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@waif0000 She’s weird looking but I don’t think they should be harassed for that @chiweethedog @Doctor__Cheeks Idk I’d probably just start farming @milk_wife Can you thoughImagine if the internet stopped working lol @GarbageApe She’s girlbossing like a queen and your mayo ass can’t handle it @plzcalmdownmaam Cool! @cushbomb It’s nuts! @plzcalmdownmaam Hell yeah @plzcalmdownmaam Is there footage? There must be lol. @plzcalmdownmaam Imagine little kids trying to tackle him lolIs this real or has my brain completely broken @ella_mayo_lmao That movie rules @afraidofwasps He will have trouble fitting in! @BUSSCRO No idea what you’re trying to say here, nerd. @plzcalmdownmaam @Guenboozy29 Corn @BUSSCRO I’m sure this reply would be funny if I had gotten all my vaccines at onceI wish I had hot socialist girlfriend so even when I’m not checking twitter I can hear the dumbest possible shit. T… @ella_mayo_lmao Hers was the best so far but it won’t be the only one lol it’s so wildThe lesser of two rapists lol
2020 @Fr1sbee For me it’s the main reason I goThen why is every socialist woman on here single up to date on the latest news @as_a_woman I’m on like day 15 gimme a break @as_a_woman That fella is absolutely drowning in it @as_a_woman I assume he does it for the pussy @PALMAUNLlMITED @GarlicCorgi @nickusen He trips on it later too lol @xbimboslicex It’s raining so I can’t work on my yard @GarlicCorgi No one has ever wished thisThere Will Be Blood what’s that a movie about women?Fleeing NY to infect small towns in an act of selfless righteousness @chiweethedog Good work @JanissaryJones @atbobb @chick_in_kiev You’re embarrassing me in front of bob @atbobb Having a normal one on le hellsite I see! @chick_in_kiev values her own life over the lives of thousands of others. 📝
Retweeted by White AssadGoing through bobs finger nail post to find new women to hateDoing follow police is antifa @olivia_alt_ Bob was right to call this outFYI, some of you are following @/antifashgordon, who is a known nonce. He will try to claim age of consent laws are…
Retweeted by White AssadThank you anti fash Gordon for keeping us safe from the dreaded black assad double down. If possible triple down.The best way to deal with someone digging up your old problematic tweets is to just call that person a fag @187northkorea They look more like waffle friesThese poppables are my quarantine mvp go get yourself a couple bags @Beef_Chugger420 I thought it was weird when I bought the place but replacing the fence will be much easier so I’m ok with it. @LattimerMichael We’re running up the score @meohmyapplepie @MatthewFerrari She called me transphobic for making fun of her hack posts @6969_6969696969 I like it @ilovetopiss Win winMy dog never wipes why should I @chellzyeah Regular! @chellzyeah She seems really normal and cool
I was already blocked by the woman in her moms cum stained dress but luckily I was still able to see that awful tweet 700 times today.Trumps gonna call him Rapey Joe @BIGBUTTSKI Blocking you again 👍 @BIGBUTTSKI And to think I was about to add you backBobby Hill mode[Tune of love gun by kiss] 🎶 Cum Gun 🎶 @TrueAnonPod Way ahead of you’d love to die in the same place as Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes @MichaelFuck4 Tiller got the corona @larrydavidsson That’s the plan @laylaprimavera Tomatoes hopefullyOk all the dumb shit is gone now what @coil_boner @ozz_factor Yeah I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Just throw all the hitting sliders up and hit 100 home runs a year. @Bowsnonk Had to put them back inside unfortunately. They’re not helpful gardeners @imabigfatdynamo Tomatoes mostly @plzcalmdownmaam I’m gonna replace it @shlapshtick Nothing this is the before @gaylowbie Of course it does I haven’t started yet!Lucy and charlie are helping me tear this shit out a thread on my quarantine garden so I follow through. This is the spot I’m starting with today. @EthnicSteve @rockanrollphoto No joke. It’s just a good movie. And you love penis. @rockanrollphoto @EthnicSteve Yeah especially for this scene @EthnicSteve Better than growing up catholic @coil_boner I play a lot of diamond dynastyCatholics spent their childhoods getting molested by priests @coil_boner What mode? @allahliker Silence @horsemurderer You don’t need a video just use salt and water and scrub. Fuck this guy. @wills_account This guys kooky!Bro you aren’t supposed to sit in some of those places 🤣😂🤣😂 @TrueAnonPod We don’t want your filthy podcasters here!Women are trying to BPD their way into autism diagnoses @jinpaynus Is that @CurtisRemarcCan we just make him president already 😍😍 thought this was one of those cringe anime teen TikToks
Retweeted by White Assad @Guenboozy29 Lol @kxyleeee They gave me yours @randygdub Who are you kidding @randygdub Aoc found a way to do it terribly @gaylowbie @VapeMongo Almost as bad as yours
@larrydavidsson Is he hot? your politics with 4 people