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rachel syme @rachsyme Desert Flower in the Big Apple

writer/woman about town. now: staff writer @newyorker. writing a book for @aaknopf. somehow also running a quarantine penpal service? ( she/her.

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@BenjaminBirdie Oh it’s comin @BenjaminBirdie Is it not out yetalso I really appreciated reading this on the film by @alisonwillmore (which you shouldn’t read until you watch, if… carey is a very good actress! the fact that she can play simmering, acid rage in a strapless going out dress f… watched promising young woman and can say the use of a Paris Hilton song in it is truly inspired
do i need to watch bling empirei spoke in-depth with writer/director @emeraldfennell about her film PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN. we get deep into the en…
Retweeted by rachel symemy cat has become OBSESSED with sitting in on my zoom calls and has now perfected the art of glaring straight down…
Retweeted by rachel syme @rldepencier omg! @yaykyle CGD wonderwood! @cariromm it's byredo's seven veils -- hard to find, but that is it @thelibbyweber @rebeccamckanna this is can do @evilspielberg @FernetOnTheRock that's relique d'amourok must stop for now but will get to the rest soon! @JessMac102 @reebsonstage this bangs @clearlycarley @writingmiranda @chingsta cb i hate perfumes to see a flower! @dontwannatoday @BadClassical amouage fate woman! @byalissasmith @ericasiegel @s_acostasmith @KatWithSword @K_Mellifera @AlleiraKnablexa sure can @laureleena i can do coppertone @rachelhamburg @StrumpetLily @KateBMe57 @caseyerinclark @land_the_plane @formikessake @maeflwr @TyneTyson @MareenBuschmann @krhodes0521 @ms_creilly @randibergman @TarahRuff hmmm if you want a really good coffee i'd go with kerosene's follow! @megiddings literally pencils: @wednesdaythinks @thorazos u got it @sammynickalls (borsari) @sammynickalls parma violet! the OG @BGSteph kinky jicky, you say @GraceLP @endorphinique sure thing @erostribe you can do this! @lindsaylmiller i do have kitten fur for you @frankie_jay_tho @themaureenlee good call @gravesmeredith hear me's this @quitehouse @BioShannon @nextjens (but you want imaginary authors' summer lawn) @nextjens i wrote all about this once, lol @pithy_pythia @JulianneTeitman gotta be cb i hate perfume's memory of a kindness @TaliaKolluri @thebookshrine @haszombiesinit @ambernoelle u got it @JulianneTeitman sure @amalt ok!! @thebookshrine @endorphinique @Meow329 @tatum_dooley @MegEdmiston @Ruby_Stevens @imoffal stan @adkerratic erborio -- the best pepper @wigglyyyworm @Corvinesque @dharnanoor hmmm @johannawinant @HockeywthHannah @imoffal @jmcgarvey25 @ardwill oh you got it @jamadoria @annegrubin @ellenpperez @BaileyMcC there is! @meleyna oh sure @karenviars yep @powerfuldonut sure can @chaipters then you will like this very literal perfume @karenviars tell me more! sexy dirty citrus? light summer citrus?if you DO want the aforementioned scents you can always look to a past genie challenge: a perfume genie but you cannot ask me for smells that smell like bonfires or the forest after it rai… @SophieHaigney @KatyKelleher @katemclean we did a dry down on aquatics here @KatyKelleher @SophieHaigney @katemclean depends on if you are using calone and terrasol!also: - The heady scent of a sephora perfume section where people have been spritzing - The rose room at the NYPL (… any perfumers want to collaborate, i'm here lol- Older lady's tuberose perfume on an elevator ride that is taking too long - The smell of my CPA's office/apartmen… would go all in for a candle company that replicated the scents of new york city things i used to find banal but… @amandafortini but so pricey!!