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Someone amazing I know, a great friend and mentor, died today. Another time I’ll tell you more about her. It was a… @TonyHearn14 @Twitter deleted it from my phone“I don't want to be fighting Covid as well” Leeds Rhino legend Rob Burrow has received his first Covid vaccine. Rob…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @gregjames @jordannorth1 Custard, cream and icecream. Goodbye. @TonyHearn14 @Twitter not really @SarraHoy Well that would be phenomenal. What's your go to substiutute at 6pm on a friday evening? @SarraHoy I'm heading for Dry Feb. Felt like I needed a bit more prep time this year @Gini_L @SimonOKing that is WAY cool @SimonOKing Is that the snow done for now?Once more for clarity - @twitter will be up and running on my work screen between 6 and 9 every morning. Otherwise… in Monday like... Mollie heading into her first snow for a long time ❄️ Here's what's coming up this morning on @bbc5live breakfast: * Schools - plan for full reopening? * Hotel… @AidanZhao @BBCBreakfast @eversfield647 @RCMLondon @ncogb Thanks so much for your time - wonderful to meet you both
@jezsquires @BBCBreakfast Where was this?!The magic of waking up to freshly fallen snow. Send in your pics @BBCBreakfast #UKsnow @ptrowell56 Excellent advice, thanks @centuryp @BBCBreakfast You'll see from my tweets I've made an exception for on-air activity. Which is obviously a bit of a cop out @bb_rwatson I often get 5 hours but definitely function better on 6. And i dont think it's very good for you long term.ICYMI yesterday - we played @alanshearer's message of support to Oliver and his fundraising efforts on… - we're up and running on the sofa @BBCBreakfast talking about * Following the rules post vaccine * Covid… @05actionexpress @BBCBreakfast #LoveYourFreckles @gblatc Morning - tbh it's just about being distracted on the phone too much at home - interested to see whether I…
Just realised the best way is to delete the apps from my phone. But even writing all this is the sort of slightly p… you’re up and about early/working - we’ll keep you company. If you’re managing a Sunday off - we are excellent c… the final evening tweet for a while... heading into @BBCBreakfast tomorrow with @RogerJ_01 - all the latest news… 15 year old daughter who is normally gorilla glued to her phone has decided to swear off social media for a mont… know the weather has been awful for many people this week. A bit of light on the horizon. @SimonOKing I love this! @Brucey1 Yay!!!! @DunelmPapillon @Schafernaker 😮 @chriswarburton_ to help with your #Bridgerton habit. I watch this at least once a day. think we all recognise ourselves/our whats app activity in this #homeschooling is so good @PeterHorby tells us on @BBCBreakfast that the UK would be safer if the govt introduced two week hotel quarant… @LisaMarrey1 @BBCBreakfast It's a combination of off-the-shelf box followed by frantic daily hair washing to calm the colour down 😬 @rachelburden @BBCBreakfast I like your hair, the colour is lovely xx
Retweeted by Rachel Burden🙏 when it's Bernie/ChemicalBros hybridI honestly can't get enough of the Bernie memes @Darren_Fewins @BBCBreakfast Let's face it, this is much more 'me'🌟Make sure you tune into @BBCBreakfast with Charlie and @rachelburden after 9:30 today to see the AMAZING Oliver a…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenHow much more deadly is new variant of coronavirus? Should we be giving out the second vaccine doses more quickly?… views. Morning from the sofa. @BBCBreakfast @alistairdonnac5 @BBCBreakfast You're welcome anytime Ali @ProfDonnaHall Still working my way through our smoky cheddar from Christmas 😕Coming up on @BBCBreakfast non league @chorleyfc have 5 times more shots on target than premier league wolves but s…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenBest line here ‘we will circle back with you if there’s anything to update on’ I need to do more circling back effort 👏👏👏 @WillGreenwood @ugomonye
Very busy Saturday for you tomorrow @BBCBreakfast... the R rate going down and vaccinations going up but new varian… heart is bursting just a little bit. Thank you to everyone at @Adams_Park for making this happen. 💙… @TrevorMerriden Thanks so much Trevor!
@coachkennyruns DONT SAY ANYTHINGThis was brilliantly put together. Worth 2 minutes of your time. @SimonOKing HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA K!!! xxxx🎸 Ricky Wilson coming up on @bbc5live before 9 @TVNaga01 @BBCBreakfast @Helenglovergb LOVED this @PickardJE Genuinely finding it hard to get my head around the meal firsters“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @hennymiddle Hi Dr Harwood, if by any chance you are up and about at the moment, would you be able to tell us a bit… Captain Andrea Hall, who recited and signed the Pledge of Allegiance at #Inauguration2021, tells @rachelburden
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @radioalijones Ha! We literally doubled our audience then 😆 @QcattQ @bbc5live I can't offer many ideas but we did a big family zoom, she just loves seeing her cousins, and I d… @Jonniebuoy Thank you I will!
We’re also talking to @Rickontour about homeschooling and musicians on tour. And we’re on flood watch. @SimonOKing tomorrow - another terrible covid death toll - we’ll take a close look at what those figures show. Also more o… day today. No. 3 child turned 11. Biden got biffed for the birthday celebrations. But we’ll catch up on the b… @EmmaJanePreston That’s amazing Emma!!! So immensely proud to have been a small part in this. Go you! Let me know how it goes. ❤️The brilliant @ciarantracey who produced this podcast is leaving the BBC to do other things - huge credit to him fo… @MichelleDignan Calling @fifiglover againDeputy Chair of the JCVI Prof Anthony Harnden tells us that phase two of the vaccination programme could include pe… 💘 Grandads
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @runwritekirsty @bbc5live Brilliant to talk to you, but hope it sorts itself out really soonIf Carlsberg did self-isolation... smell expert just told us the symptoms may ease, and you can do something called 'smell training' - now really… recce - thought you'd enjoy this @janegarvey1 @fifiglover catching up on the messages about parents getting their vaccines - a lovely joyful thing to read. Also the und… @sophiearumble AgreedThe four lads in jeans sea shanty memes are going up a gear
Also tomorrow we’ll speak to a member of the vaccination committee for the latest, updates on #StormChristophe and… - America moves on to a new Presidential era. Or does it? How does President Biden bind his country togeth… know millions of you have been through this already but I have to confess to a minor meltdown today when mum and… a feeling we’ll see a bit more of the four lads... relief perspective from @katiecboulter - feels grateful to be in a country with hardly any covid and that the re… @rachelburden @englandcricket Nine tests before that against *checks diary* India....
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenWow. Potentially encouraging for @englandcricket? #Ashes on 5LSportsXtra right now if you fancy it @DrNighatArif @NickyAACampbell @Recipe_Tin I've had to cut it up and put half in the freezer when normally I'd be s… picture is so peaceful, love it cake bomb @NickyAACampbell (from @Recipe_Tin) A couple of other things to add to the news agenda this morning: * Prime Ministerial power naps * Viral s…
And we’ll talk to the four lads about what it means when a simple picture of a night out gets turned into a meme th…’ll also be talking about the maternity units filling up with lockdown babies. Have you just had a baby or are yo… going on this week - tomorrow we’ll be looking at vaccines again (the places playing catch up around the UK),…’ll be talking to @cerrieburnell about this in the morning @bbc5live breakfast"My only question back to Lord Sumption would be - would he have said the same thing to his own children?"…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @Brucey1 @bbc5live Always taking it up a level Soph 😂 @auntiejackie_ I'm thinking a stylish autumn trilby - but you could get away with that in late august? 😆 @EMPSingleton I'm drooling over the raspberry