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Rachel Rizzo @RachelRizzo Berlin, Germany

Fellow @BoschStiftung 2019-2020. Adjunct Fellow @CNASdc. Mostly foreign policy, progressive politics, & random musings. Utahn at heart. Views mine.

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I’m not sure what the lesson is here for women other than just be careful out there! And dudes, don’t ever do thi… stomach did a flip. I felt like my privacy had been violated. I put only a few pics up, only my first name, no w… downloaded one today and deleted it within two hours. Some guy tracked me down using only my first name I put on… word of caution for my lady friends: So, Ive never used dating apps before. Never been my thing. Ive never been c… @myundiiiiiiies2 I prefer hot garbage, but thanks. @NKFinney Utah’s gonna Utah. @ProfPaulPoast @DrJJoyner Oh I’ll definitely be typing away in the next few weeks and start to say “in an era of....” and then stop myself.In this two-minute video, a group of Utah policymakers mark the 150-year anniversary of the first woman to vote und… @dmedelstein Oh no, it’s the new LIO isn’t it. @RymMomtaz Maybe the latter? I had so many bad dates pre-social media that now I wish I could’ve tweeted about. @Carter_PE I sort of like this phrasing better! @JustinTLogan @EmmaMAshford Revanchist Russia? 🧐 @tanvi_madan 😭😭 @EmmaMAshford "On Earth, where all countries are located..."Can we retire the phrase “in an era of great power competition” yet?
@JerryHendrixII Thanks Jerry! Make sure to note that I always wear my helmet—both on my bike and at my desk! @VladDavidzon @NatSecElitist (Not that I mind. Just an observation!) @VladDavidzon @NatSecElitist No, but it is a weird habit of literally everyone not from Utah to immediately ask me… @NatSecElitist Haha no no, Utah is actually an awesome place! So I guess I couldn’t complain that much. @ParraV @IcyWinslow Tweet of the day 🤣100% @CNNValentine Congratulations! 👏🏼 @SophiaBesch @fbrantner @RikeFranke @HNeumannMEP @ClaudMajor @akoberlin @jana_puglierin @JacobBritta @ABaerbock @kellymagsamen @jteurope See you in July with three suitcases! @jteurope Thanks Jim 😄 @PriestOutWest Lmao HAVE FUN. @JRCookson Oh awesome! @TimRivera You’ve got this and will land something awesome!Me, months before my fellowship ends, checking just one DC organization's website and seeing there are no job openi…
After a Mexican American teen in Idaho criticized Trump supporters, she faced so much ridicule at school that she h…
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoNew piece from @Julie_C_Smith (auf Deutsch!) in Süddeutsche Zeitung on the considerations Germany should make re. t…
A five alarm fire for US democracy. And a 2 horse presidential race among #Democrats. Tonight, justice by #Trump &…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @jackywestermann 😂 @JerryHendrixII Lol do you remember the time I forgot to take it off when I got to work and you asked me why I was… morning from Germany, where I am at the doctor’s office for the first time, and while reading the brochure lea…
@ilangoldenberg Or is that a low bar?Omg, omg omg omg. I was just thinking to myself yesterday: “I wish a new Wes Anderson movie would come out this yea… @JBWolfsthal I understand your position, too! and of course, this administration has not helped at all. I guess my…’d have to say Ted Bundy. @JBWolfsthal My position just comes down to how I view the "Russia threat" and the fact that I think NATO (and US m… @shadihamid Didn't we say @dmarusic is maybe one of the best Croatian-American essayists of all-time?One European deterrence initiative (NATO) is enough.
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @RobbieGramer @rach_ellehuus @jteurope @seipjm yes @jteurope @rach_ellehuus @seipjm I say that with an “lol,” but I’m actually serious—isn’t it time to reconsider whe… @seipjm Honestly, everything. @jteurope @seipjm @RachelRizzo I'm with @RachelRizzo. EDI was never meant to be permanent. Many of its activities a…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @jteurope @rach_ellehuus @seipjm $0? Lol.The FY21 European Deterrence Initiative funding request is $4.5B, a 25% drop from this year. I know I’m a total ou… @BrunoTertrais This is definitely me and it will continue to be me!Nothing is more on brand for me than missing the drinking hole in my coffee cup lid and dumping my latte all down the front of myself.Dear Larry David: I love you.
