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social @outline, co-host @wrestlesplania, screeching for gerrymandering reform in @lineinthestreet.

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@sukatra @Spartacussin naw @dark_putout @ben_geier @WhiteSoxSlater if they knew anything about me and how I’ve consistently been willing to ye… @ben_geier @WhiteSoxSlater oh my god @WhiteSoxSlater how did you FIND this @Spartacussin I don’t do anything online for the approval of men and this is really disturbing projection @Spartacussin excuse me what
@DJWeedPizza @JANELABABY ya @MattandPumpkin not hate speech to suggest a stroll @duderuiner She’s just SITTING like thatare you okay @MattandPumpkin She’s gorgeous! this site allows nazis and me telling Hillary to test her strength is not a bannabl… @MattandPumpkin be less of a cop for your beautiful dog imo @blanketboat happy birthday angel! @TrevorLess @barcssarc @racheI_maybe lmfao I just saw “kemba wanker” @daltondeschain smh no one believes in women @SexyChuckieT Longer swoosh hair I bet @barcssarc colorful language implies cussing. where did I cussi said please and didn’t cuss @TheProductDS hey dude I just sent you a DM! ok toodles @akacrispy 2nd time but the only other time was when I was 17 @ebruenig I’ll freely admit my tweet was in bad faith. but @ohlaika_ can I get a ride @jesserca VERY cooloh yeah I guess this means I’ve committed myself to Tampa. what’s good Tampa @CountCaleb I’m so sorry I can unretweet if you wantthank you @JANELABABY for letting spring break tickets go on sale the day I get paid. see you in the 3rd row @Sir_WhiskersPhD @AlexRickels @LineintheStreet @BobbyBigWheel HELL yeah we did @ajoeltaylor Honestly the main reason I want one is insurance to not get suspended @helen ALSO I have a separate question. is that you on the tarte site lol @helen Helen I had a similar reaction @verysmallanna Anna THANK YOUone of my favorite things I do is invent an excuse once a month to have people send me dog pics at work @elzzw She’s right and I’m glad she said it @BudrykZack people truly want to be cyber cops @KobysaurusRex this site stinks koby!!!!! @TenderBeefsteak I just was trying to get her on a reality showFYi it was in reply to this holding my hand and telling me not to off myself because I told H*llary Cl*nton to hot car baby herselflol cmon @UweBollocks really thought this was gonna go in the opposite direction @Yelix no, order a grilled cheese sandwich @bluetickmark @outline I linked this tweet to three different chats it’s perfect thanksfrog blast the vent core
Retweeted by rachel millman @RiggedPig I already grabbed new boots for the first time in FOUR YEARS!!!! so I shan’t go apeshit yet but I’ve alr… @RiggedPig those are beauts. link me daddiA+ correction
Retweeted by rachel millman @sprtnght OH my god that was you?! hi! hello. wow @sprtnght hello!it’s time to admit I’ve been thinking about this tweet for two weeks @McDreaBean @kevinxku What if Kevin and Dom.....were booked.......the next time I’m in KC......... @kevinxku @beyondwrestling @indiewrestling Come ON I can’t skip thanksgiving man @ThePervyPhantom Ayyy @Aaron0VT it’s out! dm me tomorrow I’ll send links @bland_gravy @Ice_Cream_Jones i hate mine @bland_gravy me for the past week nightly @jackson_herring constantly. I would love to become hot @david_mcphisto I watched it on a rooftop a few years ago and it was lovely @PiggyCarnage roommates watching it I think he rented it @AdamCirc Adam I need you to grow upgrace kelly saying “pay attention to me” is my moodI love short videos of pure maniacs
Retweeted by rachel millmanshout out to jimmy stewart for showing toes in rear windowthe thing that never seems to stick to amanda palmer is that the voice you hear between tracks on “who killed amand…
Retweeted by rachel millman @TamikaVST @puzmi excuse me WHAT @jourdayen I sincerely believe SAD walloped everyone this week and I’m sorry it’s hitting you too
@GraceSpelman that’s right. psyop their asses @GraceSpelman set it to Bernie rallies @IdahoBones tag my fucking account next time @People4Bernie go to dm!...can any of you show Bernie the doc pleaseBernie I have a documentary about gerrymandering you’d LOVE @markhoppus which one are you. are you Nick @wine_nymph HAPPY BIRTHDAY U HOT BITCHyou can clap by faving and retweeting the original post and also by clicking on it and reading shuja’s excellent co… @liz_franczak him versus pete....I could sleep for hoursplease clap @RiggedPig @megclark_txt even mike the oaf is right that meg is hot and looks cool @amandamull Honestly in my hunt for longer term housing anywhere that will let me bring my cat.....yeah that’s fine @amandamull I immediately was like “under $1800. huh” @megclark_txt you look hot now though. sooreyYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is making “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” a cringe thing to say. We’ve…
Retweeted by rachel millman @Boringstein I rewatched Popstar on Monday night and it’s incredible how prescient the Not Gay song in that was @Shazza_McKenzie @pastasauca @EFFYlives @GCWrestling_ @collective2020 FYI I’m not being shady it’s just that when I… @Shazza_McKenzie @pastasauca @EFFYlives @GCWrestling_ @collective2020 they will be mixed and stored in the finest t… @EFFYlives @Shazza_McKenzie @GCWrestling_ @collective2020 oh he makes PUNS now @Shazza_McKenzie @EFFYlives @GCWrestling_ @collective2020 one lone miserable postmates driver delivering like 40 eg… @TamikaVST her team deciding to release Sweetner in q1 to give her really good numbers has left me keeping my eye o… @TamikaVST Tamika I’m so glad you’re also on my wavelength @jakeyner oh yeah! it’s all positive as hell and I think she’s doing great stuff but it’s still something that peri… @BradyInAZ @J2theBs_Gaming @oneunderscore__ @DylanByers @NBCNews I mean he’s technically correct I am a huge bitchanyway if she replies to me with “Election Day the 3rd” I will shut up and go fuck myselfthe specific phrasing of her tweet to not have a tacit endorsement is unfortunately really smart PR but the positiv… but I have one more thing to say about this!!!!! Ariana posing with him is just as much a PR move for her as… @ShutUpExcalibur @trentylocks @rainmakerXokada @DUNKZILLADavis why does he look so SAD. Greg why are you sad here @APak77093359 @itsJeffTiedrich @AP this is really bad RPGon the other hand tho saying it’s her fault gets me those sweet sweet likes @Yelix @krneely and if we look at Katy’s career, we know centrism doesn’t sell records @Yelix @krneely they’re all still cancelled for yelling at me BUT I will say she’s smart and knows her image and ca… @Yelix @krneely honestly in my off time I look at stan twitter a lot and hers have consistently been really left @grabmybuttsticc That was my initial response too but it’s a well written review