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On your radio Mon-Fri @bbc5live breakfast and occasionally @BBCBreakfast. 4 kids, 1 husband. Ig: @rachelburden_radio contact:

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'Is he a human being who sometimes panics under pressure? Yes.' The PM's been criticised for initially refusing to…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenThere is no escape... #GE2019“Grenfell garage saved from closure by electric car deal.”
Retweeted by Rachel Burden'These kind of eruptions just suddenly happen.' Volcanologist @VolcKaren tells @rachelburden there weren’t any 'st…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenDay one of #TourDeTrophy complete ✔ 76 miles down, 424 to go... 🙌👏 Follow @gareththomas14 👇 📲🎧…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenBe wary of these messages doing the rounds on @Twitter and @Facebook
We’ll also be talking about the NHS in N Ireland, Russian doing ban, New Zealand volcano, and we have the incredibl… - is there a final twist left in this election campaign? The PM under pressure for how he dealt with the l… @benpratershow Cutest thing everNew Zealand volcano: Rescue workers have confirmed one person is dead and a number remain unaccounted for. Colin…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenLabour's @jeremycorbyn is the only party leader who still hasn't confirmed if he take part in our election Your Call. @bbc5liveWhat do you want to ask the leader of the Liberal Democrats? At 09:00 @joswinson is joining @rachelburden for a sp…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenThese two females are the last of their kind. When they die, an entire subspecies that inhabited the earth for mill…
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Elsewhere - how many undecideds are still out there, polling guru John Curtice on tactical voting and…’re into the home strait. Can practically taste polling day. (Actually I wonder what it would taste like... ) Tom… on tall bookshop guy! We need some good news here.
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenYES PLEASE
These are a few of my favourite early December things.. Christmas stuff, park run, child outdoors, walk to the pub,… @PebblesLondon Brilliant, that’s Saturday night sorted then #NationalLampoonsChristmasVacation @Bigg_les1 Thank you, award for most helpful reply!
So I was making a wreath at the school PTA thing tonight and then went to the pub. Can someone sum up #BBCDebate in… @1StevieKilner @NickyAACampbell @janehoskyn NEVER forget the 3/4s!There’s been some odd moments on our programme over the years - but this one is right up there.... @rachelburden
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenI’m now told that Downing Street has changed their answer machine message, saying they are unable to give out diary information.
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @sianwilliams100 @nigs @vicderbyshire @katesilverton1 @KayBurley @mrdanwalker @susannareid100 @ShelaghFogarty you missed it, @chriswarburton_ asked @michaelgove for a number between 1 and 10 to indicate likelihood of the P… it looks like @michaelgove giving out the number for no.10 Downing Street live on @bbc5live this morning is keep… @SimonOKing @MetMattTaylor Precipitation party!Here's the fabulous picture behind that story you just heard on @bbc5live @bbc5live @chriswarburton_ @rachelburden our teddy bear tree featuring teddy angels colour theme take your pick
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @squirt_owl @bbc5live Our explanation went out in full at the same time as the interview went out yesterday around 7.14A family favourite here from my brother’s tree #BadBaubles @bbc5live 🎄 @Boblar1968 Loved it! could just picture it 😂 @anniebea56 Ah so sweet🤣 @rachelburden We have been challenged at work to create a sustainabilitree. This is ours so far with decorations st…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenPossibly the loveliest tree thing ever..
This is one of my favs... my mum knitted all the children Christmas mice for the tree. 🎄 #GoodBaubles - @michaelgove and @RLong_Bailey on the show as we look forward to the Johnson/Corbyn tv head to head. Als…“It is not too late. We have an interview prepared. Oven-ready, as Mr Johnson likes to say” Andrew Neil issues a c…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden🚨 #Brexitcast X #DeadRingers 🚨 Tonight on the @BBCNews channel at 9.30pm, @BBCOne at 11.45 and on BBC Sounds soon!
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenI hold my hand up here, didn’t have the figures to hand to challenge at the time. Thank you @BBCRealityCheck🚨🚨🚨 New episode: ‘What is Fully Charged?’ If you’re interested in decarbonising our 🌍 with #CleanEnergy &…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @RebeccaHalifax @JahurleyHurley I'll give you 20 quid for itBREAKING. Seeing numerous reports from across the country showing the sky in the most glorious colour of red. H…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenRight then - so many brilliant goals last night. How’s about this one to start, ridiculous pass, sickening touch an…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @Garneredtweets spooky! @MelissaRice_1 They're amazing. You all are.
