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Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema, SOAS, Univ London. Views are mine esp on Bollywood, Sanskrit poetry and elephants. Baker by appt to @HurstPublishers.

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'Bombay Before Mumbai’ launches @SOAS_SAI on Monday ‘A feast of writing on the history of Bombay, in honour of the…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerWhat a welcome London gave to Team #Baahubali last night! I loved every minute of it. @ssrajamouli #Prabhas , TheMAJESTY, TheMAHISHMATI!! #BaahubaliTheBeginningLive
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@RachelMJDwyer in conversation with @ssrajamouli, #Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, @RanaDaggubati and composer M. M. Keera…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerGetting ready for the 7pm start #Baahubali ⁦@RoyalAlbertHall⁩ Pull of the Provincial: Has the metro become less glamorous for Indian cinema?, asks @RachelMJDwyer,…
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"You can make yourself more intelligent. One way is to study people with beautiful minds. Here are some of their ha…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerSee the interviews with the #Baahubali team. @northumbriana
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@northumbriana Hampstead Heath @northumbriana British India had towns named after military/government men so Dalhousie, Lyallpur, and Abbottabad,… @tunkuv Or an elephant. @IndoIslamicPage I was there when this was shot... presents Haldhar Nag. Dr. Haldhar Nag is a Sambalpuri poet and writer from Odisha, India. Popularly known… that have just bought 100 copies of @northumbriana's book. Howway the lads! @HurstPublishersAttention all Borderers! I’m at the @BerwickLitFest this Saturday at 10am talking about my book (…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerJoin the World premiere of #Baahubali at the @RoyalAlbertHall on the 19th! Live rendition of the epic score in sync…
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is this still the greatest cultural contribution to 2019
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerDelighted to see that @northumbriana's wonderful book on the north-east of England is deservedly (& literally) in t…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerDay 1 @Book_Fair and we’re ready to go. Come and find us in Hall 6 at stand A.125. #HurstAtFrankfurt #Hurst50 #FBF19
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerOn #WorldFoodDay why not cook with neglected 'ugly' ingredients that are tasty, sustainable & cheap. 'Ugly Food' i…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @northumbriana I know how cramped for space the books pages of national newspapers are these days, but Dan's book r…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerPerhaps what is most revealing in recording even the most ordinary recollections of those who lived through extraor…
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In London next week? Don’t miss this event about a brand new book on another great city: Bombay before Mumbai!…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @AmyKazmin @nilanjanaroy What you really need are Trader Joe's peanut butter pretzels. @MikeDwyerMike doesn’t like 🥦
@MikeDwyerMike I like your choice of a picture of Edinburgh for a story about English Civil War.Oh COME ON @EconomicTimes!
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerNow I know. Premiere of Baahubali Live @RoyalAlbertHall SAT 19 Oct. Pre-show Q&A! Post-show DJ set! Hurry tkts selling o…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer"If I was to characterise the North East as friendly, sociable, obsessed with hard work, football, drinking, but al…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerBBC News The Northumbrians book meets critical and popular acclaim
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerGoshawk. Mughal, 18th Century. Christie's.
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @northumbriana And Greys from Doddington/Wooler...
Chased by villagers, around 32 elephants ran into Nuxalbari T.E. Our security was ready & safe passage ensured. The…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerThis from ⁦@petercrouch⁩ is not only the funniest thing I have ever read in ⁦@TimesMagazine⁩ but so writerly in its…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerWell done @northumbriana - very timely - and a great subject
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @MikeDwyerMike @northumbriana @MikeDwyerMike @northumbriana Here's yer Oyster, pet.
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I'm Mike, from north London. Dan (@northumbriana) from North Shields made me wear this shirt. I must keep it on t…
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Review of Olivier Roy's 'Is Europe Christian' in @TheTLS: 'provocative and sprightly,' a 'vital brainstorming essay…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerBombay Before Mumbai: Essays in Honour of Jim Masselos Discussants: Rachel Dwyer with Jim Masselos, Arjun Appadura…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerJust arrived, bursting with fascinating essays...
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer800 Year Old Sculpture of Elephant Worshipping Lord Shiva In Quanzhou, China
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer1950s :: Churchgate Station, Bombay
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @holland_tom @19Averil Nice to see you reviewed alongside a @HurstPublishers book. (BTW, Olivier is a Protestant.)Animal heads in 16th century Safavid book decoration (IO Islamic 843 and Add.23702 binding) #BLPerMss #SafavidArt
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @RachelMJDwyer Very eagerly looking for this. Flying from San Francisco to London to attend this event and to see o…
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‘If I had to recommend a book to someone moving to the NE for the first time to help them orientate themselves in a…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerPreparing to meet #Prabhas #anushka #ranadaggubati #mmkeeravani and #SSRajamouli soon (though sorry to miss… to see that Edward Robson's Tyne-built paddle tug 'Monarch' will feature on the new £20 note. It was buil…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @BhopalHouse I am so looking forward to seeing you go to a festival. Interesting story of *The Kalighat Hoard* (A Thread) Some time in 1783, a fisherman found a treasure hoard of…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerRoscoe Arbuckle delivers a letter in The Hayseed (1919)
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerGood morning!
