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rachel syme @rachsyme Desert Flower in the Big Apple

writer/woman about town. profiles/essays/reports. now: staff writer @newyorker. somehow also running a quarantine pen pal service? she/her. rep'd by @AliaHanna.

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In a week when long, brain-cleansing walks/time outside would be really helpful, New York City really went with “fi… clang clang goes my heater ding ding ding we’re in hell
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Retweeted by rachel symeok i have 1500 songs to make a playlist with so this may take me a bit....going as fast as i can!today in lazy metaphors for this week that just happen to be real is Not Abuse
Retweeted by rachel symeimagine your former boss sending that note out to the world....the whole worldme to myself: you are a night owl, your best work happens at 2am with ill-advised coffee in one hand and a whiskey… schedule i think about every day particularly when i am not sticking to it well'll share this by end of day! get your winter songs in by 4pm)Together we will make the Ultimate Sad Wintry MixOK I promised you one distraction thread a day this week. Here is today's: tell me your indulgent sad grey day song… @emilynussbaum i know this is a psychological term but it could technically be a campaign sloganlove to have the weather reflect my mood exactly and do absolutely nothing to improve itreally nice of new york to be dark and rainy with zero sunshine in what is already one of the more stressful weeks in historyAs in “turn back, save yourself, all who enter here”I’d love it to become canon to text this photo/tweet it at anyone who is about to lose an argument according to @erikhinton who keeps up with Chess YouTube… All of the grandmasters love this show which I find quite charming @Matt_Matros YepWill I ever stop talking about queen’s gambit????? Watch and find out!!!I’ve decided to remake my apartment in the style of beth’s queens gambit home; it’s the only choice @erikhinton I used to be brave!!!If you had to choose an old picture of you as an album cover, what would you pick? to this genius interactive thingamijig from @elpaisinenglish I suddenly understand more about the virus than…
Retweeted by rachel syme @likaluca So good to see you today ❤️❤️❤️ @ApplauseMeter Nuts dot comVery good gruff but caring 90s mom energyHaving queens gambit withdrawal I’ve turned to all other chess-based entertainment and forgot how much I love joan…, @radhikajones edlet 👀👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by rachel symeWhat kind of fridge do I have if it’s mostly chocolate covered orange peels that I didn’t want melting on my counte… @idrinkx @henderstu @amymillan thank you! @maxmhouck @sarasneeze yes! i use bordiga bianco!Plus it’s pretty mean this is basically a martini manhattan but i'm not mad at itI swear I’m not making this up have a cocktail book that argues with gusto that the original martini was made with sweet rather than dry vermout…
this episode is very good (as are all of avery's episodes) @LaurenGolden__ cassouletIf you have been thinking about volunteering but haven't done it yet, it's not too late. It's not. Sign up for phon…
Retweeted by rachel syme @xmatt jinxyes i know france going back into lockdown is a perfect occasion for an emily in paris joke but consider the fact t… BUT STEVE HE WAS IN MY HOUSE???? AND YOU DID NOT THINK TO CALL???????? STEVE YOU RUINED MY LIFEdo you think theodora will ever speak to her dad's friend again @AlanaMassey hi keefyour miles teller jokes...i'm over them...but your miles-age might varyi'm throwing at least three with the dress code "Literally Anything You Want That Is Not Loungewear"how many party themes in the After are simply going to be Wearing Actual Clothes @markwby ultimately the game is a metaphorical pawn, if you will (truly sorry as well) @iSmashFizzle ashley cassandra ford @markwby i play chess and i still loved it but i kind of just had to decide that the show wasn't about the beauty o… @iSmashFizzle Ashley....i may never eat ANY donuts againi've missed the hall of gems SO MUCHHUGE IF TRUE heller, who plays the mom and has directed several beautiful films herself, just broke my heart; she's so good in this)i love when the mom says things like "i've never been to oaxaca but i imagine it resembles denver" and "i have to s… taylor-joy is going to have a career for a gillion years; she's just getting started, it's so clearthe queen's gambit is as close to a perfect show as we are going to get this season and yes i am including the moth… @dodaistewart a good time @proseb4bros u got it bossyou use just the thinnest spread of mayo, a whisper of mayo angel's wingsi did not invent this, it is a longheld gospel and i must refer you to the text took me a long time to know the way and the light* but now i do i preach the gospel everywhere i go * frying grilled cheese in mayoi'm a fey with a fannie rising to everyone telling me to have one...i am on deadline...and i would be on the floor.i'm not going to have one, i'm not don draper i just have the...sense one would be goodhaving a sudden craving for a dirty martini at 1pm on a wednesday, a real sign of how this pre-election stress week is going @tkiramadden i became suddenly allergic to shellfish in my 30s. WHY @TwinkleChar but what about....the sweatfoot problem @proseb4bros WELCOMEto remind you
Retweeted by rachel symei waited this many years to own shearling lined boots but i took the plunge during a big sale over the summer and n… Wallace Shawn essay in @nybooks is so good & heartbreaking:
Retweeted by rachel syme @bfishbfish wow a rare good appearance in the nyt real estate sectionif mysteries are not your thing, don't worry, there will be future distraction threads about ridiculous shopping an… @briankoppelman it's just such fun to learn things while chuck is also seething! @briankoppelman how do you know so many random history facts that make it into long billions monologues (my favorite) @MarcusSharon <3 @NifMuhammad here it is! @NifMuhammad we also have a roll-up puzzle tube that lets you kind of tuck it away in a corner like a yoga mat.... @NifMuhammad a favorite! @realchriswilson omg how delightful @Ryntern oh yes!!!i'll add one here, the novel Night Film, which is a PERFECT spooky read and a book I recommend to just about everyo… @amandawysocki ooooh have not read this one!!!Don't be shy! Perfectly fine to list your favorite agatha christie/tana french/whatever! Just because it's somethin… last 6 days are going to be tumbleweeds of tension, so i am making one Distraction Open Thread a day. TODAY… does it truly feel as a young, progressive Puerto Rican woman from working class roots to become one of the mos…
Retweeted by rachel symemine is kind of just a generic 10,000 lux one but there are a ton of sites that list the top ones...honestly i just… feels like a thing that might be useful in this long grey unending tuesday of a year) @therealkatburns dm me!just an fyi that SAD lamps really do work and as a person from a sunny place who has been living in a not-so-sunny-… news! the #penpalooza site is working again! if you want a pen pal, you can sign up here! if you signed up in…
@karenyhan YES"is about to?" oui supposed to get in the tub a half hour ago but I am just sitting in the hall scrolling through doom letting the… @alexiskaymolnar If u can!!!For what it's worth, I really, really recommend an IUD if it's possible for you. I'm on my second.
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