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i make @wrestlesplania and a documentary about PA voting rights. google image search rap squat i’m in there. hit me up.

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@BrettRedacted I earnestly love the complete lack of chemistry the leads haveAquaman is so far, VERY stupid. enjoying it a lot @heiwabokecrisis one of my favorite things is clumsy and obvious song cues in movies so naturally I loved itAquaman is the Damian Omen of the ocean????Where I Come From The Sea Carries Our Tears Away. Not Here. We Feel It.scream laughing at the sigur ros song indicating romance in aquaman @AltMayo I’m the dudes watching and commentating but not helping
@jourdayen tangential to this, Margot Robbie was the only woman in the higher up production end of I,Tonya, which really blows my mind @gabydvj Coney! @sassyblackdiva the second I sent that i realized the answer @sassyblackdiva I watched her IG story yesterday and does she always post like that or is she having a manic breakdown??? @bulkUSBchargers once when my old sister was excitedly mixing liquors she made a drink that she loudly proclaimed “… to bed with incredible anger and frustration in my heart nighty night @veryhotmomm same @notbinIaden how @pfeiff_j it was a huge broadway hit for sure but I’m wondering how it’ll do box office wise @ericdeamer he brings up fluoride in the water in the first two minutes of the movie! @presenteric it’s chill that he did this movie and absolutely believes in Soros funded protestors @zlingman the words “fluoride in the water” are said within 2 minutes of its runtime @brianchiong when they track him with the purchase!!!!!! it ripswatching Conspiracy Theory, which is basically like “what if alex jones was a cab driver and also was Mel Gibson.”… @Borvis_ I found $50 in front of the video store as a child and my mom GAVE it BACK to the counter and then my dad…🥳 partying + 😭 in-tears =
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @zlingman I mean so is a baggy Katie Hopkins pussy you know @zlingman it is a salute to how much being drawn and quartered sounds like it sucks
@reynoldsgareth thanks manthere are trans people in the Midwest! cmon you ask me you can’t depoliticize abortion in 2019! but that’s just me'm still blogging
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @Nicole_Cliffe just make sure you keep a loyalty card to a store you don’t really go to because that is good for a basic doorknob lock @SRN_lol you know craft services sucked if it’s Lack @rachelmillman *whispering* that's Ektorp
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @Marc_Normandin the bed frame from episode 11 of the tick is the tarva although there’s a SLIM chance it’s from Mujii sit here and i self analyze consistently about why i’m unlikable and yet i do nothing about my consistent habit o… @melip0ne @portable_lunch I love romanceFeeling particularly shaken today after reading a Post that followed the phrase 'Friendly Reminder' with an absolutely brutal SCOLDING
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @CoachBigNate it’s not hard @rosadona sat on an ice pack earlier 😎 @kiedis_shrugged @sheas_slap_shot good! @sheas_slap_shot I haven’t heard this story! @thesnotgreensea i think he’s great I’m just super impressed at how many roles he’s getting @henrytcasey he was in twin peaks!!!!!who the hell is brett gelman’s agentLet’s be honest it has been an extremely cursed summer
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @zabrinadel just top to bottom dog shit @kath_krueger I went a few weeks back for the first time and immediately considered a move @SeanRMoorhead @Agi1eTab1et I’ve hit a point with the discussion of that movie now where when I see people asking “… @Agi1eTab1et send nip bitch @SeanRMoorhead @Agi1eTab1et i went manic and decided it didn’t have long term staying power @Agi1eTab1et dm me please @andylevy when the dog walks call you gotta take em :( @andylevy Andy I’m DISGUSTING. yes outsidewhy was today the day I walked 8 miles? I dunno. bad move @goodjobliz is that Catherine Zeta-Jones’s twin over her shoulder
@MelissaSchuman @instagram that’s such a weird glitch on their end, then! @MelissaSchuman @instagram maybe you’re rate limited?doing what I call the “reverse plath” and sticking my head in a freezer @yc you fuckin said it @RiggedPig @TrevorLess congrats on the gig @RiggedPig @TrevorLess i was going to say the president’s tweets @TrevorLess hey guess what was in the dump @CoachBigNate sorry I just fav’d it can’t undo @CoachBigNate your brain type is D- @topshelftyson @theCJS what a heavenly post @BlkGirlManifest Plainly that the first month is AWKWARD @kendrawcandraw @dreamoforgonon I’m probably gonna go tonight @Seanternet @Yelix Jupiter has Dog Tatum. cats has no dogs @sassyblackdiva I’m in Williamsburg for the next hour-ish and then I’m free!listening to Bonnie Raitt on the ferry to achieve maximum ennui @sassyblackdiva come hang today please @BlueBear2487 @dreamoforgonon @mekosoff I think it’s a dump or an impound parking lot @dreamoforgonon @mekosoff additionally I think it’s a Monty Python reference @dreamoforgonon @mekosoff because ALW is bad at his job @mekosoff oh my god I used “ok SO” twice I need a copy editor @dreamoforgonon @mekosoff The boot in the stage version is that of a giant @mekosoff ok SO in the musical iirc all of the props are oversized implying they live in a human’s world. I think a… @Yelix that being said Tom Hooper is fucken boring @Yelix per until you see a lady cat sing about how she used to be a hottie and then go to reincarnation heaven on a… @neighbormania Have you ever heard one snap? It’s like a gunshot @Ugarles @allisongeroi all of these musicals following Cats in that location makes the utmost sense to me @LouisPeitzman @BrettRedacted Taylor won’t do it but Derulo? he’d probably do it. @LouisPeitzman @BrettRedacted post depending on box office receipts. there will definitely be a tour imo @allisongeroi as a kid I assumed the wintergarden theater was built for the express purpose of housing Cats. when i…’s remarkably funny that the thing that has shaped musicals for nearly all of our lives was improvisers in cat ea… all of the Cats musical wiki last night and that show made $2 billion by 1994. two billion dollars @megclark_txt @RiggedPig I love that her ears are just an extension of her eyebrows @ThisGuyGetsLit thank you for clocking me w/ your display name @mekosoff ok SO this answer contains the awful counter question of Have You Seen The MusicalAre you a writer who likes things on the internet that are pleasant? If so, you should pitch an entry in The Outlin…
Retweeted by tom schwartz’s transition lenses @emmaroller he’s got the right corny energy. the year of derulo is upon us @emmaroller I hate to say this but I actually think Jason Derulo is going to do well with this role @minkahunter he’s so good it’s stunning @aklingus love you rooting for you! @KwameOlajuwon @RickyRawls it’s a joke I replied to my friend with @Borvis_ Matt Riddle looks great @Borvis_ if they were going to make this this is the way it was going to be done @theCJS can’t fuck with the brands, baby @tonybonesarelli @HenryKrinkIe I think it might qualify as an actual hate crime