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Rae Carson @raecarson Pinal County, AZ

NYT bestselling author, gamer, cat lady, incorrigible hoper. Books w/@greenwillowbook, @DelReyStarWars, & Disney Lucasfilm. My tweets are not canon. She/they

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Now I really want to go out for drinks with Rachel, Joy, and Nicolle.
@Vylar_Kaftan @ccfinlay #goals 💜💜💜 @ccfinlay MY HAIR CAN'T BE ANY WORSE THAN IT IS DO YOU WANT TO BE THE FIXER OF MY HAIR OR AN OBSTACLE TO MY HAPPINESS @StinaLeicht @wordfey exACTly @wordfey for realNo power in the 'verse could make me watch tonight's #PresidentialDebate. @EddieLouise Yep.(Ugh, I meant to type "population reality"--sorry about that)It's a travesty that there has never been a Native American Supreme Court justice. Or anyone of Asian descent.We should not only have more justices to reflect America's reality, we should have more diverse judges. Of the more… facts: The current pop of the US is approx 330 million. In 1869 when the Supreme Court stabilized at nine just… @suzanne_young Water (one hydrogen molecule, two oxygens)
@ccfinlay wow congrats on barf bagToo late. I voted Biden-Harris. #TheDebateInSixWords @SkylaDoragono @cavanscott @jasoncfry @CharlesSoule @RoanhorseBex I'll be NaNo-ing right along with you, so we are in this together. 👊I had never seen this clip before today, and now I’m sitting here wiping tears from my face. Joe Biden is a good ma…
Retweeted by Rae Carson @MarthaMihalick IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA @MandaTheGinger this was probably a good life choice @TheBarbarienne you are so much wiser than I am @Kim_Harrington RIGHT? I almost didn't tweet about it for that YOU just spent 30 min playing with this election simulator
Nothing, nothing, NOTHING has given Me more consistent pleasure over the last half-century than saying stupid shit…
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@DeannaHoak hahahaToday it was my very great privilege and honor to vote for Kamala Harris for VP. I voted for that Joe guy too. And… @lainitaylor Those are incredible!
@alison_cherry I'm so sorry, Alison. What a beautiful girl.
@wordfey @ccfinlay 💜This is my favorite political campaign ad ever.
Every time I finish a book* I splurge on something for my writing room. This is my 2020 splurge, from the amazing…"Weird venomous caterpillars that look like walking toupées are invading Virginia" Because 2020 decided that the m…
Retweeted by Rae Carson @ccfinlay weird how many Human nouns translate to toy, ie. pen, toe, dead bug, fuzz, mom's face, etc.according to Google Translate, “straw” in Human translates to “toy” in Cat #AShotOfWhiskey
Retweeted by Rae Carson @snurri but that was the only correct answer @Sir_Rachel @ek_johnston SAMEFunneled my sadness about losing Eddie Van Halen into something fun: Van Halele
Retweeted by Rae Carson @TheBarbarienne good choice
@tarkintangents exactly!this morning's VERY EXCITING scamperpalooza ended up here #AShotOfWhiskey
Retweeted by Rae Carson @pj_thompson Heh. Yep. @ECthetwit oh wowIs it legal to post a photo of your marked ballot? It varies by state! Here is a good, quick resource, posted in 20… @LarryBratsch Yep those are the bestReally hoping my next job interview is one where I don't have to actually answer any questions but still leads to a… @AdamLanceGarcia Lol you're going to get about 50 people helpfully explaining it to you @ek_johnston Always!
@gregvaneekhout is saying "fuck" over and over the same as gibbering also asking for a friend(I'd post a vid, but this semi-feral dude is almost impossible to catch on film)my cat Schrodinger owns the world record for most syllables in a single meow @inkhaven @LaQuintaInn @ccfinlay and I stayed in a couple of @LaQuintaInn s on our roadtrip-to-marriage-with-cats. So grateful.
