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Professor, author of "Our Own Worst Enemy." Curmudgeon. Cat guy. Democracy enthusiast. Board of Contributors, @USAToday, Contributing Writer, @TheAtlantic.

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Which only tells you that about a third of the country is delusional. @BlueBoxDave Nothing, just my usual insufferable reminder that no one is really going to do anything that inconveni… @BlueBoxDave "sent from my iPhone" @ellenbraaten @TerenceBegleyNJ I'm not concerned. @PegasusX21 Not fair to Anan 7 @TerenceBegleyNJ They're not remotely intelligent or disciplined enough. That's like worrying about Gotti's kid taking over the Gambinos.“It fits in with Florida’s overall character of being the magnet for all insanity in the universe ... Florida, in s…
Retweeted by Tom NicholsRight-wingers regularly give me shit about academia and tenure. But when it's one of their own, "put this guy into… @rachel_cip @Vargulfen That's where I was!The #FBI needs your help identifying individuals who instigated violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C. Visit…
Retweeted by Tom Nichols @Kodermatt @linsefilm @Lesdoggg Does she understand how boring and New England-y my design taste is?The outer borough guy who wanted to conquer Manhattan ending up on a golf course in Florida looking for cheap appla… @MartinPengelly @TheRickWilson @NewAbnormalPod @MollyJongFast
Take a bow, @GOP - we have to harden the capital against armed dipshits who believed all your bullshit the same way… @gpgomez LIKE EVERYONE ELSE @gpgomez FINALLY @Klonick @benjaminwittes @inlieuoffunshow @Carla_T_Nichols I have a very snobby pre-engagement on Thursday, but maybe Friday! @gpgomez No. *drops mic*In an article about irregular warfare and what it should be called, and giving things the right name, maybe “foreve… @Joanne_luvsDis Thank you!Hope he’s not jinxing it @Timodc @KurtSchlichter @BulwarkOnline @LarryOConnor @ChrisStigall Dick jokes. @alice_radley Malibu La de daaaa @alice_radley Look, we can all slag Barry Manilow, but “weekend in New England” is still one of the greatest songs… @IceIsMyVice Cornfield in summer is a gorgeous thing @alice_radley That’s quite a bit of a drive from my house, about 20 minutes.Lighthouse. @alice_radley @natsechobbyist I stopped bringing my mother along with my mischief making adventures when I was about six @JamesPMorrison Let’s not jump to conclusionsManly supporters of the manliest president ever @FFreniere @jayblackisfunny @dcherring “Kickstand”Sunset. #Newport #RhodeIsland #FreezingMyAssOff @SopanDeb I was gonna say, it's awesome to be That GuyAnd, I hope, rescind that nutty "Schedule F" attack on the civil service. @dcherring Propelled by the Muscle of Shame, baby @JulieLBartlett @Lesdoggg @LynnMNichols "harvest gold" is the color you mean @dcherring And if no one had pointed it out and said "Shame!" the event would still be happening. @JulieLBartlett @Lesdoggg @LynnMNichols "Janky," according to Vanity FareShaming works. cc @dcherring @JoeReynolds2020 That was perfectly dry like a martini that never saw a vermouth bottle @JulieLBartlett @Lesdoggg @LynnMNichols (She's pretty pleased that Leslie finally dropped the hammer on that lamp.… @JulieLBartlett @Lesdoggg Hey, remember, @LynnMNichols has to okay everything. @alice_radley @Lesdoggg Sweet jumpin' Jeebus. Hot oil. How did they not burn down all the houses? @alice_radley I am Elmer J. Fudd, author. I speak at many colleges and universities. (like that?) @alice_radley @Lesdoggg It was very big in Greek families when I was a kid. @Ami_Marisol @Lesdoggg @alice_radley I never figured out what made them work. Oil? I thought it was water but I never dared touch them. @alice_radley Rural Ohio is a humblebrag? Wait'll I get my Kennedy School mug, madam. @PaulSteveSamuel It's how many of us compensate for affluent but spiritually empty lives.I am all about the swag from every school I’ve spoken at. I cherish every one of these mugs and use them all the ti… much economic anxiety @RadioFreeTom is getting firm but loving interior decorating guidance on Twitter from @Lesdoggg, so the day could b…
Retweeted by Tom NicholsWorking on an normal wonky piece about congressional waivers and on the corner outside my window is a police checkp…
Retweeted by Tom Nichols @alice_radley @Lesdoggg omg, I remember those @Lesdoggg which the @Lesdoggg lamp critique and the insane Led Zep lovers combine to send me straight to Furniture Hell are a fundamentally unserious people, part bazillion🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank you, @Loews_Hotels! .@HawleyMO, try the Everglades. Creatures there are more your style.
