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Perfect soundtrack for a sunday morning! @Mikey_Lavin goes out with her mate Stella It gets poured all over her fella You know the rest! Starting off the morni… can cure things medication never will.
Retweeted by Radio X.@therichwalters is playing something you know and love... Maybe I just wanna fly Wanna live, I don't wanna die Ma…
Cooped up inside on a Saturday night in January? Urgghhh! Do something wild and take that big step in life!!!!! 👀… Noel Gallagher has said he's ready to take a bit of time off from touring - gutted. Before that comes into effe… absolutely class! from New York*, it's Saturday nigggght! *London's Leicester Square, @RadioX
Retweeted by Radio XX-LIST: Great Yorkshire Bands Both hailing from Yorkshire, which of these bands should be played on the show toda… of the best bands out there 💚 PROTEST SONGS Both these tracks were written about debate, protest, struggle and fighting the power. Wh… Indie No.1s Both these indie bangers enjoyed time at the top spot. Which No.1 tune do you prefer? @DanGasserI feel like the feud between Liam and Noel is getting out of hand:
Retweeted by Radio XAlso @RadioX 1-4pm. Be there you filth goblin
Retweeted by Radio XMissed any of the show? Subscribe and listen to @Johnnyvaughan & @WoodmanGav whenever you like! #TheKickabout, it's that time of week on #TheKickabout........Mexican Handbags! Let @Johnnyvaughan & @WoodmanGav know yours!We have a very special second half of this weeks #Kickabout because @StephMcMahon is having a chat with… next, everyone's favourite motoring feature.......Tyre Talks! @Johnnyvaughan @WoodmanGav #TheKickaboutTime to take a look at the alternative look of the sporting world with @Johnnyvaughan & @WoodmanGav They start as…! @Mikey_Lavin here playing nothing but bangers to help wake you up! little taste of what's to come on @therichwalters show; @BiffyClyro "Mountains" @DermotKennedy "Power Over Me"…
@Leesyinnit @PollyJames 😘 @petergw97 Love you backHEY! @PollyJames here! HAPPY FRIDAY! Just posting some lyrics to a few tunes coming up on the show tonight... Rem… your mate controls the music in the car vs when you control the music in the car Just stick @RadioX on to sav…
Retweeted by Radio XAbsolute @WWE legend @StephMcMahon talks favourite wrestlers & says "golden era's still to come"🙌 @WWEUK #WWEonBT"I'm going to go as a punter..." up from 6pm: The @Johnnyvaughan 4-7 Thang chats to @WWE royalty & Chief Brand Officer @StephMcMahon! @WWEUK Birthday to @kaiserchiefs' Ricky Wilson! 🎉 winners. £2020 each. All day. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain wrestling trailblazer was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his son in 2008. can still be there! 🙏🏻 Smiths man @Johnny_Marr is to work on the new James Bond @007 soundtrack with @HansZimmer - @What_Liam_Said talk @JohnKennedy through the new @thecourteeners album More. Again. Forever. It's an instant… Mr Derek. DAY TODAY 👏👏👏👏 #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain dates will support his new album. 7AM till 7PM. 4 winners. £2020 each. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain FRIDAY. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain'Power Over Me' is the Record of the Week on @RadioX ! Thank you for your support
Retweeted by Radio XACE @thecourteeners album playback on @RadioX. Great chat between @JohnKennedy & @What_Liam_Said. @therichwalters 💚to all @thecourteeners fans listening & tweeting tonight! And BIG 💚 to @What_Liam_Said for doing the album pla…
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Who’s looking forward to @thecourteeners live dates after hearing their Album Playback with @JohnKennedy? 👋 listen on @RadioX tonight More. Again. Forever. With @What_Liam_Said 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX @JohnKennedy @What_Liam_Said loving this album playback such an insight into a lyrical genius that is Liam…
Retweeted by Radio XYesss people 🧡🦋 get @RadioX @JohnKennedy on NOW. Full album playback. Mad this. It's yours now. Howl yous enjoy it. I'm buzzing 🖤
Retweeted by Radio XHanging Off Your Cloud. Nothing but simply beautiful!!! 🧡🦋❤️@What_Liam_Said @RadioX @JohnKennedy
