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React Core. Author: GDE—Formerly W3C, MSFT. #INFJ #single Still a manga punk. Joyously sleeps in middle of bed

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@MiriSuzanne @OddBird @Natbat @stubbornella @jina @samusagray @HugoGiraudel @shlidor @zellwk @Snugug Likewise. Love… @MiriSuzanne @OddBird @Natbat @stubbornella @jina @samusagray @HugoGiraudel @shlidor @zellwk @Snugug End of an era.… @saronyitbarek Don't think I can afford a career outside tech @AishaBlake @KR1573N Awwww yeah @TartanLlama I like this response. Situations where I gotta declare a pronoun always cause mild panicWhelm: the feeling of being dragged underwater during an interaction, action, or process Usage: "The whelm was high in that presentation."lol @mtliendo Veggies and fruits are way cheaper than meat. It's the devices that are expensive. I struggle with storage capacity, personally @olliethinks YissssI don't cook. I make smoothies.Yes I put rose petals in my smoothies. Makes them LUXURY SMOOTHIESMy pandemic life as a smoothie mixologist @acdlite @brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov @lunaruan @necolas @sebmarkbage @threepointone @trueadm @yuzhiz Oh yeah we should do thisThe Dodo in Life. By @TetZoo
Retweeted by R 'Nearest' Nabors 💙 @acdlite Oh Florida. Kingdom of thunder
Dear UK, why did you not tell me Simon Pegg was in two seasons of the British equivalent of Mallrats aka Spaced? C… @JeromeHardaway In case anyone sees this and wants to do it, but doesn't know how, @waterproofheart wrote an articl…
Retweeted by R 'Nearest' Nabors 💙Student: I like your courses at You should make more. Me: Funny you should mention that..… stereotype the elderly as lonely while neglecting to notice ourselves and our peers much afflicted #BookThoughts @VicVijayakumar @soniagupta504 @brownyellowizsh I used the body wash. It was a good smell. @realist That's the spirit! It's bad! But it's like one of those instant packets of hot cocoa: terrible but heartwarming @soniagupta504 @brownyellowizsh @VicVijayakumar I used to use chocolate axe hoping the project managers would be mo… wonder whose social media accounts are going to become popular post-humously, like dead artists whose work suddenly finds and audience. @AmyShackles You seem cool, too, Amy :)That said, I’m grateful for the friends I have found and made through this medium. I’ve always believed in the powe… stars. Youtube subscribers. Twitter followers. These numbers can convert into career opportunities. I should… can’t reduce love and acceptance to a metric. I worry about the psychological impact of deriving our own value… Internet Popular used to be pretty important to me. (I recall hitting 10k followers!) Much, much later I rea… @xdesro Make sure to balance your relationship portfolio with real people who will come hug you when you are sad <3
One of the things I wonder about with the rise of Influencer Culture. Life gets hard. And all the likes and faves c… @xdesro Subtweeting myself, thank youBeing Internet Popular is not a substitute for being a Person Who Has FriendsMaybe I love this horrible terrible movie because it’s about two 30+ adult children being alive, goofy, and making… @TriumphantBass 0.oI love Eurovision Song Contest: the Story of Fire Saga. It was made for me. Right down to the cheesy American red t… @freezydorito I didn't believe any of this was possible two years ago: "You will wake up divorced, both parents dea…
@kurtkemple I need better TCdoodlez @pablostanley As someone great once said, "Lord, I don't need to be THAT strong!" @aweary @dan_abramov Me too! @SBinLondon These situations are hard. You will have to make a call. And whatever you decide will suck or have a gr… to @dan_abramov for showing me the ropes with like zero judgment. It's intimidating working in a new codebase… asked @dan_abramov for "fun, light, boring work." He gave me this and said, "I'm not sure if this is fun..." Hey… @freezydorito Going to get mine snipped tomorrow. Far too floof for this world @freezydorito Honestly I'm lovin' what I'm seeing at the parkFeel good job of the day: triaging @reactjs issues increased tenfold last lockdown! Good for your health and good for our birds. Don’t forget to record y…
