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Unconventional in the Willed Way.. ||blogger| art | history | language | literature| landscape| nature | poetry 🐚 shells & pebbles | زندگی گلزار ہے🌻

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@govindaahuja21 @CRED_club Govinda is such a disco-jaan💋Let’s not talk, Let’s just continue staring each other more with L💕ve #birds #birdsofinstagram #evening lonely leaf, will you miss the company of tree ? #photographylovers #micropoetry #NaturePhotography #leaf @ndtv I didn’t notice it until they objected it 😂🤣 @larissafernand as long as you get to EAT and you don’t get GRumpy .. it’s GREAT 👍 @thedelhiwalla There is something about the hands.. how they know by touch is it Royal or simply a smudge @Himalayologist @rekha_bhardwaj @suneetamehan @RizwanAhmad1 @indscribe @drsureshpant @AzmiShabana @GuzashtaLakhnau @daniellismore how complex is this world and how simple is your heart ! more power to you, for your individuality,… the old door and kick the dark open up the spirit be just as you are an unapologetic this unflinching light… are you as unapologetically??
@nuts2406 I still remb, I was raised to make noise if I go through anything inappropriate, just to be safe& gather… @dhawan_rajiv Oh! Nevermind, you were busy caring for rights and claims! 😏 just because you like sky stuff, we foun… @dhawan_rajiv When you will reach there, trust me by that time we will be like aliens here... and you won’t find an… @dhawan_rajiv you are going Mars ? In 2026 😳 why... to fight for aliens’s rights there? 😝yr.2000 I was in school& #KahoNaaPyarHai was such a glory. I couldn’t believe a person looking like God existed in… @Himalayologist @rekha_bhardwaj @suneetamehan @RizwanAhmad1 @indscribe @drsureshpant @AzmiShabana @GuzashtaLakhnau
@AjmeraSaren I’m so honoured to hear your words. Glad it touched yours too. Nevermind what today or tomorrow would… @AstronautAbby Yeah water in packets in surface smaller than a pencil-nip , but miraculous 🤩 @iamsrk don’t mind, I was a child when I saw ddlj, you are part of my childhood &my first crush, you were a benchma… @AjmeraSaren dear sun, light has a way to sail through the day, noticing wasn’t the point as long as I felt your wa… sun how was your day today ? #photography #PhotoOfTheDay #birdsofinstagram #instagramupdate birdie in sky, can you give me a company and help my thoughts grow and heart fly love, a birdie in cage @ankitv uff ikat😷
the darkness swallowed the cold souls spinning slowly away from the sun surrendering to space settling down the d… would’ve been breathing in a cage,destroying dreams, crushing hopes, broken heart &utmost disgrace. Alas!what… the decorations used to be something like this. That was 🌸lotus theme for decoration. Festivity in #bangalore ye… block #bangalore / J.P.Nagar when the festive used to be old pic from the archive, person selling flowers… @drsureshpant aapki Kavita ki pankti pad kar, ek Md.Rafi ji ka Geet apne suna hi yaad as gayi.. jo hai “P… @Himalayologist @rekha_bhardwaj @suneetamehan @DrTarana @drsureshpant @RizwanAhmad1 @indscribe @AzmiShabana
@balamahajan @hemantgkher @mehtahansal After #Alighar I was truly waiting to see next something out of the box & I… @balamahajan @hemantgkher @mehtahansal My favourite thing about #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory is the language used.… @balamahajan @hemantgkher #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory Must say @mehtahansal have done an excellent work. Bringin… @balamahajan @hemantgkher I’m a big fan of late actor Deven Verma. I have always adored his presence in all his mov… @hemantgkher such a lovely calm realistic voice & smile. So convincing and such a delight watching you in… @What2doWithTHAT Omg seriously! Bag of 🌵 @What2doWithTHAT Yeah! Glad they included that, only flower pot is missing 😁 @What2doWithTHAT 🤣family that eats together rides together😂 @thedelhiwalla robbery is a past, just to safeguard from coronavirus I guess! 😷😅
where is #COVID19 ? where is #SocialDistancing ?? where are #mask ???24/10/2020 #streetview #streetphotography school tried teaching me Urdu letters, when we were in school. Found an old page. #learning #Urdu
@Ananthaforu @WeAreBangalore Such a spectacular view. I saw this video upside-down & it shows exact picture like it… @rajvj today was #kannada exam for 6yrs old, who is apparently learning this language first time, so how she could… ! The cutest and the most sensible thing you will see today. The child is champ for sure! 🙋🏻‍♀️ @larissafernand The 🐋 whale video! Goodness!!!It’s a #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and this is a paper cutting of few poetry lines by Kannada poet… @mitulsuthar I’ve never heard the first one, song sung by @paponmusic . Seems good 🎶 @larissafernand Although spectacular but I think I might faint just thinking about it! 