Also on the show tomorrow: @sajidjavid @JohnHealey_MP @sarahwollaston and... @EddieHearn on #JoshuaRuiz Plus more… our business team in is #Croydon tomorrow #GE2019 @bbc5live if you listen to one podcast today - this is phenomenal then this...’s worth giving this another outing in case you missed it earlier... boy's Christmas present list this year - a sword, some Queen Elsa shoes, and a pterodactyl mask. Mostly struggling with no. 3😂😍 @JimOBrien2012 @bbc5live ExactlyBreaking news - we've got the little boy and his dad from the Hafod Hardware Xmas ad coming up on @bbc5live before 8 💥🎄#BetterThanJohnLewisWorld leaders (including B Johnson) have a good laugh at Donald Trump. Not sure this will end well
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @SaraGib @jlandpartners So sweet @mrdanwalker You need to give Jose a little workshop @owen_g Huge congrats - good luckMorning - better than @jlandpartners? The Xmas ad for a small independent hardware shop that cost less than £100 ❤️🎄
Also tomorrow - some pretty tasty premier league fixtures this week (with a new TV home) #Amazon, plus Christmas sp…📞'Will reducing immigration damage our cultural diversity?' Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage answers Liz in Leices…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden📞’Would you accept a post in a Conservative government if offered one?’ Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage answers P…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden"If we want to bar him from public life for some of the unsavory things he's written, we may end up with nobody in…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenHere are some moments from the special election #YourCall this morning it will be a week til election eve. Does this give you a thrill? We’re going to be looking at how much saf… @DomStorr I just read out a chunk of the Guardian's front page.This one definitely gives Melania a run for her money. #sprout @MichelleDignan - I think you're going to have to up your Christmas game... 🎄 you are doing tonight - PLEASE take time to watch this on Channel 4 at 10pm. Poverty. In Britain. In 2019.…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenHmmm, not his finest hour. Jonathan Agnew's verdict on this two test series coming up @bbc5live breakfast
Also, after #BeetrootLatteGate - the calorie cost of your festive hot drink. How sugary is your gingerbread latte? (Clue - very) @bbc5liveTomorrow - #NATO70, a knees up at Buckingham Palace and a visit from @realDonaldTrump. But in the background more t… 12 year old boy has just told me he prefers watching #TheYoungOffenders to playing #Fortnite. This is a turning… @janetmarland @NickyAACampbell Nothing. It’s a beetroot takeover conspiracy @rachelburden I listen to you & Nicky every morning & wondered if you’d share the @JustGiving page for the care hom…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @SJRichards79 🤚 @RookeryMike @chrisdotlatchem @bbc5live Thank for the early start Mike!Festive-themed consumables should not be allowed. #BeetrootLatte #DownWithThisSortOfThing @NickyAACampbell vigil will be held later for London Bridge attack victims Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23. 🔵 More on…
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Still waiting confirmation on this one @jeremycorbyn tomorrow - sentencing and de-radicalisation in the wake of the terror attack as we learn more about the young… than two weeks to go til #GE2019. I firmly believe we should all have a small chocolate each morning til we ge… tribute to Saskia Jones from a woman who taught her. So much respect.
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenSitting on the sofa watching rubbish TV and doing some Xmas shopping? Let me help you 😉👇 📕…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @chriswarburton_ Good effort 👍
Finally something with a #FriendlyFriday feel - we'll talk to Mitzi's family in a few minutes... do you want to ask the co-leader of the Green Party? At 09:00 @jon_bartley is joining @NickyAACampbell for a…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenEver the early adopter... Without looking, what’s your guess for the cumulative totals of the squad numbers of Manchester United’s 18 man…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenSome of my closest relatives live in Alton - I know they'll be enjoying this @orla_burden @ollie_burden listen When you can’t find justice all you have is your story
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Tomorrow - the @TheGreenParty’s @jon_bartley is the next leaders Your Call. Also more reaction to the #Hillsborough @MattFletch @bbc5live I’d have jumped out of me skin! 😂Great to be in Cheltenham w/ @bbc5live at @theexmouth today. @rachelburden hosted a great debate/discussion with th…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenUp and running for our #Cheltenham hustings @bbc5live @theexmouth knowledge on hand from @bbcglos political reporter @FreyaGLee @bbc5live #Cheltenham