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White Assad @RacismFactory Beersheba, Israel

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@gurdubuim Stu @CokeEnjoyer They definitely don’t have taquitos @gurdubuim @whitefeeIings @islamphobiacow @dbessner @gurdubuim @whitefeeIings @islamphobiacow @dbessner Speaking for myself it’s not even irony anymore @dawn2021 Abolish a few cups of coffee
@BuzzfeedRon I’d imagine Tesla[Warren Zevon voice ] 🎶 and his butthole was perfect 🎶 @mariokartdwi Yes it’s very simple, and no.“How the avengers would respond to BLM protests” (a thread) Captain America: we had a word for black lives back in… @lunch_enjoyer I forgive you I guess @lunch_enjoyer I was ready to cancel him but apparently he died 50 years ago? He must have some family I can direct my rage at. @repent_zoomer COVID did what nowThe FBI
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Retweeted by White Assad @chiweethedog Combine that with the blocklist of every verified account some guy made and you’re good to go @chiweethedog This would be the best possible use of a blocklist @thebootylord Read this as taking a shit @Toms_Spectre He’s a martyr for the cause @levon_whiteguy I’m sure you’re right you would know lol. I just remember it sticking out in my brain that day. @levon_whiteguy @levon_whiteguy I might have a screenshot @levon_whiteguy I remember when joe broke character @mikerecine Careful you don’t want to spoil them @billyjoel say it @doug_person5 Too late for thatBilly Joel can get away with saying itOnly had one small coffee today @LeninistHipster @intrnetdaughter @Su1cideByC0p This has the be the Krassensteins right @repent_zoomer No chance he sits
@noli_wife No fun zone @UweBollocks Never would have thought it would get a 4k release since the only movies that do are basically the IMDb top 100 so this rocks @UweBollocks Hell yeah @CurtisRemarc Any movie with a tracksuit bad guy is good @stupidtranquil @CurtisRemarc @doug_person5 @Childsouljaboy Law enforcement will get you one of these days @stupidtranquil Let’s see it @collnsmith All those accounts take something that would be funny to see once in awhile and force you to see it 20 times a day
Retweeted by White Assad @LeninistHipster @intrnetdaughter @ColMorrisDavis @CawthornforNC Hell yeah brother time to detain American citizens indefinitely for no reason @randygdub @randygdub A few of them at leastThis account is ran by Ian miles Chong @Apple__Volcel He’s changed since then it’s called growth @jeanshortsape Haha someone threatened to kill your dad @MWilliams_47 No fast food place makes a good egg but they can toast an English muffin and warm up a sausage patty @MWilliams_47 The sausage McMuffin is an elite breakfast food @chiweethedog Some people are just destined to walk the earth begging for google voice numbers @irish1stslaves Congrats on the weight loss @bonerhitler @CokeEnjoyer How are you gonna let a guy who averages 56 yards a pass only throw once @repent_zoomer They’ve hurt me too many times @repent_zoomer They’ll blow it @repent_zoomer That’s right @StephenPrimp Never heard of him
@BuzzfeedRon The ugly kind @MostEvilMan Some only get three likes @RheaButcher Jeff bezos is on his grind maybe try it yourself 💯 @AnimeSerbia Veteran of weird fall guys related sex crimes @intrnetdaughter Love my million dollar snow globe @dawn2021 Someone should put yashar in a zoo @JimNagy_SB You never see hip hop style quarterbacks do that @viperwave Lol @Childsouljaboy Looks like shit @ComradeLuanne I think his most recent @ is alahliker
@GarlicCorgi Bring back geo hell guy @jubioTV @Braingetter Decent I guess @chellzyeah Live mas @leahtriss Oh no imagine if poverty didn’t force people to join the military 😢 @IdahoBones Well my dentist is a woman @chellzyeah 🤐 @leahtriss rip @Toms_Spectre You see my alcoholism was actually Marxist @wyatt_privilege SpatulaThis show is so Lynchian (boring and dumb) @irish1stslaves
Retweeted by White Assad @JesusZeSupaJew I’m gonna have to think about this one for awhileSo true hand smoke is fake @GarlicCorgi @chiweethedog @roguesocks The k you for understanding @Toms_Spectre Most importantly really @wills_account I can’t take credit for Andy’s gains @wills_account @roguesocks This is a real issueThe amount I’ve used twitter during quarantine has caused the same amount of brain damage as a 15 year nfl career @intrnetdaughter That’s the word I was looking for but I’m dumbSea shanties are based in colonialism, racism and are inherently anti bipoc @gnomechomskyy @composeyrself_ Show them bookshelves sweetie. Throw a level on them real quick. @punished_uncle Doing the workApps need to stop booting up the second I turn my computer on. Wait your turn. @chiweethedog One in one out @2XHalfway Thank you for saying so
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