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@halemur @laurenoyler @xwaldie ☺️ @halemur @laurenoyler @xwaldie This was great, thank you for writing @Ffranciscodgf @libella_lawson I love children of men but haven't read others, would you recommend @FancyEliza @jamesdgreig 💚💚💚💚If someone you date ghosts you or otherwise treats you poorly (but not abusively) I’m not sure it’s edifying to try…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @jennamahale Also I found the responses that were like 'we have to do better' odd, like most people have absolutely… @jennamahale Yes ! I found the section on the presentation of herself as an underdog very good too. Like it's stran… of people on this website literally do not understand how power dynamics work @aliciakennedy Yes exactly ! Also there's lots of good reasons to not want to pursue legal action even if you can a… found the way money was discussed in that essay a bit odd, and imo it is part of a bigger trend where people will… was very good and fair ! @jamesdgreig Some people are just bad at being on this website imoIf I was a millionaire celebrity and someone with less than a hundredth of my follower account criticised my output…
Retweeted by Rachel ConnollyIt’s fundamentally cruel to tell people who are surviving through intolerable conditions that the reason for their…
Retweeted by Rachel ConnollyHonestly one of the worst parts of being somewhat publicly mentally unwell is that every Christmas you’re guarantee…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @Alex__Collinson yeah they grow stronger with every quote tweet @tarajaneoreilly hahahahahaa @salomewagaine @pennyb fuck they must have been @pennyb Her 12 degrees @tarajaneoreilly Truly nothing is more northern Irish catholic @rosalyster He is such a textbook of this type too!My dissertation? Why it was on the psyche of the grifter !Working on a grand unified theorem of the grifter and my favourite observation so far is that a true grifter needs… love to talk about their undergraduate degree as an indicator of niche expertise ! They all do it @rosalyster 'see her ? What was all that about!'Whispering 'god what was all that about' about every family who walks past us, sitting in the pews, as they return… mum loves to say 'god what was all that about' about like a woman wearing a red jacketlots of things are twee or embarrassing without being structurally or politically bad @joelgolby me when i kill your careerend the genre of essay which is basically 'i find xx annoying in a way i find hard to explain'
@seanbgoneill on this day a star was born !Thanks to celebrities and the mega-rich, OnlyFans is changing. I spoke to the long-time sex workers on the platform…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @sarahmanavis what a beauty !"No one is more oppressed than us" - rich people
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@jessf_white wonderful isn't it, it addresses so much complexity in such an accessible way
Re read this again today, a perfect essay @bedishaaa @ragsoflove I feel like we've uncovered something here ! @joandiddlysquat yes ! @ragsoflove Do you live in dalston? He wakes me up every night these days !I think a useful thing to have is an ease in your opinion. Intellectualising something for fear of condemnation is…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @AnnaCafolla Well exactly !I wish I knew less about the fox who lives in the alley behind my flat's sex life ! @culturedbitch Boring and obvious is exactly it ! Completely dreary piece tbh @chalravens Granted ofc ! @culturedbitch 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️ @johnpmerrick Please recruit others to your cause! It is everywhere !! @culturedbitch @workfrankly You're so right @workfrankly @culturedbitch Textbook funny voice @nthnashma I mean that's literally us @0h__h3ck Hahahahahaa @rosalyster That's way they pay me the big bucks @nthnashma Pitching @rosalyster Why would the pest be paid more than the controller @0h__h3ck Do not @nthnashma Hahahahaa @0h__h3ck A word that is constantly misused to intellectualise things and behaviour that does not need or deserve to be intellectualised @nthnashma Wait are you saying my comparison between marmalade and alienation isn't analysis ?Getting my money into the bookies early on this one and saying that this word is the new 'neoliberalism'
@Mr_Considerate Me reading this tweet @Mr_Considerate The best book on the troubles? Why! That would have to be the only one I've read that was out last… @gemmamilne They're lucky to have you ☺️ @gemmamilne @stsucl Ah well done !Liz Bruenig’s ‘recommend some books about The Troubles’ thread is hilarious.
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @HollyMConnolly @FitzcarraldoEds This is the correct one surely
Beyond the bigotry and backwardness of it, typing away some horror fantasy fiction about a community you’re obsesse…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @tarajaneoreilly @AMHeathLtd @florencerees93 Always @tarajaneoreilly @AMHeathLtd @florencerees93 Yayy 💚💚💚💚 @HollyMConnolly This is why you'll never be a girl boss, *some* of us love the grind !What an enchanting piece ! wrote about lost libraries, Coetzee's papers at the Ransom Centre, a story I heard about Gordimer's personal coll…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @HollyMConnolly @joandiddlysquat @jays_theword Yeah I'll DM you ☺️ @joandiddlysquat @jays_theword @HollyMConnolly Ohhh gonna contact him too, I think I've been doing myself out by under expensing things @jamesdgreig This is a very high vantage point for a snake I have to sayBasically Frost Nixon @Mr_Considerate Look at this !The leak of the century ! @LolaOriowo I honestly can't think of a worse dressed celebrity @LolaOriowo Ahhhhhh @Mr_Considerate This is an incredibly periwinkle coloured tweet sir ! @AnnaCafolla Ross got advertised the opportunity to buy a private island the other day lolMe getting on the internet
Retweeted by Rachel ConnollyNo disrespect, shade, or hostility to anyone whatsoever but "corporate lobbyist for starbucks" absolutely does not…
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@SophieHaigney 😁😁😁😁 @rosalyster @jamesdgreig Very interesting to see how keen you are to tear down working women 🙄!!!! @meghamohan Really cannot recommend this book enough, I cook from it at least once a week and it's great for veggie… @jamesdgreig You're the competition James, don't like the heat get out of the kitchen !Always makes me laugh when someone posts a subtweet that basically describes them 😂😂😂 why people do it, but think twice before sharing missing persons posts that have mobile nos as contact i…
Retweeted by Rachel ConnollyAccording to this (very good) book , in London there are six empty buildings for every single person sleeping rough…
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @jays_theword @constamtinople @libella_lawson @Charlie1895793 RoaringThis was a good review of a book I liked @johneodonovan @avawongdavies We didn't know there were different types of allergies so we presumed Lucien would be… @johneodonovan @avawongdavies But you won't find a better companion ! @johneodonovan @avawongdavies I have to say they are actually not hypoallergenic for everyone (some people are alle…
i wrote about jessica
Retweeted by Rachel Connolly @joandiddlysquat @jays_theword Absolutely second that it's a really horrible age imo (ofc not belittling circumstances) @jamesdgreig Good to have you onboard @franczechsca It's so greatNot very many things I can say for certain in life but I can promise you will not find a better cat