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Rae Johnston @raejohnston Eora Country/Sydney, Australia

Award-Winning STEM Journalist💻Science & Tech Editor @NITV📺 Host @takeitblak📻Voice Actor, Space Nova🎙Host @tsushow🎬@Working1unch Mentor🎮Wiradjuri 🖤💛❤️

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Oh hey, that's me! IMPACT7 2020 is gonna be AWESOME: Aussie scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders ad… @bigibila Well, looks like I have a new catchphrase.My favourite word is #Wiradjuri word is dhalgirridhunyal. Literally meaning “I will eat/crush/kill you”, it’s the p…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonJust went live on @NITV and sbs_australia with my “this week in Science & Technology” #Nula segment, chatting about… @jiggsy can someone please tell him gone with the wind still exists movies aren't all on the one vhs tape no one taped over it @Serrels I think this the most Scottish I've ever seen you.
This was such an amazing event. Thank you @SciGenderEquity for inviting me to be your MC for the awards. My heart… @jade_mikaela See you there! @lisaharveysmith @SciGenderEquity YOU'RE the awesome one! So great to see you again (we were a bit more glammed up this time haha) @Keziah_bb @SciGenderEquity @georgeinstitute Thank YOU! Let's have a cuppa soon x @maritkragt @SciGenderEquity Nooooooooooo I forgot to get photos with SO MANY amazing people there last night. We'l… @meredithcastles Thanks for the great convo, so great to meet you :)Just took a quick trip to Kaurna country (Adelaide) to MC the 2020 Science In Australia Gender Equity Awards. What…
Just discovered an open source hair detector and have used it on hundreds of images of Mark Zuckerberg to build wha…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @SohanJudge oh oh no @supman34 I only use Twitter on my desktop at work :)Let it be known! It was on this day my autocorrect finally recognised that I have not been trying to say: "go duck… @Joseph_o_Earp That's a Dollarmite. @nadinevoncohen WHAT A GOOD DOG
@jules_lefevre Julesmakes you think wow: @SethTheHuman, Obi and I living on Larrakia country (Darwin) ELEVEN YEARS AGO why does time go so fast 😭 @mrbenjaminlaw @Jan__Fran @MelbTheatreCo @mrbenjaminlaw @Jan__Fran @MelbTheatreCo Okay then: bring it to Sydney or I will gently weep outside your home.Inclusivity Win! This Snake Represents A Woman
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @drspacejunk omgomgomgomgomgomgomgOh hey, that's me! I'm going to be talking! Come along :) @Briggs @BellParramatta @hilltophoods @BellParramatta @Briggs
@JEarlCleveland I don't qualify :)Someone go be an astronaut please I want to live vicariously through you @swan_legend Excellent news. @BellParramatta @Briggs I'm concerned for your patients.I went to an evening event I wasn’t *technically* working at, and this is the evidence. Cheers for having me at the… @BellParramatta @Briggs 1. *Indigenous 2. I posted links to three articles from three different online media outlet… @BellParramatta @Briggs You're a therapist? @BellParramatta @Briggs Not too good at using Google, are you mate? Might want to work on that.… @dippizuka mouses @doctormcdougall @Jan__Fran @BernardZuel Consider it done.
