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Rachel Rizzo @RachelRizzo Washington, DC

Director of Programs @TrumanCenter and @TrumanProject. 2019-2020 @BoschStiftung Fellow in Berlin. Adjunct @CNASdc. Europhile. Utahn at heart. Views mine.

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@Jacob_Brogan @waltshaub I was today old.... @NatSecMulligan UM YES ASAPThe only correct answer to this question is Hocus Pocus. less than one week @TrumanProject will host our first ever (and hopefully last ever....) VIRTUAL annual conferen…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @rwilliamsCA Thank you! @shadihamid .@benjaminhaddad @dmarusic guys it looks like we have to refer to Shadi as "Muslim Shadi Hamid" in ever… experts: is there any scenario at all where we know, definitively, who the next president will be the nigh…
@shadihamid This is my favorite video on the internet @fortunefamilyLike the dude who claims all their exes were "crazy"
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoI talk about this very thing in TRUE OR FALSE - how people have weaponized anger, hate, racism, and fear to spread…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @AN_Goldstein Me too!
@Lizhume4peace @TrumanProject @AfPeacebuilding Hope you can join! 😃
We're really proud of this lineup and the framing - that national security starts with living our values at home. J…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @sid_ravishankar @JoaquinCastrotx This will be such a great conversation!.@JoaquinCastrotx will have a fireside chat at #TruCon2020 on “the parallels between domestic and international sec…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @RebeccaBillChav @TrumanProject It's gonna be so great! @IAmAmnaNawaz We are, too! Thank you for joining us!looking forward to this conversation @ #TruCon2020
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoWe only wish everyone could gather in person for this incredible event, but we are excited to see everyone virtuall… Oct 2, 2:20PM ET: a discussion on "political will & climate: how leaders/communities engage on climate at the l…, Oct 2, 12:45PM ET: a panel on "disinfo & malign actors: the lead-up to the 2020 election," on the weaponizatio… Thursday, Oct 1 at 3:25PM ET, @TrumanProject's president and CEO @jenna_dc will have a fireside chat with Jake S…, Oct 1 at 2:05PM ET, a discussion on how the current administration is seizing this moment to put in place to… Thursday, Oct 1 at 12:45PM ET: Congressman @JoaquinCastrotx will have a fireside chat w/ @dandeluce from… Thursday, Oct 1 at 11:45AM ET: Senator @ChrisMurphyCT will be in conversation with @IAmAmnaNawaz from @NewsHour less than one week @TrumanProject will host our first ever (and hopefully last ever....) VIRTUAL annual conferen… @SarahAWildman @derekjGZ @WajahatAli It’s a travesty, yes @EliLake @derekjGZ @WajahatAli 🤷🏻‍♀️ @derekjGZ @WajahatAli I’m just now watching season one 😬 @jasmineelgamal @ShirazMaher I sort of think home girl is adorable. 🥰
@AaronRudroff But it was my ham snack. I had to claim it. @thegulfblog Amazing 😅 @davidwsapp Disturbing @derekjGZ The ham flag @benjaminml Never. Always remember my passport and my ham. @ParraV This is correct“Ma’am, is this your bag of ham?” -TSA guy to me just now It was my bag of ham 😔 @RikeFranke Use Miro! @jasmineelgamal @LizyDent We’ll always support each other! @jasmineelgamal ❤️Yes! if you don’t already follow Jasmine, you should do it now.😀 America's state security agents ever kill me, please no memes or viral social media gimmicks. I hope y'all take to the streets.
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Starting now! Colorado Secretary of State currently talking about steps she and the rest of the state's leaders are… @brooks_rosa @zackbeauchamp @NateSilver538 @BenjySarlin @rickhasen Even if Biden wins in a landslide, I'm so nervou… @markondefense 🙏 @damienics Somewhere there's a large pay phone booth cemeteryGuys, do random mailboxes on the street just, like, not exist anymore or what??This is going to be a fascinating conversation-- join us tonight!!âte de te lire, @Sonia_Dridi !!
