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@rohit_ajitkumar @saidthegadfly @Dreamwrecker16 @peterdaou @PeteButtigieg Did I miss the memo about M4A excluding o… @rohit_ajitkumar @saidthegadfly @Dreamwrecker16 @peterdaou @PeteButtigieg Bull. His campaign slogan is legally "not… @GottaBernNow yeah ... "falling in line" .... @NicholasNocheck @esaagar Or Dräger ventilators. Maybe the should cancel all US orders.
Retweeted by J/F @esaagar As all EU countries, Germany already applies a ban on exports of PPE products outside of the EU. The US i…
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@romes267 @Amy_Siskind It's shit everywhere and other countries shouldn't have to bear the burden of the shitty US… @dhewlett @JackJasra @faithoflove7 @MeanwhileinCana @IM3rdEye The US also bought off medical equipment from China already on the tarmac,… @LovesTheBern @hail_g
@RoseAnnDeMoro @BernieSanders If I hear "Joe's my friend" one more bloody time .... @Nickm575 @KyleKulinski @JoeBiden I don't think he knows, really ... just like he probably doesn't know what he had… @shoe0nhead @DadeCorban @SemiSmartHuman2 @rd20dgoldberg Aka: patriotism ("X sucks in my country, other countries do…
@DaveMustaine Hey man, stay safe! \m/
@davidmt @AmigaRetweets What I remember of it was never getting past the 2nd screen.Just a random meme that made me laugh.
Retweeted by J/F @PamKeithFL @toddjersey Aah yes, the old "but at least I'm not trump" stance ... worked wonders in 2016, didn't it?Nothing prepared me for right wing dumbasses pulling up to hospitals asking why the the bodies aren’t being publicl…
Retweeted by J/F @PivotNaza @Pitbull4me2 @joncoopertweets Trump would run attack ads 24/7 between the convention and election and Bi…
@kdacar @null_convention @scott_satzer @joshfoxfilm At this point, how much "selling" does Bernie still need? He's…
This is an excellent demonstration on the proper technique to wash your hands. #Covid_19
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@CykaCzar @raising_hill @shoe0nhead Waste if time arguing .. she seems to have a bizarre unconscious desire for 4 more years of trumpWhen the #quarantine is over, I want to buy this man dinner. Who is he? This might be the best thing I've seen in w…
Retweeted by J/FHey I heard @TedCruz is finally out of self-quarantine after ten days. Anyone else find it interesting that it take…
Retweeted by J/FMy Bro the front liner . These guys are real heroes! 🤠🚀
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Retweeted by J/F @rzn2blv @LaurenWorsh that said, I understand for folks who stay and fight... rooting for ya! but i had to make a d… @rzn2blv @LaurenWorsh Was easier for me, I guess. Not a US citizen, but was on the verge of a green card applicatio… @rzn2blv @LaurenWorsh did this in '18 ... my anxiety level has gone down significantly (and that's in the province…
Dems: But, Joe Biden is the most "electable" Also Dems: If you keep bringing up all the widely known, well-establi…
Retweeted by J/F @tracysonnier @Zebop It's going to be a bait-and-switch at the convention .. either Cuomo or HRC again... or just s… @AmyShiraTeitel Would you be up to doing the same time-correct mission updates for #13 that you did last year for #11? @peggyinidaho @GodivaMorte @colinkalmbacher @inspireprag @MehreenFaruqi >70% of the deaths are male
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Dick Pound??? It's not even subtle. Next it'll be like Farts McGee starts a nuclear war or some shit.
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@pinkladyfoxx @hail_g It'd be a net positive to our climate if they went. It'd still leave large container ships to…
@BenjaminNorton Yeah, so this appears to have been a mistake. The goods were seized from a company suspected of pri…
Retweeted by J/FHarbor Freight is helping out by donating their stock of masks / PPE. Let's give them a little free advertising as…
Retweeted by J/F @hail_g 2/ especially in modern, large and diverse societies. Also, who has a better negotiating position with rega… @hail_g Not directly towards the taxation is theft argument, but may help: are there any numbers where full economi…
Retweeted by J/F @BenjaminPDixon Geocities .... this woman not only buys out a local Dollar Tree of every single box of paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper…
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Please don't take hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) plus Azithromycin for #COVID19 UNLESS your doctor prescribes it. B…
Retweeted by J/F @BettyFckinWhite With the DNC mandating primaries cannot be postponed, I'm not so sure anymore. @bravofan19 @GKWlufc @Philmoorhouse76 Measures taken in Canada to allow seniors to not face empty shelves or crowds: @CarlTagan @AviahSmith @march4progress @peterdaou Especially if those high numbers are owned by less than 5% of the… @JChaseWilliams @peterdaou Unite around a centrist toadie? Like the one that lost in 2016? Great strategy.