Retweeted by Radio XCalling your mate to tell them they’re missing the @thecourteeners X-Posure Album Playback right now. @JohnKennedy @RadioX Not sure how this can get any better because it’s class already and we’re 3 songs in... Top work. @What_Liam_Said
Retweeted by Radio XRefreshing to hear @What_Liam_Said talking through each track on the new album - sounding class on @RadioX 🦋🎧🦋🎧
Retweeted by Radio XFeel like 18 year old me back in 2008 listening to St Jude for the first time. Always get excited for a new…
Retweeted by Radio XNow on Radio X. The one and only @What_Liam_Said joins @JohnKennedy for a full Album Playback of @thecourteeners ne… joins @JohnKennedy on @RadioX tonight for a special ‘More. Again. Forever’ album playback on @RadioX ahead of…
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Retweeted by Radio XGet on @hotelluxband - the @JohnKennedy recommendation to the Evening Show tonight @gordonsmartWhat Difference Does It Make released OTD 1984. This is going to make you feel old.'s #ChosenOne is celebrating our #GreatXpectations2020 Tonight - @LilyMooreMusic @gordonsmartHis face was priceless 😂 your Evening Show tonight: @NoelGallagher @What_Liam_Said @thekillers BIG. @gordonsmartArctic Monkeys' iconic track was released OTD in 2006. DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain finally found out where the Radio X Prize Dump Winner lives! 🙈😂 dropped the mash-up of 2020. You're welcome.'s official! @bastilledan have confirmed to @gordonsmart they'll be taking a break in 2020!"It’s the voice of Chester you all know, remember and love but in a whole new light."'s January exercise plan is the gymspiration we didn't know we needed 😂😂💪"He can be of any colour, but he is male." Thursday #BestOfBritish montage is here and it's EXTRA HARD today! What are your guesses?, has presented the show for three years. and @MaisieAdam reacting to 80s music videos. TOO. GOOD. 😂😂😂's here! Episode 1 of 𝙀𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙮 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙠. First guest is @Rose_Matafeo. Sure, an icon to teens everywhere NOW. But was sh…
Retweeted by Radio XThis year's Brit Awards takes place February 18th. @thecourteeners album tomorrow! on his way delivering his van of prizes. Unfortunately he’s already half way there. And the winner lives in a… have a winner. Alex won the contents of the van and he lives in Chelmsford. CHELMSFORD. is some of the stuff in the back of Dom’s van: 50” TV iPhone 11 Xbox One VR Headset Echo Show TWO Samsonite… van of prizes is loaded, Dom has the keys and it could be on its way to you WHEREVER you live in the UK this mo… @RadioX. Hear @thecourteeners new album 'More. Again. Forever.' IN FULL before it's released, and…
.@This_Feeling off to a flyer, first show of the decade was sold out and special. Loads more to come this month… up classic Beatles & Strokes inspired rock 'n' roll out on @BlossomsBand label @VeryCleverRec Friday… being there?! 😱 O'Riordan sadly passed away on this day in 2018. On the @ChrisMoyles Show. Who's gonna be our winner? And where are they gonna be?! #RadioXPrizeDump's #ChosenOne is celebrating our #GreatXpectations2020 Tonight - @InhalerDublin @gordonsmartIntriguing. Really intriguing. @gordonsmartLoads on your Evening Show tonight including chat from @thebottlemen @bastilledan @InhalerDublin @CircaWaves @thewombats @gordonsmartMeatloaf suffered severe neck, collarbone and shoulder injuries which have prevented him from performing since the… WHAT YOU'RE DOING."New Year's resolution is to try and get to a point where I do one show this year not wearing Spanx." sucks. Let's giveaway some money. ✌️ #MakeJanuaryGreatAgain must show them respect."... This royal family offers part-time positions." you guess all 4 tracks in today's #BestOfBritish montage? @tobytarrant shows! ❤️"I'm ready to take a big chunk of time off." sucks. Let's giveaway some money. Listen to Radio X all day and brighten up your month ✌️… honestly have no idea how I've managed to bring my pyjama shorts into the studio today, but here they are 🙃 You k…
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