Retweeted by Tom Nichols“It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection... and we’ll do it as many times as it tak…
Retweeted by Tom Nicholsreplacing that lamp is gonna be harder than I thought Imagine if the election had been closer. @Lesdoggg I took a pass on it but now I'm thinking that my office could be done in 70s Cheech and Chong and that COULD WORKGetting lamp ideas’t sustain democracy like this. @RadioFreeTom Plant and Page ripped "Immigrant Song" off from the "Get Smart" theme.
Retweeted by Tom NicholsThis is what seriousness looks like. here it is, this week in 1971, "The Immigrant Song," and it really is terrible unless I'm watching Thor kick some ass. @bobsalpha1 @dcherring @CharlesPPierce I will just say that in 1971, @dick_nixon was laying the groundwork for his… A nation of querulous, spoiled children. This manager spent wayyyyy too much time being nice. He did his… @RadioFreeTom Question: he’s a five time Jeopardy champ with terrible taste in music Answer: who is @RadioFreeTom
Retweeted by Tom Nichols @ExistentialCG I find them to be a loud, pretentious, noise-machine with a lead vocalist who sets my teeth on edgeI hope whatever this is does not involve the word "Iran"'re gonna white-knuckle this one right to the end would totally suck for this alone a depressing (but accurate) paragraph to read.
Retweeted by Tom Nichols @dcherring @ApplePasta @RaySuarezNews I hate the song itself, yes @markyzaguirre HEYOOOOO @dcherring @RaySuarezNews And now this forgettable Rare Earth toss-off @dcherring @RaySuarezNews It was never a great song, and then every local band in the 70s played it, and I came to loathe it @dcherring @RaySuarezNews I *hate* Proud Mary @bobcesca_go @edbott @dcherring I rest my case @dcherring What the hell is this Elvis nightmare @dcherring @AlanHunterMTV I gotta scoot shortly too, but next week, it has to get better.Exhibit A of the suckage: "Stop the War" by Edwin Starr, which was just an attempt to cash in on "War" from the yea… am going to suggest to @dcherring that any week that the Casey Kasem top 40 is earlier than 1973, we switch over… @dcherring @tweet_at_DLH What the f*** am I listening to right nowCurtis Mayfield, @dcherring - but this is lousy Curtis. :( @dcherring Yes, and now Neil Diamond is singing "He Ain't Heavy" CHECKMATE @CharlesPPierce @seanmills1020 @dcherring @dcherring @CharlesPPierce it is January 1971, and Richard Nixon is at the height of his powersI spoke too soon. "Mr. Bojangles" reminds me of my mom because she liked this one. So I'll allow it. @dcherring Bu… crap, @dcherring, it's 1971. I hate this early 70s crap, because it's crap and it's not even bubble gum crap.I'm late for the 1970s! *slides into @dcherring's mentions like Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins*I've got one two three four five Senses working overtime2016: Trump being elected won’t be that bad 2021: How do I navigate the Green Zone so I can get groceries while al…
Retweeted by Tom NicholsAll because a loser can't admit he's a loser.
Retweeted by Tom Nichols @ellenbraaten @JoeReynolds2020 Why can’t you put them in your ear? That’s what their shaped to do right? Whose faul… @jonrog1 If you’re from that particular tribe, executing people feels like winning