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@katalienim i definitely bought her when she was already pretty big but i keep her in nice bright indirect light an…
the biggest leaf on my ficus elastica is finally opening 🥺🥺🥺 @KristenMalkemus this is so sweet of you what the HELL 😭he looks incredible @ac_roald #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @alien_champion yay!! @neonfiona @hubglacier i just got it 😭🥺🥺 i love @neonfiona LMAOO literally if you have a shell DIY card that would make me cry @villagers_voice omg our last friend we have been hunting this fish with all week just got it with these tips he’ll YESmy tips are in the reply to this quoted tweet! it worked for two other people!we have chris farming clams while megan and i fish and we have it down to a science and i finally did it’ve made a bunch of new changes to make trading, stalk market prices, cataloging, and sharing special island even…
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurstzucker spends all his free time in the aquarium side of the museum and it’s twisted yet wholesome #ACNH
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst
@yolajenny101 @villagers_voice yay!! and me too 😭🥺🥺 @danirose412 omg i have a yellow one! @villagers_voice i’m still hurt over this
sutton’s wedding dress @villagers_voice i hate it here
🐚🥰🐚 @tcmnookswhore like this?🌸 unclench ur jaw 🌸though i have been pouring my effort into our discord and new podcast so it’s not like i’m *not* creating but i’m having bad art block rndefinitely doing a draw every day in april challenge bc i need to get my creativity backthey’re social distancing☀️🍑 my #AnimalCrossing collection is live! 🏝🌸 we have stickers (duos or singles) and pho…
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @brittnisa @ardenrose here’s my code! 🤍
@thatzak incredible @jayecriedatthat 🐸🐸🐸
#loachball needs to become the quidditch of the ACU (animal crossing universe) @dangerouslilly @XdablackparadeX i’m gonna try that @brittnisa @ardenrose most of my cute shit is from balloons i swear! also you can totally come over and catalogue a… @spicyamburrito stop omg i love it @serenas_words ooo i’ll check for some i think i do in a random purse lol @ewheeelz i was so confused i was like how the hell did i get swimmers ear in quarantine??? then i read about TMJ and it all made sensei literally have to keep leaving my mouth hang open because i keep involuntarily clenchingtoday in anxiety: TMJ from clenching your jaw can make your ear canals sore how cute and fun!!!🚨"EP #3 - New Horizons Is Here!” is now LIVE!🚨 This is the origins of Coral Cove and Echo Point. Come listen to ou…
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @ariavalente @wastelandwolff this is the life i wanna lead
i dropped a piece of lettuce on my phone and waze opened up?? excuse me honey where r u tryin to go??
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehursty’all my normal switch somehow had a lot of bids on ebay and ended up selling for more than the special edition ACN… @pnwfox love you @the_lyon_queen i’m getting super lucky with balloons! and a lot i crafted and then recolored
Amazing to see the wildlife returning to London now everybody is staying at home!
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @carlymoonn @villagers_voice when i realized i could put it there i gasPEDguys!! look at my house!! @sluttyseagull omg please! @sew_cutelin omg i should’ve known i was just ignorant 🥺🍑also just know i’m slowly adding y’all back on my switch! i’ve gotten a lot of friend requests since i posted lolalso this is haunting @al_pal_fm i spent nook miles on the hair colors!🍑🥰🍑
@pnwfox MY EYEStoothy and ciao boi came by #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @Kayla_Faith ahhhhh!!!!my character said 🍑🤓🍑
i’ve been self isolating for 3 weeks, and this was the first day i felt a little normal in a month your hand if your brain was able to stop being on fire for a little while you play #ACNH because wow 😭🥺 i needed thisthe IMMEDIATE positive effects that animal crossing has had on my mental health have been UNparalleled i just feel…
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @ChrisBerg25 @intowildplaces same energy are cancelled, @RachLWhitehurst
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @tess_adele @SoDebNair FUCKshe's vibin #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @ardenrose ahhh whenever you get settled we gotta visit each other’s island 😭tom nook gave me a cot, but i can't find it #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch coming back to say i only had to reset ONCE to get peaches and my jock is @AC_Roald so i’m THRIVINGlogging off!! have a safe flight pals! #AnimalCrossingNewHorizonsgo to nintendo shop, wait for it to load, click home and then try to load it! worked for me and chris!!!!!! @emilymihelich @villagers_voice the link above should take you to the invite page and you just click accept invite if you have the app 🥰get hype with us!! a few hours left until our release party begins!!
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@startledredhead oo yes link me if you see apple or zucccc :) @startledredhead chris got them on ebay a while ago! i know they're kinda hard to find these days bc i think only J… WE'RE ALL CLAIMED! excited to ship these buddies out tomorrow! if i ever acquire more cards, i'll absolutely do this again! @supahsavvy she was taken sorry! @lesleywright_ i just saw 😅 one of my local shops just got a huge shipment of them in, so if i ever acquire a bunch… @ohhlilly done! DM'ingCLAIMED: frobert! Curly is the only card left if anyone wants him! :) @Liquidsugar23 he's yours! i'll DMCLAIMED: greta, pippy, queenie, rudy, and skye! @notmarleigh ok jk pippy was the vibe so greta is yours! @hashbrwngremlin ahhh awesome thank you! lemme follow for a DM @notmarleigh someone before you asked for greta or pippy so if they pick pippy she’s yours! @caughtnyact ahhh someone claimed rudy earlier i’m sorry!! @thisisnotsiaaa rudy is yours! lemme follow so we can DM @alien_champion sure! lemme follow so we can DM @hashbrwngremlin since two people wanted greta would you be ok with pippy? or you can obviously have greta bc you asked first! @mbox316 omg no trade needed! lemme follow so we can dm! @MikeYabs ahhh omg i would honestly just pay for her too if you don’t want any of thosei have some amiibo cards i’m willing to give away or trade! first come first serve! just reply if you see someone…’m live! come relax with me 💛 @sarahmhawkinson @JMshotMe @Mikadocious happy birthday you hot binch !!this has such tr*sha p*yt*s energy he just wants the attention, even in the form of outrage 🙃 disgusting☀️ gonna stream at 12 PST ☀️less than 24 hours from #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons moodboard
Retweeted by Rachel Whitehurst @thatzak mustard review part 2 @intowildplaces 🥺🥺 i’m gonna make you something while we’re stuck inside @thenewmadison lmaooo @intowildplaces i just want you to feel better 😞🤍 is there anything I can do for you? even if it’s just to let you fuck with my tv