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Rae Johnston @raejohnston Eora Country/Sydney, Australia

Award-Winning STEM Journalist 💻 Science & Tech Editor @NITV 📺 Host @takeitblak 🎙 & @tsushow 🎬 Wiradjuri 🖤💛❤️ Formerly Editor of @GizmodoAU & @Junkee

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@jiggsy @Tegan_Writes @dippizuka @XboxANZ uggghhhh this guy again @Tegan_Writes @dippizuka @XboxANZ That Cullen tho @XboxANZ @bdazzle129 @DOOM @XboxGamePass @angharadyeo Don't fuel her please 😭 @Mr_Odin This is amazing.So yeah, consider this me warning you. You're welcome."You did it!" "No Mum, that was a Jackass stunt" "You did it as well, though" .... one warns you that as your parents get older their memories become warped to the point that they firmly insist i…
A senate inquiry has heard a range of voices discussing the future use of the flag, with a consensus that it should…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonNew parenting development: my large adult son doesn't want me to take photos of him without asking, and when I ask… opened this and burst into happy tears, how's your emotional rollercoaster treating you today? (bless you,… @meadea @NC_Robinson Reminds me of my favourite tweet of all time
@angharadyeo @jiggsy @stwtwo @NZXT @TAGMods so half life (x) 2 then
@kindofsquishy hmmm @_HayleyElise @austreptilepark Chonky tree quokkasIn other news: Kimbe and Banjo are Goodfellow tree kangaroos living at @austreptilepark, and visitors can feed the… @nicolearcher yes
Good morning Australia, while you were sleeping Microsoft bought Zenimax and OMG this means so many things it's gon… @jawjarrose @CureCancerAu Thank you xx @allymcleangames how good are dogs though @StephPanecasio 30-onwards is SO GOOD Haven't heard much about 40 even though it's around the corner..... @allymcleangames I have ❤️ @allymcleangames oh ALLY wow @Manxman62 @NITV @SallyRMelb White name. Lieutenant Phillip Parker King named it, thought the crocodiles were alligators.After spending 17 days in the murky waters of the East Alligator River in Kakadu, a humpback whale has taken advant…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @nicolearcher omg did you find tiny rich peopleConfession: I hate running. Can’t stand it. It’s the worst. BUT - I’ll do it for a good cause. ⠀ ⠀ Related: I’m run…
Hammock + inactive wear + knitting = spring Saturday afternoon perfection 🙌🏽
Why do people think tiny houses are fancy but caravans are trashy? @Jodan_Perry @Shahni_W @dannyteejay @LatimoreJack @DrMLongbottom @Shahni_W @dannyteejay @LatimoreJack @DrMLongbottom @Jodan_Perry SHAHNI whaaaaat you're so good!! @Tegan_Writes Or slashing exactly three tyres, at the very least.
On tonight's episode of #ThePoint we're talking First Nations fashion, which has entirely validated my earring obse…
@amandamyeo amanda @cienan_m @RarriwuyHick @hunterpage @MerikiKO @MadelineHayman @nakkiahlui @DreamtimeReid @EileenSissy @AstroKirsten @1KarenWyld @AncestressEra Oh Karen it's beautiful!! @moviemazz IT'S HERE!!! @Astro0Glen @CanberraDSN @martin_o @AndrewPStreet @FiPanther @matteovinci @MrUsmar @SnowyKC @Space___Geek
Me: so well organised my life is scheduled in 30 minute increments.⠀ ⠀ Also me: showed up to a meeting two weeks ea…, just posted a photo. It's a good one, you'll have to click the link to see it.Super pleased Instagram has decided that posts shared to Twitter will no longer include the caption, giving my feed… posted a photo @BrentOrourke @Tegan_Writes Reading comprehension would be a good start, since this is not an entry-level role and… @BrentOrourke @Tegan_Writes I'll send you my consult rates, but you get this for free: stop tweeting the editor to… @BrentOrourke @Tegan_Writes Actually, a journalist is exactly what is needed for this role that requires 1-2 years… @Tegan_Writes oh i won't be writing lol i'll just play games all day that's the job @Tegan_Writes i am man who can speedrun every game and name all the characters backwards i love games but only the… can't believe this was three years ago. What an incredible experience. Thanks again for having me along to farewe…
