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Cosplayer, gamer, singer/songwriter, fanfic writer extraordinaire, gentleman, scholar, professional.

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@gjkcentral I never liked Spider-Man 2 as a kid. I vastly preferred 3 @JamJamoxox 💀😳 hmm @roastbeef_ssb :( @CorrinGaming @dankerfries_twt Kinda facts thooo @roastbeef_ssb Show us the 2, roast schmeat. @PeeKayy__ Nintendo Now sounds bad if you say it out loud. Maybe Nintendo Go? ? @MugenSonic Colors Wii. It was my first game in the franchise and that final boss was tough for me.
I fell asleep my first time seeing this movie. @SMPZA LEGO Marvel Superheroes glitch? Mario Kart Wii unlocks guide LEGO Star Wars flash gameMan, God must have been a huge Persona 5 fan. He made real life so similar. @OnTheDownLoTho If I had to rank the year’s new releases I played (on Switch) I’d go Age of Calamity Hades Xenoblad… @_nianyaa_ @OnTheDownLoTho Thank you for correcting yourself 👍
@betheymoth Bugsnax? @roastbeef_ssb #SaveSmash @EvanFilarca Do you think the sequel will be able to top it in number? I know we’ll be getting symbiote somehow whi… @FallGuysGame Probably like 6 @DaxeHax @GymCoachGG “Want forgiveness? Try religion...” -Bully Maguire thrusts into smash! @GymCoachGG S tier @FoxLeviathan134 @NaotoP4GG Yusuke of course @NaotoP4GG I have platinumed Persona 5 Royal, in fact. @Xbox Learned that the hard way in paint ball with the boys 💀 @Red_fox_boy @FranSunstar Cars 3 was kinda heccin’basic tho @ZeldaDungeon Furry @JonComms Agent Cartwright when??
@PlayStationUK No PS5, but I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity! @PlayStationUK @JoeCWard Erotic @Wario64 I’m reading that the OST is great gotta remind myself to look this one up later. @PointCrow They did fine I think, but it’s really hard to tell someone what kind of game it is without showing a co… @Wario64 Might get this one maybe possibly @FranSunstar Thanks to the genius innovations of Persona 5, we now have such classics as Pong and Ball. @PeanutButterGmr No it’s a money-grubbing tactic for Sony to take our money before the holidays. The console itself does not actually exist. @FranSunstar Nah Arsene’s practically useless @SpongeBob 8.5/10 @EDMIRE2k @Cyralooo @GaryTheSnail777 @JonComms @jahranimo_ Official Pro Controller yeah. Maybe the rumble is really…
@CyberpunkGame Big question: can I be an ultra virgin in your game and still get a solid Cyberpunk 2077 experience? @Cyralooo @GaryTheSnail777 @EDMIRE2k @JonComms @jahranimo_ I haven’t noticed the rumble in Age of Calamity at all u… @ThatsWhyImGod @Wario64 Man shoulda copped when that whole deal happened. @ThatsWhyImGod @Wario64 Did you actually get it too? @LunaaaTTV @Touyarokii *beepbeep* *machine gun noises*
@OnTheDownLoTho Age of Calamity because I still can’t get a PS5. This game gets really fun tho after the demo levels! @DecoyTheHoloBoy @RobosMixtape @deluxebows @SoCalZork @geoffkeighley Yeahhh check FF7R out. Definitely not a copypaste.Nintendo’s gonna sell us a 7 year old port of an 18 year old game for Zelda’s 35th anniversary and we’re all gonna pay $60, huh? @WereItSoEasy_ The SW lime was just called Lego Star Wars Buildable Figures. @WereItSoEasy_ @_mrundead_ You know those weird ones they started doing with the human faces like Batman or the Star Wars characters? @_mrundead_ The Heist was great. Black Cat playing with Spider-Man and the player was super cool. I don’t remember… be a good night let’s goo @NintendoEurope Can we please get a render like this but Luigi. @Nintendeal False he has fun sass.
