx. Not only is it an awesome po… area Amazon warehouse worker tests positive for Covid-19. All workers need paid sick leave and health insu… action can save lives. This visualization of where we're at with each state and resources is great. @beach Definite bug! Let's track it down. @tinalope_ I spent yesterday in bed feeling sick. Thinking the worst... but then i realized after getting a full ni…'ve flushed out our website with lots more information about what we're doing. Sign up at
Dr Fauci has a microphone which lets us see his face. dear god. Someone seems to have misconfigured the mailinglist for what appears to be all parents for @PPSConnect @mcoatney The House of Cards portrayal is not as bad, i don't remember The Wire scenes well enough to say.I'm watching the netflix Feel Good. It's got NA meetings which don't reflect any AA meetings. Lots of cross talk, n… fired warehouse workers who demanded safe working conditions which would protect customers and workers. @GaboHBeaumont 3 weeks and i'm still stressed out. ;-(Woke up at 5am. I can’t go out. Yet stress keeps me from sleeping. Ugh. This is going to be a long x months. #Quarantine @jandersen which tweet? @lightcap @propublica Yeah the failure is complicated and it takes someone like @propublica to do the hard investigative reporting. @mattly There are only 400 people watching but so far Ted comes across as very polished. :-/Politics doesn't stop just because we're sheltering at home to avoid the pandemic, the city of Portland is electing… Obama admin saw the limited supply of ventilators as a problem & contracted with Phillips to design and make a… @BiellaColeman I assume they'll not pull off full isolation for 14 days upon arrival and it's likely they'll all get sick. Oh the irony.Shop local, eat that weird food you were avoiding. Demand safe working conditions for essential workers. Find a mut…
Dear god we’re all going to die. @jandersen They are the best educated and resourced people in our society to make these decisions. They also have k… @jandersen Then it has to be so incredibly serious that they think the only way to comply with the Hippocratic oath that they need to stike.6pm today watch a live stream of the Portland Mayors race. It’s a chance to hold @tedwheeler accountable. He promis… @jandersen Failure to strike and get conditions which limit spreading the virus is worse. @ericstromberg @CindyBiSV @balajis This was also my case. I had my mom go isolate at our family cabin because of th… @IanDeMartino @dansinker The videos are backed up and usable my the media and civil society.GE wildcat strike demanding the company make ventilators and use the company’s resources to help humanity. is deleting Brazilian president Bolsonaro violating public health guidelines. Is it time to delete Trump’s… @iff_or Traffic lights at divison and Chavez are out but not at HawthorneJust what I need. Power outage in SE Portland.Public health decisions matter. We'll see it when we look back and compare how the US failed in comparison to other…'s claiming again that hospital systems finding masks and getting donations is actually a sign that they were.… @amy_hoggart goes to a Furry convention and discovers that they're queer antifa bernie supporting leftists. @jdaviescoates @MultCoHealth @viraltracing @lmcdo_ @MultCoHealth I live on chavez and there continues to be heavy traffic. Sometimes cars backed up a block or two at the signal. ;-(In a state with 150,000 empty hotel rooms they're painting squares in parking lots so the homeless can sleep with s… their credit @MultCoHealth has launched a new dashboard giving transparency around data in an accessible way to… Portland Covid news, @MultCoHealth is talking about how they're doing lack luster and half hearted attempts a… how to protest while doing social distancing during a pandemic? In car blockades and caravans to block bu… states have the fastest growing covid-19 cases and have done the least tests so far. Guess they trusted dear le… has to be my new favorite covid-19 educational video., authoritarian populists, and wanna be dictators like Trump are using the pandemic to seize power and dis… like there has been a parliamentary endorsed coup in Hungary. I expect we’ll see more attacks on democracy fr… workers should be treated as essential. need these rights to sick pay without providing proof of a positive test result because it’s so hard to get test… Instacart workers are holding a nation wide one day wildcat strike, tomorrow it's Whole Foods workers.… @JamesOfsink @sarah2020 The @sarahforpdx sign was added after the @Oregonian took their picture.