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Where are all the nocturnal key workers tonight then? 🦸‍♂️ @_Wolfenden1. Well done to @RealMattLucas for this 👏 #SundaySocial RIP Adam Schlesinger #SundaySocial 😂 Did any of you have more luck? #SundaySocial's time to finally find out. This is the best thing we've heard all week #WeeGranny #SundaySocial What a gig! #SundaySocial The goats run this town now #SundaySocial Happy birthday to this legend #SundaySocial legendary story! We could all do with a bit of socially distant dancing #SundaySocial These poor kids 😂 #SundaySocial and welcome to the #SundaySocial with @LlianaBird We're bringing you the top trending stories of the week a… Some of you will get Pigeon Detectives. are two funny 😂*this weekSad news for Stone Roses fans this as the Spike Island 30th anniversary celebrations were postponed due to coronavi… should get 100% 😂 in for the big man @gordonsmart on #SmartOnSunday on @RadioX . I’m calling it #WoodOnWeekend and in prepara…
Retweeted by Radio XKurt Cobain sadly died 26 years ago today ❤️ again... @EdGambleComedy and @matthewcrosby are still with you, and just like usual Ed is giving Matthew… need a laugh and @EdGambleComedy and @matthewcrosby are here to provide just that. Get involved! Here til 11amGot some essential Sunday morning listening on the way for ya. @Mikey_Lavin was right. Everyday is like Sunday. @therichwalters. coming up @therichwalters show @RadioX.🎶It's times like these you learn to live again It's times like these you give and give again It's times like these… few tunes @therichwalters plays soon @RadioX. few of the tunes @therichwalters plays soon @RadioX.
So yesterday I watched a documentary on Malcolm In The Middle (lol) And I’d completely forgotten how fucking aweso…
Retweeted by Radio XLAST ORDERS This week @tim_burgess joined @georgegodfrey on the Evening show to talk new music and… love these 😂 will never ever take live music for granted again
Retweeted by Radio XX-LIST: Rock Star Teachers Taylor Hawkins shared a drum tutorial from lockdown. Read more here:…'s time to find out! National Tell A Lie Day! Yep, that's today. Don't blame us if you get caught... Songs about truth and fibs. CHOOSE! @DanGasserX-LIST: Seattle Legends Both these bands reppin' the Emerald City. Pick which tune gets on the show today. @DanGasserWhen can you catch them again?!“I said MAYBEEEEE, you’re gonna be the one that saves MEEEEE”
Retweeted by Radio XGet ready, @gordonsmart reveals some insane stories! for your #MexicanHandbags! Get them sent in!Are you gonna get your favourite Alex? 👀're into the second half of The Kickabout where Graeme Tash and Jez Markem are about to join us for Tyre Talk!Legend!'s a million reasons why... you get more than Quentin Tarantino would? must know the words by now... there's no one left to fight, boys like him don't shine so bright, Soon as I see the dust settle, he's out on… about the tunes this morning! @Mikey_Lavin I watch #TigerKing - @therichwalters.'s @therichwalters playing "A Certain Romance" by @ArcticMonkeys.
This is basically the only thing I’ve been watching over the past few days. Completely in love with it. From the…
Retweeted by Radio XNo.1 Party Anthem 💚"I was in a love situation..." we may never get to hear 😭 CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT! 💚's time to officially find out. vs after social distancing
Retweeted by Radio XLAST CHANCE TO VOTE! #BestOfBritish's get this to No.1! 🥔 Adam Schlesinger ❤️ sad news. A true legend. RIP. will be his 4th child.'s time you found out..."Thank you Downloaders!" 🤘 of people can't get 100% on this 🤔 - Slide Away; on #TheRequestHour. About as good as it gets 💚 is open! Tell @tobytarrant what to play because he can't be bothered to choose them himself 📻's loving the #PlatinumHour right now? Give us a wave 👋Don't miss the last Request Hour of the week - let our friends at @RadioX know what you want @TobyTarrant to play a…
Retweeted by Radio XRight now @therichwalters is playing @oasis "Acquiesce". That's the tweet.
Thanks to everyone who's joined us for tonight's Radio X #HomeShow with @foofighters. Stay indoors, wash your hand… got one more in you? Show some ❤️ for @foofighters tonight on the #HomeShow! @RadioX for reminding me of happier times! #foofighters #livemusic #homeshows
Retweeted by Radio XThank YOU 👏👏👏 #HomeShow @RadioX @foofighters What a gig 🤟🏼
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX @foofighters Such a brilliant gig as ever, even if we were up in the gods, and making us quite emotional ev…
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX @foofighters Listening, loving it and can’t wait to be back at a live gig but until then this really helps…
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX I was there! And this close to God himself! 🤘🏻 What an epic night that was, just as the other 3 times I’ve…
Retweeted by Radio XStill got 20 minutes left of our EPIC #HomeShow with @foofighters. What's left for them to play? this gig out and seeing your reactions is so incredible. Everyone coming together for live music tonight in…
Retweeted by Radio X💚 in this together, Charlotte 🙏 #HomeShow @RadioX lashing on the @foofighters gig from the Ethiad 2 years ago, boss day 👏
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX @foofighters Fantastic night reliving it
Retweeted by Radio XLet's see your lighters for Best Of You 🔥 #HomeShow | @foofighters @RadioX making lockdown that bit better! Reliving THE best concert and taking my daughter for her birthday!…
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX @foofighters We are loving this, we were there and now dancing in the kitchen and I’m wearing my Manchester…
Retweeted by Radio X @Beccyshuttlewo1 👏👏👏👏 @RadioX @foofighters I was there with my son probably my 20th foo fighters concert..goose bumps reliving the experi…
Retweeted by Radio XTune into the Radio X #HomeShow RIGHT NOW with @foofighters LIVE in Manchester! Nothing beats live music 💚 WE. GO. Listen to @foofighters at Manchester Etihad now! 👉
Retweeted by Radio XWe're here for you ❤️ #HomeShow live rock n' roll 💚 #HomeShow | @foofighters Radio X #HomeShow has got you 🙏 🍻 #HomeShow's nothing that beats live music. Cheers everyone 🍻 #HomeShow | @foofighters @RadioX I was there! Front row. Please end with the singalong to My Hero!
Retweeted by Radio X @RadioX been waiting all day for this! Went to London last year after I couldn't get tickets for Manchester!
Retweeted by Radio XFoo fighters Manchester concert on @RadioX class. @FooFightersUK @foofighterslive
Retweeted by Radio XALL. MY. LIFE. Hands up who's listening?! 💚 #HomeShow | @foofighters