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@thatnatanya @naza_beauty Congratulations! Can't wait to see @naza_beauty grow and change the game. Let me know how I can be of support 😊
@WestMidRailway @nationalrailenq Yes please! I'll DM a bunch of info now :) @nationalrailenq @WestMidRailway Thanks for your help! Hi @westmidrailway. I can see that my phone is at the statio… @nationalrailenq hello, I tried that first but no luck and I've been sent from pillar to post! Can you help me to c… @nationalrailenq hello, I dropped my iPhone by Nuneaton station today and I can see on my phone tracker that it is…
😭!!! dealt with the 192373048 files on my desktop. Anxiety gone in the touch of a button. Family Adventures 2020: February. London Euston. One of our all time favourite places in London is the wel… fi dem @supadupacurl & @blackgirlgamers leading a much needed discussion at @ExploreWellcome forward to my session! 😄
@missyvlt @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Brill! Hope you enjoy it ☺️ @SincerelyTops Keep an eye on @BespokeBinny 👀 @BambinoMio @QueenPandAurore You can request particular patterns on the Facebook group for “Cloth Bum Mums” @QueenPandAurore @BambinoMio Ah I’ve had this design for years! It was my daughters first and she’s 3 now. They hav… @malorieblackman You look wonderful! The joy is contagious even through the screen. I’ll be getting a TV license… @BambinoMio Love them! They’ve been great for both my children ☺️Finally watched @HairLoveShort. I’m not crying. You’re crying. @JoyMateSpeaks @KikeBrimah @MsRitaB @noughtcrosstv Omgosh it’s here!!! I’m actually gonna have to get a TV license for this!These @BambinoMio nappies are elite 😍 @JoyMateSpeaks @Bobby82691031 You can do it @JoyMateSpeaks @Bobby82691031 I tend to pack 2 in my suitcase and some in my hand luggage so I have flight and holi…
Okay the picture of the mice is great and all but how did it beat this?!??! @LegendofBaba You’ll die at the actual pronunciationPeter Kavinsky needs to find some self respect. #PSIStillLoveYouAnd an old iPhone I was selling for charity 😕 that’s the only item they could get any value for. No idea why they took the rest 😫Update. They also stole my baby’s nappies & my 3yos brand new ballet shoes and now im angry 😡 @Bola_Sol Hard relate!
@RicardoTwumasi Nah they have a couple of you non baby voice adults around... @NotJustYouHere @timothy_barnes to name a few!Dunno if I’m more excited for @toalltheboys on Weds or the @BlackBalladUK x @Afrocenchix documentary on Thurs... 🍿
Cannot wait to sip my virgin colada and fan girl over @JENDELLA’s work 😍 you hear about the woman who lost sensation in her left side? She’s all right now #UKPunDay @victoriasanusi INNIT! I already arranged a viewing party praise I never knew I needed 😂 asked a windmill what kinda music it likes. It didn't answer but I reckon it's a big metal fan. #UKPunDayTried explaining a pun to a kleptomaniac, but he kept taking things literally. #UKPunDayThe season of loveeee is here and we've got the perfect gift for the naturalista in your life 😘
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-Corson @BlackBalladUK @deejington @TweetsByBilal Did some charity work in Nepal and it’s still 6:1 there!
This weekend someone broke into our car and stole several items including my (extortionate) prescription sunglasses… @MelsWardrobe Lol some of them will deffo be mad 😂I live with two happy toddlers and can verify this claim
Before you learn to code, learn to codify. Codifying means taking the repetitive tasks in your job or life and org…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-Corson @WilliamAdoasi Mad. Can you believe my husband has 0. And only 6 second cousins👧🏽 just ran into the kitchen and said “mummy, I’m independent! I’m getting dressed all by myself.” It’s an interes…
The past, present & future of British natural hair, because if we don't document our own history, who will? Can't…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-CorsonJoin us next Thursday 13/02 for a night of discussion, drinks, food, networking & the screening of the The Pioneers…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-Corson @shayz27 People crying to get their way 😂 @JoyMateSpeaks @deborahokenla 😂 would also add 7 Habits or Highly Effective People on communication and happy to he…
@anthilemoon @tylertringas @visakanv @Erab_11 right! 😂 @tolly_t £350 @tolly_t Haven’t been this confused in a long long time @_NOMICS Ruined my year @JoyMateSpeaks @hmtxss @ThreeUK 😂This! @i0sTaila Like the start of a Nollywood horror movie 😂 @i0sTaila Same! The rest are a bit 😶
@MelAlyGreen (My husband has the same issue as you 😂 I don’t mind funding the library though) @MelAlyGreen Hahaha. If you’re in e-readers, did you know you can borrow ebooks? @Rich_Awo @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett 😜 thanks! @MelAlyGreen Hahaha same boat! I’ve reserved sooo many library books this week!
@funkomi Omgosh this is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats 😍Thanks dude! @GracieMiranda @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you!
@MsXpat @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Watch this space! @UCLEnterprise @ucl @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett 🥳 @mireillecharper @holland_barrett Thank you!Fantastic news - you can now find products from @ucl startup @Afrocenchix on shelves in @holland_barrett 🎉
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-CorsonRachael @RaeCorson mentioned it last week but we’re in @holland_barrett in Birmingham’s Bullring now! Go in and che…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-CorsonThank you! @holland_barrett have launched us in their Clean Beauty concept store in Birmingham Bullring then will r…
@NatashaStrombe @TweetsByBilal Great advice, thank you! @MelodySadeAbeni Thanks Mellow 😘 @NatashaStrombe @TweetsByBilal Any recommendations for the best place to buy the skewers? Also do all plants benefi… @MelsWardrobe Happy birthday girl! @MelsWardrobe 💯 it’s a much more ethical & sustainable approach to fashion AND you end up with a better wardrobe @theanthonyware Thanks ☺️ @frohub @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thanks so much! @Jooosyyyyy @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you 😘
@JoyMateSpeaks @Diced_Dimples @tolly_t @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Honestly 😭😍 @YanaBinaev 😘 @willettasnotes @Afrocenchix @Ocado Thanks! An exciting prospect 😄 @ieshasmall @missus_mack @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett 😘 @missus_mack @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett We’re discussing this with Holland & Barrett head office now so watch this space 👀 @BlackBalladUK 😘Can’t wait for you to be able to pick up @Afrocenchix easily 😄 @DorothyKoomson 😄 @Diced_Dimples @tolly_t @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett 😄 @MelTranfield @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you!! @SoniaMeggie @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett 😄 @BlackHairFlair ☺️ @4CChronicles @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you! @LolaOye 😄 @CaribThompson @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett ☺️ @TazTheStarGazer @MrAndyDavis @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you! @samcarew Hahahah tweet of the year! 😂🙌🏾I have a dream that little boys and girls don’t have travel all the way to the endz to get hair products!! 😂😂 Treme…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-Corson @Kabutakapua @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thanks! Such exciting times ☺️ @missyvlt @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Sorry to hear! We’re in the new Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre branch…
Retweeted by Rachael Twumasi-Corson @HairAdvisorUK Thank you!! @luxemorelondon @Afrocenchix @holland_barrett Thank you guys!