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Alternative story ideas: New season to affect Man United and Liverpool in the Champions League this season. Both te… know it's the Mirror, but who the fuck thought that this makes for a good sports news story/analysis? @nainamadan Don't apologise to me, apologise to bread!Bought Rimworld a few weeks ago thinking "oh wow, what a sweet little game. This is going to be so much fun." I'm… @HavaldarShinde It's just a burn scar mum, don't worry about it." @nainamadan Unexpected response!!!! @nainamadan Bread upma? @inaquietraj Blue pencils! 😝 @inaquietraj Just copyeditor things...👀😂 + Sohla = church. “I’m going to use a lot of cheese because back then they died young” @mycrotchetyluv @neerjadeodhar As it should be @neerjadeodhar @mycrotchetyluv Don’t say baked stuff, N@v;k@ will also come then ah!
@mycrotchetyluv I don’t mind being skinned alive once. It’ll be quite a shock. @bobachailatte @magali_c This is the best one! @bobachailatte OMG, I saw a few of these pop up on people’s profiles and I was like “wow, who did this!” They are so good. Love the style. @mycrotchetyluv Apparently Ed Geined a lot of material from body snatching so look out for people digging up fresh graves. @mycrotchetyluv Ed’s dead 💀 @bludeehmary @mycrotchetyluv They do, but in a very good way. @mycrotchetyluv Oh wow, do you like tattoos?Everything has changed. @bludeehmary @nah_im_abdulla Ahahahah @krownnist This reminds me of that lovely artist statement generator:
Will media ever stop using the word "sex" to describe what is objectively rape? Adults cannot have sex with 13-yea…
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @moehiny Hahahahaha @vinayaravind Amazing! I saw it in a YouTube video once and haven’t looked back! @vinayaravind I also recommend eating them from the bottom if you don’t already do that. @vinayaravind I see that you too are team eat all of the apple @darthdevi @darthdevi I don’t even know what’s real anymore.… @darthdevi Omg what is this? @darthdevi This gif! @darthdevi Oh wow, check out @darthdevi Yeah, I just hate them. The moment I see a post like that, I close the app! talent! @almostinfamous HahahaHow Navika reads all our messages on WhatsApp @WeirdlyHungry @BucketheadCase @StonerJesus Saved this/stealing this @WeirdlyHungry @BucketheadCase @StonerJesus Lmao @BucketheadCase @madhusudhanFufa @StonerJesus Gifs that your whole body can feel @BucketheadCase @WeirdlyHungry @StonerJesus This is parallel universe wala galaxy brain @BucketheadCase @StonerJesus It’s really beautiful! It’s also really disconcerting lol @BucketheadCase @StonerJesus Lmao! @fussyphus Damn, I saw this happen to a lot of accounts last night! What are they upto? @BucketheadCase @StonerJesus I was better off without this knowledge 😂 @MichaelaOkla’m very very very concerned.
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on AcidAnd they say investigative journalism is dead
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@clayytonbiggsby The only good thing about this is that it isn’t that horrible crunchy peanut butter.Hello, a friend runs the youtube (and insta) channel - Dalit Poetry and Literature. He has just uploaded a hindi re…
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @BucketheadCase @PabloVikasso Lmao @PabloVikasso @BucketheadCase did this months ago, which might as well be decades ago in Twitter time. @BabaGlocal I'm so thankful to my school Whatsapp group because they helped me discover the setting that stops peop… just loved all magazines. I read anything you put in front of me Tinkle, The Week, Outlook, Femina, Women’s Era,… @not_so_jain I tried but motivation is also demotivated right now.As a reminder of simpler times, IFTT sent me an email to upgrade my account to pro before my applets are archived.… my morning laugh from @matoxley, followed by what turned out to be an amazing article decided to call it the amphibian life cycle and not frogress
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@bludeehmary I’m telling you Anu, these pictures exist 🙃 @bobachailatte @tribalations I do that too! Well, when I can afford them! @tribalations I was skeptical when I switched but so glad that I did. Definitions and character write ups available… is 100% true 👀 And I hate it 💀 hey what time is it jameela jamil: Thankfully, I never had to learn the mere concept of time. I live in my own…
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Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @nargiskiphool +1 @vaniIlaessence Of course, like a good despot @magali_c Proper! @mycrotchetyluv Not surprising at all. You know na how nothing surprises me. @clayytonbiggsby Reminds me of those American right wingers who police other people’s behaviour from a place of pri… @clayytonbiggsby Haha totally @magali_c Remember when she had that whole fat positive thing going and BIPOC women told her that what she was doin… is the most egregious gaslighting I’ve ever seen. Someone finds you annoying so you tell them to go to therapy? Rothko Red by jeloid
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @buddhcomm Oops! @darthdevi Both the cats and the photographs are gorgeous! @vinayaravind Yes, unnecessarily. @vinayaravind You can add a custom icon but it’s a workaround and that workaround is not elegant enough. It basical… can finally give Twitter the icon it deserves (this workaround for custom icons is pretty shit and I’m deleting i…
@mycrotchetyluv @MumbaiCentral Can confirm that idlis in Chennai are also next level! @npueu @BucketheadCase +1 @AnantikaMehra Also highly recommend following this insta for tips on long term management of headaches @AnantikaMehra Hot compress, paracetamol, no light, no sound. @NoFilterNoorie Ya dude, no hearing in left ear rn.Managed to take him to the vet while I have the mother of all sinus inflammation scenes.Done with Chompsky’s annual vaccine day. He’s now relaxing and ignoring me 🙊 @JoanMirOfficial @MotoGP @suzukimotogp @AGVHelmets @dainese @MonsterEnergy @EG00 @oakley You have skill and guts! T… @HavaldarShinde Ah fair enough. I totally like the fact that it gives me the ability to kill all light for those migraine days lolWhat to expect for at the biggest COVID era
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @HavaldarShinde Black out curtains are underrated!
Retweeted by Genderless Android | Major Kusanagi on Acid @almostinfamous Your tweet is just so well made! @almostinfamous Yes, he’s a lifestyle socialist.Yes, he’s a trader. Yes, he’s from IIT.This is the worst take I have ever heard on Twitter. (Which is saying something when this place has the president o…
@perfectsweeties @pepsiwithastraw @mycrotchetyluvScience Twitter is so wholesome 😭
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