😳one of the best things @TwitterSupport @Twitter have done is removing #Retwee Simply retweeting someone else tweet… of fall or some robotic animation : looks so unreal 🍃🍂 @What2doWithTHAT different ppl different ways to feel good.I’ve managed to learn new things which gets reflected in… @ndtv @Sonal_MK I wish to know how in numbers “Ayushman Bharat” have worked for common people during #Covid_19 peri… @What2doWithTHAT I always wonder about what do people define it as their accomplishments?? Like what exactly it i… @rajvj Haha, another twisted tale here, most of the ppl I know around me are now recovered. So they are already imm… @rajvj They are promising free vaccines to ppl who are may be already super immune, who haven’t got ill even after… @kavishala #hindipoetry #poetrycommunity #hindiurdu #language #khariboliमशवरे किस लिए,लगता चुनाव है। सिरफिरे घूम रहे,उडाते झूटे दांव है। ये नया दौर कैसा,पैसे उडाता खूब। वोट पाने के लिए,…
@SaifuRizvi she wish to have respect and value for existence perhaps may be too complicated for him learn that 😏 @Himalayologist Please don’t call me ma’am. I’m truly fortunate to have come across your page and have learnt so mu… @Himalayologist I was going through your blog on Wordpress and saw the photographs taken by you. Goodness! They a… set of organs discovered! could be vital for mouth cancer treatment.🌌evenings can be cruel and gorgeous at the same time🌇 #selfportrait #sunset 22/10/2020 #iPhonephotography #metime drifting slowly warm breeze invites guest on roof pearly white feathers unconquerable beauty an angle looks… have gone bathroom, and mommy is trying to clean papa’s side table in a meanwhile, which isn’t possible in his… way he is putting so much heart in learning new languages, but alas he couldn’t ever learn to read what common… if it was handled well, we wouldn’t have to faced this notion now that there is a raita everywhere I deserv… @ankitv @NakuulMehta @ajaxsingh ahh ‘ दो कौड़ी का जमाना लूट गया दो कौड़ी की अक़्ल।’ @NakuulMehta 🔥🔥✊ @thedelhiwalla I tried scrolling down your page, couldn’t go beyond certain months. It’s a problem with the Twitter… @dhawan_rajiv @scribe_prashant @waglenikhil it’s not my fault right! so isn’t it my right to get it free? I mean… @thedelhiwalla just ask them to adopt you too 🤗 it’s a great deal!“Your absence has gone through me Like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color.” 🧵 W.… unveiled : its olive oil 79AD I did too. We seem to be in same boat I guess! no wonder my wooden boat is full of holes but it still won’t sin…! What a day to start with! such a pride! :) 🌸🌸🌸
@Tamjeed_Ahmed_ @DalrympleWill @tawairkh @Vineet_Bajpai I recently on 15Aug,2020 saw a documentary on DD channel wh…उफ़ इश्क़ तौबा 💋 @thedelhiwalla What is Taak ?somewhere in #Rajasthan we have so many beautiful lost stories &monuments, reaching towards ruining itself in dust… @Tamjeed_Ahmed_ @DalrympleWill @tawairkh @Vineet_Bajpai Is he the one who was hanged by the Britishers after 1857revolt. ?! @rajvj I love the cup!☘️somewhere trying to get glimpses in #Rajasthan village. I don’t know what to say, when I see this, I personally don… @NeuroSarcastic @What2doWithTHAT so many thing going in mind, let’s start with vintage, chill, nothingness, daydrea… @ndtv This is the Supreme Court judge😑 and this is the tactful language used by him to address about the issue! ☹️ @thedelhiwalla how can I get stake over his green weapons! Haha.. I wish I could buy all what he has been trying to sell! @thedelhiwalla You mean colonial cousins 😅you see someone & their chemistry, and it reminds you of someone else, to me that love after all behind the rhymes… & #ShammiKapoor Tum se Accha kaun hai! #Legendary #Bollywood @rajvj Haha the aim was only to fit in the music.. that’s more soothing lol @rajvj what they didn’t show is the chill part hits hard and baby rolls off😛check the end part again @sharmarekha this is an excellent example how qualifications & accomplishments has so little to do with attitude of… @theabhayk @Oprah @DrPhil They spoke about topics of growing up, relationships & other stuff which a confused mind… @theabhayk The fact is as a teenager I had issues& I can recall the @Oprah show helped me to overcome.The things sh… freehand sketches made by my father who is an engineer by profession,did in late 20’s | perhaps why they resp…
@dhawan_rajiv @ashoswai Thankyou for kind words.But the fact is we as Indian do not value life of human, unless the… @dhawan_rajiv @ashoswai life for common people will never be same after Covid.The struggle continues,whether the go… @dhawan_rajiv @ashoswai I lost one close family member to #Covid_19 me&my family avoided the last rites&other ritua… @dhawan_rajiv @ashoswai one of the major reason not much numbers are these days reported, perhaps because now most… @rajvj omg you and your gifs @PrakashVOnline @priyankasambhav all the best! :) @priyankasambhav घंटा फ़र्क़ पड़ता है ।“I did not forget the past I turned the past into poetry It’s painful to remember But it’s a pleasure reading” 26…