@thkeep1 @JoyceWhiteVance Yes, good point.good investment Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day to all the Indigenous Science Fiction & Fantasy writers and creators out there maki…
Retweeted by Rae CarsonNo one should delve into Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs. She’s entitled to them. The question is whether she can…
Retweeted by Rae Carson @darthsomnus 💔 @billypdavis Ha! I totally sang it that way as a kid.I got my back against the record machine I ain't the worst that you've seen
Me: Martha McSally's 2018 campaign against Kyrsten Sinema was the dirtiest, lyingest, most disgusting political cam…
Retweeted by Rae Carsonplease don’t tell him he’s not a wild jungle cat #AShotOfWhiskey
Retweeted by Rae Carsonif I ever ran into this cat I’d probably worship it 😍😍😍
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@LeeFlower @ccfinlay yep, aka Newton's 4th Law @ccfinlay me: *tries to type* Whiskey: snuggle meeeee tho (i am weak)Don’t blame me for not getting anything done today. Blame this fluffy pumpkin. #AShotOfWhiskey #PureEvil @quamta1 Wow! @arzt_fremdliebe He's been called out many times, ie. when he tweeted that Trump was about to die, or when he tweet…, that Jon Cooper guy is a fraud and a hack with a long history of calculated misinformation targeted at lib…, all. F&SF is temporarily closed for submissions while we sort through our hold pile and buy down some of the st…
Retweeted by Rae Carson @seh221 @FrayAdjacent lol I guess you can say my love is unconditional b/c I love it in spite of its flaws? @FrayAdjacent For me, candy corn is like Pringles and Taco Bell: I know it's not really food but I can't stop eating.
@karinlow Yep, that's James 2:26! It's so important that it gets repeated.Let me get this straight: Trump can do a virtual rally, but not a virtual debate? He's reeeally terrified of Biden, isn't he?To all the Christians tweeting to "trust in the Lord" please remember James 2:17: "Faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead." @samtasticbooks I recently found one in my toilet bowl so I dropped a bomb on my town sorry everyone else who lives here. @swankmotron Oh, Bryan, I'm so sorry. <3
@megynkelly delete this tweetdeep thots #AShotOfWhiskey
Retweeted by Rae CarsonMike has a fly stuck in his hair and I'm pretty sure I've just reached peak schadenfreude.Go to sleep every night like the polls are right, get up every morning like the polls are wrong.
Retweeted by Rae Carson @MarthaMihalick and a follow up question: had he opened his mouth without lying? @inkhaven He's a helluva talent. I can't wait to see what he does next.Kamala looking at Mike with disgust and disbelief is all of us. #VPDebate
@oceanselene Thank you, I did not know that. @ferretthimself Yep. And as voters, we are called to judge a person's character to the best of our ability based on… @FrayAdjacent Oh, wow, I'd love to take a class like that. @FrayAdjacent I know a sociopath who definitely cares for their kids, but it's kind of an ownership thing? Like, th… before anyone jumps on the "armchair diagnosing is bad" bandwagon (it is), just think of the hundreds of thousa… turns out I'm a one issue voter after all, and that issue is having a President who is not a psychopath.
@MarthaMihalick cats always surprise youMe: Oh, wow, Stephen Miller tested positive for COVID Someone else in my house who shall not be named: Huh. Now we know lizards can get it. @michaeldthomas Dammit. I'm so sorry. *hugs*My cat and I play hide & seek/tag around the kitchen island (I'm not sure what the rules are? But Whiskey is super… a mask.
Retweeted by Rae Carson @ek_johnston wow my next play thru is sure going to go a lot faster @ek_johnston wait WUT @Michelle_Gagnon lol @MelCarterWrites @ShannonAHiner Thanks for the shout out. :)
I hope she writes a tell-all autobio someday called I, Claudia with voter registration deadlines TODAY, 10/5, check your registration, register to vote!!!! AZ AR FL GA H…
Retweeted by Rae Carson @TwinSunsAmanda as long as someone gives him his binky
This is like when your baby won't stop crying so finally out of desperation you strap him into his car seat and dri… @JoeBiden IMPORTANT: If you live in: Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Hawaii Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Ohio T…
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