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Lover of all things horror 🩸 | Tattoo collector 🎨 | Cat mom 🐱 | Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiend 📺 | #Horrorfam #Mutantfam

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Fell asleep tonight for a bit while listening to Alice In Chains. If this isn’t what life is all about, I don’t wan… @ZackMorse Thank you 🖤 @ZackMorse Yes and no. Thank you for asking. @ZackMorse Right?!Mood @ZackMorse Thank you. I appreciate that. 🖤 @ZackMorse Sounds like a good time to me 😂 @ZackMorse Hey, I love vodka cranberries 🤷‍♀️ @PapaJ_Torres I’ve never been a fan of Guinness but I hope you enjoy! @ZackMorse I’m dying to try Jager and Dr Pepper. I’m more of a tequila person though. @ZackMorse I don’t mind at all.Thinking I’ll drown my sorrows in some liquor tonight ✌️ @amythatisme @culvers They have amazing Cheese Curds! @SupGirl Right?! Breaking Benjamin and Gavin Rossdale from Bush have covered it as well and it’s just as good. 😍
@bwon35 All great choices! @SupGirl @Korn I’ve only seen them live twice! But I know I’ll see them many more times. I love them too! @_ekane Arent they?! I saw them in Denver and Rapid City, SD. I’d see them 100+ more times! @AlissaLaylax I’d be asking for some money upfront 😂😂 @Mark38A Great choices, Mark! @SupGirl Absolutely! 🖤🥰 @SpookySiren31 Great choices! @ashldrew5 Thank you! ☺️ @slothrop420 Love Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!Name your top 3 favorite bands of all time. I’ll start: 1. Korn 2. Paramore 3. A Day to Remember @Lorraine_Kay13 Me too! I wish I could buy it from Apple Music. @jimmyspade1313 Right?! 😍 @jimstockam I believe so! @PapaJ_Torres I saw them last year in august and they were my last concert this year before everything went to shit. They’re incredible. @EmilyMarie82 I know! 😍🖤 @MrBlindPenguin 😂😂 @toree138 Me too! 🥺 @toree138 I love it 😂 I’d kill to see them again right now with everything going on. Life sucks this year 😂 @toree138 I agree! 😍 I’ve seen them live twice now and I’d love to hear THIS live! @kylerhudson Right?!This is one of the best covers I’ve heard in a long time. 😍 Korn kicks ass. Top 2 Tim Burton movies: @omaraubert I get that! They used to scare the shit out of me. @omaraubert Oh noooo. 🥺 How do you feel about Art the Clown? @JayRodz34 This one is great 😂It (1990) 🎞 @KimberCosch I’m sure going to try! 💖 You too! 🥰 @ghostface1288 Damnit. My starz free trial just went away 😂 @ghostface1288 Is it streaming anywhere? @ghostface1288 I haven’t even heard of it! 😳 @AlissaLaylax @EmilyMarie82 I bet you both cook just fine! 😂Are you sure you’re charging me the right price? @KimberCosch Looking gorgeous as usual, Kim!Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 🎞 @Seanofthethread @EmilyMarie82 Just takes time and lots of practice! I’m sure you’re a good cook. @EmilyMarie82 It was! 😋 @Mark38A Yes you do! Let me know how you like Jennifer’s Body once you see it. @finalgirlnic I’d like to know what issues you have! I might have the same ones lol @finalgirlnic I agree! So is the sequel! @Mark38A You definitely should watch these! I think you’d like them, Mark! @ZackMorse No it wasn’t! I might be interested in a third installment too.#NowWatching Happy Death Day (2017) 🎞 @sequelsonly Oh yeah!Scream 3 🖤 Scream 2. Jennifer’s Body 3. Free Willy 4. Halloween (1978) 5. Creep crispy chicken and lemon buttery noodles 🤤
@LisaPortillo9 @Jedshepherd @ChuckysSideGirl @omar_syrinx2112 @MeirZarchi @thefilmbuff30 @SphinxHarpie @langis941 @langis941 Thank you, Brian. 🖤Paramore "That's what you get"
Retweeted by Rach 🔪😘 @AlissaLaylax Love ya 🖤 @finalgirlnic 🖤🥰 @LordsPrayer6 Thank you, Patrick! @omaraubert I appreciate that. 🖤 @omaraubert Trying my best. Thanks, Omar.When you’re struggling, it’s all about who’s there for you to listen or to give you advice. I want to thank everyon… @HorrorNostalgia Halloween III @finalgirlnic @Shorror_ I love thisChristine (1983)
Retweeted by Rach 🔪😘 @EmilyMarie82 @chelsiewrath @langis941 Thank you, Brian! 🖤🥰Good morning, everyone! 🖤 I hope you all have a fantastic day. app really knows how to fuck with your head and your heart sometimes
Retweeted by Rach 🔪😘 @Synnamintwist Do it! Super cheap and super simple! @Synnamintwist Yes! It’s super simple. Put black pepper and brown sugar in a bowl then add your strips of bacon and… @JoshRHendricks Absolutely!How accurately can you describe your personality using only two movie characters? @toree138 It’s on Hulu! @toree138 I liked it! @BLAKKAULDRON Thank you!Candied bacon and jalapeño cheesy eggs for dinner. 🤤
@SSeeley92 I do too! She’s my favorite in The Other Woman. @Mark38A @fixyourhearts_ Oh thank you so much, Mark 🖤 @DJ_Nyke It’s on Hulu!#NowWatching #FirstTimeWatch Knocked Up (2007) 🎞 @fixyourhearts_ Ugh 🥺😍 @fixyourhearts_ @fixyourhearts_ Oh stop it. You’re the cutest! 🥺💖4 selfies from February 2020-now humiliation challenge. Who’s next? 🤘 @finalgirlnic Love it! @mrhenrok33 Oh I’ll never run out. I can watch so many good ones over and over again. @amieeemarieee75 Me too! @finalgirlnic Same here 💖 and Elf. @Mark38A Yes he was! I love Jim Carrey and Ron Howard. @finalgirlnic I’ll probably watch the new one after I watch this one!#NowWatching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 🎄🎞