@AllanJClarke @amymcquire @raejohnston and others
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonFrom video games to collaborating with art collecting warlords, our panellists @emilesherman, @raejohnston and Rac…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @elizabethdanger oh stop <3 @steamjamboree @DaveMilbo aww thank you! Happy to help :)
My bizarre life, day #13670: I spoke on a panel tonight with the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, an actu…
The latest episode of #takeitblak is here: @latimorejack & I go behind the @livingblack story about lawyer and soci…'t miss this great short overview of the amazing Young Indigenous Womens STEM Academy camps in Townsville and Ca…
Retweeted by Rae JohnstonNo rain in #Sydney ! Great weather for outdoor TV interviews with @raejohnston @NITV for the #Indigenous Media Ment…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston“We’ve always been scientists and it’s a natural progression for us to enter into modern STEM careers” Rae Johnston…
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@Serrels @DaveMilbo subtitles are also great because I don't have to ask @jiggsy "what did he say?" every 15 seconds big fan @moviemazz oh my godlol my face 😂 Seriously though, loving mentoring with @ausSMC this week - glad I can put all the stuff I've learne…"I dedicate this to all the Indigenous kids in the world who want to do art and dance and write stories. We are the…
Retweeted by Rae Johnston @seamus I cannot choose between my many beautiful and talented parents/children, Seamus. I simply cannot. But:…
No joke, this was my face when lillipadsydney told me I can have halloumi in my Shakshouka 🍳 I had such a wonderf… being a part of @TakeItBlak podcast with @raejohnston @LatimoreJack #RossTurner talking about our trip to…
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@NITV @SBS @SBSOnDemand @TheKoorieCircle So @Hocking_Rachael just told me it looks like I coloured in my nails with… next ep of #TakeItBlak is here! We go behind the scenes of Karla & Ross' #livingblack story with American lawye… first "this week in tech & science news" wrap-up segment went live across @NITV and @SBS on #Nula today! Missed… @WeirdAndRetro @amyvoce @JVC_USA @EBGamesAus OMG it's a tiny @SethTheHuman!Also: typosnew favourite pastime: bullying deserving friends and collegues into entering awards
@mrbenjaminlaw @mikewsc1 @AlyxG Blue Dinosaur lamington snack bar I'm upset
“If you’re gonna have a cupcake, make it a wonderwoman cupcake” - ancient proverb, probably. @AnkushGoyal24 You're overthinking this.Look at these legends 🙌🏾! Tune into abcradionational to catch me chatting about the camps aiming to raise the number of Indigenous women… @AnkushGoyal24 @stringy_05 @russelljh @njptower only thing more annoying than the hidden sultanas are the replies to this tweet telling me they were more likel… fact: Approximately 23% of journalism is muttering "call me baaackkk" in the general direction of your phone wh… @StephPanecasio @nicolearcher @itsdancrowd we need to stop thinking, it just gets worseEverything was going great. Then there were hidden sultanas in my chicken & avocado sandwich. @nicolearcher @itsdancrowd Is this....on behalf of a pet?I am super excited to announce that my risky second coffee has had the desired (and hoped-for) positive and product… @farmer_kylie @SciGenderEquity Thanks, sis! And congrats to you on Hecate!!! Hope it gets a tour so I can see it :)
@JaxonMidnight @SciGenderEquity I won't have time, I'm afraid! One year I'll make it to Fringe 😭I'm so honoured to be the MC for these awards, acknowledging the organisations taking practical, proven steps to ac… @PAYOLETTER noooooooooooooooooo (this reminds me of a Facebook group I've been lurking in for years where people a… days to go until our panel on The Ethics of Art & Violence @MCA_Australia with @emilesherman, @raejohnston, Rach…
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@Tahls cheap hot juicy @StephPanecasio It can also fit snacks. @StephPanecasio I wear a bumbag, which has the added bonus of making me as unattractive as possible to the opposite sex. @mrbenjaminlaw I have both too many stories, and the short/medium term memory of an ageing rock star. @mrbenjaminlaw Next time I see you, let me tell you about the time I made John Howard a cup of tea (as a hospitality worker). @Nickbait @MissZeeAU Honestly, I did a lot of research into who was already doing it, who represented them, what un… @Nickbait @MissZeeAU I'm not very useful for this I'm afraid, I started 15 years ago. The path I took getting start…
@annabrandberg @spamoir @merryh @lisyk @paulinapunlina @osamadorias @ellalowgren @TheVTran @aheila_ @annlemay
@sickbassplayer I cried at school when I found out Kurt Cobain died, I get it 😂 @reillystyley @ThomasMikeGlenn There is no latest album, sorry, the final Korn album was Issues, no further questions your honour.PSA: It's been long enough, Korn is fun to listen to again. @oz_f I don't take kindly to being called a liar, good sir. Seriously though: possessing or developing a photogra… @nadinevoncohen I lost mine under a couch cushion somewhere back in 2012 :( @allymcleangames quite large, yes @Kermitron just what i needed to hear, thanks @legenette @nicolearcher what the hell is wrong with you two don't answer that @jrhennessy "crails"