Retweeted by J/FDay 6 of Quarantine: C-Section went smooth. The Cuties are in great shape and mother is recovering
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@antiscarcity @rebeinstein @AndrewYang @ZeroEsc2021 *picks up vote* ... Ok. @shoe0nhead
Retweeted by J/FI solidly laugh-cried for a good few minutes after watching this. Turn sound to LOUD. 😂🤣😂🤣😅😂
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@shoe0nhead @ComradeStars The US' "socialism bad!" is the UK's "we won WW2". @BPLTEX Clan Derpwolf @ChaseMasterson @Malissa_Longo @hail_g @YNB @JoeBiden @briebriejoy @SymoneDSanders And since that's a major chunk of biden's base, might almost not bother with a general
have the airlines considered not buying that $5 starbucks latte and eating less avocado toast
Retweeted by J/F @randarchist @CJB1952 @tobosbunny @peterdaou you forgot "NoT a DeMoCrAt!!1" @jeffspolitics Yep. It's borderline criminal and either someone cleans house in the DNC or Demexit becomes a thing… @jeffspolitics I wonder how many older Biden fans are getting removed from the voting pool by COVID-19 between now and the general. @shoe0nhead @JinjoRemeMF @MubNasir @progressvoice The only thing that may help Biden is the ass-dragging of the eco… me get this straight. You split the progressive vote. You support a corrupt DNC, spread memes demonizing Bernie…
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He forgets to switch his microphone off after going to the bathroom 🤣🤣😷😷😷😷 #covidー19uk #CoronavirusOutbreak
Retweeted by J/F @JayneDutra @fgsPolitics @JRubinBlogger You mean instead of touching the vastly bloated military spending? Some plan ...
@AnasAbdin how are you holding up, bud? @lisarn317 @MeanwhileinCana @JustinTrudeau I know it's a horribly overused phrase but thank you for your service. @dvntownsend Get better first, Dev. Content after :)Here's a mashup of Joe Biden lying about Social Security tonight with his past statements. Share it far and wide.…
Retweeted by J/F @Aron_Ra I'd guess a few folks who usually do public events may switch to twitch for the time being ... Would that be in the cards?
@alexgibneyfilm I'm sure that'll make future foreign relations even more interesting. On top of that, why in the f*… @snekepeke @BethLynch2020 And distribute the stuff among hospitalsGood. Fuck him. He's garbage.
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@hail_g @AndrewYang He's "done the math"... Establishment/CNN money was too good to pass up. It's dishearteningDon't forget, bleach is really good at killing the coronavirus too:
Retweeted by J/F @alexgibneyfilm With his appointees, the latter may take a while. @GregMMaldonado @SirPatStew @PeteButtigieg @JimmyKimmelLive A ferenghi, he could play himself with a bit of make-up
@WWeyting @AndrewYang @scottsantens Didn't Tulsi recommend ubi specifically for this crisis like one or two days ago? @seth_trotter @TuttlePower @JuanTequila2 @DanielLMacy @mannysoloway @JoeBiden NAFTA, TPP, Iraq war, etc etc
I have family in Milan and they’re telling me the same things. Please don’t underestimate this. #coronavirus
Retweeted by J/F @demforever2 @XVGrayFoxVX @kirreskald @bourgeoisalien Except a centrist (one with a functioning memory, even) ran p… not the dimmest orange thing.
Retweeted by J/F @HornetKush @AndrewYangFanP1 @AndrewYang @BernieSanders @JoeBiden I'm not convinced that the ticket would have much…
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‘How insane and cruel is it to suggest that we have to figure out how to pay for it when we can actually go to war…
Retweeted by J/F @saint_91 @LeftesBest @VABVOX @DavidShuster @JoeBiden @BernieSanders @realDonaldTrump @ninaturner Also backpedaled… @demforever2 @kirreskald @XVGrayFoxVX @bourgeoisalien Voter dissent is quintessentially democratic. Want my vote? Be less sh*t. @Nulltimate0 @BillWilde8 @StyleWriterNYC @77revo7 @Moonjabii @MMFlint Nah, just a moron. Didn't waste much time blocking me, too :) @BillWilde8 @StyleWriterNYC @77revo7 @Moonjabii @MMFlint Been on Twitter longer than you, bud .. but yeah .. "Bot".… @StyleWriterNYC @77revo7 @Moonjabii @MMFlint Blocking everyone who you don't agree with and can't refute the given…
1. Joe Biden told the man he was “full of shit.” 2. Then told woman “shush. Shush.” 3. Then put his finger in the…
Retweeted by J/F"Maybe if you were nicer, I would have lived up to my stated values" -- White liberal proverb
Retweeted by J/F @hail_g @KyleKulinski I'm at about 1 block / day now ... 2 yesterday.
@boyd3401 @SusanDanzig219 @indeevine @joelockhart @BernieSanders Iraq war vote, NAFTA, tpp, plagiarism, mental decl… @boyd3401 @SusanDanzig219 @indeevine @joelockhart @BernieSanders Interesting, last time there was much pearl-clutch… @TheCriticalDri2 Ah ... fuck :(