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Husband. Atheist. Tech Support Guy. Part-time Insomniac. pronouns: he/him

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@KarinaLongworth @HemsleyHemsley @SamSifton @alisoneroman I am a fan of Alton Brown's 40-Clove Chicken @KevinMKruse Just get the feeling Twain would have hated (and been an asshole to) every other person there, ESPECIALLY Kennedy. @CZEdwards My favorite (and by that I mean most un-Christian and worthy of ridicule) thing they have ever done is b…
@cmclymer Bacon is overhyped and nowhere near the best part of the pig. @amylopan Outer three fingers bent 180 degrees the wrong way (pinky nail actually took a small chunk out of the bac… @TheMarySue Just intrigued by #6. I'd probably spend most of the night talking with Jennifer Walters, but the rest would not be dull. @GailSimone Damn.. I love AZ and Big Hunk.. Look is just bland and PayDay is ultra-sweet (even sweeter in the choco… @pinkrocktopus Reminds me of that poor bird that sang a duet with Princess Fiona in Shrek just before the pop. @cmclymer Charlotte likes the beefcake ..this is my surprised face. @thgirlfrombrave VPC (Virtual Punky Cuddle) on the way! @EdgeofSports @DonCheadle And if you have yet to partake, his new series Black Monday is incredibleAnd Kid Rock believes tax cuts stimulate the economy despite all evidence to the contrary, you festering cankle sor… @bitchy_sushi Sir Patrick Stewart @EdgeofSports @savemeaseat_usa they PLEASE take away this asshat's medical license? old children told to clean their rooms work harder than the President of the United States. @MykeCole @MsPaulaKim @wes_chu Might I suggest "Sleep N. Ondacouch"..? @EliasToufexis By Oscar's Can! @scalzi Dr. Ruth Westheimer..? @pinkrocktopus *Theme to 'The Peach & Punky TV Show' *Poopstain & Stinkerpoo *The Cutest Dog on the Beach (Everyone Knows It's Peach) @pashulman Slide whistle
@pinkrocktopus Being generous @pinkrocktopus @socialistdogmom @NeolithicSheep @UrsulaV In rural San Diego County (yes it exists), had a friend wh… We're not trading our abuelas for the stock market, for the economy, for this pendejo's re-election c…
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa @DrMarisaGFranco Celebrate the good. As a person working towards a similar goal, this is VERY good. Congrats @EdgeofSports @JamilSmith @tatereeves @DineshDSouza Bootlick-by-Proxy
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@franklinleonard @antoniogm I also hear Rock&Roll is dead. Must be, because almost none of it sounds like what I li… @lartist Brilliant sir. Absolutely brilliant. @kelly_carlin Thinking about setting up a rage room in my garage.. still have my old tv, lamps, and plates from my bachelor days.If these defiant Evangelicals were on fire (think Human Torch) would they still go to church? Of course not, but b… doesn't Universal have a Middle Earth theme park? The ride ideas would be endless. Nevermind the food and drink…
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa @tomtomorrow @dewsterling Happy birthday, buddy. Not sure if you like puppy kisses, but Punky here is happy to send… @MykeCole This is a damn outrage! @cavaticat Be safe, please. Twitter (and the world) would be a lot less interesting without you as a member. @cavaticat Just to help, if you have a Trader Joe's they have severely restricted the number of people inside at on… @ivyjofreeman Is "rolling it in a ball" considered folding? @EdgeofSports @Janefonda Not to mention an awesome turn on The Newsroom. @cmclymer Can I have jalapeno and onions on it in addition to the pineapple (my favorite pizza place during my yout… @KFILE Well, let's hope you don't require the services of a third-rate AA counselor masquerading as a medical doctor. @EricMGarcia Junior Seau
For those needing the test link: argue with these too much.. @LindsayGalvin Abigail or Lucretia immediately jump to mindNow that COVID-19 has the whole world counting on scientists maybe we should trust them on the Climate Crisis.
