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i don’t even know what’s happening but it’s FUCKED

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Joined Twitter 7/13/20 is the closest i’ve gotten to a death threat recently at least i’m so happyA DEATH THREAT if you tried it you’d see how fun it is 😔 @curioushitomi thats a fair viewpoint i guess it’s just as a bi person i dont rlly care about that stuff and think… im arguing with people on twitter over stupid bullshit it probably means my bowels are doing backflips and im bo… if i didnt have ibs and didnt spend my time suffering on the toilet arguing with people on twitter from a bisexual: scooby doo papa @Mesuteyezilla yesRUNNER IM RUNNER
Retweeted by ray @ayestergay @11small_fry so i’m really sorry for that but not apologizing for anything else LOL @ayestergay @11small_fry i brought it up bc it’s a more pressing issue to worry about than people making fun of shi… @11small_fry @ayestergay idk about wrong though @11small_fry @ayestergay i really dont care the attention is kinda funny @11small_fry @ayestergay bc i like to bitch and whine about people bitching and whining! it’s fun @stellaridecasey 12pm*** @stellaridecasey its 12am and i have fibromyalgia @ayestergay @11small_fry ok well yea i am retarded but all im trying to say is my life has gotten much better since… @11small_fry this convo wasn’t even about trans ppl in the first place though like the complaint wasn’t transphobia… my notifs are being flooded and i have a life LOL im not reading every individual message @11small_fry guess trans lesbians just don’t exist LOL i never claimed that “lol i hate heterosexuals” jokes are fu… @11small_fry i guess that’s a valid point but it doesnt really go into play when it’s lesbians making jokes about n… how people are asking me this when the person ive been quoting this entire time is LITERALLY WHITE 😭 DID TRANSPHOBIA COME INTO THIS LOL???? person i have been talking about this entire time is literally white ??? am i committing white on white crime o… ill just say it outright then lol saying “making fun of m/f ships because they’re m/f is biphobic!!!” is STUPID… MY POINT LMAOOO shakingfg and crying rn they got me so good guys helpepep life is so sad i feel so miserable and insulted because a lesbian told me “hahaha you like men LMFAOOOOO” 😢 @comqcinema LMAOOOO @raemaand People litearlly hate m/f ships and it''s disgusting. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
Retweeted by rayid honestly love to be this blissfully ignorant it seems so fun to not have been involved in lgbt discourse since e… u can focus more on ACTUAL ISSUES instead of indirectly demonizing lesbians for making jokes about mlw relati… the twitter bisexuals who think lesbians poking fun at liking men is oppression in my mentions and normally i’d… way that’s still fucking stupidpotato patato bi own experience seems very privileged because if ur biggest problem is people hating on ships then..... is very funny coming from the person who said that not liking m/f ships is biphobic @octovore i need a listpeople are dying and u people are crying oppression over SHIPPING DISCOURSE 😭 @raemaand Bi Shippers the most oppressed of thebisexual s
Retweeted by raythe way y’all talk about biphobia makes me think it doesn’t exist more and more every daythey deleted their original tweet but GOD people like this embarrass us so bad 😭😭 please stop making bisexuals look… is the honey popcorn radio on spotify like not working 😭idk how common these were but i want to open them and make a little scene with them all together (id keep the packa… @koshuuki begging my mom rn since i only have $10 in my bank account 😭I NEED TO OWN THESE LIKE DESPERATELY NEED TO OWN THESE IN MY HOMELOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND ON MERCARI NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED go back on my naamin kamioshi shit @48_asainanami my first ever order from yahoo japan is a success and it’s thanks to you yay!!!alright i’m gonna start ordering more of these next time i get the money bc im kinda in lovenvm LOOK HOW PRETTY SHE IS!!! the hell do i open this wtf i can figure out how to fucking open itfound a package from japan that i forgot i ordered i think it’s naamin photo cardsngl whether honey popcorn disbands or not i still want the other members to join ebisu muscats that would be cool @mkolken @samjmintz are you like genuinely fucking stupid like is there something wrong with you in the head.... ho… is what i imagine this pic sounds like
Retweeted by rayWhat's obvious to you isn't necessarily obvious to others
Retweeted by ray @ferippi lol same @ferippi nah imo @ReduxSunny @8wariorlittle wasnt this a religious show or am i thinking of something else @8wariorlittle spongebobhas anyone called this ableist yet
Retweeted by ray im sorry that ive never heard of 6IXITYnugu stans be annoying and then act surprised when people make fun of them @xiaoaishiteru hack it and pirate both i don't think sega is making very much money off of them anywaysMy Melody the rabbit. Birthday: January 18.
Retweeted by rayBEYOOOOONDSとAmong Usをブレーンズ!
Retweeted by rayI asked my 7 year old daughter what she wants to be when she grows up 😭❤️
Retweeted by ray @Andypan10205684 @MhairiMcF there are absolutely no republican lady gaga fansMichishige Sayumi x ZOC joint concert on March 29.
Retweeted by rayMfs will call themselves communists but not wash the shit MARX from their LENIN sheets
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Retweeted by rayHOLY SHIT NOT THIS WIKI.... I USED TO BE ACTIVE IN IT all people to give us mayuyu news 😭
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Me passing someone in Mariokart
Retweeted by rayI JUST REALIZED THAT THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR LAST FRIDAY NIGHT BY KATY PERRY HAS A WEBKINZ IN IT LOLsamoas ez Mion yelling shouting speaking AKB RIVER running out short of breath
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Retweeted by raythis is literally just living in georgia
Retweeted by ray @CHERRHlBOMB who omg dmobsessed with this Pokemon anime scene I want to greet my friends like this
Retweeted by rayI lost it at "Oh hell naw spunch bop tooK 40 benadryls!" I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. After I saw this I…
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Retweeted by ray?/?//$/?
Retweeted by ray @iamanka000 @RBLXFaveExposed like sane said locked it down bc we were getting raided and constantly having to ban p… @xiaoaishiteru IM SORRY CRESTS IM SO SADPOOR POPPLIO NOOOOOO decision