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When you spot your mate from across the pub:
Retweeted by Radio XHow long have the pubs been closed?
Retweeted by Radio XFew more from @therichwalters. It's @jackandwood from 4am. bunch of tunes coming up with @therichwalters. tunes coming up on @therichwalters show.
First few songs on @therichwalters show. First-rate. @RadioX @LlianaBird @TheDoors @Elbow @liamgallagher This really is a terribly good show, I'm enjoying it so much, j…
Retweeted by Radio XWelcome to this week's #SundayChill! It's @LlianaBird with you until 10pm bringing you some amazing chilled out tu… if some of these became available? 🤯 actually IS it? @DanGasser here with Best Of British on the mighty Radio X. How's your Sunday? Last orders today is all a… were people thinking?! Important Broadcast with @dannywallace is about to begin, bringing you the big stories from across the week; in… on @RadioX in five minutes for another Important Broadcast! With some real Dinner Winner curveballs.
Retweeted by Radio XIt won't be as simple as you'd think. play to @Louis_Tomlinson for this one 👏👌 loved these 😂's your boys. @EdGambleComedy and @matthewcrosby here chatting YouTube and car horns #coolJust tried to walk out of the studio with my headphones on-that are attached to the desk. You can picture the scene… your shoulders are frozen (cold as the night) Oh, but you're an explosion (you're dynamite) Your name isn't Rio… a little taste of what's coming up tonight! @Mikey_Lavin
A classic track. @RadioX Indie Night with nothing but bangers till 11 🔥🔥🔥 TOMORROW: Haircut 🤘
Retweeted by Radio XWho can get 100%? Classic Debuts These debut albums both surpass the "strong" category, and find themselves firmly in the o…"I used to be — what would the word be — I was just kind of a sh*t." Colourful Songs As tomorrow is National Different Coloured Eyes Day (no, really) here are some songs with… Glasto stand ins A fortnight since the weekend that wasn't 😢 More Glasto memories here. These bands both… many tunes to choose from 👌 you’ve just met someone and they’ve already told you their grandma’s cat’s maiden name:
Retweeted by Radio XIt's that time of the show! Get your #MexicanHandbags in! Johnny and Gav are going through some of this week's best right now.We've got a guest on The Kickabout! Former Portsmouth and England goalkeeper @jamosfoundation is talking to Johnny and Gav right now!Banging album 👏 @dmasmusic Kickabout is on! @Johnnyvaughan and @WoodmanGav are here for the next two hours with their sideways look at the… should have been @TRNSMTfest this weekend 😭 recording is believed to be from July 2016. out to @Louis_Tomlinson for this one 👏👌 many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were getting high? Tune…'s @Mikey_Lavin keeping the weekend feeling going strong with tunes like these on the way all night for you!
Parachutes is 20 years old today!’s your go to number 1 party album? Answers below pleeease... 🕺
Retweeted by Radio XParachutes is 20 today! 🤯 is class 😂“Racism in this country is as American as apple pie and baseball”. iconic guitar sold for over $6m at auction. yourself. Name these tunes. #BestOfBritish at @TRNSMTfest 2018. Who else is missing festivals? 😭 #TRNSMTthrowback"There are these outrage mobs who take things out of context." approves! 🙌 @RadioX making my Friday EVEN better with #MyChemicalRomance! 🎸
Retweeted by Radio XWho's listened to that new @dmasmusic music yet? 👀🎧 FOR PART TIME LOVER. @tobytarrant talking best @StevieWonder tunes and other nonsense on your radio RIGHT N… @liamgallagher do a short stand up tour when venues re-open?
Retweeted by Radio XA night shift in A&E is made better with some @RadioX on the go, pure bangers
Retweeted by Radio XHappy album release day @dmasmusic! Let @therichwalters your favourite tune on the album... #DMAS #TheGlow
Utter tunes to be fair.“Well oh they might wear classic Reeboks / Or knackered Converse / Or tracky bottoms tucked in socks." ARE BACK. Office is 19 years old today!'s gotta start somewhere. 11PM. @dmasmusic talk new album The Glow through IN FULL track-by-track with @JohnKennedy. Listen on-air,…"We are running in line with all government health regulations"."Like most organisations, the BBC is under severe financial pressure due to the pandemic." sadly passed away earlier this year 💔 on, this one's easy. Answers in for the #BestOfBritish montage you still attend?“I am completely to blame and accept all responsibility”. your hobbies on your CV:
Retweeted by Radio X
We’re starting Thursday with some proper tunes from... @BlossomsBand @BiffyClyro @TDCinemaClub You’re welcome 👍 @AdsBrown x🐒🔧 it when this happen 👏 fans should ace this!"... They were right.""He understood it completely." all these tunes. 3...2...1...GO! #BestOfBritish WE GO. YES John will be there 👏👏👏 man, the myth, the legend. It's time for Stumpy's Quiz with @tobytarrant"It’s a tricky situation being a radio presenter who’s USP is being bad at being a radio presenter. But… long was that bike ride Ian Brown?
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"Now that the legal proceedings have been concluded, we can comment on the departure of Tom Meighan from the band." playing @sonicseagirls on @RadioX, can’t WAIT for the album now 👍
Retweeted by Radio XHappy 80th Ringo!'ve gotta love a cheeky live track haven't you? @georgegodfrey is digging out a Lost Tape from a 2018… 80th Ringo!"Give the people what they want!" sound class today 💚 I Want To Hear You Say is @RadioX’s Record of the Week 🖤 Make sure to tweet in if you hear it guys!
Retweeted by Radio X"Really sorry to have to do this again"."At the time, I just thought it was just a name."'s a tricky one. Name all these #BestOfBritish tune! stepped down from Kasabian yesterday.'s up for some live music? 👋😍 really should know them all... Big hair, bigger tunes. On @RadioX from 10!
Retweeted by Radio XCALIFORNIIIIIIAAAAA #TheRequestHour @phantomplanet @tobytarrantTrue to form, he's in bed. @philtufnell is chatting to @tobytarrant right now!When you show a mate a new tune, and they actually listen to it:
Retweeted by Radio XBloody oath! Friday night on @RadioX, hear @dmasmusic new album, and the band talk @JohnKennedy through it, tune by…
Tuesday starting strong 💪with @oasis, @thestrokes and @Elbow @AdsBrown x