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human incarnate. photographer, journalist, teacher, poet, idiot. Existential and congruent

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Joined Twitter 10/12/10 @microxstephn JyesIt should’ve been called Boaty McBoatFace @thegallowboob does the job @thegallowboob Would still eat it @kidBRUNSWICK Congraddulatiosnnsn @dressed_in_g0ld She just wanted to 😭 @AuntyDonnaBoys @NetflixIsAJoke Yessss @EvanEdinger GimmeI can’t be the only one who thinks a two week nationwide strong lockdown would be better than months of these scatt…
Retweeted by Kiki @beatleebum Nope. Considering WillowMy kitten. She is baby. We are best friends @noahfinnadams I can’t explain it in a tweet tho gimme a call sometime and I can tell u all I know @noahfinnadams Yea
@ASTEROlDSHERE I agreeThis is terrifying can't quite put into words how absolutely fucking furious I am with this government. £8 per resident of Manche…
Retweeted by KikiQuite a moment as Andy Burnham is shown the government’s £22 million offer on live TV.
Retweeted by KikiDo u think we (the whole of the UK) should be having a proper lockdown (virtually everything closed including schools ) @eleanor1999_ LMAOOO @tessanetting 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@noahfinnadams WOPPS @rogueandroses No name yet @noahfinnadams I didn’t tho it’s ~a joke~ hehe @ellasayshiya DuhYou’re welcome it work
Retweeted by Kikiif u show a girl a cool enough bug she will have sex with you
Retweeted by Kiki @clairo SkrrttttttI found this engagement ring this morning on the pavement on Swains Lane, Highgate, N6. Please RT, and let me know…
Retweeted by KikiNew trim what do you think @wallowsdeclan Well u have made it this far haven’t you? u got thisidk what the fuck I’m doing but it seems to be working @SWatercolour txt me back coward @Pheenips So cuteFYI she earns $1.86 per 60 bundles of radishes, and she paid more state and federal taxes than the president did.…
Retweeted by KikiWhat in God’s name is he talking about @afterdarks IM GONAN CRY @RupareliaEthan LovelyGo on doddleoddle making us proud AT OUR NEW HOUSEMATE 😍
Retweeted by KikiPicking up this kitten this week @doddleoddle @BBCR1 @AnnieMac Yesss my faves @docaput Hope u both feel better soon!!! @savannahbrown on it @Jake_Stephenz It’s pretty bad
Today is the last day of #OCDAwarenessWeek Ironically, because my OCD decided to return this year (yay unsurprisin…
Retweeted by KikiIf you marry me we’re having separate bedrooms I fell in love and now I gotta share a bedroom for the rest of my life??
Retweeted by Kiki @robynbradburyy Lmaooolet it go @kleanureeves Tru I just checked @kleanureeves Alex I’m doing so badly at ffI don't think you understand what you're admitting too.
Retweeted by KikiI can kinda no longer handle the amount of advertising on youtube.
Retweeted by KikiIt’s about the first 30 years of their lives before they started high school.
Retweeted by Kiki @matthaig1 Matt I only know of bill Bailey and I’m barely in my 20s. I wouldn’t worry. just means our attention is… @DrBradJohnson @917jd Self-care doesn’t make you selfish.
Retweeted by KikiTeachers, it's not unprofessional/weak to be tired, to cry, to feel like you are running on empty, or already burne…
Retweeted by Kiki @delphibear Xxx
My new single ‘Crazy’ is out in 6 days! If you pre save it TODAY you can get early access to the live version of Ev…
Retweeted by Kiki @thegallowboob Shut up @Amarghh I am come to ride @Amarghh Is park open?What is happening in Mexico?
Retweeted by KikiLondon lockdown 2.0
Retweeted by KikiIf someone don't get a tin of coke ima freak
Retweeted by Kiki...????
Retweeted by Kiki
@Jake_Stephenz :/ @rohmontgomery LMAO @Jake_Stephenz 🤔
Are u my cousin @JohnJam37589845 would u take pics of my kneeThe Flaming Lips performed a gig in bubbles to an audience also in bubbles last night.
Retweeted by KikiNo mixing households but I still have to teach kids in a cramped classroom without masks 🥰🥰🥰🥰Sorry but as London moves into tier 2, how does THIS WORK? None of these rules make sense? No mixing but we can be…
Retweeted by Kiki @ohdarrrling Yep @homesickaf LMAOOOOO
@SkyNews is for me? @WillJosephCook nmadi have drunken @WillJosephCook *the worldThank you @DeclanMcKenna for taking time out to jam with our LAE Band students giving them all an amazing experienc…
Retweeted by Kiki<3 peep me and will vibing <3
@10000Hawks They won’t like thatlike. Ok. Thanks meI triggered myselfLol that was crazy @RachelKiki_
Retweeted by Kikican I just say a massive shoutout to @kidBRUNSWICK for not only the sick music but an incredibly brave and importan…
Retweeted by Kikihaven't heard anything about her in a while
Retweeted by Kiki @agbcutforth legend thank uok i did it can you go say something nice so the school lets me run their instagram more often and i get good rep t… running my schools instagram. do i use the phrase immaculate vibes in a post @zantyagossj Thnx I like taking photos @AmybethMcnulty u have completed tiktok @AmybethMcnulty This is a terrible tweet why did I put those spaces and miss out a word @AmybethMcnulty liven it up w idk ghost tiktok or Mongolian throat singing something @docaput happy anniversary lovely babies @willhooper Can u get me one