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa @ChuckWendig Blueberry ginger ale, extra ginger syrupFIGHT CLUB, except both fighters must wear Donald Trump masks. @jfreewright Ain't No Sunshine is one of those perfect songs.. don't think I have ever heard a cover do justice to his version @jonlovett I really, really like XCOM 2
@BGrueskin The Bad Orange Man sat at his desk, contemplating the effort it would take to listen to the loud men in… @Stonekettle I believe McNamara and the Whiz Kids actually wanted America to win, though. Trump and Jared would let… @TheAuthorGuy But the Ritter with cornflakes? Surprisingly awesome @Stormof69 All My Love ..if it is half as good as your cover of Where is My Mind? it would be epic. @ChuckWendig THE NEWSROOM, s2 @pinkrocktopus ..and nice to meetcha, I'm Chicken-Fried Gallows Humor. @pinkrocktopus Sounds like my new favorite genre of pulpy detective novels. All have protagonists with food-based n… @pinkrocktopus Your Oklahoma quarantine nickname is: -"Chicken-Fried", and; -Really the second part is whatever you want it to be. @jelani9 Eat a metric shit ton of sushi with two or three Sapporos.
Personally I wouldn't trust Kushner to manage an abandoned fireworks factory on a rainy day. @rudepundit You better damn well post photos of that dollface!The fact that the Dow is up on a morning where we learned there were 6.6 million new people out of work in the last…
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa @jennmalinchalk Wow, did not know you delivered in Oklahoma. #Tip20Low end projections 100k dead. Possible high of 240k. Numbers demonstrably increased by traits irrefutably showin… the orangutang started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the C…
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa @TedLeitner @m_chaffee Dang, Cam's goatee looked like it was carved from Brillo pads made of black marble. Tried al… @goldengateblond I understand @3BorderCollie Punky & Peach
@CZEdwards When I was in HS, my German teacher used pop music (99 Luftballons, Rock Me Amadeus) and German dubbed v… @EdgeofSports Repo JerryWorld. The concept is oddly.. arousing. @cmpriest Good thing you live up in the PNW.. Greyson and Lucy would be walking tasers from the static in the desert.What if we just didn't do April fools this year?
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppaNaps in the sun. @KevinMKruse Crowdfund the Hells Angel's for security?
@baddestmamajama The cafeteria ladies would always run out of chips on Nachos Day, so they would substitute fries o… @mims @ChuckWendig The Dukes are attempting to corner the market! @lartist Man saw Koopa. Koopa saw Man. @ChuckWendig Pancakes, and not the bland, kitchen sponge versions you get most places, nor the neon-colored nightma… @pinkrocktopus @AliciLee Will never shop there, but have successfully completed the Ross Matthews Challenge twice @TheRealOverlady @tonster689 yes, Marina Sirtis is a beautiful woman. Has always been kind to even the most awkward… @Stormof69 Likely getting beat up by another prostitute. @cmpriest Should almost set up a Patreon for your animal pics @SamSykesSwears Sushi, Boba tea, and phô.
My gynecologist’s office sent an email saying they’re now doing video visits so I guess this is how I become a cam girl
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Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppaI will bake a loaf of banana bread for the first reporter to tell BadOrangeMan to fuck off. @pinkrocktopus Sandwich Panther ..because 60% of the time, it has mustard on it every time.
@dadamstowel @SamSykesSwears and probably really, really stoned.
When Trump demands they name their sources, very journalist, every network, and every outlet should say "John Barron" until he cracks.
Retweeted by PeachDaddy PunkyPoppa5 Most Watched Films 1. The Blues Brothers 2. Monty Python & the Holy Grail 3. Glory 4. Deadpool 5. Reservoir Dogs @jakevass @EdgeofSports @RealSkipBayless ..whose franchises immediately cratered after he left them for another team. @scalzi Gilbert Gottfried?Congresswoman Porter does more by 10am than most do in an entire day. about to suggest everyone wear masks at all times. Of which there is a nationwide shortage. And we can't get t… @EdgeofSports and speaking of Rounders.. a Malkovich list is tough as well. @EdgeofSports Humbly recommend Downsizing. Very underrated @alisonhaislip @acarboni Even better, stinky grilled cheese (Muenster) with fancy jelly on top (Bonne Maman Sour Cherry is my favorite). @joe_hill You cried, too? I was almost bawling when he asked for the hug.
Having a limeade from Braum's and going to log-in to play at BoardGame Arena with The Wife and some friends. Find joy where you can. @etanthomas36 Politics-as-Sports Does not matter what a member of your team/party does, so long as they wear your "…