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Cosmic Explorations - brand new space-themed radio series out now! Listen via 🎧⚧️🪐🌟✊🏿🎙️🏳️‍🌈#COYS

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Guedra Guedra - Anlo Kinka @onthecornerteam
Mark E Quark - Up All Night (African Jackal Edit) Konfusion - Walk Into The Sun #blacklivesmatterit inspired me to make this 5hr37m* oversized radio show based on the feature, and other religious and spiritual bi…
just found this old copy of @thewiremagazine on the shelf which contains one of the greates… @ItsDresden miss @MixmagAs I'm reconfiguring the Canary bandcamp stuff I combined the two Virginia Magidou releases - 25 tracks, nearly 90…
Retweeted by kamikazeany update on that time machine?
Retweeted by kamikazeNEW CANARY RELEASE Over 70 minutes of music recorded by Syrian immigrants to New York City over a hundred years ago…
Retweeted by kamikazeI hope you were able to enjoy Glastonbury on the TV these last few days! Please spare a thought for the 1000’s of c…
Retweeted by kamikaze @PSB_HQ little richard would have been fun, alice coltrane mindblowing, or for a non-dead option there is literally… Ensemble Of Chicago - He Took A Cab To Neptune ft Ivy Sole - Elevator Girl (Space Tape Edit) @secretlycndian Lacey - Heaven @Yazmin_Lacey @FirstWordHQ En Tetra Brik - Detector Martenot (Original Version) stunning collection from In… Timewarp - Durban Poison another unmissable compilation from @SoulJazzRecords Planets - Where I'm From
Mark Fell - Occultation Of... (Mat Steel Extended Remix) #LunarOccultationVenus & Nek - How Low Krlic - The Blessing #Solstice & Black - Zombies At Dawn eternal thanks to @JoseyRebelle for bringin this tune to my… S - The Sound Of Neptune Pablo - Put It On Dub #RingOfFire Ra & His Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra - Neptune show "Cosmic Explorations : Episode Three" up now at Check it out now!with just two hours of june remaining, here is june's edition of cosmic explorations soz fo…
excellent mixtape by @radiokamikaze
Retweeted by kamikazehere's a wonderful #JUNETEENTH2020 #Solstice mix by @radiokamikaze, inspired by #BlackLivesMatter Tunes from Mata…
Retweeted by kamikazeMajestic! .... Kamikaze - 'Seasons Change: Juneteenth Solstice' via @awkmo
Retweeted by kamikazeIncredible two hours of tunes from @radiokamikaze - Kamikaze - 'Seasons Change: Juneteenth Solstice'
Retweeted by kamikazewatch the eclipse here
Africa and Asia will witness the most dramatic 'ring of fire' solar eclipse to shadow the Earth in years on Sunday…
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also next episode cosmic explorations coming soon. apologies for the delay, dayjob (nhs) is leaving me pretty much… urge you all to check out this mini-series from @kevinrobinsondj. in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter and wall-…
New lockdown show for @ReelRebelsRadio now online with quarantunes by @alvanoto @xSoftPinkTruthx @sotesound
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Ranking Ann - Moonlight Lover
brilliant collection! @boomkatonline @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp just to clarify too,am no stranger to spending all my money on tu… @boomkatonline @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp time for a shake-up. reward those who actually buy music rather t… @boomkatonline @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp ok,it's a minefield tho! back to the differently-priced digi form… @boomkatonline @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp fair re your first point, tho digi distros really should work to… can’t stop watching this. A-Ha’s Take On Me played on a washing machine.
Retweeted by kamikazeThis is the third known photo of Robert Johnson. It will be included in his stepsister Annye C. Anderson’s upcoming…
Retweeted by kamikaze @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp but with bandcamp it's all at the same price whatever digital format, whereas bo… Galaxy Project = Done! 6 Hours of Exposure total through my telescope in the backyard. What do you thin…
Retweeted by kamikazeWho is the champ?😋
Retweeted by kamikazeSun Ra came from Saturn. Interplanetary Earth Arrival date May 22 1914. Place The Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama.
Retweeted by kamikazePrince Jammy - War In The Asteroid Belt your Sunday with a goal from the 🐐 #THFC ⚪️ #COYS
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Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program - Mush Mouth (I Can't Feel My Face) @PoobahRecords Comet Is Coming - All That Matters Is The Moments Comet C/2017 T2 PanSTARRS…
Reznik & Mikesh - The Moon Landing Was A Hoax Gritty - Under The Moonlight
To all Field Day attendees, after much consideration we have taken the difficult decision to postpone Field Day unt…
Retweeted by kamikaze @SimplyRedHQ "Simply Bred: an appraisal of the relative quality of the world's races, with Mick Hucknall"
Retweeted by kamikazeWinifred Atwell - Stardust
Weress - Messier 82 Lee Roberts - Halley's Comet
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Asteroid Storm @BRAINFEEDER Flippin II - Supersonic Space Lady @SoulJazzRecords
Little Richard - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Grips & Bjork - Big Dipper @bjork @deathgrippin
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra - Tapestry From An Asteroid Palaces feat. Thadillac - Shine A Light #quasars @shabazzpalaces @subpop unsung genius of dub innovator Dennis Bovell
Retweeted by kamikazeLebanese singer Fairuz’ 1987 LP Maarifti Feek reissued for the first time
Retweeted by kamikaze @CAKESDAKILLA keep it coochie @willnich felt this with the south korean game last week too, just wish they'd just pump rave tunes into the stadium insteadGreat lockdown project! ⁦@Space_Station⁩ ⁦@LEGO_Group⁩ #InternationalSpaceStation #ISS
Retweeted by kamikazeKrzysztof Penderecki - Kosmogonia @COLDSPRINGHQ - Wandering Star #SpaceTunes + #Dummy25 + #RIPKrzysztofPenderecki
Airto - The Owl Nebula Dangers - Pinwheel Galaxy @MBManifesto @brainwashedcom Moonlets - Agonal Journey On HD149026b
Ralph Lundsten & Leo Nilson - Mizar Leslie - Asteroid Belt @jonnytrunk Orbits & TSVI - Submechanophobia @Tsvisions @SevenOrbits - Black Transit Of Jupiter's Third Satellite @Deathprod @supersound - Ganymede @Truss_101 Liston Smith - Space Princess @lonniethelegend - Europa @palmbomenmusic @NONRecords Hill - Callisto @KeepersFinders Koala - Moon River @kidkoala Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock @ZuluNation1973 Orleans - Prometheus @elaorleans'm feeling really quite sad about this - been a fixture for months in the evening sky, stunning night after night,… Oram - Rockets In Ursa Major (excerpt one) @ourmodernlove - Dubhe @elektraxmusic #UrsaMajor Pramuk - Gossip @lyra_pramuk @bedcomrecords
"Kommen Sie bitte, und listen to Kraftwerk"
Retweeted by kamikazeDeep Sky Objects is 'Space album of the month' on the new Cosmic Explorations series by @radiokamikaze! A brillian…
Retweeted by kamikazeJust uploaded "Cosmic Explorations : Episode Two" to @mixcloud Listen up!New episode of Cosmic Explorations featuring Jupiter's Galilean moons; Ursa Major; asteroids; HD149026b; Comet C/20…
Ras G - All Is Well @BRAINFEEDER favorited "Muslimgauze : The Life and Times of Bryn Jones" by @radiokamikaze on Mixcloud
Retweeted by kamikazeDoug Wimbish & Fats Comet - Don't Forget That Beat @onusound @DougWimbish
Underground Resistance - Meteor Showers @undergroundres