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richard colwell @rac240464 Deepest leafiest Herts

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Opinions my own & frequently Over Optimistic.

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He’s been staring at me like this for 20 minutes now. I’m sensing strong disapproval.
Retweeted by richard colwell @mattforde you must be so disappointed with Anna lise Dodds today, especially as Tony Blair 2, Sir Keir, is doing s… think of all the sacrifices that gay activists have made over the decades so that dog fetishists could finally…
Retweeted by richard colwellWhat a total cunt involved in this is a cunt.
Retweeted by richard colwellAfter four months of not being able to go to the pub, it's been so lovely, finally, to not go to the pub out of choice.
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No 10 will move to televised daily briefings. This very significant change in nature of political reporting. Will c…
Retweeted by richard colwellWill the Queen ever see Archie again?  #royals
Retweeted by richard colwellWhat a total lackey of my career
Retweeted by richard colwellHas the baby been dropped? Leftists It’s ok to think someone has expressed themselves poorly and also defend their right to say it. It’…
Retweeted by richard colwellExclusive: Ghislaine Maxwell 'won't sell Prince Andrew out' #GhislaineMaxwellArrested #jeffreyepstein #PrinceAndrew
Retweeted by richard colwellAttached is the advice from the Texas Medical Association on which activities carry the most risk of transmitting C…
Retweeted by richard colwellHe wasn't wrong, was he?
Retweeted by richard colwellIf you’re wondering what mass murderers look like.
Retweeted by richard colwellWith every drive Bryson hits, I see my impending barista job come closer.
Retweeted by richard colwellWhat about “fuck” and “off”...?
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The Premier League should have thought twice before getting into bed with Black Lives Matter.
Retweeted by richard colwell"He's so keen to advance them in his native country, whose flag he repeatedly drapes himself in, that he lives in M…
Retweeted by richard colwellLet me guess. The movie star wannabe what a %age. How offensive is she becoming is if it gets rid of cuntz like you says more about you than votes ever can- Jerry Mandering? No way... have read their website before going “all in”?!? you are all using Chinese owned Zoom daily. You seriously dumb mutherfukrs baby swims across the pool on her own 🎥: Elizabeth Swims
Retweeted by richard colwellHey snowflakes. You self centred spineless lazy c@@tz. Get back to work. No excuses left I’m afraid’ll be back in 3 years once he realises he’s been had over
The woke left is having a go at Darren Grimes changing his surname because of his problems with his father. This fr…
Retweeted by richard colwellThe @bbc is a corrupt organisation that sows division between friends. If they want to compete for our appreciation…
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@NadiaWhittomeMP Nadia, how is Parliament "eroding" Trans rights?
Retweeted by richard colwellIf, as some actors say, the reason they are where they are in life is mainly due to the immutable privilege of thei…
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Sign it just for the lolz
Retweeted by richard colwellHere are illegal migrants at Dover actually being escorted onto taxpayer-funded coaches. The existing taxi service…
Retweeted by richard colwell“The Momentum chair’s” name is @jonlansman.
Retweeted by richard colwellThe rule of law > the rule of mob
Retweeted by richard colwellObama was a smooth-talking, smiling war criminal who destroyed entire countries and murdered hundreds of thousands…
Retweeted by richard colwellMesut Ozil. £350,000-a-week to sit under an umbrella.
Retweeted by richard colwellIf you're on the left and you quit the Labour party, you're doing nothing but delighting the right and disenfranchi…
Retweeted by richard colwellBased on who is pissed off by the sacking of RLB I’d say it’s the smart move.
Retweeted by richard colwellI actually know this guy - too funny 👇
Retweeted by richard colwellWhite privilege is a myth. Systemic racism is an unsubstantiated and dangerous narrative fed by those that seek to…
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Grateful to Chairman Phong for his time. Always productive @UKinVietnam @MOFAVietNam
Retweeted by richard colwellIt is important to remember, particularly at this difficult time, that we should keep our language measured and sho…
Retweeted by richard colwellAnd most importantly @mattforde has better hair, although a very low bar. The dishevelled card no longer plays well…
@ArtichokeChef thanks for taking trouble to reply. You are our joint favourite with midsummer and the old 3 chimneys @ArtichokeChef we are after 6 ball at your earliest convenience. Can we get on the wait list please? Is an email wi… @ArtichokeChef dear Lawrie and friends. Desperate to book table for 6 your place. Any plans or dates to reopen? #StarTooLongComing
It is slightly odd that the daily press conferences are being abolished, as of today, when the appalling economic p…
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When those holidaying permanently on the beach at HMRC’s expense are converted to redundant work shy statistics, th…
I've watched both games tonight. My main takeaway is that football is nothing without the fans. Both clubs and TV e…
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Why don't some people want to hear from Munira Mirza and Priti Patel, asks Brendan O'Neill
Retweeted by richard colwellI’ll be speaking to @IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews tonight about the threat to free speech and free thought in the UK.
