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BREAKING: Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by the Trump administration. Wi…
Retweeted by Rachel E. GreenspanChris Messina could do Guardians of the Galaxy, but Chris Pratt could never do Julie & Julia
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @MaxChesnes @AlexLDeLuca 🙌🏼👏🏼that story is the only one I’ve seen with confirmation, and national outlets keep repo…, the national outlets reporting this didn’t specify where they sourced the claim that the FBI was investigati… @ElectProject @grace_panetta Ah great thanks so much for sharing, I hadn’t seen that!This story does confirm the FBI is investigating, per a press release from election officials like outlets are misreporting the FL voters/Proud Boys email situation. I have yet to see one report that has… the Slack channel says 20+ unread
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @Trey3Williams Omg congratulations!!! 🥰❤️ @haasch_palmer This is GENIUS.
@JasonRussell1 huge if truetoday i had a tweet pop off a bit too hard for a tuesday morn so i deleted it. then i had a tweet under-perform so… @SchrinerCircus overshare smartphone big data perfect @manymanywords that word is so so so gross to me, the way most ppl feel about 'moist' is how i feel about that one twurhsfjkdnmtwergfhjsd @KalhanR yes @shonaghosh 😂😂😂😂the best and most concise explanation of qanon that i've ever read"...the machine that moves information through the far-right ecosystem is preparing its audience for the very real… Social networks have undoubtedly delivered a hammerblow to QAnon. But the recent shift from online to street a…
Retweeted by Rachel E. GreenspanTLDR, there are tons of factors that contribute to a user's engagement on social media that are more logical than a… on all platforms are *always* complaining about losing engagement, but many on the right, including Don… about Don Jr's "watching my algorithms get crushed" Instagram video, and why there's not much evidence to sup…, I made a list of how tech companies are handling QAnon, and will keep updating it as more platforms respond… @alex_abads ohh ok guess ill see u there @AlexJamesFitz 🍵 @alex_abads btw alex this was the best joke i've seen about this @KisersBBQ totally understand! something super interesting to consider, any guess is as good as mine (i don't reall… @KisersBBQ hmm well many of these instances have happened when I've already paid the bill! I also don't think that'… @annaroseiovine even this older man who was picking up takeout from this place i was at last night got free tequila… @annaroseiovine this is a THING!!!!"An education is useful and even beneficial. But it’s not what American colleges are built for, and it never has be…
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @terrygtnguyen I think a systemic coincidence because guy friends are having it happen too lmao @Tobin_Tweets ok rude sending vibes to the universe for u @lemonsand ohhh that is so interesting and makes a lot of sense.. we have been having fun convos with servers for s… we talk about the recent trend of NYC restaurants giving out free drinks? This has basically never happened to… Clark, and her son 18 month old Mason, wait in line at City Hall as early voting begins in New Orleans, Louisi…
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @OdeyaPinkus Odeya.... obviouslyOh my god !!!???! @JayShams Can i come
oh my fucking god
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @sam_grindell @thisisinsider omg amazing(Worth noting that a lot of platforms recently cracking down on QAnon are not announcing explicit bans, including YouTube and Peloton)While the platform didn't specify whether they've banned QAnon, a spokesperson said the company "prohibits content… @cameronwilson @mmfa ❣️NEW: After an @mmfa report found QAnon influencers thriving in podcast form, Spotify tells me it removed 4 QAnon-re… biden with a lowercase tweet 🍵 @AndyBCampbell Bridgeport is not a town anyone in the world has ever vacationed to I’m laughing so hard!!!! That is… @AndyBCampbell @letsgomathias @elisefoley guilty 💀 @ejdickson omg that's so dark.... do we know if she... followed along when you did get covid? lol @alexialafata Alexia, this is so funny and so good "Being ghosted and then receiving a text in which your ghoster… my god Britney serving Elle Woods vibes @julianamkaplan package of time.... pun intended? @BenMullin 👀big day for nylon @OBWax thank you!!! ❣️ @sam_grindell this movie is ridiculously enjoyable and every time i'm late to anywhere i blame it on 'over-dicking around' @josephlongo_ i feel like ted danson and phil collins will be bffThis is so interesting because, for whatever reason, when I reported on this in July, we focused on the hashtags be… @ScottNover Thank you!!! @joshsternberg Thanks so much😊😊But then I ordered Thai food and watched Halloweentown High so🔥 @KaylaEpstein Thanks Kayla!! @Yelix Thank youu!!My only regret is that I did not need to drink 1.5 bottles of champagne❣️TikTok does not appear to have changed their policy at all since their big announcement in July that they were crac… @Shayan86 Thank you so much!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯we don’t deserve her had such a good birthday yesterday, and it was so nice to actually celebrate and enjoy something for once during…’t stop thinking about “just watching my algorithms get crushed”
@BenjaminGoggin 🥰tysm🥺.@BenjaminGoggin is an icon: tomorrow is Monday that’s interesting @GenePark @TaylorLorenz Gene!!! 🥺😩❤️thank u sooo muchQAnon isn’t against pedophilia, it’s normalizing using pedophilia as an insult to sling at political opponents! 🤡
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @sam_grindell LOVE YOU SO MUCH SAM🥺🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️ @TaylorLorenz TAYLOR!!! Thank you so much, your support is everything to me! 🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰 @MoisesFenty I may have cried a bit @grace_panetta awww 🥰🥺 thank you so much, Grace!!! You’re the best @KalhanR And the girls series finale :( lolThis is so interesting because you can kind of see an ounce of awareness spread over his face as he ponders the imp… not liking the plot to kidnap elected officials trend
Retweeted by Rachel E. GreenspanYeah I’m gonna skip this one and hope for an Atlantic piece explaining what it means :) @Doogsfx @chick_in_kiev Same philosophy applies to reporting on a movement like this in the first place @Doogsfx @chick_in_kiev My perspective is that if someone has never heard of it, it’s only a matter of time before… @bobbywestside_ sweetie not today 👀🤡 11 is a bit early post bday festivities but see u soon ily @MeghanEMorris @chick_in_kiev THANK YOU!! @OliviaMesser Dr Olivia Messer at your service for reporting @TaylorLorenz @bijanstephen Soffee shorts thoToday I had a Peloton delivered (bday present to myself) and one of the delivery ppl pointed to my copy of… @bijanstephen I will be an angel investor in this product @julianamkaplan Every time I bike in nyc... I think HaShem himself has his damn eyes on me 😍😍just had a moment with a 60 year old waiter at an Italian restaurant who sang la vie en rose to me
spotted in soho @cassidyyjayne Yes @hashtagkatie Katie hahahahahahha
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @MeiraGebel ❤️❤️❤️A former Qanon believer speaks out. Reporting here from @richanaik @sofia_barrett and @Bronte_Lord
Retweeted by Rachel E. Greenspan @brooke @BoschAmazon @welliver_titus @trialofchicago7 @TedLasso @TheVowHBO You look beautiful!! So glad you’re feeling good!! ❤️