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Producer at DreamWorks, creator of Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts

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Skate Legend and HUF Worldwide founder Keith Hufnagel has passed away at age 46:
Retweeted by Rad SechristOut nowwwww!!!!! Gooo!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Rad SechristSome recent paintings. Been really trying to figure out what I want to convey in my paintings. Which one's your fav…
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@Fumi_chun Is that stuff real? @GoodAaron They never asked for money , but they did take my insurance info, so maybe my insurance paid.Threepo
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @FeyNouveau Only took me 30 min, but I went at 8:20 am yesterday. What time did you go?Did the Dodger stadium test today. Simple mouth swab (no painful nose swab) and results in 48 hours. It’s great a… Kipo as she begins a new journey leading the Human Mute Ultimate Friendship Alliance. Kipo discovers that for…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @radsechrist @atrupar Should be the first question at the debate. "Explain your endorsement of the racehorse theory of human genetics"
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @GirlsDwt @atrupar Yeah actually this is true
They never get it right and that doesn't make it hurt any less. Breonna Taylor should still be with us and her fami…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @Jonezee99 What are you angry ranting about Matt? 😂 @melaninanimated Where is the list? @AaronJFentress Those things are all bad, this one is in the lead for worst though. @ChrisAmick Yeah in the updateWow... this is the scariest thing a I’ve heard him say. How are they going to explain this one away? @ChrisAmick But Tesla told me if I obsessively add numbers up all day in my mind to get 9 and walk around buildings… @ChrisAmick 3 6 9
@shurugz @reinacilla No but now I can’t wait. I appreciate they drew the skating correctly.
Watching this Jurassic show a third time because it’s all my 3 yr old wants to watch, and damn is that score iconic… @benmekler @taylororci Are we going to wear matching Joe Rogan hats at the extreme center rally?Kimiko & Kenji’s Mukbang Q&A is here! If you’d like to see Abe & I demolish our favorite Asian snacks while answeri…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @taylororci Let’s get megaphones and discuss over a grass field.Is it weird to talk about enjoying Social Dilemma on twitter?#amphibia #theowlhouse #kipo Meow-meow!
Retweeted by Rad Sechristmore kipo stuff :,,) #kipo #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts
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Saw this photo of the young King @JIDsv on Instagram and was like “if I designed a Batman cartoon, that’d be my 2-f…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @edastaff Like the comicon panel on October 11? @reggiesbestie What panel? @Fumi_chun Yeah that was fun lol @jsanford We also had some firework explosion 5 min before, so we thought a bomb went off.That might be the be the biggest earth quake I’ve felt.Truly, pineapple belongs on pizza. I said it.
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @wtfmafakas I’m for it
@vicehii I’d put them both in the lock box of things to avoid. Along with “he’s right behind me isn’t he.” And “awkward...” @vicehii Which is worse, referential jokes, or puns? @e1n @jessiejuwono The fact that you can read it in your head as Jif or Gif is enough. Looking forward to Christmas Jifts...i don’t think we talk about how much of an absolute banger purple jaguar eye is enough
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @allisonsmithart @maggiemkang I eat those giant carrots.
@JennRavenna Very cool thank you Jenn @JennRavenna My plan is to start shooting weekly content in two years, but have it look professional. This would be…, what’s a good camera if you were going to film a live action short, music video, or movie?I’m kind of dying reading these. @maggiemkang is like top 3 board artists in the industry and is directing a movie… first panel! #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts #kipo, Gelsons, Albertsons, Kroger + Safeway created Prop 20 with police to make SHOPLIFTING a FELONY. It also cre…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @YingjueChen I only have 1 look at the Johnson family in our @blackishabc animated episode which will be airing as part of a one hour TV…
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My first attempt at storyboarding. There are a lot of things that still need to be fixed, and crap ton of skills I…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @Andy_B_Cung Yeah but can’t edit that way, so for any fixes can’t use iPad.If my Ipad had Flix, I’d probably never touch a computer again.
I don't have a tweet for the atrocities committed by ICE... Just want people to open their eyes and care and stop t…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @ElsaSketch @StellaMagic My daughter’s birthday
@philiplord @michaelrianda This movie looks incredible @Lion_Gate_11 It should really go on for infinityCheck out @KarenFukuhara ‘s new YouTube series. The Boys Season 2 Premiere | Karen Fukuhara via @YouTube @emotionalkale Yeah America is not innocent on human rights issues in the Middle East either. @emotionalkale I remember going to China right after an attack in France and someone told me “we don’t get attacks…’s amazing to see someone as famous as Phil Lord take a stand. A lot of people are scared to talk about this, no…“The big problem is Disney thanking people accused of committing genocide.” @jaketapper calls out Disney for filmin…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @maggiemkang Will it ever be cold enough for sweatshirts? Let’s move to a place I can wear all my hypebeast sweatshirts @redherringdraws My goal is to hang out and teach life drawing into my 80’s @redherringdraws In the US we work with a ton of people into their 50’s. @redherringdraws I’ve been on movies for 5 years...To anyone that tuned in and heard me incoherently ramble on about Character A/B fight sequence stuff, In the near-i…
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And we are live’re officially one month out from the final season of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts!! It’s a really fantastic…
Retweeted by Rad SechristKipo!!!!!!!!!! can't believe this is my first fanart of it aaa i've been watching since it came out, gonna reedem m…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @redhead_coven Thank you 🙏Finished all of infinity train. It’s incredible. If you love twilight zone or black mirror, it has a similar vibe.… join for round two #drawingwhileblack !! I'm Pearl! I'm a Chinese-Jamaican Storyboard & comics artist, & (children's) illustrato…
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @ClayKaytis I remember starting in the industry and people would join the project. Follow the script exactly and ge… @catrapplesauce Los Vistas.If you missed today’s talk, We’re doing another one tomorrow @akajiyuu_ Make YouTube videos.thread of melanin animated content (interview, youtube, podcast)
Retweeted by Rad Sechrist @Lunarnarwhal That’s the only reason I’m not actually doing it lolNASA fire map shows the absolute failure of mainstream media for not expressing how devasting fires in southern Afr…
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Finally started watching infinity train. Wow. What a of my fav kipo season 2 moments.
Retweeted by Rad SechristWhoa we made @TVGuide cry! Just to be clear, Kipo wasn’t cancelled. We got to tell a full and complete story over t…
Retweeted by Rad SechristI heard people have even been naming their kids Dave after Dave. @aimeekitty It was just a webcomic. Had 30 pages. @maggiemkang #lightbox @twas_aggressive If it were LV$800 skateboard.
@emotionalkale There is a dragon. @benmekler And the purple shirtI worked on this movie! new skate shoes just came in, but it’s too 🔥 💨 🔥 💨 to skate. is so neat! #lightboxexpo
Retweeted by Rad SechristThis is so cool! was probably my favorite interview. Let’s get her to 10k #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts #kipo everyone! I'll be participating in this year's @LightBoxExpo and be a part of two great panels (both on Saturda…
Retweeted by Rad SechristTo those asking if Jamack is coming back in #Kipo Season 3, I don’t know how to put this gently, so.... YES
Retweeted by Rad SechristI’ll be at lightbox Saturday
@Fumi_chun @LawrenceLeLam It’s like I can hear the Spiderverse sunflower song. @benmekler Do you have to name your kid Lucifer now?