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Here is our full interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It's worth a listen.
Retweeted by raina douris @Radio_Brent @bflay @nickkroll brent this is the saddest thing youve ever tweeted, are you okplease @JosephPera make an album so i can interview youconner o'malley is the funniest person on earth right now @mbalazo look i know youre joking but it came on the radio the other morning and i sang it while i was getting dressed and tbh??? a jam @Radio_Brent come on inthis is a genuine question i have as a canadian who has just moved to america
space force members on vacation's music is bold and expressive, showing off off her considerable talent – but it took a bit of a pu…
Retweeted by raina douristoday on @WorldCafe talking to @stephenkallao and @idislikestephen about who we think WILL win, who we think SHOUL… finally happened. couldn't be happier to be on @blink155pod to talk about @blink182 but also to discuss the almo… four types of tv ads in Pennsylvania are: 1. reverse-mortgage ad 2. ad where granny eats a Cheeto and says “BOO…
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visiting the @npr offices today for the first time to meet the whole @nprmusic team, and they really know how to ro… @TPostMillennial sounds to me like @TPostMillennial hates capitalism @TPostMillennial commercials should be simply a photograph of the product and, next to it, simply the price in a large easy-to-read font. @lauralloyd pics pleaseI haven’t stopped thinking about this since I saw the photos of this rally. Trying to imagine the outcome if this m…
Retweeted by raina douris @colinkerrigan I JUST CANT! isnt loving the eagles enough colinwatching the raptors and seeing nick nurse is oddly one of the only things that makes me feel homesick for toronto
how much do the property brothers get paid because one of them just referred to this mc escher piece as a "diagram"… protective sleeve sheltering refugee souls from the o̶͔̭̓̿u̴̮̮̇t̵̩̎s̷̺̈́ī̶̱͐d̴̤͊͝ͅè̴̟ humans: what if we…
Retweeted by raina dourisI’ll never forget this op-ed Terry Jones wrote about the Bush torture regime. He was a consistent and scathing anti…
Retweeted by raina douristhanks to @bossieperson for alerting me to this which tbh only increases my respect for the man terry jones, my favourite python -- have fun at the great big stoning in the sky wish the episode was longer honestly :/
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i see bright eyes, hilary clinton and infinite jest are all trending, what are your 1998 new years resolutions??hbd to this man
Retweeted by raina dourisgood morning from my apartment where the furnace broke last night so i slept in a full sweatsuit
here i am! and here's a game: can you name all of the characters in the background of the shot? @wendyrollins oh wow she's amazing @mikeminer yyyyes it ishey #philadelphia -- looking for a tattoo artist good with fine black & white line work who could do THIS for me --… when I want my coffee and danish right now now now.
Retweeted by raina douris @thewrightpage that's literally me!! @thewrightpage @groovy_tony 🙃god nardwuar @thebavid @johnsemley3000 holy shitplease dont kinkshame the new york times @JordanUhl hmmmmm, source?I really miss Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Retweeted by raina douris @JordanUhl @pennywinkie just once, and i told him "i'll do my best to get that on for you, thanks!" @lauralloyd laura, i still have: the Listi'm as surprised as you -- but he was already there when he did this romano has joined the Hot Man canon @imbobswaget (then i called my mom to tell her)i've had to hire a call screener to slow his relentless requests! guy loves bloc party, dirty projectors, grizzly b… the real reason prince harry is moving to canada because he loves my show @imbobswaget one time i saw dev patel during tiff and i LITERALLY walked into a tree while screamingbill bufalino mr bill bufalino's not possible to watch the harry potter movies for the first time as an adult, literally just looks like a joke youtube video
@ebruenig @ScotF13 elizabeth you should know by now that women are not allowed to make jokes on this website @johnsemley3000 @FakeLauraLouise i thought it would be different @FakeLauraLouise @johnsemley3000 robocopalso a note: hearing wiretaps of toronto drug dealers ending threatening sentences with "eh?" is... kind of funny.just finished listening to this indepth look at the rob ford years and his ongoing legacy....a little too kind mayb… @Radio_Brent @josiedye was it youFuck white supremacy.
Retweeted by raina dourisSince Rex Murphy's take on climate change had him trending today, perhaps it bears repeating that he's taken large…
Retweeted by raina douris @johnsemley3000 came here to watch the comments morph from people who get that youre being sarcastic into star wars… @Alice_Moran life mountain village stage from 1080 snowboarding big year for spooky rocks in cinema saw 'parasite' -- a delightful romp!
@NoLore michelle and melissa are the same name to meTime for this foolishness to end. Make country radio fair and equal once and for all, and stop blaming it on “the a…
Retweeted by raina dourisIt is unbelievable to me that we talk about female musical legends all the time and nearly nobody mentions Cass Elliot. A fucking legend
Retweeted by raina dourishoping everyone in newfoundland is staying safe tonight. unreal. @amil absolutely. the mulroneys should give the royals THEIR house...and move away!
while i understand that it's necessary to fund journalism, i wonder what effect paywalls are having on us when so m… when i say "thrift store" i specifically mean the thrift store i used to go to in toronto's kensington market when i was in universityit's friday and @pigeonsplaying is doing a live set at @wxpnfm @WorldCafe -- it smells like a thrift store in here… sweetest guy to ever melt your face, i'm joined by @realmarcusking1 today on @WorldCafe for a chat and an exclu… @Fearless_Fred sorry i cant see thisdavid brooks out there refuting his own argument just by existing and having money
i did it i found the two most opposite images on earth @imbobswaget right behind you wearing my big red nose and little lapel flower that squirts water, ready to danceevergreen tweet me? just sitting at my desk watching the susan boyle audition clip from 10 years ago and literally crying @samanthahenman
@Labazo SEX @Fearless_Fred @Twitter DO NOT DARE DELETE MEM.C. Taylor's new album is so full of truth he originally wasn't sure if he should release it at all. Fortunately f…
Retweeted by raina dourisI wrote about the #RockHall a few years ago before the #BuffyBio came out. I want to see Buffy Sainte-Marie nominat…
Retweeted by raina douriswho could have seen this coming @hissgldnmssr @WorldCafe @iamyola @michaelkiwanuka @vanmorrison @sudanarchives @SylvanEsso @tameimpala @lizzo and h… @hissgldnmssr @WorldCafe @iamyola @michaelkiwanuka @vanmorrison @sudanarchives @SylvanEsso @tameimpala ALSO: here's… @CBCMusic @haviahmighty @teganandsara @TheJUNOAwards AHHH she is so goodexhibit a: i signed up for personal training at my gym last night which i had no intention of doing when i walked ini have the personality of someone who joins a cult because they feel bad saying 'no' to the person trying to recruit them. @BrentCordner no one griped about the beastie boys either. something tells me the people griping about a massively influential artist like notorious b.i.g. being inducte… @JennaTMo i make a to-do list and try to tackle things one at a time (sounds easier than it is). i try to take a wa… you're a truth seeker or someone who FEELS a lot, you'll dig my conversation with @hissgldnmssr today on…'s a bus that often goes by me all the way to work that says "andorra" on it and it always makes me think of… @lauralloyd @HeyVeronica @johnsemley3000 oh my god @totalvibration 🙃glad to see so many members of my "bone jams" spotify playlist will be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame! @somevelvetblog @iHeartRadio oooh consolidation and efficiency: the ingredients of great radio!