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@diehardbangtan Yep, that’s all that you can do! @purplepeach_7 @Kiril4u We can do itThere are predictions already about LGO’s drop next week. I unshared it. We haven’t even gotten started with fundin… Store #LifeGoesOn Order # Update 📢! (WK 2) (Til Nov 30 - 12 AM EST) ⭐Current Total: 1,953 orders (+475) US/PR…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @haewonbangtan Ohhh this is beautiful! @0T74ever It’ll pick us as soon as funding starts @lsgrlr I have no idea.Just hit order 216400 in the store @dodom0303 @jl179303200 I think that we’ll have a better idea in a day or so. At least with dynamite, we can always just buy i… @jl179303200 I really hope that everyone buys at least 10 units @pjmstolemyheart I love this idea!! @fkacassandra Some of the expansion packs are on saleIf anyone was looking to buy sims4, it’s 85% off through tomorrow. My nephew just bought the deluxe for $6.24.Hello lovelies! In order to encourage streaming “Life Goes On” and BE, I present to you my first ever giveaway! It…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷My last-ish order for LGO. @borakore52 I’m already tired but we gotta go! 💪🏾Gets accounts gathered for this week @bgirlmama My gosh, I wish 😒Listening to Life Goes On by Grammy nominated artists @BTS_twt! 🎉 @bts_twt earned their fifth No.1 album on the @billboard 200 chart with their newest album "BE,"…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @TheSmokeCurls Seriously, it was my soundtrack to drown out the mess @cidorta @mintaebun They’ve always written and produced music. This is just the first time that they’ve directed th… @22theprettiest 😂😂😂 Same!!! @22theprettiest I’m so jealous @BTSbestPOP Truthfully we all hoped for it @angleeyze Agree 🙃 @mintaebun Me either! @muse_neko Yep, people thought that @angleeyze thinking that a standard physical was coming for week 2 and beyond. (If they start selling one I’ll gladl… reminder that sales will increase once the big funding bases start funding. That’s how it works every single time @FlowerG38481914 As one of many who has been ordering LGO non-stop for 2 weeks, it is painfully difficult with just… @FlowerG38481914 We aren’t going to get a #1 for LGO next week. It’s just not going to happen. It’s mathematically… @FlowerG38481914 I also didn’t say to use donated funds for that. If army want funds to only go for LGO, people who… @FlowerG38481914 I’m not saying to repeak dynamite. I’m saying that we need the song units and we cannot do it with… @dkssk_91 If we want to place high with LGO, we have no choice @dkssk_91 We’re not going to get that with LGO. The streams aren’t there. We can still place top 15. @dkssk_91 We have roughly 1k order in the store right now. At this point, I’m praying that we can get above 44k units in time @lsgrlr It just makes you smileWe can do this but we have to start now. That said, 44k sales is only 4400 album sales so in doing this, we also ne… @Kiila_True2Me @fundsforbangtan Me too! @Kiila_True2Me @fundsforbangtan We need to buy both LGO & Dynamite. And think in terms of album unitssister LGO isnt looking too good rn.....those streams are not looking too good either so our only hopenis sales, so…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @Kiila_True2Me @fundsforbangtan Never heard of this placeRandom fun fact: I start learning how to sing the lyrics in phrases by connecting phrases with meanings. The subtit… vote goes to @BTS_twt for #MAMAVOTE #BTS
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷Stream and buy the #1 album in the US this week! • US Store: • iTunes:…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @smussle @AimeeEstrellaa Yeah it is... 😒 @ForestFyr I think that people are just doing other things. No, our streams aren’t being thrown out. People are str…
I love reasons to bring this graphic back. Here’s a reminder of the similarities and differences between sports fan…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @modooborahae D2c store sales. I smell it a mile away @FlowerG38481914 I think HDD was hopeful. I hope so too but I don’t see how @adorablehotteok It’s so so sad.@BTS_twt is the first act recording primarily in a foreign language to earn five #1 albums on the Billboard 200.
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷#BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang #BTSxZachSang
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷Just putting it out there that buying LGO isn’t like 🧨. We also lose the holiday advantage where people were home t… @ShanaVWhite No, it’s necessary pain for that! I actually forgot about my toe! 🥴😂 @ShanaVWhite I just got the visual for kicking rocks with flip flops screaming to open schools and those actually opening school in-person literally should all step on a floor f…
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷You Should Be So Excited for Peacock’s Saved by the Bell Reboot | Vanity Fair (Haskiri Velazquez and Alycia Pascual… @PugSmore I’m not either. I can’t do the 🎄music thingFor the record, LGO actually makes me feel hope which is but different from Joy. By the end; there is joy though es… @jgpurplesbts It feels like it @canuckbtsfan We think that, especially after watching the James Corden show, but to others it may sound sad unless they get the meaning. @bangbangbonz You’re welcome! @canuckbtsfan It’s part Trojan horse part hilarious🧨 is a happy song that makes people feel joy. The streams for it are going to be higher because we’re not the only… Spotify 🇺🇸 it’s not about the placement but the number of spins. The placement is probably going to be low becau… this is what it takes... here’s a super short playlist of just BE & 🎄 music (it’s part sarcasm...part, kind of w… LGO on your Christmas playlists if you must @FlowerG38481914 @13e_BTS It’s just one day so hopefully we have the time pick it up @Yenny0613 Me too @jl179303200 Well that’s why they keep releasing videos then @FlowerG38481914 Probably so tbh. @LilyBorahae I think that initially we thought they did but figured out that they didn’t. Dynamite just has massive interest I thinkThis counts too @LilyBorahae Did the dynamites combine streams? I don’t think they did388,310 plays of LGO on Spotify. I hope that was just a Saturday fluke because otherwise, we’re gonna need a lot mo… to catch up on Run BTS. I’m only 2 weeks behind so it’s not too terrible @AureliaOT7 @BTS_twt I thought this was an edit until I heard the singing 😳Jennifer Lopez on instagram with her kids enjoying dancing to Dynamite! @JLo @BTS_twt
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷our latest full interview with @BTS_twt is coming! 💜 it’ll be right here —-> #BTSxZachSang
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @SusyBangtans That’s not even the issue. The streams are actually really low for both songs in the USA @SuparnaBrahma Very fewI love the new Saved By the Bell so much’m so confused about USA streaming for LGO. 😒 @treverbfrank I think late 2021 at the earliestSeeing “Grammy nominated pop group BTS” in print will never get old 🥺 @BTSbubble87 I am 💀. It’s like he knew the timeline needed to be gathered!Waiting on twitter to complete these descriptions... 😳👀📸
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷vcut📸
Retweeted by Rafranz⁷ @telepathyadlibs I think it was with no audience. Some performances in person @BTS_my_Persona I know :( @TaeTaesStubble Yeah we will @AimeeEstrellaa I’m in Texas. We’re probably worse @mintaebun Me too. For me, this is what it’s about, aside from the joy their music bringsThis is still one of my favorite tweets on twitter the Grammys be virtual because the USA hasn’t figured out how masks & social distancing work yet