@gjkcentral Bubniak Spidey for multiverse let’s gooo? @daintii_ There are like 7 in my store rn I’ll be fine if I’m looking for it. @daintii_ Kinda want to pick one of these up for the novelty of it. How is it to play? @YLFEthan_ Watch it be a cloud game. I can’t imagine Eternal running well on Switch with how much faster it moves than 2016 @FallGuysGame Prickly Winning Blob! Sounds accurate. @DreamcastGuy Besides it’s not the fault of any respectable adults. If anyone’s to blame it’s the scalpers @cruston7 @bobmrik @DreamcastGuy Exactly. My parents never went too overboard like that, but they somehow always ha…
@Alpharad It’s not raining 😤 @ChemicalToto Yeah bro you’re based @clavel_benjamin :( got to checkout and even the place order screen, but to no avail... hurt my feelings again. ☹️ @insomniacgames Almost platinumed on PS4! Just need to finish the main story again.
@BoundaryBreak Doom Eternal is easily my GOTY. It’s way more difficult than the first game and more specific, but t… guys this is crucial news! Please let Obama know about this!! plssss just do SOMETHING. @PlayStationUK Good luck, everyone out there. I have not been able to get one for the past week, but I hope you all… @slcmof First game had better story, but I liked everything else about Miles more. @Dimantr0 Damn. Tried to get one with Demon’s Souls, but the stock ran out even tho I was in queue before it even started #PS4share love how easy it was to make this look great #PS4share @clavel_benjamin So I can date people in Animal Crossing. 😳 @colebun Twinstagram? @imma_ryan_ytp Ppppiiiizza tttiiime.
@LadyIzzleSizzle Let me know when you’re back so we can VC with the gang :) @WebbedBat Spider-Man 2 is my favorite because it takes more skill, but provides more options when you get good at… @OnTheDownLoTho @GlitchLabsCo Yo??🔥SPONSORED GIVEAWAY HYPE🔥 Mario Game&Watch (U.S only)🤓! OR AGE OF CALAMITY 😳(Digital)! • Follow me &…
Retweeted by RadJacob @ynSection Well shit guess I’m Simon krieger now @scum_03 @A1B241046703 @PlayStacin He has the exaggerated swagger of a black teen - Gamespot review guy @IronGamer15 I wanna see Gwen in some capacity @parunephantom Yeah it’s the Spider-Man games for me. Oh also Spider-Man 2 (2002) on Xbox. @BrianHortonArt I could also do this on PS4 I believe? Definitely gonna check it out now that I’ve achieved 100%
@MikelKore1 @TJamez54 @PlayStacin I like Pete don’t get me wrong it’s just like... you bought the game called Miles Morales, y’know? @Sleepin_XD @JustChaz1 @MT_Loom I mean if we’re talking about computers here that is objectively correct @Jvertuss @2BforSmash Me when no Miles Morales for Smash @PlayStacin Why would you ever replace the infinitely more stylish Miles for basic PeteGuys don’t sleep on this game it’s actually super goood @OnTheDownLoTho I see you’re using the best suit @CJSeedge @JonComms I assume Tingle because PS5 isn’t out there yet @OnTheDownLoTho I beat Miles Morales 100% yesterday so go for it! @OnTheDownLoTho he did the thing. Again. this gives me life holy crap how is it so gooood.Looking for who asked like damn uh no one @JonathanDylla @GW_Alec @insomniacgames Curt-ains @Plun_Yu Idk man it’s pretty funny @EvanFilarca Yessir. As a Spider-Man fan I can say it has grappling hook and more style than our web swinging boy. @FranSunstar I love this scene so much. The amount of sheer power you feel when it happens.Ok @insomniacgames seriously how do you guys show such crucial parts of the story in your Spider-Man trailers witho… @discord Yes pls
@JasonPick1 I’ll buy it off him for big money 😳