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You know when new friends or people at work ask you what you are into and you try to come up with a succinct accou… in all the Saturday night excitement, another longform (for me) RFM show out now...
@GibletGusset @heinouswhiner Seconded! @Bandcloud Objectively correct response. @SimmoMaz I think I went with 'Clay' in the end "like the artist" but, thinking about it, I think Klee as in Paul K… @SimmoMaz Heh, just wait until you hear me stumble trying to decide how to pronounce your surname! Very professional... ;-)Pressure Cooker Relief Valve (@snufkin_snus) Daphne X (via @SistersTriangla) Production Unit (@ProUnit via… @armless_dentist Psychonic Imaging (via Steep Gloss @autodisappointr) Simon Klee (@SimmoMaz)… radiofreemidwich show episode #39 out now! The second format-ditching, hour+ sprawl and prattle. Pre-isolated t… CD deal just arrived, what an absolute steal! All for a righteous cause too. Don't sleep on this!… let it be called 'A Funny Thing About Regret'. first compilation is out now! To say this is a unique and truly odd piece of work is a colossal understatement…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @Seth_Cooke Wearing my @hawthonn t-shirt today. @sofingusa Bedcore!Heinous Whining Noiz Livestream Round 2 is at 7ish tonight folks. Sadly Hawthonn had some technical issues, as per…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @Rockette_Morton This is hitting the spot. French concrete with a sonambulist vibe: @YoniSilver ❤❤❤😁 @IAmMetalDog @sofingusa Take care and stay as safe as you can. Love to you and your family ❤
the radiofreemidwich show #39 in the bag, edited whilst attending tonight's @2toph show. Modern times, eh? 9 tracks… @GinOnDiamonds Sorry to see you go and very glad we got the chance to meet! Safe journey!Just added FARBEN LIve in Newcastle 7.10.2000 to our Food Bank Fundraiser - £2 or name-your-price for over an hour…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @delphine_dora Thank you! Took g2hh.Happy to recommend this unheard because, c'mon, it's going to be mint as fuck, right? JUST LOOK AT IT. Ingold Prelog: Tubular Lockdown While attempting to entertain a 4-year old during coronavirus lockdown, I dis…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerWe start adding films from our TUSK 2019 @Sage_Gateshead archive from 7pm tonight - 3 amazing sets to kick you off…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerGreat news - Finnish legends CIRCLE have just sent us a live recording of them to sell digitally as part of our Foo…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerFAO @19f3_records - apologies if this isn't appropriate or you've seen it already but could be of interest to you a… @kirigirireco But do *you* want to do it? If you can legit spare the time and would find it fun and/or therapeutic…
@liquidlibraryyy @CrowVersusCrow @shiitcreek Ah fuck, yeah: that @liquidlibraryyy is Carnivorous Plants innit. I'm… just sat the kid I'm supposed to be home-schooling in front of a Pokemon cartoon so I could finish listen… @harbottlestores @philblackpool I'm finding this. I'm lucky in that my manager is good and the people I work with a… @eloise_0 @t100fox That early 90s rave look is aging well!
18 tracks in my notebook, totalling about 2h30m, that I'll split over RFM shows #39 and #40. So that's at least two… quarantine sound different? Have lockdowns foregrounded noises or silences? Help me compile NOISE REDUCTION b…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerAll downloads on Stuart Chalmers's Bandcamp site currently £1 a throw or the lot - 59 releases! - can be had for £1… (detail) "What the world needs now is TUSK, sweet TUSK...: @wigglymittens spud-u-like @derekbeaulieu The cutting room floor in Perec's studio. @cowsarejustfood Somehow missed this yesterday. Sure, count me in. Let me know the details once they're decided.