Awesome opportunity alert! 👇🏼👇🏼 dont know how it's possible that I'm still shocked by the level of corruption in this administration.नाटो देश के नेताओं को चाहिए कि वे अब रक्षा-ख़र्च के मुद्दे से आगे बढ़ते हुए अपना ध्यान सुरक्षा और बचाव की क्षमता वि…
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@JeremyCliffe This weekend weather was 👍🏼👍🏼Oh this is definitely me. @benjaminhaddad I don’t know, but it’s probably really long and difficult to pronounce.Overheard in Berlin: Hostess: “would you like English menus or german menus?” Customer: “English please.” Hostes…“As the impeachment trial underscored, Washington cannot even agree on what constitutes right and wrong. Following…
“If it were me, at this point, I might decorate the cake with some candied rose petals that I prepared as a relaxin…
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@MauraJudkis Damn. Shirakaba-chan does not fuck around. Have you met Kumamon?? he's the best mascot.Pro-Trump forces are poised to wage what could be the most extensive disinformation campaign in US history. Whether… “You’re logging on from a new comp? Great! Enter your account/password pls. Ok, Let’s also send 2-factor a… @lbenchorin @BH_Friedman This exchange is Twitter at its finest.I, too, get irrationally annoyed by ice cream sample people. They’re usually the same ones who stand on the left si…
.@emilyrs wrote an excellent breakdown of the latest developments in #Thuringen. If you're confused (as i was!), re… @EmmaMAshford Wow, that's some serious boomer energy.“In contrast to what technology optimists envisioned at the dawn of the millennium, autocracies are benefiting from…
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoTrump’s personal edict. Spite as policy.
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @rezamarashi 😅 @dmarusic @benjaminhaddad @johnsaltas Can’t forget the cats! @actualmcgee 🤣 @iowademocrats You’re doing great, don’t listen to the haters
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@tanvi_madan I suspect you’re right 😑Today’s TV face clearly demonstrates how I feel about pretty much everything rn. told the @nytimes that it’s pretty presumptuous of the United States to draw down in Afghanistan and expect the E… Berlin’s @dwnews studio and I spy @terischultz! 👋🏼👋🏼 Cc: @brentgofftv @steven_metz Ha! I think I learned this lesson at age 27.Text I just sent to my friend: 'remember that time we tried to make chicken noodle soup in the crockpot and put the… @emilyctamkin @tanvi_madan @nistula Tanvi is definitely a living legend!Rush Limbaugh's most infamous act was calling a young grad student a slut for testifying in favor of contraceptive…
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoThis thread is perfect.
A #NATO analysis by @RachelRizzo: The challenge from within. More in today’s #transatlanticmustreads
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo#RaisinaEdit@NATO is the most successful military alliance in history. But to stay that way, leaders must be co…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @marson_jr THANK YOU. @laraseligman @ForeignPolicy @politico @dave_brown24 @jacqklimas Huge congrats! Politico is lucky to have you! @JerryHendrixII haha, i wish! Its been like this for as long as I can remember. If you have tricks, send them my way :) @SheridanAsia @Columbia Oh this is a great way to look at it! @DavidLarter I wonder if a person like this exists! @terischultz same! I wish I could do that.My weird writing habit is that I literally cannot move on until the first paragraph of whatever I´m writing is damn… worst phrase in the german language: “I need your Anmeldung”
@karoun @blakehounshell Bay leaves are so pointless
Trump has been threatening to levy tariffs on European goods at every turn. @SamDorshimer and I argue in @thehill t…
Retweeted by Rachel Rizzo @juliaioffe Omg hi same ❤️ @charlie_simpson Loved it!Trayvon Martin- didn’t have a gun Alton Sterling- didn’t have a gun Mike Brown- didn’t have a gun Philando Ca…
Retweeted by Rachel RizzoOk this is super cool and I’d imagine it would be a game changer for some people: free childcare included with this…