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getting reacquainted with leisurely walks

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@saintfatigue lina at this point i just assume everybody's sick of me piewrjuigbrw @coolmomfriend i really like it tbh v imaged and succinct.... axel honneth's theory of recognition w/o material bac… @Milothicc hopefully sometime soon! @asanamami got you!!!me when my stimulus check got in @zjuhfri do proper research u wld probably need to get on their platforms (9gag, 4 chan or wtv) and who wld want to do that? @AdultMango take your time and thank you!! @AdultMango would you have any book or article recommendations? @zjuhfri our minds skodsjfiworded like this it sounds like one of those UK dissertations that were going viral for a few weeks but bear w me etcmemes are really fascinating cultural objects in that there is some freedom in what you can "make them say" but you… i had the time (but also i have nothing but time) i wld research on memory sedimentation in memes—or how pepe th… faulty syntax and non-sequiturs are my personality traits drawing 'parallels' shit is old and just another way y'all manage to re-center yourself in the narrative of bl…
Retweeted by sepehr @frankoceanhafiz soon hopefully 😔i can't say i have a favourite painting but recently i've been thinking a lot about chaim soutine's "carcass of bee… also the cover of one of my favourite works in literary criticism/aesthetics @zamarudd absolutely sick.....reminded me of ahmadinejad’s tweets abt american racism and gun violenceimportant reminder as Erdogan admonishes the US for its fascism @protosemite birds of the same etc etci wish it were a hyperbole the way this is the 4th startup in as many years that ive read abt where a tech bro want… @twinkpeaks_ im going to lose itno sapiosexual but i really miss libraries 😣 @jatella not derr*da taking the hit 😭😭 @Iaterskater they’re the best!!!
@wiIIdef quelqu'un l'a assez adroitement comparé à j*stin tr*deau @wrongbhav im brown guysthank you friends for matching my donation, please consider these other places too me pls
Retweeted by sepehrLet’s keep this going—match my donation or pay what you can to the @MNFreedomFund
Retweeted by sepehr @braillebody looooool what did u do??done! Please match if you can
Retweeted by sepehr @MNFreedomFund
Retweeted by sepehrLet’s keep this going pls
Retweeted by sepehrif you have the means to donate pls do this fund helps pay the bail of Minnesota protestors, it can be less it can…
Retweeted by sepehrit wld be cool for at least one of you to match my donation 😌☝️ (if you haven't already done so)… recklessness with which people are disseminating images of protestors where their faces aren’t censored to affi…
Retweeted by sepehrkarenheit for karening k*ren thing was funny for abt 24h then a lot of u managed to ruin it is happening on Thursday the 28th at 10am PDT for interested losers!
Retweeted by sepehr @uncutrogue more like the actual balkans but i like the way u think @protosemite refer to my subsequent tweet sir sigrhruehepersonally, i can’t wait for the balkanisation of european countriesthis but not ironically😭😭😭 her name: Regis Korchinski-Paquet
Retweeted by sepehr @sharmooting it was j so unnecessary and dumb @dingusbinch !!!! @skintinty MARIAM THIS VID!!!!!! u really are the tl terr*ristdid everyone conveniently forget that she tried to kidnap some syrian refugee kids??? paradiso 😥😥 can confirm that: is the only legitimate @gofundme page to donate directly to the family…
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u guys can dunk on america without making the most marginalized communities here the butt of ur joke
Retweeted by sepehr @skintinty she had rory on an hourly coffee regimen since she was a young teen...they lich rally train their intestinal flora @skintinty the way they drink coffee every nighté......especially coming from canadians 🤢🤮.....this country's last residential school for indigenous people only closed in 96 @AsiefD u live in south africa.......the "look at how my country is doing better than the US" brigade is probably the most braindead subsection of the internet @muslimdinner like even if they did identify as muslim it wld still be weird... v cult of personality ish @muslimdinner yh she's kinda getting dogpiled and that sucks...... but her take....a rich couple she doesn't know,… @muslimdinner it's bad from every perspectivethis was truly the wrong time to come back onto social media but inna lilah w inna ilaihi raji'oon to george floyd,…
Retweeted by sepehrtoo many of you brown boys who say you were mistaken for latinos have noses shaped like oman’s coastline, something’s not adding up
Retweeted by sepehrQui a encore besoin d’assister à l’incessante souffrance des corps noirs pour croire que le racisme les brise et le…
Retweeted by sepehr @festivegrave ftjtdsdjjuc leave me alone !!!in my defence i didn’t know it was fake at first 😣i j reminisced QUEEN IS BI.....IS THIS THE REPRESENTATION YOU LOT ARE ALWAYS ON ABOUT! iranian too...abbas kiarostami's proté…
Retweeted by sepehr @jatella it's a self-drag first and foremost (as always 😣)so much of social media relies on it being an equalizer of voices but stepping back you realize that u really cldve… read the room losersan important part of growth is realizing that u might be right (or wrong) abt something but it doesn't matter becau… @Milothicc which one is it?? 👂 @mangonama i hope they bring these tweets up when u finalize your grad school applications
@boredmonet everyone's telling me no one besides egyptians understands masri arabic.... but i'll do it for umm ☝️ @sadmomfriend loool also tbh, i think i've only seen academics talk abt/critique/theorize abrahamic religions as a cohesive whole 🤡 @mangonama so brave of u...please share your story @sadmomfriend i had a very similar issue w a dear friend of mine who was framing male circumcision as child abuse..… you ever looked at the main pop culture figures, thinkers, artists etc of your country and noticed how almost…'s like the third time i post this but 😌☝️ @racailleux 🤝 maxamed saleebaan
Retweeted by sepehr @jupiturbulent we’re going telepathy 🧠❌ ................................ ❌🧠they are the sole ppl responsible for my somewhat considerable patienceumm kulthum 🤝 fela kuti 🤝shahram nazeri a long ass exclusively instrumental intro that takes up almost half the songswhen i learn arabic exclusively to understand umm kultum it’s over for etc etcalf leila we leila by umm kulthum can only ever talk in slogans on here and mine will forever be “marg bar minimalism”do you believe nuanced conversations are possible on twitter dot com or are you normalneoclassicism (esp in architecture 🤢🤮) @veryhamdullah nonon je suis d'accord et j'ai vrm l'impression que le discours sur l'idéal nasal s'est amélioré dep… @veryhamdullah tout le temps la même cassette lol @nootulain let's have both!!
Retweeted by sepehr @racailleux @Al_Naffy40 Zahra Khanom Tāj al Saltaneh was one of the most intelligent, well-read, well-versed, and f…
Retweeted by sepehr @kimi4hatepage j turn your lights off 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 @Milothicc looooool they really don’t @kimi4hatepage im sending my maximalist goons @ u @kimi4hatepage that’s it youre getting cancelled @dailyremarx do it!! @shanthinai sending you love, my condolences again 😢