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@SlikSimpsRin @FizzyBizzYT Because they clear @FizzyBizzYT @SlikSimpsRin Mid @SlikSimpsRin -having cg top 1 @SlikSimpsRin Both trash @SlikSimpsRin F You @BasedLuffy56 @AnimefanJ11 Which ? @SlikSimpsRin Not even the best Pokemon team 🗿 @dumbjojofand4c It’s a Jojo game ?? @BasedLuffy56 Peak arc fr @SlikSimpsRin @AnimefanJ11 what’s the problem with Jason tweet
@SlikSimpsRin Liar @SlikSimpsRin @SlikSimpsRin @EngulfedShadow @wolfspine824 @CEOofVivy @NihagojoSatoru Man is lost @SlikSimpsRin ?? @SlikSimpsRin L imo @hulkgamerspamz @dumbjojofand4c Why ? @dumbjojofand4c My favorite Jojo antag personally @Schokolade752 @Cyan_LS @Longaaaar @AlexOfAqua Why you get banned bum🗿 @MangakaSelim Im curious on how you come to watch anime in class 😭 @CantTakeAnyLs @CEOofBlue Relate bro 😭 @SlikSimpsRin L @CantTakeAnyLs @AnimefanJ11 Bloody stream is like a 11/10 one of my fav op stand proud a 9/10 @CantTakeAnyLs @AnimefanJ11 Op 2 to op 3 op 3 to op 4 rest is good also I want to précise it they are all really go… @AnimefanJ11 First one that comes to my mind is Jojo @AlexOfAqua @dumbjojofand4c Liar 🗿 @dumbjojofand4c You are talking about Alexandra currently 🗿 @dumbjojofand4c Me @AlexOfAqua Characters better than Lelouch @Vixaria44 Who ? @adxmplays2 Nah 🗿 @Nex2Esdeath Who’s the 1?💀 @Zubayerinnit Yeah I highly recommend it @AlexOfAqua It’s just because you always compare it to Op bozo 🗿 @godsresolve The only shit I see here is youWhen the word peak comes to my head
@hulkgamerspamz @AlexOfAqua Bum 🗿 @BasedLuffy56 Im surprise that you don’t put kingdom in @WtflessD @25thMyles The only I have watched (HxH) have some flaws honestly @dumbjojofand4c Phantom blood was really good @SlikSimpsRin @LukaZer0 @AlexandraALT03 Not top 1 🥱 @SlikSimpsRin @LukaZer0 @AlexandraALT03 5 month I evolved with the time @LukaZer0 @AlexandraALT03 You are talking about yourself rn code geass fan 🗿 @AlexOfAqua @AlexandraALT03 Clown talking to clown @AlexOfAqua @AlexandraALT03 @AlexandraALT03 Yeah the guy in the bio @Raeven_Lol have Goated opinions @AlexandraALT03 You currently @AlexandraALT03 @SlikSimpsRin @AlexandraALT03 Oh okay I misunderstand also it’s because she start to slander one piece 🦦 @SlikSimpsRin @AlexandraALT03 Wdym Alex top 3 is good she start to slander one piece that all @AlexandraALT03 The worse arc in One Piece>Code geass 🥱 @AlexandraALT03 Code geass without the ending @SlikSimpsRin Let’s go 🔥🐐 @Nex2Esdeath @robinsoulmate @CEOofEsdeath Deserved bum @AlexandraALT03 Funny because One piece is better than code by miles @AlexandraALT03 Lelouch one @robinsoulmate @CEOofEsdeath @BasedLuffy56 Not even We are ?? @dumbjojofand4c Nan Cv en vrai j’ai regarder mes 20 premiers anime en vf dont midruto et bleach @dumbjojofand4c I personally watched HxH in French Version for a rewatch it will be in Sub @dumbjojofand4c Sad but get her on peak (One Piece)
@CantTakeAnyLs Yeah @AlexOfAqua @BasedLuffy56 🗿 @BasedLuffy56 @AlexOfAqua Bum @SlikSimpsRin @AlexOfAqua @BasedLuffy56 @maaruf90491873 No Lmao @kaio_9k I don’t understand this 😭 @str6fes Yeah 🗿 @CantTakeAnyLs You have the mute button @Anidarshan31 I just haven’t the motivation to say it when it’s a L 🦦 @Anidarshan31 Rare Ani W @kaio_9k @treehugger935 @SlasheerrKing 6* @treehugger935 @SlasheerrKing There is an universe between fate and Trash hero academia @treehugger935 @SlasheerrKing It’s full deserved tho Mha is the king of trash in new gen @treehugger935 @SlasheerrKing
@AlexandraALT03 Crazy how Luffy clear the entire cast of code geass @gba6526 -Jason(Alt) @zeff_x2 @EngulfedShadow Oh I’ve read favorite food so it’s chips @EngulfedShadow Kebab or tacos @Nex2Esdeath @CantTakeAnyLs You’re the goat of trash stfu @hulkgamerxx That’s a downgrade but still greatMy top 15 anime (updated) 1)Code Geass 2)Dragon ball series 3)Steins; Gate 4)JoJo’s bizarre adventure 5)Violet E…
Retweeted by Raeven 🦈 CW:Dragon Ball/JJBA P5 @SlikSimpsRin @AlexOfAqua Nami>>Rin>>>>>an universe>>>>>C.C @SlikSimpsRin @AlexOfAqua C.C fan 🥴 @hummyvibes @AlexOfAqua Happy birthday mid @dumbjojofand4c Part 4 isn’t even the best 🦦 @SlasheerrKing Rare W @Anidarshanalt Who’s Hiei in these ? @SolanaAxo @kaio_9k 🗿 @CantTakeAnyLs Man you got a 10 k 🗿 @CantTakeAnyLs You became a clout god 🔥 @25thMyles Naruto tower 🦦 @Anidarshanalt @BasedLuffy56 Man is lost 🥴 @dumbjojofand4c Okay have to watch it then I saw it’s 4 ep it’s not that long @dumbjojofand4c It’s talking about what ?His novels ? @25thMyles Rather the most annoying imo @maaruf90491873 If you put Nobara in D at least put Sakura in Z tier
@CantTakeAnyLs @CEOofEsdeath Talk to that bum