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@Gunbusted p e r f e c t i o n
@AndreaDemonakos @whitesquirrelco @manny_oe :()Trailer tomorrow. See it first, live-streamed here. #WW84
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@gacpars ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @gacpars Almost read “lesbian speaking friends” I’m off to a good start lolThe struggles of being a new dad from your local dead pan Mando #TheMandalorian
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪVIVI-CHAAAAAAAAAAN ~ ✨♥︎✨ @manny_oe and yet you made it out alive ~ (for now) @manny_oe and yet you made it out alive ~ ✨
I miss my non-DHD art . . . @ianjq @rebeccasugar ✨♥︎♥︎♥︎✨ @Courtney_Fay_M ✨👁👄👁✨ @oni_hat *Me as a parent who doesn’t know that anime character too well* @oni_hat✨ AN EARLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE✨ @kreugan I DO believe in miracles ~ ✨I feel like the only way for me to get cancelled as an artist is if Hibi dies in DIE HIBI DIE . . . @rocketboiART Oh yea~✨OH YEA✨Kungfu Is Dead - Tiger style Violence, finally finished this piece of fight choreo for Jay in Tiger stance. Was a…
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪI’m gonna tell my kids this was Kirk Franklin . . . @artroan_ ✨BIG SAFE TRAVELS✨ @lanibirdtweets YA! I know there’s pressure on both creators who believe that straying too far from the MCs for mor… ME WAKING UP CRYING✨♥︎✨ ONE PIECE TAROT PROJECT ✨ It’s time for an interest check! This ship is almost ready to sail... but we need your…
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪIt’s quite funny that both OP & BNHA have arcs where a portion of the story was away from the MCs and readers claim… @HeijnenCeline @starcre8tor O-Oh no that’s totally different ~~~ @_gabrielpicolo ✨H✨ELLLL ✨Y✨EEEEEE!!!
@manny_oe @rfarrowster I....I still gotta draw Hibi whooping her ass... (yes I’m THAT “my child is better than yours” parent 😂) @manny_oe W-Was ten years THAT long ago for us??? @Danny8bit, guys? Why didn’t anyone tell me the that Portuguese version of the Yu Yu Hakusho opening is AMAZING?!?!
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪCatch me on March 20, 2020 playing this 24/7 on my island ~ ♪ @definitelyvita Sweet!! I mean I’ve seen Craig’s entire run except for the last one (think I was busy going to coll… @definitelyvita Ah das hot...I still need to watch Spectre lol @troubledmn ya hate for me to use it two days in a row but ~ 😔
@manny_oe @_gabrielpicolo it’s da ✨B O I✨ @manny_oe I meant to watch Utena like...ten years ago ~ ✨😭✨(gimme another ten) @itskoob I don’t even have it yo ~ ✨😎✨ @kristaferanka ✨♥︎♥︎♥︎✨ @rfarrowster @manny_oe We must combine both of our lifeguard squads to form Voltronwatch✨All my years of watching “Children try to avoid getting murdered" anime has led to this moment . . .
@kianamaiart K i —DHD [SISTERHOOD] @definitelyvita AND I OOP— @crissadotcom :OOOOOOOO @_gracehobson_ :O @ykarps yes, yes it is~~~Child: Power Ranger ♪ - - - Preteen: Architect ★ - - - Teen: Not An Architect ✖︎ - - - Now: Architecting Athletic B… @Trungles this...this is cursed @manny_oe I’m ready for Zoey 101 to get on Netflix~~~I’ve now attracted a specific audience of thirsty peeps on main... “You’re welcome.” @Gunbusted wait a sec—
@gacpars we stan an honorary taurus ✨ @BrilliantDum_e E x a c t l y y y yFor those of you who aren’t reading One Punch Man right now ~ ✨ Captain Mizuki x Yuan Herong @miukumauk b-both (do it for me)... *fades away* @oni_hat ✨🤤✨I can’t tell if my hands are too child-like small or the 1st gen Switch is just too uncomfortable to play handheld… @troubledmn Thank You for playing! (also sorry lol) 😎 @GenevieveFT @gacpars If I was paid on time when I thought I was getting paid lol (but here we are) @troubledmn @gacpars ✨😭✨[ Raihan + Leon ]✨🥵✨ @clementeworks peak aesthetic @neobees ✨:O✨
@gacpars 🅱️lease @gacpars LOL, I literally live 15min north of campus near Polaris✨ @gacpars one day we shall meet ~ ♪Winning love by daylight! 💘☀
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪPhantom Hourglass. (It was my entry to the series that lasted all of 20min...) @TAHK0 ✨:O✨ @troubledmn I didn’t watch it a ton but it was SUPER memorable for me, well overdue for a rewatch — Anastasia (1997… @rfarrowster Oh. I know.✨lol @rfarrowster *s q u i n t s* ...I’mma need 269 hours by Monday @ 8am @troubledmn I cannot say how many times I’ve seen this movie....but it was an ungodly amount~~~ @Izogii 8pm’s be hitting like it’s 11pm~~ @manny_oe I love my colorful child✨ @gacpars ✨🤤✨
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪ @manny_oe *me in the seat next to you scrolling to the References section* @TimTheJames ✨CERTIFIED 100%✨ @Sprite37 *enters cave*I’m awaiting the “Mom & Mom & Dad raising Baby Yoda” fanfics ~ ♥︎ EDITION ~ ✨❤️💛💙✨ (eh, close enough lol) the "melanin champloo" & "mya chillin" stickers on my shop.
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪThe Misadventures of Joaquín & Hibi *sent tweet* you’re looking for some enamel pins this weekend, look no further! Snag some of my “Banishment” pins here…
Retweeted by ᴍʀ. ʀᴀᴅsᴇᴛᴛɪ @wallyxsama I...I shall continue to serve most honorably ✨😭✨ (THANK YOUUU) @JpegYakuza Alexa play ~ “My Will & Testament” @wallyxsama Same and we’d thank them in return ~『 THE SORORITY HEIGHTS』 Jasmine [ 7’2” ~ 218cm ] Aloe [ 5’2” ~ 158cm ] Roselle [ 6’2” ~ 189cm ] @Kinowolf T R U T HI can’t believe I found the gif that sums up my reactions to anything ~ (if you know me you know me) @AbleMcman Maybe~~~ @JpegYakuza Close~! But no... :)