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CEO, GivingTuesday Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. - Arundhati Roy

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It’s like I live in a small town #rooseveltisland
@laurabrounstein @Philanthropy @mterrim As soon as possible!
The season of philanthropy @felixsalmon @tompkinsstange All that and also, can’t people talk like people? Nothing about this resembles human languageZowie!! More amazing every year, @jenhsampson! Here's to determined handraisers. 🥂 @georgecaweiner @WholeWhale @GivingTuesday 👏👏👏 good predicting! @Charityvest Thank you so much. I love it too! @peter_gforg @henrytimms Thank you so much Peter!I love the word "potential" here. So right: there is SO much more to do! continues to build a movement of generosity and transformation! The potential collective impact…
Retweeted by Asha CurranThank you Jeff, and thank you for all your wise counsel. 17mln UAH donated on #GivingTuesdayUA
Retweeted by Asha CurranNonprofits Raise Nearly $2 Billion on GivingTuesday via @PhilanthropyThank you - there was so much generosity. Amazing. Happy #Givingtuesday to our friends and colleagues in India! ❤️🙌🏽
Retweeted by Asha CurranEntirely of her own volition, my sweetheart donated $20 to help care for the homeless animals @HSHV (which was matc…
Retweeted by Asha Curran @ynotjt @mkatecurranSTW @NonProfitTimes @DataKind @gatesfoundation 😂 ... oh— you’re serious? @mkatecurranSTW @ynotjt @NonProfitTimes Per extensive data analysis that we ourselves took on via a DataDive with… you so much @mrquickowl, your "smidge" was crucially important!
Yes to every word of this 🙂 numbers are in. $511M was donated online on #GivingTuesday yesterday--a 28% increase from 2018. Projected onlin… @easibey @stacypalmer I very much agree, unsurprisingly 😊 @ABLImpact @stacypalmer @thewhinydonor Were they being intentionally humorous or just 🤦‍♀️?Thank you! It’s pretty much our mantra. reminder: We celebrate all year. That was just our anniversary. #GivingTuesday #52Tuesdays
Retweeted by Asha Curran @ClintSmithIII A.M.E.N.#GivingTuesdayKids check - in call. The kids are alright. #GivingTuesday
Retweeted by Asha Curran @stacypalmer @thewhinydonor We’re loving the nonprofits that get creative with GT—fundraising for other orgs, formi… hope on this #GivingTuesday we can turn the curve on declining participation in giving. Check out my @npquarterly
Retweeted by Asha Curran @nicole_danesi You are one of those women. Own it, be proud of it, keep paying it forwardBest day with the best team! #GivingTuesday
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Throwback to my @gpforg conversation with #GivingTuesday founders @RadioFreeAsha and @jeremyheimans about their giv…
Retweeted by Asha CurranAlong with exercising philanthropy on this #GivingTuesday, we hope you also take a moment to learn about the creati…
Retweeted by Asha CurranA #GivingTuesday tweet from space. How amazing @Astro_Christina. Happy #GivingTuesday! on #GivingTuesday, I want nothing more than your support in giving girls the opportunities they deserve. When…
Retweeted by Asha CurranLove this so much. True #GivingTuesday spirit @felixsalmon @robreich BoooooooooIt’s a CEO thing! @RadioFreeAsha of #GivingTuesday & @wyskida of @fentonprogress!!
Retweeted by Asha CurranThank you @idr_online for this thoughtful Q&A on #GivingTuesday: you for giving the gift of YOU to our board!"#GivingTuesday celebrates giving in all its forms — not just donating money — and seeks leaders from countries aro… @ABLImpact (And good advice—for me and my whole team as well) @ABLImpact Now that is a very meaningful gift @ABLImpact 😊Organizations led by black women who win victory after victory deserve more philanthropic support, writes…
Retweeted by Asha CurranWalk out your front door today knowing you have the ability to make someone’s life or the world better—even without… if #generosity was the value that fueled our 🌎? This idea propelled @henrytimms + @RadioFreeAsha to launch…
Retweeted by Asha CurranFrom LA to Alaska, it's now December 3 across the continental USA. How will you give today for #GivingTuesday?
