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On your radio Mon-Fri @bbc5live breakfast and occasionally @BBCBreakfast. 4 kids, 1 husband. Ig: @rachelburden_radio contact:

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@ShadesKing @NickyAACampbell @bbc5live ROI advises visitors to self-isolate, but not required on return to UK @dannihewson @NickyAACampbell @MichelleDignan @chrisdotlatchem @SimonOKing Take pride in that. Life is a pick and mix. @joyohj0y Yes I got nowhere near it. Hopeless. I think I may have managed ONE book. What's the book btw??Will be on @bbc5live Breakfast shortly discussing all things Premier League - a fair amount to go at.
Retweeted by Rachel Burden'Children in any kind of conflicted family are having a really tough time' Education expert, Dr Amelia Roberts, be…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenOur hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of an icon. A legend, our hero, Sir Everton Weekes. Our condolences go ou…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden“Mummy, what's his name?” Dr @clarewenham effortlessly juggled a live interview on national TV with lockdown paren…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenBars, cafes, pubs and restaurants to be allowed to open outdoors in Wales from July 13 (assuming no setback). Discu…
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We’re also finding out about life in meat processing plants, looking ahead to school plans for September, latest fr… the focus is very much on jobs. 1000s of redundancies being announced each week. Furlough scheme coming to… @RobJTrigg She’s lovely. Willing her all the strength she needs to see this through. @ShirleyHughes_ Wow that’s so exciting!!! Thanks for letting me know 😊"I would hate to go back to that life" Rough sleepers have been housed in hotels to keep them safe during the pand…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @SimonOKing @NickyAACampbell 🤤Why is this not your lead today @BBCFrediani ? @hughferris @rachelburden how about a shout out for Preston North End today, first team in English league to play t…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @alewisradio me too. Also see Dogger @daveprof @NickyAACampbell @BBCBreakfast I hear you - apart from fruit and veg and nuts, i'd love to know some 'fill-up' alternativesLockdown Alfie is the best Alfie of all time,000 downloads for my little podcast in the month of June alone! And a peak of number 7 in the personal journal p…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @chelfordprimary Aw so lovely to see @Darren_Fewins Yes that's our intention, and absolutely on her terms. Will also respect her space. @EbolaPhone @dannihewson Like it - but how do you offer to kids in 'snack' form? Or are you saying bulk out main me… @pidgepie @weetabix @bbc5live It's the crumbliest snack in the world 😩Who? @hughferris @ChesterMikeFH @MrAndrewCotter @caroldecker That could be it
Also the question of whether to license electric scooters. And what next for the 1000s of homeless people in hotels… over the lockdown in #Leicester while attention is turning to other local areas with worrying numbers. Th… @skysarahjane @BenRichardson79 Wonderful news!!!!! Enjoy the baby lockdown xLooking forward to working with these two again soon. It hasn't always been easy.
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @MrAndrewCotter Luke has a thing for @caroldecker tooThis is a must listen! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @NHSBILLINGTON @DudleyGroupNHS @NickyAACampbell Thanks so much Ian - all the best to the family and oh my goodness Pixie 😍"It's going to be less of a surprise" Stephen Griffin, virologist @UniversityLeeds tells #5LiveBreakfast whether w…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @mrdanwalker @MattHancock Can you ask him (I'm sure you will) about his comments about children. We can't get to the bottom of that. Ta @monty67 Sorry Steve I was being dumb 😆 @monty67 😬 take careFascinating piece in the @thetimes with @linseymarr - expert in aerosol transmission of viruses. Coughs are a probl… @thecatjonesy Lockdown limbo. Not fun. @thecatjonesy What's your business? @geen_lesley @katherinejake @BBCSounds Wow!!! What happened???Morning Leicester. How you feeling? #Leicester
We’re also looking at how we can rebuild the economy, the possibility of lockdown extension in #Leicester, and the… days since lockdown tomorrow. We’ll reflect on some of the memorable moments on @bbc5live - some sad, some to m… @GeoffLloyd Crikey Geoff, I'm sorry for adding to that total this morning @JillyBarclay @bbc5live Enjoy your break...It’s *almost* like they’re here in the studio with me 😳 @SimonOKing @GeoffLloyd @rachelburden @GeoffLloyd @SimonOKing @dannihewson @MichelleDignan @bbc5live Got the Wimbledon towel in the Latchem…
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenMorning - a new position here so more people can return to the studio. But still just me here. In their own little… abroad - are you clear on the rules? At 0730 @rachelburden and @Geofflloyd are joined by the…
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Taiwan stages LGBT pride parade 'for the world'
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenAlso new spikes in cases of #coronavirus and the chance of #Leicester lockdown - how would that work? Plus #FACup a… was your weekend? We’ll be up and running tomorrow with everything you need to know about shops opening in… @mmgeissler Oh no, not fun at all. Hope you’re feeling better soon
You’d have thought I’d have enough of him Monday to Friday, but this is bonus Nicky and it’s lovely.