🚨HOW TO SPOT BAD SCIENCE NEWS🚨 Bad science news take a fresh exciting discovery and claim to be able to provide yo…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @rickydbryan @seanseaevans Ah, the program for young adults made by young adults yheedun buural followers. Have a beautiful journey today. Be the essence of great leadership today. Be yourse…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonWe have detected a gas called "phosphine" in the atmosphere of Venus, says @jgreaves6. This could point to the pres…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonWho would’ve thought? Not me 😷
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonGonna try making one with thumbs
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @Tegan_Writes @PaulHoles @glasseffigy it's here! @jrhennessy I have a USB C to ethernet & USB adaptor that is the biggest blessing but should also be entirely unnecessary.W O W @PatrickLenton that's all i needed, thank u @PatrickLenton i want ice cream now thoSo I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be hosting the Women in AI Awards, an event created to honour those who are leadin…
Just posted a photo @ Little Wobby
💙 @ Cadigal Country
@jasonimms Nah, I got your drift. I'm thankful to have people who care, I really am. But I know they can't help me,… @jasonimms Oh absolutely, I do that. But it's never been enough. And I still end up going from feeling relatively fine to feeling pitied.This thread isn't perfect, it's just my own personal feelings and experiences with this day. I understand some peop… loved one would never feel bad they can't fix my broken leg. They shouldn't feel bad they can't "fix" my brain.… loved ones ask me "R U OK?" & I reply "no, but I've got this" they ask how they can help me. I tell them they…’ve spent the last couple of days speaking with Jamie Lowe, the CEO of the National Native Title Council, about th… National Native Title Council has written to the Rio Tinto board calling for an overhaul of the organisation, a…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonMy answer to R U OK? Is never "yes" & I don't want anyone to feel responsible for or bad about that! ❤️ I work ext… taking away the usefulness of the day, and understanding this isn't my most nuanced point: R U OK day is… answer is no.
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @mrbenjaminlaw My pumpkin soup made a strong revival this year. @verbaliza I'm sure the production costs are covered, but I've not heard of ambassadors ever getting a fee. I'm sure they'd tell you? @LukePlunkett And it's a boy 83% of the time. @verbaliza I didn't know they were paid? Any time I've taken on an ambassador role for a charity/NFP it's been for free.
@MarcFennell, you'd likely know the answer to this? 😂Every time I have a spare 30 minutes in my schedule I think of a new podcast I want to make. Surely we've coined… @DrCurlytek This show used to make me cry because they never said my name lol✨goodnight✨ @Eloise_Praino @brentonemckenna agreed @lurker_accnt @IndigenousX Absolutely! I kinda touched on this in my follow up tweets :) @mikey_mangra Yep! Exactly. (I worked local PR for Never Alone 🙂 )Hire the people whose stories they are to tell.Why (likely disrespectfully, sorry) draw this character yourself when you could hire an expert with lived experienc… (likely badly, sorry) write this character yourself when you could hire an expert with lived experience? There… general advice to the non-indigenous folks asking me how to include an Indigenous character in their video game/… @kindofsquishy I can't see it. @PatrickLenton I sure can! @PatrickLenton Our school went but I couldn't afford to :( I had to stay behind and do maths maths. @alspicer911 @CSIROnews I will absolutely not be running the country one day, but thanks for your support 😂#Repost @csironews ・・・ ⁣Pulsars:⠀ ✅ the collapsed spinning cores of dead stars.⠀ ✅ have a mass 1.4 times that of th…
It was such an honour to host the @bandt #WomenLeadingTech Awards today! ⠀ ⠀ More than just a cool trophy (even tho… life-saving Custody Notification Service has been running on a (now well outdated) pen and paper system for the… @MarcFennell Marc I'm a TWO and I feel like I must have lived a whole other life before this one for that to be possible?!
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonAfter 20 years, the old pen-and-paper Custody Notification Service is going digital thanks to a partnership with th…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonI hosted this today! Thanks for having me, @bandt! #WomenLeadingTech
@AstroKirsten I'll never tell which two, though, 😂 @AstroKirsten ... 2 😶