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Animator and small home repairs. Much better in writing. I make cartoons and chop up videos and do voices. He/Him. HIRE ME. Contact:

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@DeanDobbs I didn't even know there were other flavours other than overpowering, mouth destroying Salt and Vinegar… @MattLobster mom literally has albums by Greg’s Frog @TECHNOlR That's just wrong. I was at school when they scratched people with bottlecaps to immunise them and even I… @TECHNOlR My god woman, WHYI genuinely think this incredibly wholesome cartoon that @scoldposting @Thelaserbearguy and myself made should be o…
@TECHNOlR Look all I know is he's a manifestation of all your sins which means if I encountered him he'd be 169 fee… loves it. We good. @pripyatbeast Most important lesson you can impart to your spawn: Go into the water Live there Die there‘Tis the season. About to show my mother the majesty that is Over The Garden Wall. I pray to The Great Pumpkin that… @Accused_Phoenix When he grabs you he shouts "JET!" of the ghosts in Phasmophobia should be Alan Partridge @weirdfigs's just noom backwards @majaanushka It's just the back of the sun @MessieSchmit Just wait until season 4, it gets wild @RachelKiki_ @DeanDobbs I can give it a go I guess @afterdarks @ElliotRHarris THATS THE FUCKER. I’ve been wracking my brain this whole time @afterdarks It’s a Fentiman’s isn’t it? I’m sure M&S will have it or somewhere like thatHenry's come to see us! @WarhorseStudios Thank you so much!It's perfect. It's exactly as it should be and anyone who says different is wrong. Welcome back Warner Brothers, an… @Airdorf Beyonce Knowles is a summon but she acts exactly like Carbuncle and just reflects hate onto smaller, weaker artists. @ImFreeMasonLive @MudcatTV Guys I found a pic of Miles in case anyone's interested I Evil Dead myself BACKWARDS in time last night? What fucking year is it when Chris Morris and The Day Today 100% accurately predicted 2016 they finish re-furbishing Big Ben it should go "yo my name's Big ben and i'm here to say, I like going bong in… I can't believe that this video I made on a whim in like... 3 hours 8 years ago before going to a shoot a… @MessieSchmit Clive Barker might not be writing books anymore but at least he's still writing people @timtimfed @Lizziefij You better have a healthy supply of blood soup on hand.
@Bizunth I think it would have been great if bond spent a few hours flying around with plastic Blofeld saying "Chec… BOYS @TECHNOlR Happy Birthday @TECHNOlR Don't you dare deploy. Don't YoU DaReIn a world of hell we still have the most wonderful of boys. God-speed you lovelies. @TECHNOlR Happy birthday. Continue to make all the rules.Uh oh @TECHNOlR is 23 in like 20 minutes and lets pray to god she doesn't deploy the RAT this day I am saddened that there was never a Warhammer Space Marine 2. The production value was incredible and… and Lennon (Deceased) @TheSonicScrew Your man just got engaged and he's on the lash, he'll be back in a week or two to make plans don't you worry. @SolidusJJ @KinoFabino @GetGianni Solid Snake CONFIRMED @TheTweetOfGod Chekov is perpetually shooting himself in the head @TECHNOlR'm completely rebuilding all of the Champion City sets from Mystery Men and sticking a bunch of rides in based on… @JustineStafford @kcgreenn @Hbomberguy This is the PT of TPI kinda love that Dreams Full English Breakfast helped define the PS4 generation get that sweet cam setup for Ghost Hunting @Q_Review BREAKING: You won't believe what the gnarly fuck that guards Harry Potter's money had to say! @Captain_Falcore @genuine_jerks Oh damn I literally just found these guys the other day after watching Day Beer whi… shit I've just figured out exactly what Among Us is @SmallBuStudio @Fangamer sure G-dog has enough churches tbh the gentle wind Beckons through the leaves As Autumn colours fall C҉o҉m҉e҉ ҉w҉a҉y҉w҉a҉r҉d҉ ҉s҉o҉u҉l҉s҉ ҉W҉h҉o҉… don't really tell people about it but the excellent show Hustle moved filming to Birmingham for Series Six and Se… @TECHNOlR time something from Tik-Tok makes the news is much, much more fun to watch someone play Among Us than it is to actually play Among Us. This is a fact. P.S… think these are a pretty good cross-section quite sure what to make of this one to be honest found a Witch’s totem while crossing the park. This earth is cursed. think you're so fucking smart
Retweeted by Oh No 🕷🐀👻🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧙🏼‍♀️🎃 @Bizunth Will Smith's Wild Wild West Rap actively elevated the movie from a D to a C+ and Kenneth Branagh was havin… garsh if this isn't just the dumbest fucking thing i've ever seen @TECHNOlR
Young Men: Do you play Candy Crush? Instead, stop taking your meds and arrange all of your sweets into lines. Hitma… @TECHNOlR "It's a devil screaming!" "It's an angel singing!" "It is the pounding of creation's hammer upon the anvi… @TECHNOlR "What do you do with a bunch of kids who don't know how to do anything but break rocks with their heads a… + guest 👻🎵
Retweeted by Oh No 🕷🐀👻🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧙🏼‍♀️🎃 @TECHNOlR Is it weird that this is immediately where my brain went ha ha h AHA HA AHA ha ahAH AH aHA HAH AHA H AHA HA @joethegran There is some real, REAL bullshit in Super Mario Sunshine. The plinko machine comes to mind, and that a… @TECHNOlR @marvelator Cartoon idea: Ghost Hunters meet a ghost who's a climate change-denier. I don't really know where to go from there.I put out a new Action Bunnies yesterday and people seem to like it which is, frankly, shocking to me.
@TECHNOlR I'mma press play on this @JamesUrbaniak I don't understand this... Justin Bieber is 16 years old... he just released that Baby song right? Right?Love seeing @MawaanR being an utter devil @lmogendragons I often use Toast of London as a comedic therapeutic release poster for one of my favorite horror movies, Hellraiser! ⛓️
Retweeted by Oh No 🕷🐀👻🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧙🏼‍♀️🎃This is the cutest sight I have ever been shown @TECHNOlR That's the best way to do it though. If you see some dishes that need doing you can imagine a little Samu… found this in an old file in my Documents folder. Synopsis for a book I wanted to write I did a few years back @TECHNOlR @KinoFabino Not now little buddy, daddy's entering the sLIpGaTE"The man I saw, I'm all but certain it was...Wogan Freeman" wanted this but it damn sure happened anyway. It's Action Bunnies... Whatever. Dan, man's always been a golden throated genius. @TECHNOlR um @zeldawilliams @TECHNOlR Doctor Coomer keeps his eyes on the prize @alaskamayb They also did a very excellent Batman Musical and a Harry Potter Musical as well. Starkid are great. up a dart and spits truth. That's a good way to be. @TECHNOlR