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London death rate now lower than the average for this time of year 👀
Retweeted by richard colwellIf you’re black, you’re told that, as a conservative, you’re a race traitor. @calvinrobinson explains 👇
Retweeted by richard colwell“To the Labour Party, you’re a black person. To the Conservatives, you’re a British Citizen.”
Retweeted by richard colwellWell said and so true.
Retweeted by richard colwellOn the other hand he's paying approx £100k tax per week at 22. He's entitled to take a view about how it's spent.
Retweeted by richard colwellRead the whole thread and he very afraid.
Retweeted by richard colwellPublic trust in UK news coverage has fallen to among the lowest levels globally. That's what happens when you go w…
Retweeted by richard colwellSome of my fellow right wingers are moaning about their taxes going on free school meals. Actually I can't think of…
Retweeted by richard colwellPeople saying Rashford has made the Govt look useless. In fact he has made the Lab Party look useless.
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Drain the swamp. @BBCNews #DefundTheBBC
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Sex Self-ID has been scrapped but remember.... Trans people retain ALL their existing rights. They can self-ID as…
Retweeted by richard colwellWatch this. Beautifully put.
Retweeted by richard colwellExcellent what we were told during the referendum: 👨‍🏭Airbus is building its wings at Filton and Broughton 🧑‍🔧Nissan…
Retweeted by richard colwellWe've been closing our cereal boxes the wrong way
Retweeted by richard colwellA friend was talking to a Hereford car salesman. The last two weeks had been the busiest in his memory.
Retweeted by richard colwellRight, Left, Black, White it doesn’t matter, violence to achieve political ends in our democracy is unacceptable.
Retweeted by richard colwellChurchill statue 'may have to be put in museum', says granddaughter. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,…
Retweeted by richard colwellThe truth about the mob violence of the past two weekends in central London: if you didn't condemn both outbreaks t…
Retweeted by richard colwellWhen that police officer was thrown from her horse and punctured her lung, the BBC didn’t really touch it on their…
Retweeted by richard colwellThe #lockdown in the England and Wales, according to the ONS, has led to 12,900 excess deaths unrelated to #COVID19
Retweeted by richard colwellAnd with a sense of humour @DavidLammy on Andrew Marr so so impressiveThere were a small number of pricks in parliament square last weekend, kicking off, and getting all the attention.…
Retweeted by richard colwellTwo of my favourite 5 politicians on @BBCPolitics Marr show today @mattforde - Spurs legend @DavidLammy and BoyChan… crocodiles riden by black mambas
@DavidLammy @mattforde thanks4 the recently published PP featuring Uboth.DL is 1of the most impressive politicians… most opportunist politician since Blair
@SuzanneEvans1 @tvlicensing I did mine a couple of years ago. It’s an aggressive response & I imagine older individ…
Retweeted by richard colwellJust got my first threatening email from @tvlicensing following cancellation of my licence fee. "Please set up a ne…
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This is clear harassment and intimidation. Why on earth don’t @metpoliceuk stop it?
Retweeted by richard colwellOn 4 July I think every pub and restaurant should open whatever the govt say. Ask customers to be responsible. Ther…
Retweeted by richard colwellVIOLENCE: • Microaggressions • Offensive jokes • Misgendering • Opinions I disagree with NON-VIOLENCE: • Looting…
Retweeted by richard colwellIn other words, she was too frightened to enforce the law. Yet only a few weeks before, the @metpoliceuk went in…
Retweeted by richard colwellShocking.
Retweeted by richard colwell
Reviewing papers @SkyNews with @annabotting @kevinmaguire with a different story dominating front pages. The polic…
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@nick_clegg must be the most immoral politician of the last 100 years am a bit in love with Meggie.
Retweeted by richard colwellPOLL: 60% of Brits don’t think enough is being done to tackle illegal boat crossings. Includes 66% of Tory voters…
Retweeted by richard colwellVery sad to see. This is the same police that keeps you and your family safe. The ones that run towards danger wh…
Retweeted by richard colwellThe key there @JamesCleverly is in what you didn’t say. Very diplomatically put Javid not willing to repeat his anti-Cummings statement when asked about it just now on R4. Operation Payback has been terminated.
Retweeted by richard colwellIt is a total car crash of a show these days @Lord_Sugar - stick to SkyNews or RussiaToday is only a contact sport when dim batsmen run in to each other. The slips stand 6 ft apart. Wickie and umpir…
Retweeted by richard colwell£10 "bloke-who-drove-to-Durham" slump in Tory poll rating to...err... 45% (+1). Yikes the Govt is only...err..…
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Not sure what’s worse the gullible or the ignorant