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host of @worldcafe, heard nationally from @npr // @wxpnfm // formerly @cbc & @indie88toronto // instagram: rahrahraina

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winning $100 at a slot machine and leaving $10 on the front as a tip
Retweeted by raina douris @internetlauren my DMs are openbtw, you can hear + watch @BestCoast's performance (and interview with @RahRahRaina) any old time at the @WorldCafe
Retweeted by raina douris @hilaryagro my guts are constantly roiling!!!!please dont quote tweet me if you dont understand the joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! @edswebpresence now THIS is relatable content @thezolas this is my new band's name @krusty_132 this is the one to beatmy favourite genre of movie is the kind that gets made when producers give an unlimited budget to comedians whose w… i die i want EVERYONE I KNOW to do pushups on my grave. and burpees. drink a protein shake! make a human pyramid!!! @jessehawken no more nude rock climbing this is an infringement on my rights
Bernie Sanders: "This is not just an election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is an election between Donal…
Retweeted by raina dourisi'm so so into this album. excited that it's out today. thanks @timheidecker for making the idea of staying in my a… @captainpearson @patterballs i've always wanted a jeep but i feel like maybe i'm overestimating how often i will ne… @Phils08champs @Rev215 this is what i wantit's new deftones dayyyyy
@DonovanWoods @KPmusik oooOOoOoOOoooo @Forbes @AngelAuYeung just think of how many public schools he could fund if he simply PAID HIS TAXESHURRAY!!! nice to have some good news. just a fantastic album. go listen to it right now. about getting really into primus againyou know what would be a much better act of kindness? creating a system where EIGHTY NINE YEAR OLD PEOPLE DON'T H… new song from @therealkurtvile is a duet with one of his heroes, the late @JohnPrineMusic -- and it's tender an… sizable crowd and a GoGo band at 7:30 AM, moving towards Mitch McConnell’s house for an early morning wake u…
Retweeted by raina douris @stephenkallao @VeighKm @Eagles i am both IMPRESSED and a little CONCERNED by this whole thingConversion, software version 7.0 Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub Eating seeds as a pastime activity…
Retweeted by raina dourismust retweet as it his birthday"escape from new york" is a good movie but personally i feel like if my head was scheduled to blow off in like 10 h… @wuggy stevie!
breonna taylor's neighbor's walls got more justice than breonna taylor herself
Retweeted by raina douris @MsAngelineTW angeline i love that you tweeted this at 10am @foxesinfiction i genuinely had to re-read this because i thought it said "first day of hell"i've always believed that EVERYTHING is political HOWEVER the fact that being kind, empathetic, not wanting people… @tagaq getting the chance to chat with @RahRahRaina with @WorldCafe to talk about The Balladeer and play a few songs…
Retweeted by raina douristhe fact that this is categorized under "politics" and not under "crime" really... says a lot. i love @TTChilders. there's a reason his @worldcafe performance made me cry: he MEANS it. highly recommend list… @johnsemley3000 @WillSloanEsq my biggest concern: WHO will be the #1 guy in the taylor-cartwright household?! @johnsemley3000 @WillSloanEsq "look, i'm BEING honest, i admitted it, i admitted it, i'm telling the truth! yeah i… @WillSloanEsq can't wait to see how big this kid's forehead veins are @samanthahenman @thebavid philip seymour hoffman still looks like a snack in a neck brace babayyywatched @RickSteves live chat for @hotdocs last night and was delighted when he recommended canadians donate to ame… love this so much. what would be on YOUR neighbourhood's playlist? for my neighbours... possibly 'tom sawyer' b… @nprmusic strengths: - great listener - lots of personality - develops good rapport quickly weaknesses: - keeps tr… trying to do my job be like 𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙐𝙨 in the battle to STOP US…
Retweeted by raina dourisEverything you need to know about voting by mail in Pennsylvania | Morning Newsletter
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LISTEN TO RICK. @joefirstman @CORDOVASBAND joe!!! you are too kind. loved talking to you - let's do it again soon.looks like SOMEONE forgot the first rule of mensa @nikostratis please tell me more about your eyeshadow @robdelaney related: private should make you a social pariah @wakeamkira @navalang will i ever see my apartment in philly again???? who knows @navalang it's all i think about! all day every day!