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerLooking forward to talking to him Oct 19th @RoyalAlbertHall #Devji discusses #Brexit divisions in our new blog post: 'Reflections on the Prospects of a New #English
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Thrilled to announce our new catalogue featuring Congresswoman @IlhanMN’s memoir, @MacaesBruno on the birth of a ne…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerElephants marching! The famed #JambooSavari during the #MysuruDasara festivities. #Dasara2019 #Dasara
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerSpring-Summer 2020 via @issuu
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Mysuru Dasara: Thousands witnessing the world famous ‘Jamboo Savari’ in Mysuru to have a darshan of Goddess Chamund…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer#BIGNEWS: Elephant Arjuna all decked up for the great #JambooSavari in #Mysuru.
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer#Dusshera2019: Elephants To Participate In ‘#JambooSavari’ Take Blessings At #Dargah In #Mysuru
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Charles Dickens’ Bleak House: not very topical at all.
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerUK's most trusted professions. 1. Nurses: 96% 2. Doctors: 92% 3. Teachers: 89% 4. Engineers: 87% 5. Professors: 86…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerMark my words, moonface magee will be coming for you!!! #LifeInTheSnow #greatgreyowl
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerHugely enjoying @northumbriana's new book "The Northumbrians", especially the chapter on Northumbrian enlightenment…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerOfficials try to retrieve the bodies of six elephants that fell to their deaths trying to save each other from a wa…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @bombaywallah @priyaatwal @HurstPublishers @thesinghtwins @MikeDwyerMike Illustration by Singh twins. I don't know the designer.
Huge congratulations to @northumbriana (aka Dan Jackson) on his brilliant new book The Northumbrians, a fascinating…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerThis is currently my favourite person on the Internet 😂 how does he keep a straight face
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‘A wonderful book: full of amazing detail, wise, humane & balanced. Often hilarious, often upsetting; in love with…
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Beyond thrilled to share that my book, ‘Royals and Rebels: The Rise and Fall of the Sikh Empire’ will be out next y…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerI second that. As British publishing becomes increasingly insular and fearful, @MikeDwyerMike at @HurstPublishers i…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @DJLdistraction A publisher I know (😉) says the editor/publisher should not circulate such defamatory material.Two new stamps mark 50 years of #Thin #Lizzy
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerThe new @HurstPublishers catalogue is now online, featuring books by @IlhanMN @iyad_elbaghdadi @nktpnd @DanKaszeta
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerAstonishing photograph. Peter Sissons, John Lennon, Jimmy Tarbuck, Brian Labone and Ivan Vaughan in the same snap.…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer'I slowly, gently draw the spirit from the cask Seeking to sup from its bleeding hole Till I'm filled with two soul…
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Three of our authors will be at @CheltLitFest this year: @KarolineCQKan, @MadawiDr and @kapskom. Find out more abou…
Retweeted by Rachel Dwyer @HMRCcustomers No reply. Of course. @HMRCcustomers Round and round trying to recover user id and password. Chats not working. Do I have to use post?I finished The Northumbrians yesterday. I think it's the best book on a region of Britain I've ever read. Full of w…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerAmbiguous headline. #pantsonfire Everybody needs good neighbours . . . Jason Donovan helps put out fire in his un… finish @northumbriana’s The Northumbrians: North East England & Its People, which is a wonderful book: full of am…
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Nice piece in this morning's Journal about @northumbriana's book The Northumbrians
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerCanny neet oot. Roy ‘An Indian way of filmmaking’. Today @SOAS_SAI
Satyanash't forget to order your book on China with today's 30% discount - see thread below for some of the titles availa…
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From Cheryl to @MikeDwyerMike - how and why @northumbriana came to write his terrific book about the North East.
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerCat coming to terms with its existence
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerLooking for some good podcasts for #InternationalPodcastDay? Here are some of our favourites from 2019 (thread) 1.…
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerIn company with literary women... (via questionableadvice)
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerMaking a case for living and working with elephants (@rachelmjdwyer)
Retweeted by Rachel DwyerTeaching starts this week. @tomdraper1 @northumbriana I don't think @MikeDwyerMike saw the Cheryl episode. I saw @holland_tom tweeting Dan an… @holland_tom Jackson on his new book - The Northumbrians @northumbriana
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