Two shows in two days may seem a little excessive but the March Special had to be in March! Happy Springtime frien…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerThe Paine Full Podcast... episode 1 w/ musician and librarian, @nofansrecords Richard Youngs... music lessons, 1st…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerJust bumping this tape again cos I thiiink it's my best one out and Chris has written some kind sentences about it…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerTried to make some kind of post-flashcore electronic free jazz record to fight off the quarantine madness:
Retweeted by Rob HaylerMark ain't wrong. I'm tired, confused, non-specifically angry, wondering if I'm doing the right thing minute to min… of war
Retweeted by Rob HaylerNew music from ERNIE K. FEGG, some of which comes from his TUSK set last October
Retweeted by Rob HaylerAndy Jarvis' latest video originally made for an online gig this weekend just gone:
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @sofingusa @spaceshipmark @sofingusa @spaceshipmark This was in our front room earlier, matches the sofa nicely, eh?'Home schooling' this afternoon - the boy talks excitedly about Pokemon whilst I construct a very ramshackle ('epic… @TZombini @PaulMargree @cowsarejustfood Yep, cracking collection. @penancestare_ Yep, I'll be having that thanks! @vuzhmusic Take care, comrade, and good luck ❤
@AnticipatingN Thank you Simon. I'm struggling a little today and your kind words are very welcome. You'll be glad… @feminatronic Such a wonderful album. Heart breaking news.Terribly saddened by the news that the musician, Kassia Flux has passed away after illness. Sincere condolences to…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @WitchOfLeeds I'll 'be there'COVID-19 Diaries. Week 2
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @wigglymittens Ah fuck, sending love and crossing fingers ❤ @KassiaFlux So sorry to hear this awful news. Love to all. Rest in peace. 🖤Hello friends, it's a Monday and in the 'normal' world I like to put my new shows out on a I have. Her…
Retweeted by Rob HaylerOk here's fresh PNG for Heinous Whining SE 1 EP 2 after last week's cliffhanger ending...
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @PaulMargree @cowsarejustfood @theardentwake Blimey, I was at that too! They were great.
Just added 7 new PDFs to the over 150 i've made available of my publications. go ahead, help yourself -- read, reac…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @smokeybarkid Nice. Can't beat that but here's a couple of similar shelves here: was mint, looking forward to the next! Line up in thread for those without facebook: @backxwash As my producer and I drove back to the motel we kept turning over that one phrase. What could it mean?… actually almost satisfied with this low key noise improv I streamed earlier today. Please enjoy!
Retweeted by Rob HaylerArtefacts of the no-audience underground excavated and sold for great cause. SLLLFH is an ol' fave and vv highly re… taken advantage on this myself, amazing offer - righteous cause. is 'well' good and funny too. @things_vital @heinouswhiner @2toph @kenosist Plastiglomerate I think: work
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @sofingusa I didn't, no! All my music gear is currently in the attic spare room just feet from a bed... @sofingusa It was a highlight!Heh, heh - that band name!
@ChopsStephens @PaulMargree On Twitch I'm radiofreemidwich - maybe see you at a show! @PaulMargree FOLLOWED.Remember your ABCs, folks: Always Be Clicking on noise show livestreamsI'll be 'at' Theo's noise show on Twitch later but will dip into this too. Boss track list... about town today
Retweeted by Rob Hayler @scornford live any second now....(2pm GMT)
Retweeted by Rob HaylerI ain't cooking shit on camera, but I'd watch the hell out this one. I hear @astralsocialite is kitchen handy, like… @GinOnDiamonds "Customers are advised to shit as usual and avoid panic wiping" @MySortaAorta @joeposset @tusk_music Likewise. For a few years there... Crucial Listening podcast! @IngridPlum discusses albums by Tanya Tagaq (@tagaq), Roomful Of Teeth (…
Retweeted by Rob Haylermarlo eggplant currently playing an amplified house plant!! yesterday, thanks @tarquinwood23! Love the 'noise livestream' screengrab on the cover too... @joeposset @tusk_music .I have vague memory of walking across Woodhouse Moor with you two on route to Leeds gig tal… I listen to so much 5. new music that it is 4. very hard to describe 3. any recently discovered 2. artists as p… Great story from a firm that supplies med gear to people who are into it as a... thing. My partner: I didn't e… case you missed the livestream last week, you can still watch the exhilarating replay of The David Liebe Hart Ex…
Retweeted by Rob Hayler
Latest episode of Mourning Veil podcast from Esmé of @penancestare_ - listen now and soundtrack the twilight... @IAmMetalDog The moshpit rules were very strict. to get into the supermarket AMA