@rachelburden I'm running 100 Marathons in 100 days to help raise funds for our NHS Superheroes I've now completed…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @leegewen Cider with ice please!!! @alansclayton @mmgeissler I mean, this is so true. And I never thought I’d say chocolate could ruin a biscuit, but… @miller_cricket Exactly
@MichelleDignan Even when he's not trying to be funny. This is his serious face @chriswarburton_ @clairesaintee 😆 @clairesaintee I go orange, fruit, mint @wendybeechward @bbc5live (Btw where?)Three fine days and a thunderstorm? Sums it up quite nicely. Thundery breakdown tonight and into Friday for many…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @wendybeechward @bbc5live An empty beach?? Dont tell anyoneI gave him the choice. He almost found the pressure too much to bear. is - which one did he go for? #fruit #orange @liztomlinson1 @bbc5live gorgeous! @leegewen @bbc5live When you say pool....?Finally, insomnia explained.
Retweeted by Rachel BurdenMorning - we're wondering if today is the pinnacle of our summer? August bound to be rubbish. How are you making th…
Also hands up who’s put on a bit of weight in lockdown? Advice on shifting away from the snacks. And why TV has pul… we have an idea about the new normal as we loosen the lockdown. But what about the long term? Tomorrow we’ll exp… a look around one of Cardiff’s schools preparing for re-opening next week. Five pupils per class, about a quart…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @WoolacombeTIC @BeachWoolacombe @WoolacombeSands Except it’ll be raining by the time we get there 😩(don’t care, we’… @tracey_crouch @MTWnhs Best of luck with the ongoing treatment. You’re in great hands. #NHS @CamberwellEd @bbc5live @JonathanPieNews see subsequent tweetsThis includes - but is not limited to - refraining from playing music or broadcasts that may encourage shouting, in… should therefore avoid environments that require you to raise your voice to communicate with anyone outside you… extra detail on government guidance for lockdown easing: There is an additional risk of infection in en… @scottygb Happy Birthday fella!On @bbc5live after 8 with the latest on the Welsh lockdown. Here are some key dates. July 6th -planned lifting of t…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @mrdanwalker @dorbs84 @bbc5live @JonathanPieNews Ultimately, I defend the claim to 'nuggety wisdom' as ascribed to…'ve always had huge respect for @susannareid100. And that respect grows every time she is shouted down. As I regul… - this has already been spoken. Thank you @mrdanwalker bow to the nuggety wisdom of the @bbc5live listeners: 'You can't hug your Grandma but you can take her on Nemesis… is so sad. Many happy times with the Devon grandparents spent here.📞"Will my boyfriend and I ever be able to be together normally again, and hug and have physical contact?" 🎙️Calum…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @ChrisHawkinsUK @SimonOKing @bbc5live @BBC6Music I mean it looks amazing. That paellaWorrying. The silencing of free-speech, and disregard of legal rights continues in Egypt with abduction of Sanaa Se…
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @SimonOKing @bbc5live @BBC6Music At least you're dressed! You just popped up on instagram timeline semi naked 😳We’re recruiting! Could you be our future site maintenance officer? RTs appreciated. #teamwork #CPSvacancies
Retweeted by Rachel Burden @Jake1976_ @bbc5live Where is it? @Jake1976_ @bbc5live Sadly work might get in the way. @Jake1976_ @bbc5live is that this morning??A Welsh Government spokesman tells me they’d be happy to take up the vacant 5pm briefing slot. As it is, their brie…
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We’ll have experts on every half hour to answer your questions and we’ll hear from celebrating grandparents and hai… I’m totally yay about the lockdown lift, it’s hard to shake the grim caveats from the two Profs. So - we will… if? #GeorgeFloyd #BeTheChange #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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