Retweeted by Asha Curran#givingtuesday is writing positive and encouraging words for a school of amazing kids to see as they start their da…
Retweeted by Asha CurranWe shared the little we had with some of the refugees that were displaced by floods in Eastern part of Uganda.Reviv…
Retweeted by Asha Curran @ekp Good work and good luck @ekp, wishing you all the very best this #GivingTuesday! Here’s to many, many more women-led orgs.I love the idea, as @radioFreeAsha explains it, of Giving Tuesday being more than just "Fundraising Tuesday," but a…
Retweeted by Asha CurranAnd to think about all the completely non-monetary acts of generosity that manifest in our lives on this day and ot… changemakers are encouraging young people around the world to take action around the causes they care about m…
Retweeted by Asha CurranTomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! On December 3rd, join the #GivingTuesday movement and give - whether it’s some of you…
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In 2012, a small team at New York City’s 92nd Street Y created #GivingTuesday. It has now spun off as an independen…
Retweeted by Asha CurranAnd we were joined by a world of generous people. What a great 8 years so far. Thank you @larry_irving ! we're so very glad to have you! you base #GivingTuesday donations on something like this: @FastCompany Make sure y…
Retweeted by Asha CurranIt has begun!! at all surprising that @henrytimms is already accomplishing amazing things @LincolnCenter! Exciting news's been amazing to see how much hard work has bene put in by so many dedicated people to make #GivingTuesday tom…
Retweeted by Asha Curran @seanmmcdonald It's #GivingTuesday in Australia!
@deray Same. Most depressing is the arrogance and snark and mob mentality from those I *completely agree with* @alex_shibao @neilhimself There's a Sandman series?
Generosity unites all of us, across cultures and borders. Yesterday, both St. Marys, Canada and Kenya raised…
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03 Dec is #GivingTuesday , a global generosity movement. For those in Johannesburg, join us at WeWork Rosebank fo…
Retweeted by Asha CurranThe Power of Small Positive Actions, Globally: #GivingTuesday
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Agree, really wonderful @terezalitsa. Thank you! the movement keeps growing! @GivingTuesday @GivingTuesdayKe indeed #Letgenerositytrend this 3rd Dec 2019
Retweeted by Asha CurranThanks for having me @Steve_J_Barrett @PRWeek! There’s a metaphor for *everything* in Office Space of a transformative shift in the generosity economy?
This #GivingTuesday I’ll be supporting @chris_haven, a non-profit that provides supportive housing for families who…
Retweeted by Asha Curran @jesserker Darling if he turns out to be a she, his or her pooping will still cease to become your concern @jesserker I felt that way, my kids are now 18 and 14 and I haven’t for a long time, now I adopted a dog and everything old is new again. @a_ronn Happy to. Could you email me at ?Absolutely love this
@pattonhindle In museums or the equivalent kind of representation on any nonprofit board @pattonhindle This shouldn’t be a controversial opinion 🤦‍♀️
@nicole_danesi @VanGives @GivingTuesdayCa @LGJanetAustin @canadahelps @GIV3_Canada Amazing!!!Including you @betsyreid ! @RadioFreeAsha @chronicle 45% is a remarkable achievement indeed, @RadioFreeAsha @henrytimms & @92Y team. I can’t r…
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@tompkinsstange @tompkinsstange great analysis. Couldn’t agree moreHeading into its 8th year more people are feeling the rhythm. The idea has continued to grow as cities and countrie…
Retweeted by Asha CurranShe sees the bigger impact in the goals of building community, strengthening civic bonds, and bridging divides in a…
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.@parker_laura here's an open link 🙂 @chronicle @philanthropy @Skipinder I'm assuming negative framing just gets more clicks... but either way these numbers are great news, not… @Skipinder @chronicle And that's framing giving as only monetary donations. In the exact same article they say youn… @chronicle Also what options for "give" did this survey offer? I'm guessing only money? #shocker Young people give in a multitude of ways.Um, alternate headline here is that 45% of young adults HAVE heard of #GivingTuesday? That's remarkable for 7 years… you know: there are #GivingTuesday movements happening in over 60 countries? Find your GivingTuesday:…
Retweeted by Asha CurranThanks @Philanthropy for sharing the "behind-the-scenes" work that goes into #GivingTuesday
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@parker_laura @Philanthropy Looking into it!
#GivingTuesday is Dec. 3! Join me on this day of giving by donating to @BestFriends to help save homeless pets. Eve…
Retweeted by Asha CurranThanks for letting me ramble @lightful! :) Reclaim Social Podcast E08 - Asha Curran (Giving Tuesday) much good ahead for #GivingTuesday. Thanks for this piece @Philanthropy
@NonprofitAF I’m sorry! Whom. @NonprofitAF Uh... really? Who are you quoting? 🧐
@JessicaWeare WHAT
@minnehanonck what is "small"? re square footage