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @TwardowskiDC Omg!! Wow—I had no idea. It really is difficult. @shahedghoreishi Oh is that what I should be doing??Me: tries to do keto. Also me: half a jar of peanut butter in one day counts as keto doesn’t it?
Another perspective here from @rachelrizzo, who caught me in a moment of sadness, regret, and deep reflection
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @benjaminhaddad @shadihamid Getting consistently dragged on Twitter is sad for him, though :-( @benjaminhaddad @shadihamid What a loser.Happy birthday to #ThoughtLoser @shadihamid here pictured with his pingouin friend.
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoEasily my favorite tweet of the day. No one does birthday wishes better than @RachelRizzo 😂😂
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @benjaminhaddad @LaurenFishDC @shadihamid It really captures his essence doesn’t it?? @LaurenFishDC @shadihamid so cute huh??.@shadihamid: happy birthday!! Even thought you write articles that everybody hates, I still feel lucky to call you… @TrumanProject tomorrow 09/23 at 5pm MT for a convo about security in Colorado's elections! Ft. CO's Secretary… @EmmaMAshford I'm so sorry, Emma.I was so proud of our @TrumanProject family when we worked with leaders at the city like @GGomezD9 and @ChrisWardD3
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoSenator Romney says he won't block a vote on Trump's SCOTUS nominee. He says, "If the nominee reaches the Senate fl… the Brexit Trilemma back in the news - and with Boris Johnson furiously denying what he agreed to in the Wit…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @cmclymer I am the least creative person ever. Halloween?? Forget it. Gift giving?? Panic inducing. @damienics That’s awful :-( @damienics No the studio is open with very small classes and masks! 😷 @damienics Yes! It’s the best huh??“Come on. You’re being so lazy. This is bullshit.” —my boxing instructor tonight ...also me to myself most mornings
@charlie_simpson Wait, isn't the best way to advance women in defense to have women talk about the need for more women in defense?Thanks ⁦@TrumanProject⁩ ⁦@jenna_dc⁩ ⁦@RachelRizzo⁩ @davidheaton for the opportunity to talk about US-#LatinAmerica
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @RebeccaBillChav @TrumanProject @jenna_dc @davidheaton This conversation was SO great! @j76759925 Still can't believe you're a Republican.Just updated my voter registration!! Have you?? @AllisterChang Immer! @thekarami Organized and attended—I think BYU is the hot spot for Covid now.This is so Utah 😒 @polenz_r I agree. Hopefully in November it will😬 @MichaelShurkin @lindseysheppard Obviously my tweet was supposed to read “wait UNTIL,” but you get the picture @lindseysheppard Wait to you hear about my thoughts on Sheryl Crow. (The worst.) @LaurenFishDC I had a feeling you’d approve of thisI have resisted Gilmore Girls for almost twenty years, but tonight’s the night. This better not suck.
.@AllisterChang for #DC Board of Education!! 😃 as I've also said-- if policy disagreements are the tradeoff for having a stronger Europe with a more robust fo… I've said before, NO ONE should be surprised by this. I think, as Europe begins to become stronger and more inde…"In a letter sent Fri to the president of the Security Council, UK, France & Germany — the 3 European participants… entire apartment is just a mask cemetery now.There is no one more kind or more professional than @AliVelshi
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My statement on the Supreme Court vacancy:
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo#RBG was an icon & a hero. But what my partner reminded me when he sent me this just now was that she was also a wo…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @polenz_r Love this quoteLet me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg.
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoOne of the most extraordinary and exemplary characters of contemporary US life and politics.
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @suzieabdou ❤️❤️ @rabiasquared We’ll all get through this together. It’s time to fight ❤️❤️Tonight we mourn. Tomorrow we fight. Rest In Peace RBG. We thank you.
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoRest in Power, #RBG @cmclymer Heading there now ❤️❤️