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@schneems Work helped me interact with people day to day. I needed that. Now... seeing people is so rare... @schneems I've actually had some friendships collapse under pandemic stress and find myself stranded far from my fr… "This seems ok." *things happen* Me: "Ok, maybe not ok." Other me: "But if you change things now, it might g… @KiraArghy Where did you get your tank hoodieThe hard thing about being alive right now is figuring out if you should be freezing or fleeing @DotProto A Breville smoothie maker. Literally all it does 😂 @vaidehijoshi Me too @george__mack I gotta say, this is dangerous, magical thinking. Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. People want to believe… @pablostanley Loss is hard @mxstbr @dan_abramov @GatsbyJS Me too :) @SteveHill1981 I also got tubes for making freeze pops with leftovers in my teensy freezer. This is my kinda calorie counting :pGood news: I got a smoothie maker. @kyleshevlin I've read it! And then I forgot I read it and started reading it again and was like "I didn't know that!" all over again @CHERdotdev Hang in there @brian_d_vaughn This handy chart may explain your experiences
@KiraArghy I like the crop :) @SBinLondon Yes! But with boob room. @pamasaur snip snip @gsnedders I have a scarf mask coming, and hood + scarf mask = summer ninja vibesI just want a tank top with a hood. Why can't you provide this, InternetTwitter really is a vortex of anxiety. WTF are you doing here? @kurai you're interested in running a conf like #WomenOfReact2020, @_phzn handled out tech setup and is talking about h…
@SteveHill1981 @seanjreilly @olliethinks @T2TeaOfficial Sorry, mate. Grief is one of those things that defines a la… @dkruythoff It's not where you left off. The world moved on while you changed. There is no rebasing these branches. @SteveHill1981 @seanjreilly @olliethinks @T2TeaOfficial The best way to support grieving people isn't to try to mak… @gdhuyvetters I like the movie as well. Apparently the author considers it a canon AU. Watched the movie during my… recommend Vandermeer's "Southern Reach Trilogy" to read during change/grieving. Features change as a neutral… @SteveHill1981 @olliethinks Check! NYC Breakfast by @T2TeaOfficial <3So. Day 1. My new normal. How... where do I start? *pokes pens across table*Just a wild bunny doing a big streeeetch, to soothe your weary soul
Retweeted by R 'Nearest' Nabors 💙Is anyone learning programming while staying in the Netherlands? Preferably just started a few weeks/months ago I'd…
Retweeted by R 'Nearest' Nabors 💙 @alicetragedy @helenasometimes I think we're still creative... or at least I know I am! Maybe less time to make art… @alicetragedy @helenasometimes I love these!!!! @tesseralis More steam @mhwelander I struggle so much with backgrounds. How did you learn to do these?You don't have to take responsibility for how other people feel. And you don't have to feel bad for feeling things…"Making someone happy" is often something we do more for ourselves than for someone else—to escape the discomfort o… is not your job to "make other people happy" when they are feeling down, either. You can be there for them in th… reminder that it is ok not to be happy all the time. No animal lives in a constant state of joy and delight.…
@sebmck2 Maybe I need one of these. There's nothing I feel is worth talking about beside the tsunami of mental heal… all! I have some news to share. After the Microsoft @github acquisition of @npmjs , I was part of a sizeable ro…
Retweeted by R 'Nearest' Nabors 💙 @dan_abramov Green Houses: six songs for invisible gardens. Best background music
@brittanyforks Good way to fritter four years of your life. I enjoyed it.
During mourning, I finished the entire Southern Reach Trilogy. Normally I don't read fiction—I have a tendency to b… @HelloMajiyd Brand New AnimalWell BNA got freaking dark @AishaBlake @BriannaWu YUSSSSSSSS @AlxSavage @NikkitaFTW Which of my coworkers sent this to you? @brian_d_vaughn Pro tip: avoid Twitter @AishaBlake @BriannaWu Have you also gotten the recipe book from Jenny’s Splendid Ice Cream? I highly recommend the…