we could have one livable planet or 2,604 billionaires
Retweeted by raina douris @jtparkey yep, my point is that i hope people take chances on people who AREN'T known and connected. @NotTimClaridge @JoeCashKOTD there are a lot of people talking today about how it's great news for canadian tv -- m… @JoeCashKOTD @NotTimClaridge yes, this was my point.fresh from the farm to your ears! (thanks to special guest @lauralloyd for her background acting here) still can't believe that the trick to defeating journalism was to just be so openly evil that reporting on it accurately sounds partisan.
Retweeted by raina douriswhen i asked @thedavidcrosby what young artists he was most excited about right now - right away he started gushing… @normwilner 🙃the schitt's creek win is super exciting & i hope this victory will encourage the powers-that-be in canadian tv to… @noellaclark i didnt know the family in succession was poor“You offer me this... paltry trinket in place of your rent? No, madam. No. I am no charitor. You leave me no choice…
Retweeted by raina dourisbig year for tv shows about rich white families! @indiealehouse @patterballs @annefrances hey wait i am also comingseems like just yesterday i was helping you tape an audition for like "cop #2" in an apartment with a broken toilet… @annefrances CONGRATULATIONS!!!! just gonna have a quick cry
my legacy: a thousand beautiful moments with friends that i was too nervous to truly enjoy
@somevelvetblog i cant believe it's been a year already!!! what a wild ride so far. so glad to be on it :)
thank you @NapEyes for taking me into your musical laboratory on today's @WorldCafe 🧪🥼🎶🎛️ @glasneronfilm i took for granted all the studios that DIDN'T have litter boxes in them, and now i regret it @theericschuman there WILL be a quiz!!!!was one of them for you??? you'll never knowwwwat least half of my twitter drafts are just @ replies to people that say "YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!" that… a nice, good, wholesome laugh @bad_oppositions i think it's satisfyingone good thing about zoom classes is that annoying awful kid who always has to ask one more long question right at… @CBCEdmonton wow! horrifying!West German researchers describe the effects of rock music (1958)
Retweeted by raina douris @ByYourLogic correctNEW REPORT: Canada's top 20 billionaires have increased their fortunes by $37 billion since March. While most Canad…
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@robinhatch we can wear these to the park. theres no law that says we cant @lauralloyd @FakeLauraLouise i ate one LAST NIGHTgonna start exclusively replying to tweets with memes i downloaded ten years ago @charles_kinbote yes. also when it gets cold it's going to be... very bad! @jessehawken i'm sorry jesse but i simply cannot forgive the usage of joe cocker's 'you are so beautiful' in a sex scene @lesaboteur87 @jessehawken @johnsemley3000 it's tonally all over the place! the music choices make no sense! carlit… my hair blonde, buying some flattering feminine blazers, printing a t-shirt that says "flat-earth but NOT fla…! female!! flat-earthers!!! @jessehawken while we were watching the film i DID say to @johnsemley3000 "so wait, is this considered a GOOD movie… carlito's way for the first time last night and it's bad except for this pool party scene which looks like a hi… @alextypical it's disgustingnice say "i'm fine" and "i'm cool" like getting on the floor with a flashlight and desperately hunting under the couch for your lost juul @cadenceweapon yes yes yesss yes YES!i am FASCINATED by this. how many opportunities do we get to see how someone perceives themselves in such an unadul…"_____ 'gambled with public safety' in run-up to deadly _____" hot writer's tip: copy and paste this headline to y…
When I see viral videos of anti-mask freak outs, I can’t help but feel sympathy for these people’s children. That c…
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